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The Thousand Orcs (Forgotten Realms: Hunter's Blades, #1; Legend of Drizzt, #14)
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The Thousand Orcs (Hunter's Blades #1)

4.06 of 5 stars 4.06  ·  rating details  ·  12,574 ratings  ·  169 reviews
One Dark Elf. Two Enchanted Blades. One Unknown Enemy. And a Horde of Invaders.

When a blood-thirsty band of orcs, led by an as-yet-unseen enemy, comes rampaging out of the Spine of the World, it lays waste to everything in its path. Dark elf ranger Drizzt Do’Urden and his most trusted friends find themselves in the path of destruction. Ad blades slash and feet trample, eve
ebook, 384 pages
Published June 23rd 2009 by Wizards of the Coast (first published 2002)
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Greg Strandberg
The Thousand Orcs is the start of a great trilogy. For this trilogy you really get the whole spectrum – intro and slow rise, building and tension, and then the roller coaster of seeing it all come together.

That’s what you get with the three books. This first book starts out slow. I feel that there’s too much in the way of politics, and a lot of this backstory with Ellifain, the slain…you know what from the previous books.

I could have done without the Wulfgar/Delly love angle, and some of the int
This book is horrible. I've followed Salvatore since the late 80's, when I was in middle school, and I have come to the conclusion that while his reader's have grown, his writing has not. Realizing this back like in '02/03, I purposefully ignored him until now. I figured I could read the last 7(Hunter's Blade, Sellswords, and Orc King) in a month or two, so I decided to get back on that wagon.
This book in particular was just a complete ripoff of the Two Towers(not the book, the Movie. Ugh). From
Michael Cairns
I was really torn over whether to give this a three or a four star rating.
Good points:
The action scenes were fun, there was a nice spread of characters and the ending was satisfying, up to a point.
Not so good points:
I think my main complaint was that I didn't feel invested in the characters by the time I reached the end. I grew up reading the Icewind Dale trilogy and know the people. Perhaps had I read it again before I began this it would have helped. I did enjoy the development of the charac
Paulo "paper books always" Carvalho
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Branwen *Blaidd Drwg*
One dark elf. Two enchanted blades. One unknown enemy. And a horde of invaders.

"I am not afraid to die because I know that I am part of a something, a concept, a belief, that is bigger than all that is me, body and soul."

R.A. Salvatore's Drizzt series is a staple of the fantasy genre. You almost can't talk about fantasy books and not relate back to Drizzt somehow. It is a fantastic series, and this one is one of the best books in it thus far.

As usual, the character development is full of depth
Nick Mariner
I had never read any of Salvatore's work before this, so perhaps my view is skewed. But I found this to be a spectacularly unsophisticated fantasy novel. Drizzt is an interesting character and there is much that could be done with his background. I'm not entirely sure what the connection is between novels centered around him and the Dungeons and Dragons game. I know this book was published by Wizards of the Coast, which created the game also. So maybe it was just used to sell more copies of the ...more
2.5 stars. Pretty much Tolkien's "The Two Towers" retold with Salvatore's characters. It was just way, way too similar. Actually, exactly the same plot. Kind of disappointing after "Sea of Swords" which I enjoyed immensely.

My favorite parts? Every scene involving Regis, he has become my favorite character of the whole series - Drizzt, the main hero, is just way too frickin' whiny. And then Ivan and Pikel Bouldershoulder for comic relief.

What I disliked most? Drizzt and Catti-brie. The whole "wil
Aug 11, 2012 Zayne rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: anyone who enjoys a fun, action-packed fantasy story
I love this book. It was my first Drizzt book and after reading all the others, it's still my favorite. I could barely put it down even at the beginning when I was confused at what was going on. It has such an interesting mix of so many different kinds of characters that it would be enjoyable for all.
Salvatore does such a great job describing the action scenes, especially the swordfighting. It's more than just "slahs right. slash left, stab." He also does a great job of giving the reader a break
Brandon Enyeart
You and your dear companions are besieged by enemies on all sides with no hope of escape. Will any help come? Will you be saved from death? That is what Drizzt Do'urden and his companions face in The Thousand Orcs, by R.A. Salvatore. This book is another entry that continues on the epic Fantasy realm Salvatore has created. In the book, Drizzt, along with his companions who are Cattie-Brie, Wulfgar, Regis, and Bruenor, return to Mithral Hall to crown Bruenor king as a result of his predecessor dy ...more
Ian Johnson
I started my journey with drizzt and company with this book. Alot of people didn't like the hunters blades trilogy and thought it was a rip off of the Two Towers but I have to disagree. Around 11 years ago I bought this book on a whim because the cover look awesome. That moment change the rest of my life and from then on I was in love with Science fiction and fantasy.
This book had some annoying foreshadowing in what I believe was an attempt to add suspense to the otherwise standard hack and slash Drizzt adventure. The reason why the foreshadowing added nothing to the plot for me is that Salvatore has shown a reluctance to kill his heros and have them actually stay dead-- except for Chewbacca in Vector Prime (still crying over that). So when RA foreshadows an a sad moment for Drizzt coming up in the book, not only does the reader not buy into it, but the read ...more
It was a really good book. It was fun, light, enjoyable, and moral (in a sense). It was so much better than what Salvatore has been producing. It was back to the old days of the Companions of the Hall. It does seem a little bit like Salvatore is trying to redo what worked for him before. The group heads out from Icewind Dale to help Bruenor claim the crown of Mithril Hall, AND there’s going to be a grand adventure of trying to find an ancient Dwarven stronghold. I don’t care though, if it means ...more
Paul Darcy
by S. A. Salvatore, published in 2002.

Drizzt, Cattie-brie, Wulfgar, Bruenor and Regis are embarking on yet another huge adventure. This time though Bruenor the dwarf is none to pleased about it as it looks certain that he must be the next king of Mithral Hall, a position he does not want.

By now these characters must be very familiar to avid Salvatore readers. For myself, well, I skipped all the books in between after “The Halfling’s Gem” and started up again right here with “The Thousand Orcs.”

The Thousand Orcs by R.A. Salvatore is a fast paced story from the Hunters Blades Trilogy. From the minute you pick up this book you can not stop turning the pages because of the fast pace and exciting characters. If you are a fan of the other books by this author that share the character Drizzit this is a must read. Also if you have never heard of R.A. Salvatore and are just interested in a good book this would be a catching and easy read for those who love stuff like dark elves and fantasy and ...more
Krystal Hickam
I really enjoy his writing, it has depth that very few authors can keep up with. He writes compelling characters and really fleshes out the world they live in. The tension builds at a great pace and he is one of the best at giving very detailed action sequences. It is almost like you are there in the midst of all the fighting each time someone draws their blades. As a beginning to a new series it has potential to become another of his great series. The only reason it didnt get five stars was tha ...more
Really liked this one - lots of hack and slash and moving characters around - LOVED that IVAN & Pickel Bouldershoulder made their reapperance - those guys crack me up.

Best of all, NO DROW "Intrigues"
All that jazz gets old fast...

I listened to this rather than reading it, and I got SICK of the moron who read it promouncing Cattie Brie as KAT EYE BRI EH....
Figure it out dude...
I found this book in a store that sells cheap books. It's my first time reading a Salvatore book and I really enjoyed it.

It's short, light and funny but also full of action. It was a great way to be introduced to the world of Drizzt and his friends, even if it did make reference to past events.
Julien V
3 stars for the nostalgia alone. Zero stars for the rest. Sometimes I still feel like a dumb teenager, but books like these make me realize I've grown up, at least a little bit. I'll finish the 3 book series but don't try this at home unless you're 13 yo or so.
Ian Fay
Recently I had just read The Thousand Orcs by R.A. Salvatore. It is the first book of The Hunter’s Blades Trilogy out the many other trilogies that The Forgotten Realms has published. Before I go any further with this review I just want to say a few things. First of all, I want you to understand the perspective I have. I have never read any book published by the Forgotten Realms before. Secondly, there may be some spoilers as I talk about this book so be careful when reading. That being said, L ...more
After having just concluded the Sellsword trilogy, I had a hard time getting back into the adventures of Drizzt and his friends. The beginning of the story threw in a large number of new characters and it was a little disorienting trying to follow who was who. As the story progressed and you rejoined Drizzt and co., the story immediately caught my interest.

My only complaint, really, was there were two points in which Salvatore stated something dire, devistating and sad would occur, and I failed
The Thousand Orcs 2002 yılında R.A. Salvatore tarafından yazılmış Forgotten Realms dünyasında geçen bir fantastik kurgu kitabıdır.

Kitabın serilerdeki yeri; Path of Darkness serisinden sonra gelen Hunter’s Blades serisinin birinci kitabı ve büyük The Legend of Drizzt (Drizzt Efsanesi) serisinin ise 14. kitabıdır.

Öncelikle Drizzt serisinin neredeyse tüm kapakları çok güzeldir ancak Hunter’s Blades serisinin kapaklarını daha çok beğendim. Drizzt’in savaşçı karakterini tekrar gördüğümüz bir seri ola
William Edwardson
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Ammon Hunt
I think this book was good. But it had some boring parts. Let me tell you the good parts first. The author of this book, R.A. Salvator, did a great job of describing the action parts of this book. This is not like most of the other books I have read when they just describe the action in just one sentence. It explains the scenes in two or three sentence.
Another thing I like about this book is that hte main character is strong. His name is Drizzt. He is not like those characters in the movies that
When I was younger, I had dug out 'The Legend of Drizzt' from a box of books in my basement, and I fell in love with the story and the character. I had liked the characters and the journey, and eagerly devoured the next series. When I saw 'The Hunter's Blades' trilogy, I picked it up, expecting to find a group of changed heros and a new and exciting conflict.

While I enjoyed the story, I was disappointed.

- Easy to follow story.
- Ability to pick it up without knowing anything about the charac
Drizzt and the gang are back, and they are going orc hunting! An alliance has been formed and it threatens the safety of all the humans living in the region of Icewind Dale. Drizzt and Bruenor and Wulfgar and Catti-brie and even Regis have taken it upon themselves to investigate these rumors of a large army and a threat to the surrounding villages.

The book is mostly about the journey to discover what exactly it is these pesky orcs are up to. Most of the novel takes place on the road and gives us
Ricky Ganci
This tale feels different than the last 8 stories in the Drizzt series, and really felt more like ID than any of the others. The peripheral story again gets considerable face time, but again, wasn’t too shabby—much better was it than from LotD. This story is and always has been about Drizzt, however, and he is the driving plot. His character development has slowed during these last installments of the story, but he’s still so very cool. And as we seem to be getting closer to his and Catti-brie’s ...more
David Williams
The Companions of the Hall are together again. The call has come to Bruenor. It is time for him to return to Mithril Hall and take up the kingship. So the companions set out for the great city of the dwarves. Along the way they encounter hostile forces, but they seem to treat the entire trip as a light adventure. Unknown to them a new force is rising. The orc chieftain Obould is raising the tribes living in the Spine of the World. They are moving out in force. Obould is no ordinary chieftain. He ...more
Drizzt and his friends are back, and are investigating rumors of an orc alliance that threatens the Dale. Most of the book deals with their quest to discover the orcs’ intentions. The orc king has recently been defeated by the dwarves, and the king of the drow manipulates him into launching a new war against the dwarves.

A gritty, well-written story with a good ending, although some of the plot lines seem utterly irrelevant by the end of the story.
The Thousand Orcs
By R.A. Salvatore
367 pages
isbn13: 9780786929801
Drizzt and his friends find themselves in a bit of trouble. They had seen a group of orcs, really small, and thought it was just a small group looking for trouble. Later, they find out that group of orcs was just a small group of many orcs ready to attack. Will Drizzt and his friends be able to take on all of these orcs? Or will they have to surrender under the hands or the orcs?

This book is just one of many books of the series. Thi
Alex Jones
Definitely in the upper quartile of three star books, this was a very typical fantasy novel, which was exactly what I was in the mood for. It doesn't do anything particularly special, but it is relatively well done. It's a bit slow during the beginning and middle, there are a lot of threads to the story which only intertwine in the final thirty pages or so. There are better fantasy books out there, but this made me want to pick up the others, so definitely not bad.
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As one of the fantasy genre’s most successful authors, R.A. Salvatore enjoys an ever-expanding and tremendously loyal following. His books regularly appear on The New York Times best-seller lists and have sold more than 10,000,000 copies. Salvatore’s most recent original hardcover, The Two Swords, Book III of The Hunter’s Blade Trilogy (October 2004) debuted at # 1 on The Wall Street Journal best- ...more
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“Drizzt Do'Urden had followed a line of precepts based upon discipline and ultimate optimism. He fought for a better world because he believed that a better world could and would be made. He had never held any illusions that he would change the world, of course, or even a substantial portion of it, but he always held strongly that fighting to better just his own little pocket of the world was a worthwhile cause.” 26 likes
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