Star Wars: Millennium Falcon
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Star Wars: Millennium Falcon (Star Wars Universe)

3.82 of 5 stars 3.82  ·  rating details  ·  2,497 ratings  ·  120 reviews
Climb aboard, buckle up, and prepare to jump to hyperspace for a dazzling adventure aboard the ship that launched a thousand fates.

Two years have passed since the death of the brutal Sith Lord Darth Caedus–once known as Jacen Solo. The galaxy is slowly healing from civil war, while Jacen’s family and friends are left to mourn his loss alone. For Han and Leia, still grievin...more
Paperback, 384 pages
Published November 24th 2009 by Random House Publishing Group (first published October 21st 2008)
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A gift from a friend--something I'm not sure I would've bought myself, but since I had it, how could I resist reading about Han Solo and his favourite toy?
Now that I'm done with it, I don't know if I'm too much or not enough of a Star Wars fan to really like this book.
Reading this book has made me think more about my version of being a Star Wars fan than about the book itself.
While I own at least one copy of all six movies and possess more Han Solo action figures than anyone my age and gender s...more
For once in Han's life the galaxy at whole is not at war. Still recovering from the last war with Darth Caedus the government and Jedi are on rocky terms. Not needed at the moment and Luke having ordered them away from Coruscant, Han and Leia Solo decided to take up their granddaughter Allana's challenge and trace the origins of the Millennium Falcon and enjoy a mini-vacation while they still can.
Unbeknown to them, a pilot from the Falcon's past is also searching for her. His problem though is t...more
Mickey DeCicco
During some downtime after the fall of Jacen Solo, Han, Leia and Alana decide to go on a quest to track down the origins of the Millennium Falcon. It was a fun read, and gave a lot of backstory into the Falcon's history. There were several very sad moments where Han or Leia's thoughts and feelings over the life and death of their son Jacen were brought to light. They are absolutely determined not to allow the same fate befall young Alana, who has already displayed some propensity for anger, and...more
It’s hard to believe we’ve gone this long without learning more about the Millennium Falcon, but I suppose with all the endless war and other emergencies that have plagued the Star Wars galaxy for the last few decades, Han Solo never really had the time. But now, with plenty of free time following the end of the latest war, Han and Leia and their adopted daughter Allana (Looks like I missed a lot by skipping the Legacy of the Force series) have all the time they need to find out all they can abo...more
I found this book surprisingly good. Usually, derivative literature is average at best, but James Luceno did a astounding job.

A light-hearted adventure, Millennium Falcon brings forth a lovely story about the most famous ship of the Star Wars universe, in a clever two-pronged story arc, with one party (the Solos) uncovering the Falcon's history present-to-past, while another group (not gonna spoil this) researches it from past-to-present, with the two narratives meeting in the middle.

There's li...more
I thought it was a very well done and intriguing look at the Millennium Falcon's past. I loved the further characterization of Allana and the fact that they didn't just sweep Jacen's death underneath the rug and try and forget about it. Han and Leia have lost both of their sons and it's nice to see them acting like they realize this instead of invincible heros. I missed Jaina something fierce and I can't WAIT until the next installment that comes out in April. The added characters were interesti...more
Meh!! It was ok. The pacing of the book could have been better (I am not a fan of 20+ page chapters). There was barely any link between the previous Star Wars series and the next one despite what the publishers say. The book was just missing something for me.
I'd recommend this to any SW fan, it's pretty good stuff. James Luceno has a good grasp of the characters and universe, much more so than most of the writers who dabble in Star Wars.

It would have earned that fifth star, but I kinda have a bit of trouble wrapping my head around the Falcon being a sci-fi version of Herbie the Love Bug. Equipped with three droid brains that don't always get along, it's not really that surprising, but the story of this aspect of the ship just trails off in the latte...more
Though it didn't have much about the usual SW characters (except for the Falcon herself) this book was remarkable in tying things together and establishing a relatively peaceful era (unheard of!) since Admiral Daala took over after Jacen's death.
I liked the way the characters stayed true to their younger selves, and I enjoyed finding out the true importance of the Falcon, who played more major parts in more places than we'd known before.
I was disappointed with the ending, with the "treasure" the...more
Slow, but intriguing. I liked the idea of going back in time and researching the history of the ship that has been almost as much of a character in the series then anyone else. I just wish the ending hadn't been so damn anti-climactic! I wish the treasure had been anything but what it was.

I did like seeing Leia/Han/Amelia-Allana again. I'm not sure if I'm digging the way the new series is going to go either.
This was a solid, though not spectacular, Star Wars novel. Using the history of the Millenium Falcon as a back drop, there is a minor adventure with Han, Leia, C-3PO, and Allana that never seems to put them in any REAL danger. There are parts that are really good, parts that drag a bit, so overall it's a pretty good book and a fast read, so I would recommend it to Star Wars fans.
Brennan Lowe
A segue, but an entertaining one at that. Luceno plays his hand smartly, creating answers for a question at the back of most Star Wars fans' minds: Where did the Falcon come from? Although I was disappointed at the anticlimactic climax (in Luceno's defense, only so much can be said to stall until the Star Wars universe treads on), I thought the book served its purpose well.
It wasn't a bad story. Kind of a change of pace. The ending was well built up, but the delivery at the end was a huge let down (and that is being was downright stupid). Lost a star because of that, but as far as Star Wars books go, it's on the better side of average.
Easy light reading for all ages. Would have like to see it with either more suspense or more action. Parts of it seemed just silly (even for a star wars novel), but the characters were well done and you cared about them.
A lot of people seem to have found this book tedious. I enjoyed the history & the story-telling. Very entertaining.
Fun, fast read. It takes me forever to get through the long multi-title series, so after Legacy of the Force, this was a nice little bridge before tackling Fate of the Jedi. As for the story, I liked the points of view with both groups chasing after the same information but from opposite directions, knowing that they would eventually come together in some kind of climactic revelation, and the ending didn't disappoint there. I was ready for a deeper dive into the Solos/Allana storyline after Lega...more
The end and the 'treasure' was pretty underwhelming, but this one was really a fun read.
This was a fun novel set in the Star Wars universe, revealing in a fun and exciting manner- the history of Han Solo's Famous ship. There is a mystery-and sadly a that mystery's resolution is a bit anti-climactic.

Along the way, however, the are a few glitches.

For example, are we to assume that the criminal justice system in the Star Wars galaxy works much like the American court system. For example, are we to assume that an arrested suspect has the same right to remain silent... this seemed a bit...more
Mike Smith
In a throwaway line in "The Empire Strikes Back", Han Solo comments that he won his ship the Millennium Falcon from Lando Calrissian "fair and sqaure". Since then, a few stories and novels have explained just how Solo won the Falcon (in a game of sabacc, the Star Wars universe's equivalent of poker). But Lando wasn't the Falcon's first owner. There were others before him.

That's what this book is about - Han Solo, looking for a way to stay occupied after the family tragedy described in the Legacy...more
Le roman Millenium Falcon se passe 43 ans après les événements de l'épisode 4. Han et Leia viennent de voir leur fils Jacen mourir des mains de leur fille Jaina car il était devenu un Sith et mettait en péril la paix dans la galaxie. Suite à cette tragédie dans leur famille, les deux anciens héros ont adopté Allana, la fille de Jacen.

Allana commence donc à poser des questions sur le vaisseau de Han, le Millenium Falcon. Les trois décident donc de partir à la recherche des anciens propriétaires...more
Paolo Jose Cruz
Every vehicle, real or imagined, has its own unique life history, from the pioneering Ford Model T, to the average Pinoy jeepney. But few vessels have quite the storied past as Han Solo's dependable Millennium Falcon. Not only did it play a key role in bringing down a tyrannical Empire, it notoriously made the Kessel Run smuggler’s route in “less than twelve Parsecs”. But that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, it seems…

The Falcon is the subject of James Luceno's eponymous novel, the late...more
Michael Wright
In 19 BBY, during the Clone Wars' Battle of Coruscant, the Falcon had undergone the name of Stellar Envoy under the captaining of Tobb Jadak and his copilot Reeze Duurmun. Jadak and Duurmun had acted as conspirators as part of a plot to overthrow Supreme Chancellor Palpatine as leader of the Old Republic. Their mission failed when an erratic hyperspace jump landed the Envoy into an accident that killed Duurmun and landed Jadak in a coma that lasted for more than sixty years. By 43 ABY, two years...more
The ship that looks like a piece of junk. The ship that could go .5 past lightspeed. The ship that made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs. The ship that could hold it together against 4 TIE fighters let alone 3 star destroyers. And is arguably the fastest ship in the galaxy.

This story follows a sort of a mystery object-style, and what couldn't be better for the mystery object to be found than by the Solo kids. I was about as surprised as Han Solo when he said that he had never seen it befo...more
2 1/2 stars. This book details the history of the Millennium Falcon as well as gives a little heads up for the next story arc. There is a a nice kind of symmetry within the book, Han, Leia, and Allana are searching for the Millennium Falcon's history, while Tobb Jadak, recently awakened from a coma, is searching for what happenrd to the Falcon since he captained her. The beloved ship has an interesting and appropriately random history, told in flashbacks as Han and the gang track down former own...more
Ok, I realize I have a huge bias here, but I love Star Wars and even the mediocre stories have a warmth and familiarity to them that make me happy to read, and Millennium Falcon is no different. It's an interesting take in the Star Wars EU saga being that it's only a single novel in a field of multi-part epics lately, but it fills the gap between the events of the previous tragedy involving Jacen and the future and in the meantime reveals nuggets of information that Star Wars fans may have been...more
I made the mistake of reading a couple of Star Wars books about a year ago after not having read them for several years [and selling my collection of books]. Those books pulled me back into the SW-universe like a black hole and I ended up buying all of the books back that I had previously sold [I would have been SO much better off putting them in storage for a bit]. I remember seeing this one at Barnes and Noble or some other book store and thought I might read it someday. After buying it on the...more
It was kind of like a Dan Brown treasure hunt and a Star Wars novel combined. Very different from all the other Star Wars novels I've read as it's more a collection of stories with a loose but very un-dangerous storyline connecting the main characters.

One thing I realized I really can't stand is the blatant transgalacticliteration of things in our real world into the Star Wars world. Sure the original movies had some of that stuff like blue milk but it also created a lot of its own stuff like mo...more
A decent epilogue to the Legacy of the Force series that just ended and a prologue to the upcoming Fate of the Jedi series, this novel traces the personal history of the most famous ship in all of Star Wars: the Millennium Falcon. One of the things that is interesting about this novel is that it also involves a treasure hunt (think National Treasure meets Star Wars). Also, it is surprising to find out just how old the Falcon really is and how many fortunes it has granted (or crushed). While thi...more
A quick and enjoyable read although the ending was something of a let down. The saving grace was that the story was not really about reaching the ending. The story's real purpose was to create an excuse for delving into the Falcon's Pre-Han Solo history.

The set up is that while the Solo clan is searching out the Falcon's past, one of the ship's first captain's is trying to find out what happened to the ship after he fell into a sixty year coma. The two parties work their way to the middle of th...more
Feb 02, 2010 Angel rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: hardcore Star Wars fans
Shelves: science_fiction
I really wanted to like this book, but somewhere around page 100 or so it just started to drag. The idea behind it, the history of the Millennium Falcon, is a good one. But the execution left much to be desired, and the ending, to be honest, was a let down. The story is told in various vignettes, and it goes back and forth between the novel's present (in the SW Legacy era) all the way back to the Clone Wars and then back and forth. Some of the old stories are nice, but they are not particularly...more
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James Luceno co-wrote a lot of books with Brian Daley as Jack McKinney.

He is a New York Times Best-Selling author currently living in Annapolis, Maryland with his wife and youngest child.
More about James Luceno...
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