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Quem diabo é este Deus que, para enaltecer Abel, despreza Caim?

Se em O Evangelho Segundo Cristo José Saramago nos deu a sua visão do Novo Testamento, em Caim regressa aos primeiros livros da Bíblia. Num itinerário heterodoxo, percorre cidades decadentes e estábulos, palácios de tiranos e campos de batalha pela mão dos principais protagonistas do Antigo Testamento, imprimin...more
Paperback, Large Print, 182 pages
Published October 19th 2009 by Editorial Caminho (first published 2009)
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K.D. Absolutely
May 12, 2013 K.D. Absolutely rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to K.D. by: 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die (2012)
We all know that Cain was the firstborn of Adam and Eve. He was a farmer and he killed Abel, the first human to die, because of jealousy due to later being more favored by God. That made him the first human murderer and he was condemned by God and made him roam the earth forever. This book, the last book completed by Nobel laureate Jose de Suosa Saramago (1922-2010) before his death, Cain is about him and his journey after the killing. Like Forrest Gump, the wandering Cain of Saramago witnessed...more
In 'Cain', published just a few months before Saramago’s death, the author gets to argue with God one last time. On this occasion his jibes are aimed the god of the Old Testament, who, as we all know, is an easy target. This god is cruel, proud, jealous, vindictive, inconsistent and often simply petty.

Saramago hires Cain to call out god on all his sins and errors beginning with Cain’s own sorry story which made him go down in history as the first murderer of the worst kind. But weren’t there any...more
José Saramago is certainly not the first writer to question the logic of the old testament, the legitimacy of the Lord's pronouncements and the merits of the prophets who interpreted those pronouncements for the benefit of the descendants of Adam and Eve, and sometime later, for the benefit of descendants of the very small gene pool of Noah’s family who survived in the ark and repopulated the earth when everyone else was drowned in the Flood but Saramago is possibly one of the most creative and...more
The Bible is a playground of stories, of characters, of parables, of moral dilemmas. Some take it literally, the WORD OF GOD. Some think it nonsense. Highly entertaining nonsense. But nonsense nonetheless.

Saramago, in this his final work, thinks it nonsense. He has tapped this mine before, in The Gospel According to Jesus Christ, but here he goes again, telling the story of Cain and Abel but then projecting Cain as an observer and sometime participant on other Bible stories. Thus: Cain shows up...more
mai ahmd

يقول ساراماغو في حوار معه إن الكتاب المقدس ما هو إلا دليل للقسوة البشرية ويقول أيضا أن العالم سيكون أكثر سلاما لو كنا جميعا من الملحدين .. ويزيد على ذلك أنا ملحد ولكني لستُ غبيا ..

وعلى أساس هذا النكران للأديان جاءت هذه الرواية ورواية الأنجيل يرويه المسيح والتي كتب فيها ساراماغو رؤية أخرى مغايرة للأنجيل على لسان المسيح ..وهاتين الروايتين لقيتا إستياءا كبيرا من الكنيسة الكاثوليكية ومن اليمين المتطرف لكن ساراماغو الذي لا يكتب لأجل إستياء أو إرضاء أحد لم يلقى بالا لكل الإنتقادات الواسعة التي شملت ال...more
switterbug (Betsey)
God is ineffable, say his disciples. In Saramago's recreation of the old testament, god is snide, foppish, vicious, capricious, puerile, contemptuous, crabby, and a slouch at multi-tasking (and no iconic capital letters for this merry band of pranksters). This short but adventure-packed novella presents a new twist on the story of cain, the fratricidal brother. Weed out all the boring parts of Genesis, feature all the greatest hits, and place cain as the ubiquitous character. Actually, cain even...more
Hemdan Ahmed
سُئل ساراماجو :هل يمكن ان يتوب عن الحاده قبل وفاته ؟
قال:انا لن اكون ضعيفا عند احتضاري ولن اتحول أنذاك الى الايمان مثلما فعل أخرون من كبار الكتّاب و الفنانين، ولو فُرض و حدث ذلك فلن اكون ذلك الشخص ، بل هو شخص أخر غيري "!؛
أظن انها احد اقل اعمال ساراماجو من حيث عدد الصفحات و اكثراعماله سلاسة و سهولة ، فكرتها عبقرية و اسلوب ساراماجو فيها "كأدب"رائع للغاية ؛

يبرز في هذه الرواية نقطتين:
الاولى:رفض ساراماجو لفكرة وجود اله بصفة عامه
الثانية:نقده و ان...more
Feb 17, 2012 Terence rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Terence by: New Book shelf @ Glendora Library; I like Biblical reinterpretations
Shelves: religion-general
When I saw that Harold Bloom had reviewed José Saramago's last novel in a recent issue of the NYRB, I was tempted to give the book three stars, unread, on principle alone. Unfortunately, for all his bombast, ego & condescension, Bloom can be a penetrating critic, and I am forced to agree with his conclusion that "what goes wrong in Cain is...its incessant tendentiousness: it has too palpable a design upon us."

I'd like to understand Cain as the first draft of something that might have evolved...more
This book was a quick fun read. It takes the story of Cain (of Cain and Abel fame) and elaborates a bit on what he was up to when he was being a fugitive and a wanderer in the early days of Old Testament history. His observations and interactions with God and the rest of the cast are amusing. I loved Lilith!
One thing that I did find irritating is the author's writing style of mashing together the dialog with only commas to separate who has spoken. That took some getting used to and I often had...more
Impiegherò poche parole per non descrivere e non dire assolutamente nulla sull'affascinante Caino di Saramago, che è sì un Caino ben diverso da quello che conosciamo noi, ma al tempo stesso così familiare da arrivare al punto di chiederci se per caso non si tratta della descrizione di qualche nostro amico o parente storico. Del genere che il classicone fritto e rifritto del Tutti i luoghi e i personaggi qui descritti sono di pura invenzione e ogni riferimento a fatti o luoghi realmente esistenti...more
José-contemplates-Saturn's Aurora
I've just read some pages, and I surely can envision many to come of the same.

It starts quoting Hebrews 11:4. “By faith, Abel offered God a sacrifice….and by faith Abel, though dead, still speaks". A quote from the Book of "Rubbish/non-sense",according to Saramago.

An imperfect Creation, that's the main issue: (1) God got aware later that Adam and Eve (in the book: adam and eve) didn’t speak: so God made a tongue (both the muscle and the idiom); afterwards the creation. (2) God corrected later...more
the late josé saramago was quite the prolific writer, having composed over thirty books, including an array of acclaimed novels, poetry, and journals. actively writing until his death at the age of 87 in 2010, the portuguese nobel laureate's international renown was often marked by controversy and criticism. cain (caim), his final work, was published in his native language in 2009, and stirred many of the same sentiments as his earlier, thematically-linked novel, the gospel according to jesus ch...more
Tenho andado a ler os livros que me restam a conta-gotas, tenho pavor de chegar ao fim sabendo que quem escreveu estes não estará por cá para escrever novos. Que falta me fará.
Não há desculpas para não ler Saramago "porque é difícil", estes romances mais recentes "As intermitências da morte", "A viagem do elefante", "Caim", são tão fáceis de ler como andar de bicicleta. É preciso aprender mas depois não custa nada e nunca mais se esquece. Caim não é o meu preferido, mas é com certeza irmão de to...more
This slim volume simply bowled me over--the whole book is a long stream of consciousness, so I had to get into the "groove" of that flood of words. But the power of Saramago's feelings made the read rewarding, if at times shocking and certainly irreverent.

Cain is the hero of the book, and the villain is god--so right off the bat, many people would be offended. It's a book based on rage at the violence done by God to various people, since once Cain is given his mark and set wandering, he can "wan...more
Lakis Fourouklas
“The history of mankind is the history of our misunderstandings with god, for he doesn’t understand us and we don’t understand him.”
This is one of those books that one truly enjoys to read; and I did. Saramago in this, his last offering before he passed away, recreates in his own special way the life of Cain and offers the reader, especially the one who’s not too attached to the words of the scriptures, a chance to have a few good laughs. While reading it, I dare to admit that, I found myself a...more
Shaimaa Ali
هذه هى الرواية الأعنف (فكريا) لجوزيه ساراماجو ضد الدين وفكرة الإله بوجه عام بعد رواياته الأخرى (الإنجيل برواية المسيح) ..
يظهر الإله فى أدب ساراماجو بشكل يناسب تماما ما يعتقده، هذا إله غاضب ، حانق، يتعمد قتل الإنسان ويفرح كثيرا بذلك! انا لم أقرأ العهد القديم ولكن هذه الصورة فى ذهنى تلائم أكثر صورة آلهة اليونان وجبل أوليمبس التى تغار وتتصارع مع صنيعها الإنسان ..
قايين أو "قابيل" هو الشخصية المحورية هنا ، وقد استخدمه ساراماجو ليرحل به عبر الزمن ..بدءا من حادثة عدم قبول قربانه الشهيرة ، ثم يمضى به ق...more
André Benjamim
Caim, de José Saramago. Com uma linguagem contundente, expõe as suas ideias sobre o homem, Deus, e a relação de um com o outro - a religião. Põe a nu a humanidade de Deus, o seu orgulho, crueldade e a culpa, através da relação com Caim. Porém, ao despir Deus, é ao homem que coloca perante si mesmo.
Debe ser la primera novela de Saramago que pude leer entera, ya que por fin deja de lado su maldita tendencia a no usar puntos seguidos y aparte.

Resulta edificante leer tanta rabia contra Dios en un solo libro. El personaje de Caín, racional y moderno (una especie de alter ego del autor) transpira decepción y rabia contra un dios totalitario, vengativo, que exige obediencia incondicional y que no entiende nada de conceptos como justicia, bondad o amor. Es, en resumidas cuentas, el dios del antig...more
No es el mejor libro de este autor, pero sin duda es un muy buen libro por el cual empezar; dos razones: es comparativamente corto entre el resto de sus obras y, al ser un tema bíblico, se ve obligado a usar nombres propios para sus personajes lo que permite al lector asimilar más fácilmente quien es el que está hablando en cada parte.

Caín cuenta la historia de uno de los hermanos descendientes de Adan y Eva, el cual después de asesinar a su hermano es condenado a vagar por el resto de su vida p...more
"Oh, I've had enough of all this nonsense about the lord's ways being inscrutable, answered Cain, god should be as clear and transparent as a pane of glass and not go wasting his energies on creating an atmosphere of constant terror and fear, god, in short, does not love us." Such is Cain's conclusion after wandering the earth for generations as a witness to mankind's goings-on--at least so he is depicted in Nobel Laureate Jose Saramago's last novel. It was Cain who stopped Abraham from sacrific...more
Era da un pezzo che non riprendevo in mano Saramago, e ho deciso di farlo scegliendo il suo altro romanzo a tema biblico. E’ più forte di me: non riesco a fare a meno di prediligere i romanzi in cui l’intoccabile dio cristiano viene rivoltato e trasformato in una divinità capricciosa e crudele più adatta a un romanzo fantasy degli anni ottanta che a una religione che da migliaia di anni ha preso possesso di vita, morte e politica delle civiltà occidentali. Saramago, in seguito alle polemiche sor...more
“Mi risulta difficile comprendere come il popolo ebraico abbia scelto per testo sacro l'Antico Testamento. È un tale miscuglio di assurdità che non può essere stato inventato da un uomo solo. Ci vollero generazioni e generazioni per produrre questa mostruosità”.

La storia di Caino e Abele è un pretesto per fare un viaggio nello spazio e nel tempo, guidati da Caino a cavallo del suo asino, attraverso gli episodi più conosciuti della Bibbia, quali la distruzione di Sodoma e la costruzione dell'Arca...more
Heart Explosion!
Provocador sim, mas não gratuitamente. Caim surge com um surpreendente sentido de justiça e autocritica. Deus, despojado da sua aura divina, mostra-se prepotente, incoerente, insensato e insensivel, como uma criança mimada.
Excelente utilização da linguagem castiça. Momentos absolutamente hilariantes.
Pessoalmente considero o melhor livro de Saramago, provavelmente melhor que o Ensaio sobre a Cegueira, indiscutivelmente melhor que O Evangelho segundo Jesus Cristo. Para ler e reler...more
This is the first of Jose Saramago's books that I've read. The writing style is fun, entertaining and he puts a lot of humour into his story.
In this book, Saramago looks at various biblical stories. The main theme throughout is murder. What makes Cain's murder of his brother bad, while God's murder of multitudes okay? Why are God's murders acceptable and justifiable, while Cain's is not?
Throughout this book, Saramago shows an old testament God that is vengeful, forgetful, petulant at times, un...more
Totalmente bizarro. Por momentos parece el resultado de una rabieta de algún ex-sacerdote senil.
This is why all my friends should read this book:

“You were probably thinking, said the lord, who was inside the ark, of asking me to stop the sun,

Yes, lord, so that no Amorite will escape us,

Unfortunately, I cannot do as you ask.

Joshua opened his mouth wide in amazement, You can't make the sun stop, he asked, and his voice trembled because he believed he was uttering a terrible heresy,

No, I can't stop the sun because it's already stopped, it hasn't moved since I put it there,

You are the lor...more
switterbug (Betsey)
God is ineffable, say his disciples. In Saramago's recreation of the old testament, god is snide, foppish, vicious, capricious, puerile, contemptuous, crabby, and a slouch at multi-tasking (and no iconic capital letters for this merry band of pranksters). This short but adventure-packed novella presents a new twist on the story of cain, the fratricidal brother. Weed out all the boring parts of Genesis, feature all the greatest hits, and place cain as the ubiquitous character. Actually, cain even...more
The passing of Jose Saramago was a great loss to the literary world. I've always thought that his book Blindness is one of the best novels I've ever read. The prose in translation is so good, I've always thought that being able to read his works in the original Portuguese would probably be even more wonderful.

Saramago's last published book is Cain. And, yes, it's about Adam & Eve's oldest son, sort of. It's also about Cain's parents, god/God, angels, and a host of other old testament person...more
Right up front: I'm a Saramago junky. The man had an insight into the world that most of the rest of us just don't have and he shows it off again with Cain.

Although Saramago's writing style is initially hard to crack (he holds a certain bias against punctuation and paragraph breaks), once you get rolling and into the groove it is completely absorbing. As a side benefit to his punctuation-free prose, Saramago sometimes leaves it up to you to decide who is saying what. That can be a lot of fun whe...more
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José de Sousa Saramago (pronounced [ʒuˈzɛ sɐɾɐˈmagu]) is a Nobel-laureate Portuguese novelist, playwright and journalist. He was a member of the Portuguese Communist Party.
His works, some of which can be seen as allegories, commonly present subversive perspectives on historic events, emphasizing the human factor rather than the officially sanctioned story. Saramago was awarded the Nobel Prize for...more
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“The history of mankind is the history of our misunderstandings with god, for he doesn't understand us, and we don't understand him.” 19 likes
“O caminho do engano nasce estreito, mas sempre encontrará quem esteja disposto a alargá-lo, digamos que o engano, repetindo a voz popular, é como o comer e o coçar, a questão é começar.” 8 likes
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