Born of Night (The League, #1)
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Born of Night (The League #1)

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In the Ichidian Universe, The League and their ruthless assassins rule all. Expertly trained and highly valued, the League Assassins are the backbone of the government. But not even the League is immune to corruption.

Command Assassin Nykyrian Quikiades once turned his back on the League—and has been hunted by them ever since. Though many have tried, none can kill him or st...more
Published October 6th 2009 by MacMillan Audio (first published January 1996)
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5 stars – Paranormal/Sci-Fi Romance

I’ve had Kenyon’s Dark-Hunter series on my TBR list for quite some time now, but I’m a little bit intimated by the number of books there are to get caught up on. The premise of The League series sounded interesting, the characters seemed intriguing, and with only three books produced so far, it felt a little less daunting of an undertaking. The main word that comes to mind to describe how I felt about this book is...WOW! And if it’s indicative of her other work...more
UniquelyMoi ... So I Can Shine...

I’ve been a huge fan of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s writing ever since I first discovered the Dark-Hunter series and that amazing hero, Acheron. When I heard about the re-release of The League series, I was thrilled until I learned it was Sci-Fi because I’m really not a big fan of the genre. Truthfully, the only other Sci-Fi book I have ever read and really liked, loved in fact, was The Host by Stephenie Meyer. The Host, like Born of Night was pretty light on the techie stuff which is why it worked for...more
 Danielle The Book Huntress (Angels Weep For Goodreads)
Okay, I think I am an official futuristic/space romance convert now. I loved what Ms. Kenyon did with this concept. I thought she did a very good job with the world-building, but I caught a couple of 'slips' where she would describe things that I really had trouble believing they would have in a futuristic setting on another planet. But then I have no creativity when it comes to making up technological devices and futuristic settings, so I can hardly judge her. Overall, I was happy and I didn't...more
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REREAD DATE: 07 april 2013

FINAL RATING: ★★★★★/★★★★★

“If I have to die, I’d rather die knowing someone cared about me, just once. Is that really too much to ask?"
"For us? Yes. It is. We are the gutter and the gutter is all we’ll ever be. Don’t reach out for the stars. They’ll burn you until there’s nothing left. "
"Then let me burn.”

Reread this because i needed to remind myself how much i love this series (i actually read all of the books and i am quite up to date with them, but i need to love...more
*“You have to learn to smile through your pain. Sometimes it’s all we got.”*

She belonged to the day, to warmth and sunshine.
Her world was light and wonderful, filled with love and laughter.
And he was born of night. His mother was the darkness, her cold embrace was all he had a right to crave.

I love that the story focuses more on the characters and not the sci-fi world!:) and its easy to read...

Nykyrian as the hero...more
The Holy Terror
Jun 24, 2011 The Holy Terror rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition Recommends it for: fans of the Black Dagger Brotherhood
I loved this book. There are a few nitpicky things here and there that could have been improved on, but there was so many things that I loved that I can look past the bad.

This book is pretty much The Black Dagger Brotherhood in space. If you're a fan of the BDB, Zsadist in particular, then you'll probably love this as well.

Basically, the story centers around Nykyrian and Kiara, who couldn't be more different. Nykyrian is a highly skilled assassin who was tortured and abused during most of his ad...more
This was simply amazing. I thought I would get tired by its size, but as it turned out, I wasn't bored for a single minute while reading this. Fans of tortured heroes who also happen to be mercenaries/assasins/outlaws should grab this one asap as Nykyrian is one of the best heroes in that area. Think about Zarek or Judd Laurens or Bastien.

The last 100 pages disappointed me somewhat with the way the plot twisted in so many ways, but in the end, nothing can dull the awesomeness of this book. Happ...more
Nyk! He is the one that makes this book worthwhile. I enjoyed the banter between him and the other secondary characters. His personality was superb, particularly his loyalty to those he loves. His past broke my heart and had me tearing up. Needless to say that i have officially declared myself, his woman! *smirk*

I enjoyed the world the author has built for these characters and i like how we were given enough detail to embellish a bit.

Pet peeves:
While it's not the first time i wanted to s...more
Lynsey A
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I was mesmerized by the Ichidian universe when I read the short story Fire and Ice in the Man of My Dreams anthology and when I realized Born of Night was about Adron’s parents I was instantly curious…And in the end disappointed.

For starters, it was 200 pages too long, giving Ms. Kenyon the opportunity to transform Kiara from a whiny, and slightly annoying heroine into an obnoxious, selfish, spoiled, judgmental brat. One of those heroine you wish for someone to rape, strangle, stab, and dismembe...more
Jen (Red Hot Books)
Futuristic sci-fi books are not necessarily my favorite genre, but this book rocked my socks off every bit as much as one of Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter books. The flavor may be a little different, but the woman can write one hell of a love story in the midst of fantastic world-building.

Nykyrian is a half-breed... part human, part Andarion, rejected by both species. He is a hardened assassin, formerly a soldier of The League, who now runs a rag-tag group of warriors who police the corrupt age...more
What a great read, definitely different from everything I have ever read which was a nice change. I must admit this wasn't as anything I had in mind I would be reading. I had read some reviews out there and formed a completely wrong idea about this series, that's why it took me so long to get to read it. I realized it's not easy to describe this series.

In this installment we get a lot on world building as it's usual in first books in a series, but that's not a bad thing in this case as the infor...more
Born of Night was a brilliantly written story that I thoroughly enjoyed. At 533 pages, the book is admittedly long. However, I can’t recall ever feeling like there were parts of the book that could have been excluded. To the contrary, the character development and level of detail used to describe the Ichidan Universe was perfect.

I completely fell in love with Nykyrian, who is a great addition to the tortured-soul heroes out there. Though Nykyrian certainly goes through hell, enduring the worst...more
Yes, Born of Night does very much have the feel of Kenyon's Dark-Hunters, and yes, Nykyrian reminded me a bit of Ash - but you know what? I don't care, I love it when bad boys go good and I liked the dangerous yet honorable assasin who is transformed by love and acceptance and his heroine Kiara with her own ghosts is pretty good too. If I had any issues with the story, they were that Kenyon so brutally abuses Nykyrian. Like Acheron and Zarek, Nyk has the abusive hellacious childhood and early li...more
Christy Stewart
If you like Dark Hunters, you'll love this...Because it's Dark Hunters In Spaaaaaaaaaace.

The leading man is Acheron and the leading lady is...too one dimensional to be likened unto anything more than any of the other leading ladies of Kenyon's novels.

I give all Kenyon's books a 3 star because although she isn't a great writer, she isn't bad, but more to the point, her books are SO camp that I just enjoy reading them so much. Sherrily Kenyon books are to me as Monty Python movies are to 14 year o...more
Laura the Highland Hussy
I really like Sherrilyn Kenyon, but my only complaint is that all of her heroes are either beaten, violated, verbally castigated, or all 3, and never feel they are worth anything. This is no exception. While I really enjoyed this story, much more so than I ever expected, I'm so sick of having the hero, the alpha male, feel he is worthless. that being said, I can move on.
I loved Nykyrian, I loved his honor, and sense of duty, and I loved how he was with Kiara.
I really liked our heroine Kiara. She...more
Actually 3.5 stars.

My Sherrilyn Kenyon reading has so far been limited to the first two books in the Dark Hunter series, back last year. So, I went into this one not really knowing what to expect. It was a bit...rough? I guess you could say. But even so, it was a entertaining read.

Nykyrian is a rebel assassin without equal. The most feared, the most deadly. And after turning his back on "The League", he is also the most hunted. He lives by his own code, protecting the innocent and dealing with t...more
I wanted to like this series since the world sounded intriguing but I couldn't get past several chapters into it. I admit that romance novels have cliche's and sometimes you just have to go with it. But there were a few too many for me to take. Particularly may I say I'm tired of the whole 'hero complains about his insanely hard manly parts after barely meeting the heroine for 2 seconds' cliche found within here. I applaud Ms. Kenyon for doing something different and creating a really unique uni...more
DarkHeart "Vehngeance"
A really enjoyable start to the series. I liked Kiara and Nykyrian and their relationship. The rest of the Sentella crew were brilliant as well and I look forward to reading more about them in the upcoming books.

The only real thing that kept this book at 4 instead of 5 stars for me was the resolution of some of the story lines. For a fairly lengthy book, I thought some things were wound up too quickly in the latter half of the book. Still though, it was a great read.
Heather C
I really loved this book. Kenyon writes some of the best tortured heros. Now I must go read and see what Syn was really up to...
Stacia (keyboard abuser)
This one is a tough book to categorize. It's technically sci-fi romance, but the storyline revolved around a world of assassins. The story did feature spaceships, other planets, and other races, but the main focus of the story shifted between the hero Nykyrian (and his tally of very detailed kills), and the woman Kiara that he was protecting.

Nykyrian is a scarred, lonely assassin who is cold and unwilling to get close to anyone. When he finds a hostage on a ship that his team was sent to destroy...more
Carolyn F.
Re-read via audiobook. I also have the paperback.

The heroine is so judgmental. I couldn't stand her for the first half of the book. Then the second half she finally started seeing their reasons behind actions and stopped being such a bit*h. This author sure knows how to do a tortured hero and when I say torture I mean torture in every way possible. This was a hard book to listen to at work because it was so horrifyingly depressing. This kind of reminds me of "Acheron" with the childhood torture...more
GUILTY PLEASURE HEYYYYYYY! So this book was really fun, about the biggest baddest space assassin falling for a princess/dancer. Yeah, that wasn't the best one-line summary, but I did enjoy this book. Nik was a GREAT hero character who was abused as a child and trained to be the ultimate badass assassin (who is on the run from the League, the assassin's guild, that he left for moral reasons). He ends up having to protect Kiara, a famous dancer/daughter of royalty, from assassination attempts and...more
First book in Sherrilyn Kenyon's The League series. Science fiction romance. Nykyrian Quikiades was once part of The League but now he works against them. His current job is to protect Kiara Zamir. A woman who doesn't want protection. It was a little slow at times but overall a good read for me. I loved the hero, Nykyrian, but I wasn't overly fond of the heroine, Kiara. I didn't hate her but I found her to be a bit annoying at times. The world building was done in a comprehensible manner for me....more
This is my favorite book of the League series by Sherrilyn Kenyon and is the first of the series. It is about a man named Nykyrian who is the leader of the Sentella a group of space pirate rebels who used to be apart of the League which is the government of the universe. when a famous ballerina/princess named Kiara gets her life threatened, she is rescued by the Sentella only to be hunted down by the entire universe who all want to kill her. Can she be saved? read the book and find out. If you l...more
I will definitely be re-reading this book I just finished it last night and I'm sad but glad I get to reread this book. I was put through the motions while reading this book. It had me in tears and full of joy all at the same time. Still at times I felt giddy as a teenager in love for the first time. The characters in this book seemed so very alive to me as if I knew them in my own life. This is the kind of story that is for everyone male or female. It has action, suspense, and romance ohhh and...more
♡♥Ang ♥♡
This was a Fantastic read!!
If you haven't discovered the League Series You Must give it a go!!
I thought i wouldn't like it, but i was wrong as soon as i picked it up i couldn't put it down!!
I fell in love with all the wonderful Fresh characters,Sherrilyn has done a lovely job... Give it a go...YOU wont be disappointed :)
OMG!!! Its Dark-Hunters in Space! Woo-Hoo! For any of you who question the Author Goddess's ability to write way back before she was selling the heck out of Dark-Hunter books, this first of the "Born Of" trilogy will assure you that the answer is ... YES! In fact, as wonderful as BON is, I can't believe we're not impatiently waiting for The League books every year rather than D-H's.

I would describe the sexy but tormented Nykyrian except if you've read D-H, you'll know how incredible he is. Kiar...more
Jess the Romanceaholic
(Kindle Book)

Ahh Acheron by any other name... lol

No really though, I adored Nykyrian. Even if I truly was about to stab myself in the eye if I had to read one more bloody time about how unworthy he was and how he was nothing but an animal and blah blah blah. Yeah. I get it. The man hates himself. Cool. Move along already.

I have to say Sherrilyn Kenyon is the queen of (literally) tortured characters. Good heavens talk about a miserable childhood for pretty much everyone in the story, but no one m...more
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