Catching the Wolf of Wall Street: More Incredible True Stories of Fortunes, Schemes, Parties, and Prison
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Catching the Wolf of Wall Street: More Incredible True Stories of Fortunes, Schemes, Parties, and Prison (The Wolf Of Wall Street #2)

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In this astounding account, Wall Street’s notorious bad boy—the original million-dollar-a-week stock chopper—leads us through a drama worthy ofThe Sopranos, from the FBI raid on his estate to the deal he cut to rat out his oldest friends and colleagues to the conscience he eventually found. With his kingdom in ruin, not to mention his marriage, the Wolf faced his greatest...more
ebook, 500 pages
Published February 24th 2009 by Bantam (first published January 1st 2009)
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Charles Barthold
Quick read. Scary look into what Wall Street has been and could become again. Never before in my life have I read about such a self-absorbed and delusional person. Well written, though.
As you can see from my review, I was a fan of The Woolf of Wall Street. While The Woolf of Wall Street was an entertaining rollercoaster ride of debauchery, Catching The Woolf of Wall Street had nothing worthwhile left to tell.

I know it’s more a story about him rebuilding his life but that’s not a story I’m interested in from Jordan Belfort. If you’re thinking that this book is going to pick up at the same exciting pace where the last one finished, then you’ll be terribly disappointed. However,...more
Jon Nielson
This was a disgusting, horrifying book. If this is how people are treated who break the law, then it just encourages more people to break the law. This guy sole hundreds of millions from investors and only did 2 years in prison. a prison without a fence where you could play tennis and pay others to do the chores you were supposed to do while in prison. Being in this industry, I feel people like this should be taken or back and shot. You steal and ruin lives and only get 2 years. Disgraceful.
Was looking for a redeeming factor the whole time. Nothing. This guy is the worst! He goes on and on about how much he's "changed", as he parades topless models around his house in front his kids. His new career path is a scam too, and responsible for the 2008 crash. This book also comes across as self-indulgent soft porn. Gross.
Poorly written book by an author who clearly likens himself to Tucker Max.
Igors Aleksejevs
I cannot say that I like this book. I rated 3/5.
Why did I put an average mark?
In the beginning was very interesting to read about Jordan's cooperation.
The middle part is very boring. Joran always speaks about his children.
No one cares about Jordan Belford's children,rather,he cried like baby.
The most interesting part, happy ending. 2 years and 110m is nothing for Jordan.

I would not recommend to read this book.
So yes - I really liked The Wolf of Wall Street...the sequel not so much !

The book is far less debauched (not that I’m saying debauched is good) and lacks the excitement of Belfort’s first book. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that most of his story was covered in the first book. The follow-up feels almost like a justification from his side – constant rationalization for a wasted life and talent.

The interesting thing for me is that once I finished the book I felt a desperate sadness for his daughte...more
Easy reading about a self absorbed, selfish man who has no morals or comprehension of ethics.
Matt Perrino
When its predecessor ended with the line "..the next five years would be just as crazy as the last!", I knew I had to buy this book. I purchased it with the promise of insanity and debauchery--but that's not what I got. The first 150 pages felt like a boring rehash of the first book. After that though, things picked up. It falls short of the madness that Belfort delivered in his first book. But overall, it's an entertaining, comical read that shows its sordid (a word he uses frequently) protagon...more
Lora Grigorova
Catching the Wolf of Wall Street:

Much less cynical and vulgar. Much more honest and descriptive. Catching the Wolf of Wall Street, the sequel of the famous autobiography The Wolf of Wall Street by Jordan Belfort is quite different from the first novel.

The Wolf of Wall Street was brutal and shocking, answering the vital question How to spend a billion of dollars on drugs and prostitutes? It described the senseless and corrupted life of a clever man, who us...more
Shelley Lanki
I preferred the Wolf of Wall Street to this sequel. The authors over use of !!!!!!!!! grated on my nerves, as did his obsessive need to rub the readers face in his over indulgent spending habits. I for one do not care how much he paid for his suits, ties, home furnishings, vehicles and ex-wives clothing and jewelry - blah blah blah...Jordan Belfort should concentrate on repaying his victims rather than rubbing their faces in how he spent their money. Kind of douchy.
Michele Hohlfeld
Be forewarned, this is most definitely not a PG or PG13 book....if you're offended by language or adult stuff, don't even crack this book open. It is, however, a fascinating insight into the financial world. Jordan Belfort is both despicable and fascinating.
Steve Sorenson
Good read if your looking for a story about someone set on his own path for destruction and being is own worst enemy Appears the author is bragging about all of his conquests with women and drugs that destroyed his family
Big eye opener
Almost as good as The Wolf of Wall Street but came up a little short in the empathy department. I enjoyed the Wolf better than Catching the Wolf - a good read none-the-less
What an arrogant scumbag. It would have been nice to know what he has done with his life since jail and writing books. Is he productive and making an honest living ? No wonder WallStreet is such a mess.
The charismatic tone that made the first book a sleeper of a hit has worn off here. The bacchanal continues, and utter pretentiousness prevails. Such a sad day for me. And such a disappointment, considering this was something I wasn't really pinning my hopes high for.
I was on the receiving end of the Wolf's (or someone like him with a similar script) solicitation by phone, a cold call in the early 1990's. I instantly knew I was being scammed, played along and finally the guy started screaming at me. It is truly remarkable how gullible folks are. At times I think folks scamed by the Wolf should be issued a dunce's cap and deserved the beating for being so stupid.
I only read this because I found the end of The Wolf of Wall Street unsatisfying. After all of the sex, drugs, and thievery, I wanted to hear about how he got caught. This is kind of the story, but nor really since it focuses on everything after Belfort agrees to cooperate. I guess I need to read the FBI's memoir to find out how he was caught.

This wasn't bad but less salacious than the first book. It will be interesting to see how/if the movie treats this material.
Kaisa Clark
Read this quickly like the first one - had some overlap but generally a good read
Eric Stone
I enjoyed this much more than The Wolf of Wall Street. Acting as a prequel and sequel all in one, we finally learn a bit more of the human that is Jordan Belfort. If you want to read how a man finds himself in his position, what it is like to go through the white collar justice system, or how a man on the verge of being torn from his family might think... This is a great book for you.
Marginally more interesting than the 1st book, Catching the Wolff of Wall St. is much of the same as told through a series of interrogations of Belfort by federal agents. He is clearly unrepentant and just generally an awful person. His antidotes are sometimes exciting, or funny, but ultimately very sad.
Khaliza Khalid
I wish I had read this book before I wrote Wedding Speech!
Adam Labi
Don't bother with this one. First book is all you need.
Raffy Heuzey
I thought this book was well written and a wonderful insight into the life of Jordan Belfort. While yes, he did disgusting things and committed unspeakable crimes. I feel that he did redeem himself. I was very happy with this book.
Ross Theriault
Long-winded and pretentious beyond the endearing levels that make the movie a success.
Truly captures the making and breaking of an ambitious soul!
A realization between the antics of what's worthy and what's priceless.. Simplicity, freedom and peace.. The true humblings of happiness!
Amanda Henson
What a narcissistic wanker Jordan Belfort is.

Don't buy this book (I only read it because it was given to me). It's very badly written, a boring story about a guy in love with himself only and not to mention by purchasing this book you'd basically be contributing to the proceeds of crime and paying off his $100 million fine.

Once a liar and a thief - always a liar and a thief. This guy has absolutely no redeeming features - neither does his book.

Read something worthwhile - not this book.
Michael Keresztes
Awesome book... Belfort has a gift for telling a story. I liked this one far more than the wolf of wallstreet.
Sarah Allen
Ugh! I, too was hoping for a book in which Belford showed some remorse... None. I felt no closure at the end of this book just proof that people like Belford get away with breaking the law with a slap on the wrist. Very disappointing
Alana Hampton
We all know what he did was wrong but you can't deny how intriguing the story is. I loved both the Wolf books!
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