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The Fairy Tales of Hermann Hesse the Fairy Tales of Hermann Hesse
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The Fairy Tales of Hermann Hesse the Fairy Tales of Hermann Hesse

3.99 of 5 stars 3.99  ·  rating details  ·  2,310 ratings  ·  102 reviews
A collection of twenty-two fairy tales by the Nobel Prize-winning novelist, most translated into English for the first time, show the influence of German Romanticism, psychoanalysis, and Eastern religion on hisdevelopment as an author.
ebook, 304 pages
Published August 26th 2009 by Bantam (first published 1955)
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I read one story from this collection of fairy tales each night before bed. I keep waiting for them to infiltrate my dreams and maybe they do, but so far I have not remembered. I do think about them though. My favorite tale from the book is about wishes. A stranger offers the people of a village each one wish. How do you think that tale develops? You kind of know because it's a story that we've all heard, right? It has become part of our collective consciousness. I learn by reading these tales, ...more
Hesse's brilliance in conveying timeless truths though simple prose apparently also works in short story form. I wonder about the "fairy tales" aspect of the title, I think this is actually just a collection of short stories. Some do have elements of fairly tales, but the form is unique. It's a blend of the classic fairy tale format, more modern adaptations (think Gabriel Garcia Marquez), and Hesse's own philosophies.
The book is filled with incredible stories, among my favorites are "The Dwarf"
Aug 11, 2007 Jade rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: pensive story-addicts
Much can be learned from the ruminations of mountains....and everyone should write fairy tales for their time.
I feel like I would be better qualified to review this book if I had more of an understanding of the literary history of the fairy tale. As it stands, however, I know only enough about the genre to say that Hesse's collection is traditional in the sense that they are not really written with Disney-fed children in mind, as these tales are mostly serious in theme and happy endings are often wanting.

Like any collection of stories, I found some more powerful than others. "Faldum" was by far my favo
مما  قرأت
تحميل رواية الحكايات الخرافية لـ هرمان هيسه من هذا الرابط
I had only read a few short stories by Hesse before picking up this book. Some of the stories are shocking. I want to know, for instance, what Hesse has aganist women and veganitarians. Honestly, really, what did vegans every do to him?

Most of the stories are excellent. My only complaint is the ordering of the stories. Zipes put them in publication/written order, which makes sense. The drawback, however, is that you are reading one too many anti-war stories in a row. There are not bad, but it is
هل تعرف العازف الذي يمضي بين النغمات لاعالية والمنخفضة لاعبا بها بمهارة وقتما شاء؟ الرسام الذي يجمع بين الاشكال والالوان البسيطة والمعقدة لا يهمه ما يقوله النماس عن كل شكل على حدة انه ساذج او سخيف وانما يصنع لوحته بتناغم يصعد به ويهبط متلاعبا بمشاعر المتذوقين
كذلك هيرمان هسه في حكاياته. بين البساطة الواضحة ذات النبرة الوعظية المباشرة وبين الرمزية المعقدة شديدة الغموض حتى لا تكاد تفهم بين الاغراق في الوصف حتى يتحول النص للوحة مكتوبة مسطحة وبين التقرير في الصفة كفرض يعرفه القارئ لا يتذوقه هي عند ال
António Ganhão
Esta coletânea abre com um tributo à magia dos contadores de histórias e à forma como brincam com as almas de quem os escuta. Um anão entretém a sua senhora conduzindo-a, de maneira impercetível, por mundos distantes e fantásticos, sem nunca abandonar o conforto do seu palácio. Um dia, aquela a quem serve deixa-se enamorar por um aventureiro. Humilhado e maltratado pelo recém-chegado, o Anão lançará a perdição sobre todos ao não ser capaz de controlar a sua vingança. A partir de um ardil inventa ...more
tara! Cronin
my new all time favorite book!!

i want to throw this book at all to read

a general overview:

- magickal hesse language as always, for those who are fans
- not your standard 'fairytale', as endings are not happy and stories are not lightfooted
- leans toward being heavily moralistic but the views are something to consider
- in all, one mans thoughtful perspective of the human condition; i appreciated it and will read it again and again
Hermann Hesse can not fail me! This was the case with his novels, and this also applies to the collection of fairy-tales.

In the original German edition, which I have read, there are a total of only 20 stories. I say "only" because the English edition apparently contains 22 stories. I'm inclined to ask: Where do the missing two templates for the translation come from? I guess, in the book publishing business there are many oddities, an ordinary human being doesn't necessarily has to understand.

Alex Kartelias
I have so many amazing things to say about these stories, but they would all be unsuitable for a review. To make it short, many of them were mirrors reflecting my suppressed memories, fears and desires and they showed to me the beauty of life in all it's tragedy and suffering. He is a true romanticist, but is not afraid to comment through allegorical symbols what is wrong with western society- but really, with all of us. And by showing what's wrong with all of us, he shows what is wonderful and ...more
Sven Eberlein
These are wonderful stories and fairy tales, it really takes you deep. I transcribed one of them (orig. Ein Mensch namens Ziegler) into a song, that's how good it was.
Faisal AlHebainy
وجدت وطني بين دفتي هذا الكتاب.
"De zuster van zijn vriend beviel hem uitstekend, en vaak meende hij te weten dat hij werkelijk van haar hield. Maar het was een bijzonder meisje, elke stap en ieder woord van haar had een eigen kleur, een eigen waarmerk, en het was niet altijd gemakkelijk met haar mee te gaan en gelijke tred met haar te houden. Wanneer Johannes soms 's avonds in zijn eenzame woning op en neer liep en peinzend luisterde hoe zijn eigen voetstappen door de lege vertrekken klonken, dan leverde hij vanwege zijn vrie ...more
Aug 27, 2007 Justine rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: fans of Hermann Hesse and those interested in not-so-quintessential fairy tales
I honestly think that I didn't sacrifice nearly enough of my concentration on these stories, and if I had, perhaps I would have finished it feeling a little something more than I do now. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed this immensely, it seemed like a window into Hermann Hesse's soul, especially the introduction by Jack Zipes which seemed more of less of a mini-biography of Hesse. I could see through each story different facets of Hesse, different worries, concerns and wishes. I found this an imme ...more
Mohammad Ali
من از این مجموعه داستان به طور خاص داستان "گورزاد" را دوست داشتم. اما داستان های زیر را نیز تا حدی جذاب یافتم:
" بازی سایه ها"، "خواب نی لبک"، "شاعر"، "جنگلی"، "فالدوم" - که البته پایانش گنگ و دن نجسب بود - ، "پرنده" و "مسخ های پکتور".

جدای از این ها داستان "طومار خواب" را بسیار آزار دهنده یافتم. درست است که داستان روایت در هم تنیده ی خواب و جنون است و نباید انتظار سیر مستقیم داستان یا روایت معقول را داشت اما حتی این عذرها هم مرا از حس بد به این داستان خالی نمی کند.
I can feel Hesse's personal struggles through his writing. That almost all of these tales are about "coming home" clearly shows how eagerly he himself was seeking after that elusive destination. I did however struggle to appreciate the style or layout and direction. The stories felt like first drafts that he never meant to be published, like notebook doodling. It has to do with how he chose to tell the story in such a haphazard way, and I am not sure if that was his original intention or if he w ...more
Ici, les héros providentiels l'emportent sur les souverains maléfiques, les pauvres hères découvrent des contrées utopiques, les vagabonds transforment la boue en or : dans la pure tradition du genre, ces Contes merveilleux laissent au rêve et à l'imagination - dont Hermann Hesse lui-même dit qu' " ils ne sont rien d'autre que des formes de l'amour" - la place maîtresse.

Le premier conte du grand écrivain, publié dans ce recueil, fut écrit alors qu'il avait dix ans. Tout au long de sa vie, qu'il
I don't read a lot of Hesse. But this wasn't a particularly difficult collection to work through, as I had anticipated. His manipulation of language can at times be dense and frustrating, while quite superb on other counts (as when describing young romance or feminine beauty). Teutonic fairy tales, by and large, follow a bit of a pattern, if you're familiar with them, and Hesse's work is no considerable exception. But many times, regardless of the ending you did or did not anticipate, it's worth ...more
Beautiful stories and stunning translation work. These are perfect to savour after a long day or as bedtime stories - they will stay with you, unsettle you, break open holes in your heart and patch them back up. Wonderful.
Although not the typical collection of fairy tales that I am accustomed to reading, these stories still harken back to tales such as those collected by Grimms' and Perault. The main differences I found in Hesse's tales are the creation of the individualized protagonist and the much more blatant darkness.The typical fairy tale tends to be more general (playing more with motifs) and is displayed before a dark background rather than being completed immersed in it.

Overall, I really enjoyed his this
I just wrote a review and goodreads blew a fuse and lost it (a first, so bravo to good reads!). Anyway, they're all good (well, all the ones but the last three--which may be wonderful, but I wouldn't know, because the book was due back at the library--argh, the perils of reading too many books at once!), but the bleakest one, The Dwarf, really lingers. The title character is treated as an outcast by the others, but he is universal in his need for love and freedom, and we identify with him. His t ...more
It's not easy to qualify this book into a certain genre. The stories are actually pieces of Hesse himself, his deepest thoughts, dreams, ideology, yearnings, and I say some of his personal experiences in the real life. Only he put it as though we are reading tales. Some of the stories I love are 'If The War Continues' and 'The City'.
Hesse is such a deep person. While reading it, I decided not to be lured to follow his thoughts though (for his stories could lit flickering thoughts). For me, he is
I read these stories maybe 10 years ago and adored them for being so strange. Revisiting them now, I am less captivated by the eccentricity but instead feel more personally drawn into the themes of life journeys, especially that of an artist, and war in society. "The Poet" and "Iris" are my favorite stories, and it's interesting because my experience of reading fairy tales as an adult felt a bit like Anselm journey to uncover the lost secret of his childhood. I recommend reading the introduction ...more
Christoph Dettling
Such a fine book. "Iris" is definitely my favourite, with many lessons to be learned.
Hareton Linton
საოცარი ზღაპრებია! (ჯუჯა, მშვენიერი სიზმარი, ავგუსტუსი, ტყისკაცი, ევროპელი, ირისი, ორი ძმა)
Rod Rhimes
This is a nice collection of 22 short stories by Hermann Hesse. They are called "fairy tales", but many of them are quite dark and don't usually have happy endings. Hesse posses a certain wit which makes all of the stories interesting, some with nice twists at the end. They are stories that cover the gambit of human emotions and interaction, from greed and lust, to honor and sacrifice, from whimsy to serious introspection. My personal favorite was the last tale "Iris" the story of loss of childl ...more
Bish Denham
These are not fairy tales for children. These are walks in mind-scapes, stories of the search of the soul for its place of belonging. Some of them are darkly sarcastically humorous, as in "Dr. Knoegle's End," "If the War Continues" and "The European." "A Dream Sequence," is just that, a strange and haunting trip through a dream. There are echoes of Carl Jung's influences, there is young man angst, and unrequited love. All and all, it is what one would expect of Hesse, a journey into trying to un ...more
Carlos Burga
Hesse has a special type of narrative that lends itself perfectly well to fairy tales and he manages to make the reader feel like a child while he explores subjects that are far from childlike. A good way to describe this collection would be as fairy tales for adults without meaning that they are not enjoyable. I find it interesting that despite exploring different aspects of life, Hesse keeps the story in the same archetypal style as those tales found in the Thousand and One Night and Brother’s ...more
لستُ أفهم حتّى الآن لماذا تضمّن هذا الكتاب العديد من نصوص "أحلام النّاي" ؟
هل الخطأ هو خطأ هرمان هسه ؟ أم خطأ المترجم؟ أم خطأ دور النّشر؟ عمومًا هذا هو الأمر الّذي أزعجني في الكتاب .

بعض قصص هرمان هسه عميقة وجميلة وساحرة - كما كان الأمر في مجموعته الأخرى - وأكثر ما أحببتُ منها حكاية مدينة فالديوم، وجبل فالديوم، وحكاية الحرب الّتي لا تنتهي، كان بطلها اميل سنكلير وهو بطل رواية أخرى لهرمان هسه .

بشكل عام، الكتاب جيّد، لكنّه ليس بمستوى بقيّة كتب هرمان هسه، لذلك هو لا يستحق مني غير ثلاث نقاط !
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Hermann Hesse was a German-Swiss poet, novelist, and painter. In 1946, he received the Nobel Prize in Literature. His best known works include Steppenwolf, Siddhartha, and The Glass Bead Game (also known as Magister Ludi) which explore an individual's search for spirituality outside society.

In his time, Hesse was a popular and influential author in the German-speaking world; worldwide fame only ca
More about Hermann Hesse...
Siddhartha Steppenwolf Demian: Die Geschichte von Emil Sinclairs Jugend Narcissus and Goldmund The Glass Bead Game

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