Without Blood Without Blood Without Blood
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Without Blood Without Blood Without Blood

3.46 of 5 stars 3.46  ·  rating details  ·  1,696 ratings  ·  117 reviews
An unforgettable fable about the brutality of war - and one girl's quest for revenge and healing, from the author of the acclaimed international bestseller "Silk."When - in anunnamed place and time - Manuel Roca's enemies hunt him down to kill him, they fail to discover Nina, his youngest child, hidden in a hole beneath his farmhouse floor. After this carnage Tito, one of...more
ebook, 160 pages
Published March 11th 2008 by Vintage Books USA (first published January 1st 2002)
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this man writes like deer run...
Max Karpovets
Постать Алесандро Барікко може бути відома завдяки популярній стрічці 1900 (Тисяча дев’ятисотий) Джузеппе Торнаторре, що отримала Оскара як кращий іноземний фільм. На встановлення стилю письма Барікко мали вплив два фактори – філософська та музична освіта. Можна сказати, що знанная „музичної грамоти” додає романам Барікко мелодійності, легкості і ритму, а філософія – глибини і чіткості думки. Крім літературної діяльності, Барріко в Італії відомий як музичний критик, ведучий і журналіст. Найбільш...more
Emir Never
First, it has to be noted that I read Silk first, a magical book that is largely responsible for my current rekindled love for reading. I could not bring myself to review Silk, it was beyond me.

Without Blood is my second book by Alessandro Baricco and I bought it because of the Silk experience. The story is simple enough, the language is what I'll consider distinctly Baricco's--frugal, probably aiming for the accuracy similar to that of a first-rate pugilist who times his shots and makes sure ea...more
محور الرواية هو ... الانتقام!
الرواية تدور في أعقاب حرب ما, في منزل طبيب سابق و هو روكا كانت لمستشفاه أثر ما في مقتل أخ ساليناس (الرجل الذي هاجمه في بيته)و في هذا الهجوم قتل الأب الطبيب والابن .. و نجت الابنة بطريقة ما, لتبدأ حياة غريبة فيما بعد تتمحور حول الانتقام من قاتلي أبيها و أخيها

هي رواية عن وجهات النظر المختلفة و كيف ان هناك من يرى "الدماء" ضرورة لانهاء الحرب .. و ان عليك أن تقتل مائة طفل لكي يحيا ملايين -مثلا- و هناك من تدمرت حياتهم بسبب هذه النظرية و منهم البطلة, نينا.

الانتقام سلسلة لا...more
Ani Artinyan
Алесандро Барико отново ме заведе на пътешествие - от тези, които траят само часове, толкова малко часове, че и секундите в тях можеш да преброиш. От тези, които те смачкват от умора, но по толкова красив и мъдър начин, че ти се иска да обуеш обувките веднага пак и да тръгнеш пак, този път сам, с малко повече смелост, спокойствие.. с много повече себе си, да тръгнеш пак в собствения си роман.
Well, this took an hour to read, very short, 97 pages, more like a short story...

It moves along at lightning speed, Baricco interweaves philosophical musings on war, violence, politics, the nature of truth, etc., as the story moves apace...

The book begins with a straightforward account of a traumatic moment of wartime, actually a scene occurring after the war is over. The war is not specified, but it's obviously WWII and the place is Italy. Vengeance seekers from the winning side are after a doc...more
Helen Kitson
'Without Blood' is unquestionably unsettling. It took me barely an hour to read (it's a skinny 87 pages of widely-spaced prose), so it's definitely a novella rather than a novel, but many of the images resonate long after I'd put the book down.

The story opens with a man hiding Nina, his 4-year-old daughter, under the floorboards before he is murdered - together with his son - by a gang of men. One of the men - actually a 20-year-old boy - discovers the girl's hiding place but eventually decides...more
My Inner Shelf
Étrange récit que ce court roman de Baricco. Court, mais tout de même divisé en deux parties. La première m’a paru la plus dure, la plus cruelle. Un homme et ses deux enfants sont retranchés dans une ferme isolée. Des hommes armés font irruption et l’horreur s’abat sur la famille.
La seconde partie se déroule quelques décennies plus tard. Une femme âgée rencontre un vieil homme qui vend des billets de loterie. Elle l’invite à boire un verre, et un dialogue s’installe. C’est le moment des aveux et...more
Este é um dos livros que saiu recentemente com a revista Sábado. Mal o tive nas mãos fiquei ansiosa para lhe pegar pois já ouvi falar muito deste autor e queria ler alguma coisa dele. Apesar de todos este sentimentos positivistas tenho de confessar que agradou mas não maravilhou. Culpa disto é talvez a sinopse que acompanha esta edição que revela demasiado do enredo. O livro é pequeno e não havia necessidade de contar tanto sobre o que se iria ler.

Baricco conta-nos uma estória de assassínio, cul...more
...So, apparently my feelings about this book were boomeranged out into the universe months ago, only to find their way back to me and smack me in the chest this evening. Something about Dara Horn's "All Other Nights" made me suddenly remember Baricco's tale--namely its final image, which I now see as completely perfect. The story as a whole is at turns awful and intriguing, but with this writer there must always be a measure of...hard-won sweetness. Maybe even corrupt sweetness, but something s...more
Confesso, conscio di rischiare di attirarmi le ire degli ammiratori di Baricco e di questo romanzo in particolare, che io di "Senza sangue" taglierei senza pietà la prima parte e terrei solamente la seconda, in special modo le scene al caffè e all'albergo. In queste scene, infatti, si concentra, secondo il mio modesto ed opinabilissimo parere, il significato profondo e la bellezza del romanzo. Romanzo che si rivela nell'essere di colei che fu Nina e poi divenne, nelle sue vite successive, prima...more
Avevo letto "Tre volte all'alba",e mi ero innamorata di Baricco e del suo modo di scrivere. Ho iniziato a leggere "Senza Sangue",ritrovando la stessa tipologia di scrittura del libro prima citato. A differenza di "Tre volte all'alba", che si sviluppa su tre capitoli in diverse fasce temporali,questa volta si svolge tutto in due parti...anche qui,le fasce temporali sono diverse,e come per l'altro libro,i protagonasti sono sempre gli stessi,prima piccoli,poi grandi....Qui la principale protagonist...more
Sin sangre es una novela corta que habla sobre la venganza y sus consecuencias en las personas. La primera parte narra la llegada de un mercedes cargado de matones a la casa de Manuel Roca y mediante una intrincada combinación de narradores le permite al lector tener una idea meridiana de lo que está pasando.

A pesar de que se llame “Sin sangre” en esta parte inicial la hay. El autor cuenta un par de acciones brutales de manera muy veloz, pero con la suficiente descripción como para que el lector...more
Aisana Beisenbayeva
Алессандро Барикко "Без крови"...more
I chanced upon this slim volume, lying hidden amidst a pile of "desperate-to-be-sold" books at the bookstore. The other books really looked like they deserved this desperation but there was something to Alessandro Baricco's Without Blood that made me pick it up.

There is a silken, mesmerizing quality to Without Blood. It begins with one of the most dramatic openings I have read - four men meet in a farmhouse, and settle an old feud with a former doctor. Nina, the doctor's daughter is the only one...more
Sara Comuzzo
una storia di rabbia. una bambina che assiste al brutale omicidio del padre e del fratello da sotto una botola. riesce a rimanere l'unica superstite alla strage. la stessa bambina che diventata grande, diventata vecchia, va poi in cerca degli assassini della sua famiglia e pur con anni e anni di distanza si compie giustizia.
non necessariamente versando sangue.
un romanzo breve. uno stile asciutto e molto raffinato.
un grande scrittore italiano che riesce a stupire anche in una novantina di pagine.
Patricia Rodrigues
Comprei a edição que saiu com a Revista Sábado há uns anos pois tinha lido (já nem sei bem onde) algumas opiniões positivas.

O livro está dividido em duas partes. A primeira relata-nos o assassinato de Manuel Roca e do seu filho enquanto Nina, a sua filha, se encontra escondida. Após o crime, Nina é descoberta por Tito, um dos três homens que participou no crime, mas que decide não revelar que Nina se encontra em casa. Na segunda parte da história, passados vários anos, Nina encontra Tito e conve...more
Baricco's style muffles the characters' vulgar shouts and violence. This should tell you everything.

The characters' narration's under a dream-like haze, reciting this too-perfect script, carefully set up to display fragile emotion. But I don't care; there's been no build up. I dislike these characters, sniffling onto my shirt. I don't find anything haunting in their stone eyes.

I don't like how the characters deal with violence. I don't like how it's displayed. I don't like any of the off-handed...more
Tony Johnston
Three stars is the one rating I wouldn't give this book. Really it's one (with a special mention for the high quality of the writing) or five.

For me, that's the point: I can't work out whether it said something special or whether it said something that I don't agree with. Part of me says yes, part of me says no.

Assuming that the translation was good, the author can clearly write very well. Certainly the style is wonderfully precise and economical. Even given that this is a more of a novella (or...more
Regalatomi da una buona amica in occasione del mio compleanno, le parole che l'hanno accompagnato sono state "questo libro mi appartiene molto" e sono state sufficienti a fargli saltare la coda di lettura, complice una gita in treno a vapore con diversi tempi morti.

Ora, il significato di quelle parole devo ancora approfondirlo con l'interessata, ma indipendentemente da questo non si può dire che si tratti di un libro che lascia indifferenti.

Dal punto di vista stilistico si tratta del "solito" Ba...more
I'd say my rating is really closer to 3.5 stars. The novella is written in two sections -- it essentially has a beginning and an end, but no middle. The middle, such as it exists, comes through expository dialogue in the second section. Overall, the book reads like a thorough outline for a deeper, more complex novel. The beginning is vivid and addresses the viral nature of revenge as three men, each who have experienced some horror of war, seek to execute a doctor for what they believe are his w...more
Lakis Fourouklas
Baricco has a unique gift with words and an ability to enchant the readers with his stories. Every time I read one of his books I’m met with a new surprise, and it’s always a pleasant one.
The main protagonist in this novella is Nina. At the beginning of the story we meet her while hiding with her family in an old house in the countryside, in an anonymous country, during an unnamed civil war, which however reminds us of the Spanish.
Nina’s father, Manuel Roca, is not on the winning side, and he...more
received to review for http://www.armchairinterviews.com

Hidden in a small hole beneath the floor of the farmhouse, Nina witnesses the bloody end to a war which had torn the country in two. Salinas, the leader of one side, kills her father for the horrendous crimes done in his hospital by his side during those war years. The resulting fight, leaves both her father, and brother dead. However, when her hiding spot is found by the boy who is with Salinas, Tito, and left undisturbed her life changes...more
Enquanto estava a ler "Sangue Asteca", e porque este é um livro grande e pesado para transportar, aproveitei para pegar num dos livros que saiu recentemente com a revista Sábado, que me pareceu fácil de ler (tem relativamente poucas páginas e a fonte tem um tamanho razoável) e sobre o qual já tinha lido algumas opiniões positivas.

Este livro (que se trata de uma novela, devido à sua curta extensão) está dividido em duas partes. A primeira, bastante violenta, conta como a quinta de Manuel Roca e d...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Isabel Maia
Um médico, Manuel Roca, vive com os dois filhos pequenos numa velha casa isolada no campo. Um dia, quatro homens fortemente armados chegam à casa, ansiando vingança pela morte de muitos soldados de uma guerra que havia terminado recentemente. Para poupar a vida da filha Nina, Roca esconde-a num alçapão disfarçado por cestas de fruta. Esta assiste ao assassinato do pai e do irmão por entre as frinchas do soalho. Quando Tito a encontra dentro do alçapão, este não denuncia a sua presença e sai. Mui...more
As I started to read this novella I got the feeling I’d read it before but I couldn’t find the book on any of my shelves and yet I was sure this was not the first time I’d read it. The premise is a simply enough one: a young girl, Nina, in a hiding place under the floor, ‘witnesses’ the murder or her father and older brother. One of the men, the youngest, the twenty-year-old Tito, discovers her in hiding but doesn’t reveal her location to the other two men even when one of them sets fire to the...more
Είναι η πρώτη μου επαφή με τον γραπτό λόγο του Μπαρίκκο. Σήμερα το ξανά-τελείωσα, για δεύτερη φορά. Μου άρεσε αρκετά, ίσως περισσότερο με την δεύτερη ανάγνωση.

Μόνο που έχω μια ένσταση σχετικά με την τελευταία σελίδα του κειμένου. Νομίζω ότι η παράγραφος με τις εσωτερικές σκέψεις της Νίνα ("Τότε σκέφτηκε πως όσο ακατανόητη κι αν έιναι η ζωή...") δεν ταιρίαζει με το όλο ύφος μέχρι τώρα. Η ιστορία είναι απλή & κατανοητή και ξεκάθαρα όσον αφορά τον συμβολισμό της, παρόλο την λιτότητα της αφήγησ...more
...Then she thought that however incomprehensible life is, probably we move through it with the single desire to return to the hell that created us, to live beside whoever once saved us from the inferno. She tried to ask herself where that absurd faithfulness to horror came from but found that she had no answers. She understood only that nothing is stronger than the instinct to return, to where they broke us, and to replicate that moment forever. Only thinking that the one who saved us once can...more
"No matter how you try to live just one single life, others will see inside it a thousand more, and this is the reason that you cannot avoid getting hurt."

ah, Baricco - the stories this man has to tell, and the way he tells them... such an intensity within the mere 90 pages of Without Blood, incredibly well-written and a truly haunting piece of literature.

"A woman's destiny is written in the way she dances."
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Alessandro Baricco is a popular Italian writer, director and performer. His novels have been translated into a wide number of languages, and include Lands of Glass, Silk, Ocean Sea, City, and Without Blood. His theatrical monologue, Novecento, was adapted into film, titled The Legend of 1900.

He currently lives in Rome with his wife and two sons.
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Silk Novecento. Un monologo Ocean Sea Castelli di rabbia City

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