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65 Signs of the Times: Leading Up to the Second Coming
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65 Signs of the Times: Leading Up to the Second Coming

4.19 of 5 stars 4.19  ·  rating details  ·  247 ratings  ·  70 reviews
The return of the long-lost ten tribes, a new Jerusalem being built, heavenly messengers from beyond this life It may sound like fantasy, but according to the scriptures, all of these things will really come to pass before our Savior comes again. In fact, these signs were designed by the Lord to alert true believers to his imminent return. The question is, Will you recogni...more
Paperback, 185 pages
Published October 8th 2009 by Cedar Fort
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Michelle Llewellyn
About ten years ago I read 50 Signs of the Times by the same author. I highly recommend this 2009 updated reissue for anyone fascinated by the great changes taking place right before our eyes as the earth is prepared for that great and dreadful day.
This book is already outdated! Keeping in mind the recent change in missionary age, the completion of a temple in Kansas City, the dwindling numbers of LDS youth dating, courting and receiving the blessings of temple marriage and the instant streamin...more
I read this book with the intent of reminding myself in some kind of logical order, what the signs of the times were, especially that specifically referred to the 2nd Coming Event. Ridges continued to present the "party line" that "No One will know" when the Savior comes and I suppose when you get down to the nitty gritty, we won't know the specifics such as July 17th, 2020 at 10 a.m. PST, but we will know roughly because Jesus will do three pre-visits to specific bodies of people. The Main Even...more
I enjoyed reviewing 65 of the signs of the times set forth in the scriptures. This book is very straightforward and easy to understand. I can tell the author is a presenter since the book reads basically like a PowerPoint presentation with the commentary added. The author dispels rumors and corrects myths by expounding scripture and quoting modern prophets. He doesn't guess at things we do not know about. He also does his best to use these signs to booster faith and not instill fear. We should l...more
David Ridges discusses 65 signs of the times. The book is divided into three categories: Signs that have been Fulfilled, Currently Being Fulfilled, and Yet to be Fulfilled. Backed by scriptural references, this book gave me great hope in a world filled with conflict. In the final chapters, the author compares the conditions preceding Christ's appearance to the Nephites to our times today. Many parallels can be drawn.
The most comprehensive list of signs of the times that I've seen. A very enjoyable read that gives a pretty good idea of where we are and what we need to be doing to prepare. I read it in conjunction with "Four Blood Moons" to see how they compare.
I really liked this one. It was really easy to read and understand. I really feel like I understand the signs really well now. It's a difficult read at times, some of this stuff is kinda scary but it's really comforting as well.
i learned quite a bit from this book. pretty cool stuff too! my only qualm was with the repetition of so many things... scriptures, quotes, thoughts... but the cool stuff i learned might have made it all worth it :)
This book has a great layout and it is easy to read. The author backs up every sign with scriptural references. There were the "well-known" signs: gathering of Israel, constitution hanging by a thread, etc. There were also some signs that I have never heard of: a great hailstorm will destroy the crops of the earth and a temple in Egypt. A few things I really appreciated that he did were: he made it clear that the signs of the Second Coming are not meant to scare us and we shouldn't try to make a...more
Awesome read, each sign backed up with scripture and words from our prophets. Confirmation of things I already knew, plus some things I didn't know. It didn't cause fear or panic, but showed how we don't need to be afraid if we're living the life we should be living, and how we can welcome and look forward to our Savior's coming again. Interesting to see how the things our current government and people of the world are doing (chipping away at our Constitution, ignoring God and His commandments),...more
I ran out and bought this book on Christmas Eve just as the Healthcare bill was being voted on by the Senate. As soon as I got home, I opened it to "constitution hanging by a thread" and expected to be scared out of my mind. Instead, something else happened...I had peace that all would be okay.

This book is a very good, insightful and helpful read. It categorizes the 65 signs into "fulfilled", "being fulfilled" and "yet to be fulfilled". It uses scripture quotes, prophet quotes and author opinion...more
ann bush

I love the organization of this book with the relevant passages in bold text. The numerous scripture references highlight and verify every statement. Easy to understand and clear without being condescending or oversimplified.
Good rundown of the signs of the times by someone knowledgeable on the subject.
Tim Malone
An enjoyable "checklist" type of book about the signs of the last days. Sometimes I see gospel teachers use the items listed as a handout to interest the class in studying the signs of the times. I wish more people had an interest in eschatology. This book is a good start if you want an orthodox summary interpretation of the signs - those that have comes to pass and those that have yet to transpire. I recommend it as a good guidebook to go along with other books on the subject. By the way, the a...more
Sandra Strange
Interested in the last days leading up to the 2nd Coming? This book's a really good summary and starting place, well documented with LDS quotes and lots of scriptural references. The organization is particularly appealing: resisting the chronological sequences people speculate about, Ridges organizes the prophecies into those already fulfilled, those ongoing, and those to be fulfilled in the future. I especially like his orientation, since he begins with Pres. Hinckley and Monson's urgings to lo...more
Hilary Roberts
I like how the signs were presented in this book. First, everything was listed as either had already happened, was currently happening, or had yet to happen. The other thing I liked was that there was a focus on scriptural details of the signs and not so much on the author's personal thoughts and interpretations. Basically, it was like a cliff-notes version of 65 signs of the times - easy read, good basic information.
A good review. Thought-provoking
Good book with lots to think about.
I really enjoyed this book! instead of inducing fear & panic, it brought insight into the notion "if ye are prepared, ye shall not fear." A couple places in this book strengthened my testimony of the importance of provident living & staying debt free. it also made me feel like some upcoming events are not just "exclusive members only club" events but they will be available to all who will heed the call, so to speak. REALLY enjoyed this book! i wish i could've written my notes in all the...more
The return of the long-lost ten tribes, a new Jerusalem being built, heavenly messengers from beyond this life It may sound like fantasy, but according to the scriptures, all of these things will really come to pass before our Savior comes again. In fact, these signs were designed by the Lord to alert true believers to his imminent return.

A very positive approach stressing how blessed we are to have these prophesied signs that serve to strengthen our faith and testimonies as we witness the sign...more
This book is a well laid out book dealing with the signs leading up to the Second Coming. It if full of scriptures from the Old and New Testament as well as modern revelation.

There were only a few things that were new concepts. Somewhere I've missed that there was going to be a temple built in Egypt? He had lots of Isiah scriptures to back it up. Hmmm?

For those well versed in scriptures there will not be a lot of new information, but he does give you some interesting things to think about.
An excellent and very well-organized book describing signs leading up to the Second Coming. Each sign is accompanied by scriptural references as well as quotes from modern prophets, to help provide better understanding as to potential meanings of each. The section for each of the signs is rather brief, but each provides a good basic overview. Most of the signs in this book are very common ones that I'd already heard of, but it's still good to have a nice resource to refer to about them.
This book is so good! David Ridges is a great teacher on this subject and makes things very clear. I am enjoying learning so much. Like, did you know Jane Austen's temple work has been done? Fascinating stuff.

Just finished this book. I am so glad that I read it. I have such a greater understanding about the signs of the times and the second coming. Before, I was scared and now I just feel peace. The knowledge I have of what will actually happen brings me that peace.
An informative book that helped me feel more prepared, more peace and less panic. The book outlines prophesied signs from the scriptures, put them in certain categories (fulfilled, being fulfilled, yet to be fulfilled) and gives further information, explanation and references about the 65 signs the author chose to focus on.

Favorite Quotes:
Marvin J. Ashton taught that the emphasis in the gospel of Christ is on direction and diligence, not necessarily on speed.
This book is a very organized overview of many of the signs of the second coming. Do not expect much commentary from the author though - although it includes some commentary, this book is mainly an organized list of signs of the times with accompanying scriptures and quotes from latter-day prophets and apostles.

I highly recommend this book and feel motivated in my study of the scriptures to organize my own list of the signs of the times.
This was a thoughtful, non-alarmist discussion of the scriptural references to the signs approaching the Second Coming. Clearly written and easy to read, the author's approach to the signs is explained in this quote: "The Savior made it clear to his disciples that the purpose of the 'signs of the times' was not to promote panic. Rather, these signs are given to strengthen the testimonies of the faithful, as they see these prophecies fulfilled."
I really appreciate this book. Ridges takes prophecies regarding the Second Coming, then uses scriptural accounts and/or revelation to show if they have been fulfilled, are currently being fulfilled, or are not yet fulfilled. To my non-LDS, not-particularly-religious family members and friends, this probably sounds nuts. To my religious family members and friends, you should totally buy this one.
The book lists 65 signs of the second comming of Christ. The author tries to catagorize them into prophesies of three catagories: fullfilled, being fullfilled, and to be fullfilled. Each sign is backed with actual scripture and interpretation. As stated only God knows when the actual date is but we get a glimpse into a better understanding of ourselves and the world we live in.
This was an interesting book to read and I thought it was easier to generally study the topic by having them all together in one place with scripture references about each one. The book is layed out in sections of already occured, occuring, and yet to occur. I like that the author was honest and in some places he says we just don't know instead of making something up.
4.5 stars for this one. I love this author, so easy to read and understand. This book talks about 65 signs, where they are found in the scriptures and what the prophets have said about the particular sign. It also gives each sign a category of fulfilled, being fulfilled and yet to be fulfilled. This is not a doomsday book but very insightful and inspiring. Highly Recommended.
Daniel Clark
This is written from the Mormon perspective. Which I like. I thought some of the writing style was hokey, and also half the book was his private interpretation. That is not necessarily a bad thing, it's nice to hear what someone else thinks. The book was a fun easy read, and I liked being reminded of the amazing things that we may or may not be alive to witness.
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