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My First Five Husbands..and the Ones Who Got Away My First Five Husbands..and the Ones Who Got Away My First Five Husbands..and the Ones Who Got Away
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My First Five Husbands..and the Ones Who Got Away My First Five Husbands..and the Ones Who Got Away My First Five Husbands..and the Ones Who Got Away

3.87 of 5 stars 3.87  ·  rating details  ·  1,031 ratings  ·  138 reviews
"This book is about men I have known, in both the Platonic and Biblical senses. Some I knew only slightly, some quite well. Some I'll love always, some I no longer like very much, and there area few I'd like to strip naked, tie to a Maypole, smear with sweet syrup near a beehive, then stand back and watch. I'll describe a goodly number of these hot dudes-and"duds-"keeping ...more
ebook, 352 pages
Published April 10th 2007 by Broadway Books (first published 2007)
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From the title and cover of the book you think this is going to be hilarious, funny with a lot of good dish-y details to keep you rolling on the floor. What you experience while reading is that and a whole lot of unexpected information about this multi-talented, beautiful woman. Some might enjoy the racy details of her intimate life, but I enjoyed reading about her life and growth as a woman. She had a strong spirit and will to survive.
Ruby Rose Scarlett
I'd like to thank everyone who helped make this award possible. The rest of you will be in the book.
Rue McClanahan's Emmy Award Acceptance Speech, 1987

Let me preface this by saying that it's deeply satisfying to wake up to a Mooch alert - an email telling you in so many words that a book on your wishlist is now waiting for a new home. I really enjoy Bookmooch and I wish more of the books I wanted were given up by other people. I really urge you to give it a try - I got rid of titles I no longer
Honestly. I just want to read something I can enjoy. Something I understand. Something about someone honest and forthcoming and funny and true.
Something comfortable and lovely without being saccharine or trite.
This book made me happy and I was sad when I finished it and couldn't read it anymore.
If a woman can handle 5 marriages (several to near-sociopaths), a Tijuana abortion, breast cancer, and Bea Arthur and still manage to be funny and endearing and fascinating, well, then, hell, the rest of
Maria Zukin
I loved this book. I felt as though Blanche Deveraux herself was sitting on a wicker sofa, detailing every sordid moment of her life to me, as she sipped a mint julep and buffed her nails. She's extremely funny and a wonderful story-teller, allowing over 70 years to pour out in scintillating, well-timed prose. Definitely a modern thinker and irrepressibly optimistic, McClanahan makes even life's hardest knocks seem colorful and uplifting in a fiddle-dee-dee sort of way. She's awesome.
We all know her as Blanche Devereaux from “The Golden Girls”: the sex pot which a love for cheesecake and men. However, how well do we really know the actress Rue McClanahan? More importantly to the gossip lovers; how well do we really know about her sex/love life? Rue McClanahan opens up in “My First Five Husbands”.

God rest her soul, but unfortunately Rue McClanahan fails to initially capture the reader in early chapters of “My First Five Husbands”. Although providing a firm foundation regardi
I have been a fan of The Golden Girls since I was child. I own every season on DVD and watch it whenever it's on TV. People wonder why someone as young I am loves a show about four older women living together in Miami. My answer, it's a good show, pure and simple. When I found out that Rue McClanahan, Blanche Devareaux on the show, wrote an autobiography, it piqued my interest....especially the title. I was pleasantly surprised. I had no idea that what colorful life Rue had prior to her success ...more
Oct 30, 2008 Nicole rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Fans of The Golden Girls
As a big fan of the Golden Girls, I was interested in getting to know more about Rue McClanahan and how much she was like Blanche. It took me a while to finish this book because in a lot of ways it was sad. Rue is a really bad decision maker when it comes to men and relationships and I stopped reading the book about 1/3 through because I didn't want to know what stupid thing she was going to do to ruin her life next. I did finally decide I wanted to know how it ended so I finished it. She does g ...more
Rita Meade
I've always half-jokingly called the character "Blanche Devereaux" a personal hero of mine. After reading this memoir, I've discovered that there's some actual merit to the claim that goes beyond my love of "The Golden Girls." Ms. McClanahan presents the story of her life in a hilarious, self-deprecating, and charmingly loquacious fashion. A veteran in the war of love and one of the most hard-working ladies on stage and television, she gives, through her stories, practical yet inspirational pers ...more
The book started out kind of rocky. I found the first few chapters so pell-mell and scattered that I almost gave up, but I'm glad I stuck it out. Once she got around to husband #1, the book started having a logical flow and was more enjoyable to follow. Her effervescent, boistrous personality really leaps off the page. She made a lot of silly choices (mostly when it came to men), but her willingness to admit she'd made a mistake and pick up and move on is admirable. She doesn't come off as sland ...more
The Golden Girls is one of my favorite shows so I borrowed this from a friend. I read it in a weekend.

One of my favorite quotes from the book is

Eating habits are hard to change, but it can be done, and with some added exercise, you can change your weight, which matters a lot more than your age. Regular sexual activity is excellent exercise. So is lifting weights. It all depends on what's available. Dumbbells are pretty easy to come by, but since many of them are married, I suggest lifting weigh
David Olsen! What a fabulous woman Ms. McClanahan is! I could read her book over and over and OVER! So completely entertaining and full of adventure, struggle and persistence, not just in her delicious career, but also in her many troubled relationships! What a tasty read and a winning lesson about life! Gays and showbiz folk will like it best!
I laughed. I thought. And then I laughed again.

Rue may not be EXACTLY the beloved Blanche Devereux but she absolutely has her own story to tell. It was great to read about her pre GG days and how her career expanded over 6 decades. Good entertainment bio! I think I'll add Betty White's bio to my list as well...
Sam Baber
A ribald and witty romp.
Surprisingly dark memoir. McClanahan has a very contemporary and upbeat voice which makes for wonderful storytelling; though, she does have a tendency toward the occasionally mundane or empty details or her private life, especially later in life--there's only so much to be said about gardening during your retirement. But she makes up for these brief moments of boredom when telling the outrageous and sometimes atrocious details of her private life, which often make for a far more tantalizing read ...more
Alina Popkova
Let's separate Rue the writer and Rue the person we want to judge after we read about her life. By the way, for some reason I was under the impression she was the opposite of Blanche in real life. Strange to find she... was actually exactly like Blanche. The book is called 'my first five husbands'. I don't understand why people thought she'd be dishing dirt on The Golden Girls. The book is about her selective memory - how she chose to remember her life. Some parts are weirdly detailed and some a ...more
Rue McClanahan provides cheap thrills to fans looking for sexual stories in this raunchy memoir that is mostly about the many men she bedded and wedded.

Not only did she dump her first fiancé and then marry a first husband but she married a second husband before her first divorce was final. During the same time period she slept with her second husband's best friend and moved with the buddy to California, where she soon sleeps with a different guy. Yes, that's four guys in one month. Oh, and did I
Rue McClanahan's book "My First Five Husbands ... And the Ones
Who Got Away" is a witty and open-hearted memoir of a woman pursuing her dream to become an actress experiencing the ups and downs of life along the way.
She lets us follow her from her birth in Oklahoma, through her struggles to get work as an actress and to put food on the table, through happy and not so happy to downright disastrous relationships, through her success as a golden girl, through her suffering of breast cancer to her
Jen A.
3.5-4 stars -- a much more "story-like" memoir than the last two I read (Tiny Fey & Betty White), and I have to say I enjoyed this format more than the others. McClanahan relates her life story from growing up in rural Oklahoma, to trying to break into the stage & film business, to her success as a Golden Girl, tying together the chapters of her story with a "men of my life" ribbon. She's refreshingly candid but you can't forget while you read that you're only hearing one half of the sto ...more
Lilly G
Hm, what DID i learn from this book?

well, first thing i can tell you is if you're looking for the dirt on the Golden Girls, you gotta look elsewhere.

then i can tell you that she's not exaggerating. she's been married 2049029042 times (i had to go back and forth to check names because i was getting them all confused) and has even more little loves here and there. i think she sounds like a sweet person, but she goes out of her way to make herself look good. i was going to count the number of times
May 26, 2007 Joe rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Anyone who breathes!
Rue McClanahan's life story is wonderful! I picked this book up over shear curiousity. I am an avid Golden Girls fan, and I am also familiar with some of Rue's other television work...Maude and Mama's Family. She has also appeared recently on Broadway as the horrible Madame Morrible in Wicked. I never knew that her past was sorrid and full of bi-coastal adventures. I loved her personal insights; her wisdom for the ages on love, loss, happiness, and work ethic. The girl has it goin' on! Reading w ...more
This line right here:

"People always ask me if I'm like Blanche. And I say, 'Well, Blanche was an oversexed, self-involved, man-crazy, vain Southern Belle from Atlanta -- and I'm not from Atlanta!’” -- Rue McClanahan

That was all it took for me to read this since I'm a huge, I mean HUGE Golden Girls fan. I had always thought she played that role with a little too much familiarity! ;)

This book was a fun autobiography to read. I thought I would be so excited to get to her Golden Girls years that I w
Luanne Lusic
Rue's book is an intimate portrayal of her life and loves. She has a very informal style that makes you feel like a friend to her and that she is speaking directly to you. What struck me most in this book was her determination and drive to succeed in her acting career. Even though at times she had to sacrifice spending time with her son and send him off to live with her parents, every chance she got, she made sure that he came back to live with her. Many of the men she was involved with or marri ...more
Oh, I loved this book! I felt like I was having coffee with Rue McClanahan the whole time I was reading it. I could hear her telling me these stories, in her Blanche Devereaux voice. (Note: if you listen to some interviews with her, she doesn't actually sound like Blanche... Blanche was from Atlanta and Rue was from Oklahoma, so she had to fake that southern accent.) She's self-deprecating, she's honest, she tells you exactly what mistakes she made, and she even tells you when another blunder is ...more
Justin Seals
I'm not gonna lie, I'm a gay man who loves the Golden Girls. So I picked up this book a few years ago and kept putting off reading it. Boy am I sorry I waited so long. This is one of the best autobiographies I've read, and I've read quite a few. Rue goes through her entire life putting a large emphasis on the earlier part of her life. I went into this book hoping to get some of the dirt from the set of the Golden Girls, but she refuses to go there and instead we are treated with little stories a ...more
Who doesn't love to know about a treasured Golden Girl? Rue McClanahan writes a memoir that you keeps you entertained and completely interested in learning more about her journeys in life. There are plenty of shockers, but she is always true to herself.
Bobby Simic
The Golden Girl's memoirs may lack in flow with her scattershot account, but her charm, self-deprecation, and spirited outlook more than outweigh this minor flaw. In fact, the scattershot telling is a large part of the book's charm.

You hear Rue's voice loud and clear. Reading McClanahan's book is like listening to a favorite, chatty aunt. McClanahan never takes herself too seriously and sprinkles her stories with fun Southern sayings. What a hoot!

But the experience is a tad bittersweet, as McC
I am a fan of the Golden Girls. Saw this title a few years ago. Rue McClanahan.wrote and an honest memoir of her life. the title includes the first five husbands she married and divorced. I guess talking throughout her memoir about the first five spouses she was married to was okay reading. but i was way more interested in reading about her career.I wished she had talked more about the seasons on the Golden Girls. I know this is a memoir about her whole life up to about the late 1990s. she final ...more
I already knew enough about Eddi-Rue to know that I loved her, but this book really sealed that for me.

This book is not only written with flirty, fun, southern wit, but is very revealing while still holding back details that might be too much information. There could have been more, of course, but I think that could have dried the book up.

Rue had such an amazing life. This book is indeed a page turner, always leaving you wanting to know what happens next with her personal life and budding care
Rue's writing is clever and amusing more often then not. She happily writes self deprecating things for the laugh, although sometimes I wasn't entirely sure if they were jokes or if they were things she honestly believed.

It's a clever fast read of a memoir and is certainly recommend it for fans of her, or the golden girls as she does have some interesting recollections about that. This was my first foray into knowing much about her other then she was a golden girl and I've never really watched
I read this book because I have long been a fan of, "The Golden Girls" however I was disappointed. This says more about my expectations than about the book itself. I couldn't help wondering what McClanahan could have become had she not bothered with these particular men. Being born in 1934, she felt pressured in the 1950s to marry because, "that's what you did". She seemed to rush from one sad disaster to the next in one headlong dependant lunge in the belief it would work next time. Sometimes i ...more
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Rue McClanahan (born Eddi Rue McClanahan) was an Emmy Award-winning American actress, known for her roles on the television sitcoms Maude and The Golden Girls.
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