Breaking The Rules
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Breaking The Rules (Emma Harte Saga #7)

3.27 of 5 stars 3.27  ·  rating details  ·  858 ratings  ·  113 reviews
Thirty years ago, the world was introduced to Emma Harte who instantly became an iconic figure of our time. Now meet the inspirational M, a new Woman of Substance guaranteed to win our hearts all over again !
Hardcover, 484 pages
Published January 1st 2010 by HarperCollins Publishers (first published September 3rd 2009)
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I feel like I'm going to shoot myself. I cannot not finish a book, so I'm still going, page 276 and no, it is not getting better.
My issues are plenty... Considering it is set in this day and age, the characters and their dialogue is completely ridiculous! No one thinks or talks like these people.
She kept trying to make the main character, M, the model, seem smart and 'well bred', but instead made her seem pretentious and unbelievable... Not to mention none of the supposed facts about her life /...more
Thought this was a new Barbara Delinsky book at a quick glance-over - didn't realize it was Barbara Taylor Bradford until I started reading it.

I don't think I've read Bradford before, and I quickly realized there is a reason for it. Perhaps her earlier books are better, I don't know, but Bradford is not a strong author. Her characters and her dialogue are very weak; almost childish sounding at times. Every main character is beautiful; every main character falls in love with another beautiful cha...more
This was hands down the worst book I've ever finished. (I can count on one hand the number of awful books I couldn't finish, so I'm not all that picky).

I got this at a used book sale for about 50 cents and I overpaid. Let's start tearing this book apart!

First off, the premise: a woman has a terrifying experience in England so she runs away to New York City, uses an alias and becomes a supermodel. Yeah, no one will find her now (rolling my eyes).

Next, she goes by "M". Just one letter. Yet over an...more
This book was horrible. It started out good and got my attention, then it went about 50 pages of nothing. I almost just stopped reading it (which I should have) but I hate not finishing a book I start. Then something else interesting would happen and I thought, Okay, now it will pick up. Boy was I wrong. Their were so many characters that the author would go into detail about for 20 pages or so, and then they weren't in the book anymore. The book is over 400 pages and in the 300's or so it intro...more
Phyllis Sommers
Either I've become a more discerning reader or this author's writing has significantly deteriorated. I always enjoyed the Emma Harte stories and felt they were very well-written. However, this novel seems far removed in quality from most others I've read by Barbara Taylor Bradford.

"Breaking the Rules" is a very contrived story, written with extremely stilted, simplistic and trite dialog. The story doesn't flow with ease as do Taylor Bradford's other novels. M is the professional name chosen by...more
When a young woman flees to New York after a terrifying encounter in the English countryside, she reinvents herself and embarks on a journey that will lead her to fame, love, and good fortune.

But just when everything is finally coming together for her, the mysterious "M" is about to encounter a dark figure from her past--a psychopath with deadly intent who has vowed to shatter her world forever.

As we finally learn M's true identity and understand the complex dynamics of her famous family, we a...more
Katie Q
I have to admit if I was actually reading this book I would have quit. However as I was reading it as audio book I found it was at least palatable and I could zone out whilst listening whilst I worked.

The story was rather lame and did not really give anything of substance until just over half way through. I have never read books from this author before and I am sincerely hoping that this is not the style of all her books. Yes she has a massive following and judging by the reviews I may be standi...more
I don't know quite what to say about this book. I was bored for the first two-thirds of the book because everything seemed to just go right for everyone in the book. Though that may sound odd, when every new character that appeared I was looking for something sinister about them because it was just weird that there wasn't any conflict in the book.

The story wasn't bad, but it was all a bunch of fluff and I probably would have been happier spending my time reading another book.
Abbie Meyer
What an awful book. I made it to Chapter 38 and I couldn't follow it any longer. The first 25-30 chapters are completely boring, unrealistic and full of filler writing. Once the book FINALLY gets into the "mystery" part it becomes extremely hard to follow. All of a sudden, a million new characters are thrown into the storyline! Many of them had little to no purpose. This is the first book I have read of Bradford's and I am not very impressed.
I have read all of the Emma Harte books.....and I've enjoyed them all mostly due to the very strong women characters. But I have to say I did not enjoy this one. I felt the story never developed. It was more of the same thing......The strong woman character was not there. It was disappointing.
Breaking the Rules by Barbara Taylor Bradford (BTB) is supposed to be the finale of the Harte Family series. This novel is different from the others in the series. The plot twist is different than the normal BTB novels.
M. has come to New York to start her career in modeling. It is off to a slow start until her friend Geo introduces her to Frankie a fashion photographer. His death seems to put M.’s career on hold until his protégé Luke takes over. He discovers and helps launch her caree...more
Standing the test of time is what I’m thinking as I close this book – my fourth Barbara Taylor Bradford read. Breaking the Rules is a book that I wouldn’t have bought for myself. However, when my son saw that it was on offer (along with a book his fiancee bought), he thought of me. He remembered my disappointment when I couldn’t make it to a BTB event with the best-selling author herself.

I remember reading A Woman of Substance back in the ‘90s, closely followed by owning the dramatisation featur...more
Years ago I read "A Woman of Substance" by Barbara Taylor Bradford about a young girl in England named Emma Harte, who worked a maid in a wealthy home. She managed to found a great department store empire in London named Harte's and amass a fortune. Along the way she married two or three husbands and had several children. The book was not great literature, but it was a good story.

Since then Bradford has written six more books about Emma and her heirs. None of them has been as good as the first o...more
Years ago, I read Barbara Taylor Bradford's first trilogy of books about Emma Harte and her family. I loved them! 'A Woman of Substance' in particular was fabulous! An epic, gritty and passionate family drama of great depth, full of characters you really cared about. It's a novel I'm really fond of and have dipped into many times over the years. And so I'm sad to say that this latest Harte instalment is very disappointing. I shouldn't have been surprised because I've read the other recent Harte...more
Süësëttä Advöcäätä
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This was a good book, and a nice sequel. Now I really want to go back and read A Woman of Substance again, which is one of my all-time favorite novels.

I felt the first part of the novel started slow. Even though I love fashion, I wanted to get to the characters that I've grown to know and love. I always kinda forget how formal BTB's writing can be, so it usually takes a little bit for me to jump into that world. In the end, though, I'm always glad I do.

If you've read the previous installments...more
Fairly entertaining for a while, but got to a point near the end (I think disc 9 or 10 of the 11) where I started to seriously wonder what exactly the plot was (and doubt that there was one), and what this story really was about. It went on and on about M's life, love, and fame. Then the story started being about bombings, attacks, and revenge. The two were not meshed together well, leaving a lot of gaps. The details, background, and personification of the villain was WEAK. Nothing in the first...more
I didn't love this book. It was okay but... M (protagonist) is too perfect, too confident, too smart - invincible. The fact that she was disturbed at all by the rape is hard to believe because everywhere else in the story, she's a superwoman. She was difficult to love because she had no vulnerability.

The story jumps around, swapping points of view often between at least ten characters. The author goes off on tangents, sharing details about a very secondary character when we've had no other infor...more
Diana E. Young
I was really looking forward to this book, as one of my all-time favorites is Barbara Taylor Bradford’s “A Woman of Substance”. This book, sadly, was a let-down.

The plot was good; however, I found the novel too wordy, when it could have been edited down. Seemingly insignificant things were drawn out, while an important romance was unveiled in one paragraph.

I did enjoy the many references back to Emma Harte – the heroine of “A Woman of Substance”. I’m not sure if I would’ve been as disappointed i...more
It's titled "Break the Rules" but the main character has taken no actions to break any rule, rather she just talked about it. The author built her as a smart woman and tried really hard to iterate that's she's smart without much of extracting a few clues. Each chapter goes by without any more exciting twist but rather just a new story that provides no support to the plot. For example, the fact that the photographer who's a friend of Geo died in an accident in France made no difference to M's car...more
T.A. Munroe
Really bad. This must have been ghost-written and not gone over by a content editor unless it's the worst book BTB has ever written. No NYT best seller inklings here. The MC introduces herself to a dozen people the same way at least 10 times in 100 pages. She's boring, her life is boring or just not written in an exciting manner. The alluded to reason why she left England gets boring because we don't get any clues why. Her love interest is boring and says absurdly lame things. And then I gave up...more
There was nothing really wrong with this book, but I have a hard time giving it three stars. Everything seemed too perfect and too easy for the characters - who were naturally very wealthy, beautiful and famous. All of them! Most of the storyline was fairly predictable. Several characters fell in love basicall at first sight - and it was perfect. I kept waiting for something to happen, but... Even the traumatic events did not seem so tragic under the glamour they were written in. Usually I enjoy...more
The idea behind this story was clever but I felt it was very dragged out and it was more of a chore to read.
Great book! I hadn't read Babara Taylor Bradford in a while. Love the characters in the Harte series.
Carrington Stuart
Great book - could not get enough of the Emma Harte series.
Sheila Jones
I would have given this particular BTB's book a 3.75; not quite a 4. There were some very interesting aspects of the book. On the other hand, certain scenes were, to be honest, a bit unlikeable if not unrealistic. For instance, the way M and her to be husband initially met was a little over the top for me. Overall, I would not re-read this book. Would I recommend it? Hmmmm, depends on whether or not I had another option for the person. BTB is a good, interesting author. However, this was not one...more
I listened to this on audio and maybe that took away from the book, but the book didn't seem to really match the description until the very very end. The author repeats herself quite a bit and it is really noticeable when you are listening to it. Things took way to long to unveil themselves and I pretty much got bored with it by the time it was over. Definitely not some edge of your seat mystery that's for sure. I cannot decide between 2 or 3 stars and I really think it is a 2.5 but because it w...more
This was so disappointing. I remember reading one of this author's early books, about Emma Harte starting a department store. It was good, but it seems like many of her later books all build on the same characters. They weren't as interesting as the first, so I stopped reading. This book had no mention of the Hartes, so I thought it was safe.
Not. The main character here goes by a pseudonym for the first 2/3 of the book then it turns out she's a Harte and the story went downhill from there. I sk...more
My only reason for wanting to finish this book is to better write my review on how AWFUL it is. I got this book at a church fundraiser for $1...and I kind of want a refund.
Alli Hays
This book was a great find. I was not expecting it to be as enthralling as it was, it kept me captivated for about 13 hours straight on a car ride out to Cincinnati, OH. It is the type of book that you never want to end, mixing mystery, love, drama, and just general storytelling into one. I am looking forward to reading more books like this, as well as learning more about this author. Overall I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who just enjoys a good story!
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Barbara Taylor Bradford is the author of 25 bestselling novels, including Playing the Game, Breaking the Rules, and The Ravenscar Dynasty. She was born in Leeds, England, and from an early age, she was a voracious reader: at age 12, she had already read all of Dickens and the Brontë sisters. By the age of twenty, she was an editor and columnist on Fleet Street. She published her first novel, A Wom...more
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