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By Heresies Distressed (Safehold, #3)
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By Heresies Distressed (Safehold #3)

4.05 of 5 stars 4.05  ·  rating details  ·  3,396 ratings  ·  105 reviews
Now the battle for the soul of the planet Safehold has begun.

The Kingdom of Charis and the Kingdom of Chisholm have joined together, pledged to stand against the tyranny of a corrupt Church. The youthful Queen Sharleyan of Chisholm has wed King Cayleb of Charis, forging a single dynasty, a single empire, dedicated to the defense of human freedom. Crowned Empress of that em
ebook, 496 pages
Published July 21st 2009 by Tor Books (first published July 7th 2009)
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Why is Weber ruining all of his series?

Let me reiterate that another way. David Weber has turned from writing could action paced, politically based stories to doggerel.

What is bad about this. Well the names are now distracting and logically stupid. Why have the names all be written in a way that you have to phoenitcally sound them out to figure out what they are, but every other word, noun, verb, adjective is spelled in english? So why are the titles of all these nincompoops not Rawk Hylynn for
Servius  Heiner
I really screwed up reading this series... I started it on the fourth book, then read the first followed by the third, and am now reading the second... These are mad times we're living in mad times I tell you!

The series is good though, a great concept: Humanity gains access to space only to bump into a hostile alien race that for all intense and purposes destroys humanity. A single colony fleet escapes the hoard of galactic exterminators to establish a single colony on a planet name Safehold. Th
The third book in the series, it's typical David Weber these days.

By this, I mean that the protagonists are all super-capable, super-smart, super-awesome, super-skilled, and even when they make mistakes, still super-successful.

Instead of one Honor Harrington, you have three.

You've also got the typical, "small, technologically and politically advanced culture taking on megalithic cultural opposition, and winning" formula he seems to rely on so heaviliy.

As usual, the supporting cast is well writte

My most expected sf release of 2009 until the fall at least, BHD is a direct continuation of BSRA and sets up what should be a cracker in book 4. However as opposed to book 2 which was just full of jaw-dropping moments, this one has just hints of such to come.

In a way BSRA and BHD are just one big novel split in two, thematically separated from OAR and I am pretty sure from the fourth (and maybe fifth) volume that will finish with the current generation on Safehold.

I hope the fourth volume wil
This book should have been merged with the previous book in the serie ( By Schism rent asunder) and both books together should have been 500 pages instead of 1200 as they roughly tell the same story ( the conquest of Corisande and the merging of Charis and Chisholm). Weber drags things around and is milking this new universe as much as he can, still I remain hooked and provided you can skip over quickly some passages ( I admit to speed reading a few chapters) it is still an entertaining read, it ...more
Wesley Edmunds
I don’t have too much to say about By Heresies Distressed that hasn’t already been stated in my review of the first and second books of the Safehold series. With some borderline misogyny added on to the inconsistent naming conventions and needless internal monologues and exposition, this is where I stop reading. I forced myself to power through the book in the hopes that it would get better or move fast enough to ignore the writing, but it didn’t get there. I decided to save myself further strai ...more
Emily Karn
Oct 22, 2014 Emily Karn rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: SciFi/Military Fans
The battle for Safehold's soul has begun.

The Kingdoms of Charis and Chisholm have united, pledged to stand against the tyrranny of a corrupt church., forging a single dynasty, an empire, dedicated to the defense of human freedom.

Queen Sharleyann of Chisholm, now crowned as Emperess has found in the arms of King Cayleb Of Charis, now Emperor, a love that she never dared hope for in a "marriage of state". In joining Cayleb's cause - his defiance of the ruthless Group of Four who govern Mother Chur
I started at this point in the series which meant all the characters were new to me. Luckily the story was easy to follow and I didn't feel left out by starting here. It was slow to progress in the beginning but soon I was caught up in the story. There were enough plots and twists to hold my interest. Most of the time. And for a female I even enjoyed the battle scenes.

This is the usual story, on the surface at least, of a future society which has experienced a Dark age but now is on the cusp of
Steven Cole
Unlike most of Weber's books, this one *didn't* climax in a huge battle. And despite the fact that I *love* Weber's battles, this was still an wonderful book. It's book three of his Safehold series (don't read this without reading the prior two), and Weber is really hitting his stride with the characters, the world, and the situation that he's stuck them all in.

As a one-sentence summary, By Heresies Distressed is essentially the post-wedding consolidation of the new Empire of Charis, and the con
William Bentrim

By Heresies Distressed by David Weber

This is the third book in the Safehold series which is up to book five by now. A planet lost from an alien intelligence that has wiped out mankind except for Safehold.

Safehold is really all that safe. A corrupt theocracy controls the planet through a thoroughly venal church establishment. That control is being threatened by a small kingdom of adept sailors aided by a artificial intelligence left over from the destroyed galactic empire of man.

Once again imbu
Andy Fisher
This was more of the "getting loose ends in order for the next book" type of book than the other two, but still, an exceptionally fun read. Plenty of ominous foreshadowing and marshalling of enemies with dark and dreadful plans. After reading this, I'm definitely curious to see how Weber manages the transition for a small group who know the true history of safehold(and humanity) to a larger group of determined partisans in the face of a global religious order. I'm hoping it isn't something too c ...more
I am beyond startled to discover that I apparently never entered reviews for the preceding two volumes in this series, which I read more than two yeas ago. Let me say quickly that this is a truly great series, but that it would be a serious mistake to read them out of sequence, and I definitely am not going to recap the history here. So--go find Off Armageddon Reef and start from the beginning. This is volume 3, covering October Year of God 892 through September Year of God 893. The book begins ...more
The third book in the Safehold series continues along the lines of the second. Not as much impact as the first book as the scene and world are all now firmly set. In fact, my main criticism of this book is that the story only moves along a little bit and just finishes off the campaign started at the end of book 2. This particular part of the story all wraps up nicely, but a few new plots are started. It should be interesting to see how these unfold in the future.

The action sequences in this book
Carl Cash
I like this series for its pure military history geekiness. I was a field artilleryman in the Marines and like the reinvention and engineering sections but they are geeky. Again that is why I like them. I am not sure if the writer is trying to make some kind of negative allegory about the real world Catholic Church or not. After all the main hero is technically the last Roman Catholic “alive” if you can call him\her alive but if so it is a caricature and not a good representation of The Catholic ...more
Jelios Ataliakrouso
Good king Caleb, and his trustworthy bodyguard, senjin Merlin concern themselves over the logistics involving the conquest of Corisande and weighing the their options. The integration of the navy. The creation of the new court of the empire and most especially the new aspects of the church, or the church of Charis in the policy regarding technological change. Many things are changing.
This book is mainly based on the politics and the ground work for the next book. The actual Military campaign in
Kathy Davie
Third in the Safehold military science fiction series combining high and low tech in a battle for survival.

My Take
It's damned scary when the topmost echelon of the one religious body on the planet is more concerned with lying and covering up, in attacking loyal church members, in destroying anyone who gets in their path to preserve their own wealth and power. The lengths to which these supposedly holy men will go…? Mind blowing. Thank god for Merlin.

That fool Group of Four is so detached from n
I finished "By Heresies Distressed" a couple of days ago and it was fabulous. I actually bought this one because getting it from the library was going to be a hassle and I didn't want to wait.

The story expands as the Empire of Charis gets a new member... a somewhat unwilling member-state that is invaded and conquered. The big battle here is on land and it's pretty interesting. BTW... is it a coincidence that the word "Charisean" sounds a lot like "Christian"? I think not.

The fun of these novels
This book is not an easy read, both in terms of thematic issues and in terms of story structure. Because events bounce around between multiple settings every few pages, the format takes some getting used to, but if you've read the first two volumes in the series, it won't be unfamiliar.
Thematically, since some of the story parallels the Catholic Church and the schisms of the Reformation, one could interpret the "evil" church hierarchy as being related to modern issues within the church, but that
I fully intended to move away from the Safehold Series into some non-fiction, or another genre, but I am hooked. Hey, I don't watch Downton Abbey and I was never a fan of Dallas, even before J.R. got shot, but give me a good space opera and forget about anything useful being accomplished for a while.

Weber has created many layers in this sweeping epic. All the while, in the far background, the Gabba still threaten the future of humanity as the human dramas play out among the warring factions of t
This book had some serious potential, but it was filled with fluff and filler. It was LONG, LONG, LONG and then it just ended. The ending just pissed me off, because it resolved nothing, not one major theme in any of the tow previous bookks or this book is complete. It as as though the author and publisher is daring you to see if you can wait for the paperback. This style of serialization just really makes me angry. It used to be that an author could write one book and get it published and it wo ...more
JParsons1974 Parsons
I enjoyed read this book. Yet I still recommend that you get from your library rather than buy it. This is 3rd book in the Safehold series. THIS IS GOING TO BE A LONG SERIES. This story covers 1 year in 475 pages. I wish the printer had provided better maps. It would have been nice to follow the manouvers of the various armies and naval engagements. I like others skimmed over parts of the book, ONLY to have to go back and read them careful for some detail that acted as key to the story line.

I ho

This was the third in the series, and I enjoyed this one considerably less than the first two. I had a harder time concentrating on all the various skipping around to different people & their various plots. I did a lot more skimming that in the first two, as well.

I was mostly interested in the stories that involved the two main characters (their Imperial Majesties) and less so in the elaborate battle strategies involved in a land war vs. a naval battle.

I was really hoping that the s
I finally finished the book I started near the end of college football season during road trips to Blacksburg, and I have to say it's a lot easier following this book when you can listen/read more consistently and when you aren't thinking about why your team managed to lose. I restarted from the beginning last weekend.

The saga of the planet Safehold continues, along with all the political intrigue and the overpowering of the antagonists by the protagonists by the use of advanced technology. I fe
Well written, as always with Weber, but a little slow-moving at times and with a bit of the feel of a transition book between its brilliant predecessor ("By Schism Rent Asunder") and its hopefully equally brilliant successor (name currently, to me, unknown). Like another reviewer below, I felt as if a little more should have happened by the end of 475 pages.

And that being said, I enjoyed every one of those pages. The thought that has gone into the world-building here is absolutely amazing: there
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Kent Pilcher
It's a good series, but this book starts to get a little bogged down with too much patronizing dialog... Where is the editor?
OK, military fiction- and I'm not especially a fan of such. Still, though the characters are simplistic, the plot is nice and twisty, and i do like me a twisty plot.

I'm quite sure that any resonances between the 'godly" here and modern politics are completely accidental.

I do find the weird spelling of names annoying, even though I'm sure that's how Weber can call one kingdom's ruler "Norman Bates" and have it not immediately obvious! And it is probably not a coincidence that The Big Bad here's n
Book 3 in the Safehold series really has the plot picking up as more people get clued into the Merlin's secrets and the conflicts with the Church get nastier. Seems pretty clear that Weber is not a big fan of organized religion or religious hierarchy, but they do make a great enemy here, and Weber has been able to blend in a few of his favorite genres: futuristic sci-fi, naval battles, and tech development.

If you like Weber's stuff, you'll enjoy this. If you don't like his style, his extreme det
My favorite book in the series thus far. In this book, Sharleyan stays in Charis to take care of business while Cayleb and Merlin go off to take on Prince Hektor of Corisande. Also, we see a bit more of the machinations of the group of Four.

I like the fact that Merlin is becoming a bit more of a secondary character. Yes, he/she has superhuman abilities, but isn't perfect, which is shown to great measure in this book. I like that because it shows that Weber has grown as a writer.

Good solid mili
An Odd1
* "By Heresies Distressed" sets a corrupt church against a conquering empire in an imaginary universe. David Weber seems to like numerous complicated names, spellings, and titles and labyrinthine plots. Section one October: I - poor shiver, archbishop luxuriates. II - guilty priests hang. III - merchants meet to bypass church shipping restrictions. IV - exiled bishop plots and gloats. Next February: victorious emporer visits capital in conflict. I gave up then. Too bad, I really liked his short ...more
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David Mark Weber is an American science fiction and fantasy author. He was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1952.

Many of his stories have military, particularly naval, themes, and fit into the military science fiction genre. He frequently places female leading characters in what have been traditionally male roles.

One of his most popular and enduring characters is Honor Harrington whose alliterated name
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