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The Hunt for Dark Infinity (The 13th Reality, #2)
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The Hunt for Dark Infinity (The 13th Reality #2)

3.97 of 5 stars 3.97  ·  rating details  ·  5,356 ratings  ·  242 reviews

James Dashner's debut fantasy series, The 13th Reality, is sure to keep readers guessing—and coming back for more!

Audio CD, 0 pages
Published March 30th 2009 by Shadow Mountain Publishing (first published March 1st 2009)
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I was so right, this was even better than his first book The Journal of Curious Letters. I find I really appreciate the mid grade fantasy books based mostly in reality where the kids figure out mysteries and bravely fight in adult battles that span over a series of books. I discovered this with Harry Potter J.K. Rowling and it wasn't a single phenomenon, I like the Fablehaven series Brandon Mull and now the 13th reality series James Dashner is following in that same vein. This is all super excit...more
Atticus or “Tick” and his friends Sofia and Paul are back to adventure in this second book of the 13th Reality series. Atticus, Sofia and Paul are spending the summer recovering from their journey into the different realities when they receive another letter from Master George telling them there is a new threat to the survival of the different worlds. Instead of being transported to meet Master George, the three teens have a run in with the evil Mr. Chu who forces them to wear a device that allo...more
The Hunt for Dark Infinity is the next book in the 13th Reality Series, and sequel to the fun and adventurous first book, The Journal of Curious Letters. It fulfills the creative promise and inventiveness that that first book began and, I think, betters it. The Hunt for Dark Infinity takes up the story of 13-year-old Atticus "Tick" Higginbottom who, previously, had been introduced to the concept of the "Realities" - alternate versions of the world as we know it - and recruited as a "Realitant" -...more
This book continued the story started in book one quite nicely. Tick, Sofia and Paul are kidnapped by Reginald Chu from the Fourth Reality. They are put through a series of tests and riddles that they have to figure out. The consequences for failure are deadly. Master George's team is scrambling to figure out where Tick and friends are while trying to cure a plague of viral insanity that is impacting many of the realities. Throw a Mistress Jane trying to turn over a new leaf and be nice into the...more
حرفی در مورد این کتاب نیست به جز این که بگم حــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــرف نـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــداره!
از کتاب اولش خیلی خیلی خیلی بهتره دیگه خودتون می دونین :دی
Linda Harley
If it can be believed, this second book in the 13th Reality series was even more riveting to than the first. Where the first book was full of mystery, it just wet the appetite for more. From book 2, we realize that we're about to go on an amazing adventure with the realitants, where we'll get to see and experience several of the other realities. Tick, Paul and Sophia are required to solve various puzzles as they are winked from world to world, all in order for Mr. Chew to test Tick, to see if he...more
World of Ink Network
Again Dashner has grabbed my attention with the second book in the 13th Reality series. I found myself emailing the author to find out when the next book was due to come out as I hated waiting to see what happened to Tick and Mistress Jane. Chu is by all mean the worst man alive in all realities.

The character descriptions are one of the things I like most about these books. I can relate and understand the motivations behind all the characters, even if I don't agree with their reasoning for doin...more
When I first started reading the 13th Reality, I didn't know what to expect. I knew what the story was about from the summary. But other than that, all ideas were either closed off or left wide open. I knew that I should expect a story about a teen boy who has to figure out riddles and learn secrets about the universe and almost life itself, but not like how it was written. This is good. Why? Because it leaves so many doors for the reader to open. What I also love about the series, is that it is...more
“The boy stared at his world gone mad.”—begins the second book of the bestselling 13th Reality series: The Hunt for Dark Infinity. The malicious Reginald Chu has devised a way to infiltrate the minds of people and creatures alike—controlling their thoughts, speech and actions.

New Realitants, Tick, Sophia, and Paul, must find a way to penetrate Chu’s destructive creation before he gains control over all the Realities. But they are at the mercy of Chu’s test—as they are winked from one reality to...more
Aug 16, 2010 Janeen-san rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Kendall, Nick, Ari, Evelyn, Shay
Tick, Paul and Sofia's summer has been quiet, hot, and uneventful. That is, until an otherworldly device called a Spinner arrives...with a long awaited message from Master George.
The three friends then set off on other momentous adventure--but not all goes as planned. They were supposed to be winked to Master George's headquarters, to help solve the mystery of the millions of people all over the Realities who are going insane.

But instead they find themselves winked to many different and deadly...more
James' writing is getting better and better.

I enjoyed the first book, but I felt it dragged a little bit and the writing wasn't the best.

This time, I got into the book much more. It was a fun and easy read.

Setting: We get to see lots of different realities and Chu Industries. James has some fun insights into the various realities.

Plot: Tick and his friends have to stop Chu from making everyone insane with his dark infinity machine. They get help from some old friends, new friends, and even an ol...more
In the second of The 13th Reality series, Atticus, Sophia, and Paul are together again and find themselves facing a larger problem in the realities than their previous adventure. Something is causing people to go crazy in other realities and Master George believes that the evil Reginald Chu from the 4th Reality is behind it. As the three friends meet back up with old characters--Mothball, Rutger, Sato, and Master George, and begin another mission and another adventure they must find a way to pas...more
I enjoyed this book. This story is about 3 friends--Tick, Paul, and Sofia--and their adventures as members of the Realitant team. This is the 2nd book in The 13th Reality series. Tick, Paul and Sofia solve riddles they believe are sent by Master George, the leader of the Realitants, as further tests on their worthiness to belong to the Realitants. Actually the riddles are sent by Reginald Chu, the evil alterant of Tick's science teacher Mr. Chu. As Tick and his friends solve the riddles they get...more
Keith Robinson
I loved the first book in the series, and this one, The Hunt for Dark Infinity, was equally good. At first I wasn't sure as the first few chapters seemed a little forced, especially when it turned out that Tick and his friends would have new riddles to solve. What, the same thing again?

But when it got going, I was gripped. Again. As with the first book, and all of Dashner's Scorch Trials book, I had to carve out some special reading time during the day, something I hardly ever do. I loved it! In...more
I loved the first book in this series that I read earlier this month (the jouranal of curious letters) and would heartily recommend it to youth and adults. This second book was a good book so far as action goes. It would be very appealing to young readers. With that said, there is definitely more violence in the second book so would not recommend it to young children (you define what that means.) It again exemplifies courage in children and the ability to draw on reservoirs of strenth in times o...more
Jennifer Wardrip
Reviewed by Breia "The Brain" Brickey for

This book begins with Tick, Paul, and Sofia getting a message from Master George that the realities are in danger.

He tells them that they need to meet with others to decide what must be done. Instead of going to Master George, as they should have, they are sent to another reality all together. They believe that Master George has sent them on a series of tests in different realities with deadly traps all around them.

Mr. Chu, from the Fourt...more
Psh, forget the Maze Runner series with the seriously messed up government and freaky, insane people, go to the other series of the Dashner Dude. The sci-fi, quantum physics and dimensions, DROP DEAD HILARIOUS series, The 13th Reality.

Seriously, James has outdone himself on these books.

He's taken quantum physics (which the name alone makes me cringe and think of fussy science teachers), and mixed in a couple things to make a FANTASTIC read.

-Adventurous and spunky teenagers that tot...more
05HunterB. Bangerter
The Hunt for Dark Infinity
James Dashner

in the dark infinity Reginald Chu, famous inverter in the Fourth reality plans to change the fabric of the realities and start over in his image.

Characters: tick,pro Sofia,pro Paul,pro Reginald chu,ant mistress Jane,ant.

in the book dark infinity, Tick just came back from his last adventure gaining mistress Jane's barier wand. but at the same time is still trying to find out this mysterious power he just recently discovered. it all starts out when Paul and S...more
Just Me
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Amanda Bright
I found this one a bit of a let down -- I really enjoyed the first book of the series but this one didn't hold my interest the way that first one did. I know they are aimed at a different audience level but my conclusion after reading this one is that I'll leave the future books to the audience they are intended for -- there are far too many books clamoring to be read to keep these on my reading list.
A good, solid second book in this series. There were parts in this book that I liked better than the first book but also some things that I didn't like as well. I thought that the author's writing style improved and that he got away from a lot of the stupid metaphors that he had used so frequently in the first book - although there are some in this book still, it was not anywhere as bad as the first book. I thought that the author struggled some with the telling of the story though because there...more
This is the second (and latest) installment in the 13th Reality series by James Dashner. We bought both of these books for Tritan, and he really seemed to like them.
I faulted the first one for lack of orginality--it read like a Harry Potter knock-off. I can't say that about this one. It is one of the most imaginative books I've read in a while. The story is much more suspenseful and complex than the first one. In fact, it is so much more fantastic and involved, that at times it could be confusi...more
Even though it is typical for fantasy, I got a bit annoyed with Tick being set up as the inexplicable one with amazing powers no one can understand. I still liked the story, I think I have just read too many books with characters like that. I of course still love Mothball and Rutger, and even Sato is beginning to grow on me. Master George wasn't as adorably odd as in the first book, and I didn't much care for him. I also never quite understood the reason the evil Reginald decided to send the kid...more
Chrisann Lamb
Another great novel

Another great novel

Dashner did a great job of extending the story of Atticus in this second of the 13th reality series. The story went a totally different direction than I predicted, yet it was just what the story needed. I can't wait to read the third.
Title: The 13th Reality: Search for Dark Infinity
Author: James Dashner

This book is about a boy who is nicknamed "Tick" and is a Realitent. A Realitent is a person who works to save the Realitys. So Tick and his two friends Paul and Sofia get a strange message. When they were about to leave to go meet their friend who wrote the strange message a man put a tracker on them and "whisked" them away to a diffrent reality. Then they go threw a bunch of tests not relizing that all of the bad stuff that...more
The Hunt for Dark Infinity is about a boy named Tick and his friends Paul and Sofiya who are Realitants, people who protect the thirteen Realities. In this book the evil Reginald Chu has created a machine more powerful than anything know before called the Dark Infinity. The machine is destroying and fragmenting some of the lesser Realities and driving some of the people in others crazy. Now Tick, Paul and Sofia must stop him before it's too late.
I picked this book up because I read the first boo...more
Tick, Paul, and Sofia - three of the newest Realitants - are kidnapped by the evil Reginald Chu and forced through his tests of merit to see if Tick will be the one to help Chu master his evil new toy, Dark Infinity. Sato is having a rough time on his own, Mistress Jane is trying to turn a new leaf, and Master George and support crew are dealing with some other interesting problems including scores of people across the realities going insane, and Tick's uncontrollable power. Fun, page-turning se...more
This is the second novel in The 13th Reality series, which is shaping up to be a pretty solid series. This go around, Tick and his friends are about to be winked away to a special meeting, when instead they find themselves kidnapped by the evil Reginald Chu. Chu sends them throughout several of the realities to test them, similar, but much more dangerous than the Master George's tests in the first novel.

It's fun to be immersed into Dashner's universe. I liked seeing some of the other realities a...more
This book is not just a continuation of the first book but you really need to read the first book to follow this one. This is a new adventure but with all the old characters and at least one new character. It has a lot of surprises and yet much of the challenges of the first book including riddles and tests. And it leaves you anxious to read the next book which certainly is presented at the end of this one. I would rate this as better than even the first book which is usually hard to do as the n...more
This book is the sequel to The Thirteenth Reality. Read that one first; just my opinion.

If you like a book that has great characters, adventure, and is just plain fun, then read this. I really enjoyed the first installment and this second one is even better. Of course, I don't want to give too much away. The main character, Atticus, Tick for short is once again helping Master George with the aid of his new friends. We have a new villain, an odd ally, a deadly plague, and surprising twist of Chi...more
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James is the author of THE MAZE RUNNER trilogy and THE 13TH REALITY series. He also published a series (beginning with A DOOR IN THE WOODS) with a small publisher several years ago. He lives and writes in the Rocky Mountains.
More about James Dashner...
The Maze Runner (Maze Runner, #1) The Scorch Trials (Maze Runner, #2) The Death Cure (Maze Runner, #3) The Kill Order (Maze Runner, #0.5) The Journal of Curious Letters (The 13th Reality, #1)

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“Paul screamed out words as he struggled to stand. " people...are FAT!” 19 likes
“Ah, dude," Paul said. "What if they beam around like in Star Trek?"
Sofia snorted. "I'll be sure to ask Dark Gator if I see him."
Paul burst out laughing; Tick held hid laugh in pressing his mouth closed.
What?" Sofia asked.
What did you call him?" Paul asked.
Dark Gator."
Man, oh, man, you are too good to be true Miss Italy, too good to be true." Still chuckling, he walked towards all the people. "I think I see a restaurant up there. Let's check it out.
Sofia looked at Tick, her eyebrows raised.
It's Darth Vader," he whispered. "And he's from Star Wars, not Star Trek.
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