Little Vampire Women
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Little Vampire Women

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"Christmas won't be Christmas without any corpses."

The dear, sweet March sisters are back, and Marmee has told them to be good little women. Good little vampire women, that is. That's right: Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy have grown up since you last read their tale, and now they have (much) longer lives and (much) more ravenous appetites.

Marmee has taught them well, and so they l...more
Paperback, 317 pages
Published May 1st 2010 by HarperTeen
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Claudia Joy
I am always amazed when an author have to cut and paste an original work that belongs to another writer, you see much of this with Jane Austin redo's and now I guess with Louisa Alcott it is plain to me that readers cannot get enough of her and I certainly understand why; she was brilliant and wonderful all in one breath, but I have to say this book is just another book from a writer trying to capitalize on an idea they didn't create! I would not recommend this book!
I wanted so badly to like this book! But I went into it expecting something that it did not deliver. Had I dropped expectations I would have enjoyed it so much more. However, when I picked this up to read, I was expecting the Little Women story with a few vampires thrown in. I was not given this. I was given a story about the March sisters that LOO SLY followed the Lousia May Alcott story. And I'm using the word loosely as a generous description. This story was all over the place! Characters wer...more
May 22, 2010 Gmr rated it 3 of 5 stars Recommends it for: young adult readers, and classic fans
You know for the bad rap that the mashup books tend to get, I actually enjoyed this YA one. Though the story is stagnant in some places, overall the vampire aspect of the book does not read like a "re-do" reads as if this was the way the story was always suppose to be. Certainly recommend for a read through whether you've read the original story or'll gain a new perspective on a classic novel and still have some fangish fun along the way. Happy reading!
Faye Cross
I did enjoy this book. I found the wording and language used was very fitting with the style of the original version of 'Little Women'. I am so glad that I read this book - it was tragic, funny and a pleasure. I am so glad that I read this book - very interesting take on the original book!
This book had all the elements of the worst vampire movies. The author didn't know Alcott very well, but she also didn't know vampires.
Susanna - Censored by GoodReads
Gods. Will this trend ever end!?!?!?!?
Aug 17, 2012 Misfit marked it as will-never-read
Shelves: monster-mash
Will it never end?
As a young girl I read a lot of the 'classics'. All of Jane Austen, most of the Bronte sisters and a fair deal of Louisa May Alcott. Little Women wasn't my favorite Alcott book, Jo's Boys was, but I did read the unabridged version several times. The sisterly warmth and support was something I sought at the time, being the oldest in my family. For me Little Vampire Women, one of the new mash-ups of classics with paranormal bent, failed in that regard. There is something more than a little disturb...more
Ron Arden
This is the first vampire book I've read of a literary classic and it was hilarious. If you have read Little Women, you should enjoy it.

This is the same story, but with a few twists. Of course all the Marches are vampires, but true to the original, they are humanitarians. They don't feed on humans. Only on animals. I was wondering how the author was planning to get sickness and death into the story, since vampires can only be killed by beheading and driving a stake through their hearts.

The fun...more
Yay, so excited! I haven't received the book yet, just received notice I had won. 10/17/11
Received last night, and already I just love the cover! Have a few to read before I can get to it, but woo-hoo. so excited! 10/27/11
Started yesterday 11/13/11
Finished 11/16/11

Christmas won't be Christmas without any corpses."

The dear, sweet March sisters are back, and Marmee has told them to be good little women. Good little vampire women, that is. That's right: Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy have grown up since y...more
Danielle Klassen
I have to come right out and say that this is one book I just couldn't get into enough to finish it. I don't normally give up on what I'm reading but I'm also the kind of person who approaches reading as a stress-free, escapist sort of activity so I have little patience for books I don't enjoy and this is one I didn't enjoy much. To be completely on the fair side, however, I don't know how much I would really enjoy the real Little Women and I have a funny feeling that the issues I had with this...more
Moody Claire
I loved the original novel of Louisa May Alcott so when I got this last Christmas and read in the back of the book that it would be hilarious, I expected it to humor me so I read it immediately with excitement leaving the other book I was reading behind. But it let me down.

I expected it would be a rather fun story more so than "Little Women" because I really had fun reading the original version but as I said, it wasn't at all what I had in mind before I read it.

In short, I loved the original ve...more
Honestly, the whole vampire thing was tied up pretty well in this story. There were a couple of parts I didn't like, but on the whole it would have been OK.

It just feels like such a copycat. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies was the first title to mix classic with ... what would you call it? Pop horror? Anyway. It was funny and a great idea. At first. Too many people try to do it and it loses it's punch.

"It was the height of rudeness to dine on your guests, particularly if they were your social eq...more
Joseph Harris
"Christmas wont be Christmas without any corpses." The dear, sweet March sisters are back, and Marmee has told them to be good little women. Good little vampire women, that is. That's right: Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy have grown up since you last read their tale, and now they have (much) longer lives and (much) more ravenous appetites. Marmee has taught them well, and so they live by an unprecedented moral code of abstinence . . . from human blood. Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy must learn to get along with...more
Rebecca Buerkett
I love these spoof titles of classic novels, and having just re-read Little Women, I couldn't resist this one. It didn't disappoint, although it included a little less of the original narrative than some of the other books I've read of this genre (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, etc.). It was fun to see how the author interpreted these classic characters. Just a fun read, especially for fans of the original.
Brandi Bette
“‘Christmas won't be Christmas without any corpses,' grumbled Jo, lying on the rug.” Alcott's classic receives the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies treatment—and it's surprisingly effective. The original March family was characterized by their poverty, independence, and firm morals in the face of wealthy neighbors and decadent temptations. The vampire version has the equally poor Marches resisting the urge to dine on humans, instead drinking the blood of rats, beavers, and in Beth's case, her bel...more
Nidah (SleepDreamWrite)
Basically the same story, with some differences here and there and has vampires. I did like it but isn't a favorite. Still, the story of the March sisters is good. If you like books with a supernatural twist such as Pride and Prejudice and Zombies then you'll like this and the book Little Women.
Alyssa (The Shady Glade)

I'll admit it, I've never actually read Little Women all the way through. Terrible, I know. But I thought the idea of this one sounded interesting, so I gave it a try. It wasn't terrible, but I didn't enjoy it much either. I must not be a monster mashup kind of reader, as I still have not read one I liked yet. It just seemed like adding the vampire aspect made things so awkward.

Recommended for those who do like monster mashups, as you will probably enjoy this more than I did!
Growing up, I never much cared for Little Women, but I thought surely a re imagining with vampires I could get behind. Sadly, I was wrong.
Perhaps it was that the story was just too much like it's original, or that too much was removed in this abridged version, but I just could not fall in love with the characters. It felt as though everything was too rushed to trigger any emotion from me. Oftentimes, I found it farcical, like it was trying to make fun of, rather than be an homage to its source m...more
Meera Pauline
I'm giving this 3.5 stars to be exact.

It turned out better than I expected but the last chapter's so weird, I haven't decided if it's a good or bad kind of weird.

Just a few cents:
- Jo and Laurie, wtf!
- Just how can two people fall in love in a span of, say, two months, when they have closely known each other beforehand for 5 years? *cough* Amy & Laurie *cough* Sorry, I can't comprehend.
- Mr. Bhaer, I think you're a bit too old for my darling Jo. Like, you know, grandfather-old. :|
- I firmly...more
Jacquelynn Fritz
This is Louisa May Alcott's "Little Women" with the twist that the characters are vampires. This book follows the original story, but with less details. The Marches are humanitarians who live on animal blood. The vampires convert the humans they love into vampires, with Meg and Amy both doing this. Jo's professor is already a vampire when she meets him. This book is written for young adults and is very easy to read. The problem I had with this book was, they said several times that the vampires...more
Kayla Parker
The Little Vampire Women by Lousia May Alcott and Lynn Messina is a brand new twist on the Little Women. In this version the March sisters are Vampires, but don't worry they don't drink human blood....much.

I've never read The Little Women, mostly because I didn't think the story sounded interesting but this version definitely has a humorous twist. The March sisters must deal with everything that young vampire women do, such as worrying about their father who is in the war, training to fight vamp...more
Ch.J. Loveall
I found this boring. Maybe because I have read "Little Women" so often and keep comparing writing style and content.
I have to give this author probs, he turned a book that I despinsed into a book I enjoyed.
Lisa  (Bookworm Lisa)
For me, this is a book that is hard to review. The reason? I didn't particularly like it.

Shifting this classic into a paranormal knock-off just didn't work. I found the references to their state of vampirism very tedious. There were umpteen references to the differences between them and their human counterparts. Their desire for "corpses for Christmas" was nauseating.

The positive spin: it does closely follow the events of the original, just with the vampire twist. Lynn Messina is not a bad autho...more
Melissa Boudreau
As Jo would say "a jolly read". This book is based on "Little Women". The author stuck to the original story with just the needed changes to go along with the fact that the March girls are vampires. There some sections from the original left out that made some of the quotes from the original version a little confusing or unexplained. But as a reader who loves the classics, I found this story quite humorous and enjoyed it very much. I recieved an Advanced Reading Copy for free from Goodreads Firs...more
When I first saw this book at the now defunct Borders, I was intrigued. Little Women was always a favorite story of mine and this version turned the March family into vampires. While the altered story was a bit corny and sometimes cheesy, it was very enjoyable to me. I liked the ending, even though I typically knew how the story was going to end, it was definitely a different spin. Not as good as the original Little Women, this one was pretty good. If you enjoy that kind of silliness, then you'l...more
Allizabeth Collins
Quite a funny twist of a read. I like a good mash-up once and a while and Little vampire women is one of my favorites so far. At some moments the original novel sounded better with the inclusion of the blood sucking women once written up as demure and innocent by Louisa May Alcott. Most of the book was great, some parts were slow and confusing, but eventually sped up to a pace more enjoyable. I would recommend this book to both fans of the classics and to new young adult readers, very fangtastic...more
Nov 12, 2010 May rated it 5 of 5 stars
Shelves: fantasy
I found this so funny. Not really laugh-out-loud funny, but the original Little Women is one of my favorite books, and I've heard it many times. So to read this, and to see fight scenes--actual fight scenes--in with sweet, mild-mannered, gentle Little Women was just very funny!

That aside, it was quite a good read. Lynn Messina copied Louisa May Alcott's writing style very well, and if you didn't know the original story, you wouldn't be able to distinguish the original story from the Vampire stor...more
This book was a fun and creative twist on a classic. I would only recommend this for readers who have obviously read Little Women. It was fun to see how the author adapted the story so that the events would stay so similar to the traditional little women yet include vampires. The story was creative and humorous without losing the lessons like family and gratitude found in the original. In the end you walk away with story as heartening as the first just with more blood and a few wooden stakes.
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Lynn Messina grew up on Long Island and studied English at Washington University in St. Louis. She has worked at The Museum of Television & Radio (now the Paley Center for Media), TV Guide, In Style, Rolling Stone, Fitness, Self and a bunch of wonderful magazines that have long since disappeared. She mourns the death of print journalism in New York City, where she lives with her husband and tw...more
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