Mr Stink
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Mr Stink

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The second original, touching, twisted, and most of all hilarious novel for children from David Walliams, number one bestseller and fastest growing children’s author in the country – beautifully illustrated by Quentin Blake.

"Mr Stink stank. He also stunk. And if it was correct English to say he stinked, then he stinked as well…”

It all starts when Chloe makes friends with M...more
Paperback, 267 pages
Published 2009 by HarperCollins Children's
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Mark Lawrence
I spend a lot of time reading children's books as my 7 year-old girl is severely disabled and can't read for herself (or even turn the page). She is however of normal intelligence for her age and stories are her world.

As a new author myself I don't generally review other new authors, but David Walliams needs no charity from me. He's a hugely successful actor (both comic and straight) and far better than me at swimming the English Channel too.

The blurb says Mr Stink is a "touching, twisted, and...more
This story by David Walliams is about a young girl called Chloe who befriends the local tramp, Mr. Stink. Chloe is a lonely 12 year old girl who thoroughly hates school because she is bullied by a group of ‘cool’ girls, unfortunately her home life is unhappy too and she has a turbulent relationship with her mother and sister. Over the Christmas period Chloe plucks up the courage to approach the local tramp - much to her mother’s disgust- and they strike up a relationship. Chloe secretly moves Mr...more

The new book by David Walliams is funny, thoughtful and quirkily written. Life for Chloe is pretty miserable thanks to her pretentious, controlling mother. To make matters worse her mother is completely preoccupied with her younger sister, Annabelle. Desperate to find someone who understands her, she befriends Mr Stink, the local tramp with a very questionable approach to hygiene! When Chloe invites him to live in her garden shed everyone’s life is changed forever.
I did enjoy this book and foun...more
What makes the book special is that there is some quite serious morality involved in the way the author puts across issues of prejudice, misconceptions and stereotypes in a way that children can understand, and hopefully learn from. This book tells the story of a young girl who befriends a dirty smelly tramp, and the resulting effects on her and her family. There is plenty of humour to appeal to children, and a deeper message about not judging people by first impressions. The pictures illustrate...more
I decided to read 'Mr Stink' after watching David Walliam's programme on Roald Dahl and I can definitly say that I was not disappointed! His writing is obviously inspired by Dahl and has brought to life a very stinky story. Many children will laugh as I did at the funny tales of Chloe, her family and Mr Stink the tramp. This book would be more suitable for children in KS2 and I think they will understand the comedic value in this story. However, beneath the surface, there are many deeper issues...more
Bridie Atkinson
What makes the book special is that there is some quite serious morality involved in the way the author puts across issues of prejudice, misconceptions and stereotypes in a way that children can understand, and hopefully learn from. This book tells the story of a young girl who befriends a dirty smelly tramp, and the resulting effects on her and her family. There is plenty of humour to appeal to children, and a deeper message about not judging people by first impressions. The pictures illustrate...more
12 year old Chloe Crumb has a hard time making friends and her home life isn't any better. Her mom is too busy with perfecting her little sister and running the house like some posh estate. Chloe soon befriends the town tramp, Mr. Stink, one day. Mr. Stink and his dog, Duchess, smell very bad and nearly everyone in town avoids them. Mr. Stink doesn't seem to mind his wanderer ways nor his smell. Chloe grows concerned when the weather gets colder and invites Mr. Stink to stay in their shed. Chloe...more
Mr Stink

David Walliams
Illustrated by Quentin Blake

Mr Stink is not a short book with over 200 pages and is suitable for the older primary school pupil. Walliams has rapidly become one of the best selling children’s authors in the world and the clever illustrations by Blake remind the reader of the Dhal books. In Mr Stink, the books heroine, Chloe is a podgy eleven year old girl, unhappy in her public school, with a snobby little sister and harsh social climbing mother and a hen pecked father. Chl...more
Mr Stink is a humorous story about a a young girl Chloe who befriends a tramp, Mr Stink as she is having a tough time with friends at school and feels Mr Stink could do with a companion too. After the revaluation Chloe's Mum, (who is running to become a MP) that all homeless people should be driven off the streets and out of the town, Chloe feels sorry for her new friend, Mr Stink and decides to hide him in her garden shed. Chloe and Mr Stink's friendship grows as they sit together writing Vampi...more
Antony Tills
I think this book is fantastic! I enjoyed it from start to finish, Walliams has done brilliant writing, same as he does brilliant tv. His work is highly inspired by Roald Dahl, though this book isn't as cheeky or mischievous, it is backed up very well by Blakes' artwork.

The story starts with a lovely little girl named Chloe. Coming from a very rich background but having the innocence that all children have and an interest to learn about the world. She finds herself drawn to a local homeless man,...more
Ashley Chance
‘Mr Stink’ is a wonderfully written tale of a young girl called Chloe who befriends a witty tramp called Mr Stink. The two have a lot in common as both are incredibly lonely. Chloe is fed up of her mundane lifestyle and decides to move Mr Stink into the family’s garden shed. This does not go down too well with her Conservative MP running Mother, who would rather ban tramps or “soap-dodgers” as she calls them, from her streets.

Walliams is a comical genius, as the book is not just an enjoyable rea...more
Mr Stink is about a young girl called Chloe. She is bullied at school and has no friends. It also becomes apparent that she doesn't fit in with her family either.
One day walking through the park, Chloe encounters Mr Stink, the local tramp. She has a chat with him as she is curious about him, she begins to imagine what caused him to become a tramp in the first place. She comes up with lots of comical ideas.
Her mum is running for local MP and one of her policies is to get rid of all the tramps, o...more
Francesca Porter
Chloe is bullied at school, at home she is outperformed by her younger sister Annabelle, and she hates Christmas! Chloe has one secret love and that is to imagine and write stories some which her mother doesn’t approve of. Chloe’s mother, Mrs Crumb (pronounced Croombe), is a snob, obsessed with the royal family and despises anything that might associate the family with being common or poor; Mrs Crumb is also running to be the local MP and has un-realistic ideas about how to deal with the homeles...more
Ruby Tuesday
On Goodreads there's a December 2013 challenge to read a children's book. I intend to read one from my childhood and also one I've never read before. I love Roald Dahl and as David Walliams style of writing is considered very similar, I thought I'd read this book. I adored it and as a child I can imagine that I would have devoured each and every one of his books in quick succession.

This book is about a lonely little girl called Chloe who befriends the local tramp, known as Mr Stink. She ends up...more
I like all of David Walliams' books. They're all good, and this one would have been up there with the best, except that some bits are just mad and completely unnecessary. I'm going to just keep this short and sweet. Some times Mr Stink is portrayed as a normal/sensible man who just happens to be homeless and a tad smelly. Other times he's portrayed as a complete lunatic who has no idea of the difference between money and a button. If he was trying to get across a heart felt story (with a bit of...more
Jessica Harper
This book is about one of the loneliest girls in the world until she meets Mr Stink, the local tramp. Chloe is a twelve year old girl who hates school as she is bullied by the cool girls. Chloe is having a tough time and Mr stink is the only person who’s ever been nice to her! When Chloe thinks Mr Stink may be driven out of town because of her Mum’s (whose running for MP) actions, she decides to hide him in her shed. Eventually Chloe’s mum finds out she’s been hiding Mr Stink.

The book explores m...more
Anna  Matsuyama
3.5 stars

I bought this book because: I like David Walliams, Quentin Blake's illustrations and summary sounded interesting.

The story of nearly 13 year old Chloe and her friendship with the local homeless man Mr Stink is told in silly manner full of exaggeration but it does work.

I don't know if it is intentional or not but Walliams style is similar to Roald Dahl's but original on its own too.
Ingrid Fasquelle
Les avis sont unanimes, Monsieur Kipu est un roman riche en rebondissements, drôle, tendre et... affreusement odorant ! Une fable sociale, tout en fantaisie et en humour british, qui rappelle à chacun, petits comme grands, que les apparences sont parfois trompeuses.

Dans cette histoire, que l'on interprètera différemment selon l'âge et la maturité du lecteur, on pourra déceler une critique pour le moins subversive du fric, de la politique et de ses pratiques véreuses. Mais c'est surtout une plaid...more
Tracy Terry
The story of how the Crumb (or as Mrs Crumb insists on pronouncing it Croooome) family finds its life changed when daughter Chloe meets the somewhat fragrant tramp, Mr Stink. This is the second book to be published by the author and is by far my favourite of the three I read which consisted of this, The Boy In The Dress and Billionaire Boy.

A truly funny and yet oddly touching story. Though totally different in every way imaginable I somehow couldn't help but think of Mr Stink as being a somewhat...more
Asha Stokes
Mr Stink, by David Walliams is a fantastically odd story of a little girl, Chloe, who befriends a smelly tramp, Mr Stink. Chloe is bullied by the ‘cool’ girl in school, and her relationship with her mum is not all roses either. Chloe finds a friend in Mr Stink and even invites him to live in her garden shed! Mr Stink offers Chloe words of wisdom, a kind listening ear and helps bring Chloe’s family together.

This peculiar story covers topics of unhappy home relationships, bullying and kindness. I...more
Me and my 8-year-old son Harrison really enjoyed reading this book together. With David Walliams as the author I expected it to be funny, but I was also surprised by how heart-warming and sometimes sad the story was. This was a great read and we will definitely read more of his books.
Hayley Willey
Wasn't that impressed with this book , I was disappointed and expectd so much more!!! The story was ok but not a patch on roald dahl xx
cute, nice and fun story!
A cute little book that got added to my reading list because of the recent tv adaptation (which I've yet to see), and also because it's a fairly quick little read that happens to be set at Christmastime.

There's a good 'don't judge people on their appearances' message in here, and lots of funny bits too. There even seemed, to me, to be a subtle poke at David Cameron, stuck in there for parents and adult readers perhaps, but then I realised this was published before he became PM, so that couldn't...more
Tim C.
I read this book (or almost all of it) to my five-year-old son who absolutely loved it. If he hadn’t, then I would have finished it off for my own reading pleasure anyway. The story is surprisingly heart-warming and tells the tale of a tramp who heals a dysfunctional family. Sounds pretty trite, but Walliams pulls it off.

Walliams was on the telly recently talking about how much he loves the books of Roald Dahl. The influence is clear. He writes with a sense of irreverent fun that delights in be...more
"Mr Stink stank. He also stunk. And if it was correct English to say he stinked, then he stinked as well…”

This is the opening line of Mr Stink by David Walliams and as it made me laugh quite a lot even from that, so I knew I’d enjoy the rest.

The book was a recommendation from my 11 year old step son, who said that he thought the only books worth reading were written by David Walliams and I couldn’t argue with praise like that!
The story follows the journey of 12 year old Chloe, who at school is...more
'Mr Stink' written by David Walliams and illustrated by the exceptional Quentin Blake is another in the vein of 'The Boy in the Dress'.

It explores the sensitive issue of homelessness. Using the exaggerated character of Mrs Crumb (pronounced Crooooooooome)and 'Dave' the Prime Minister, Walliams is quite scathing in his depiction of how manipulative and deceitful politicians can be.

I love the way Walliams incorporates maths into his story..using graphs and Venn diagrams to illustrate his point (wh...more
Mr Stink, was according to The Times, 'a delight', they also claim that the author; David Walliams is ' a new Roald Dahl'. Not to discredit Walliams, I personally would not compare him to a great author such as Dahl at this present time.

Mr Stink centers around the life of a 12-year-old girl named Chloe, who one day comes across a homeless man, who is described as 'the stinkiest stinky stinker who ever lived'. Mr Stink comes into the town where Chloe lives and sets up home on a wooden bench. A l...more
Kendall H
Mr Stink is a classic book written by David Williams, was illustrated by Tony Ross and the book is incredibly funny and will make you wet your bed so you better get a mop. Mr Stink the book has won no awards but it should. If you love a funny, easy read, this is the book for you.

It was a normal day in London and many people were walking around on the sidewalk but one man stood out. He stood out because he smelled so bad that no one dared to come near him and the ten square feet around him was e...more
After reading and enjoying The Boy in the Dress I was really looking forward to reading Mr Stink. I got caught up in the story really quickly, and finished the book in one sitting.

The story is one big moral story about appearances being deceptive and how important it is to look more deeply at people rather than just accepting them at face value and making judgements about them. It never feels preachy or like a moral story though, this is all cleverly woven into the story. I loved the way that ov...more
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DAVID WALLIAMS is an actor and writer best known for his work with Matt Lucas in the multi-award-winning sketch show Little Britain. His debut children's novel, The Boy in the Dress, was published in 2008 to unanimous critical acclaim and he has since developed a reputation as a natural successor to Roald Dahl.
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