The Heart and the Bottle. Oliver Jeffers
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The Heart and the Bottle. Oliver Jeffers

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There was once a little girl who was full of

wonderment at how the world worked. She shared

all her dreams and excitement with her father,

who always had the answer to every question.

That is until one day when his chair was empty,

not to be filled again - how would the girl ever

find meaning from her life again? Oliver Jeffers

delivers a remarkable book, a tale of poignan

Published February 1st 2010 by HarperCollins Children's Books (first published January 1st 2010)
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nyolong baca di citos :D
curhat mode: ON
jadi mendingan gak usah di baca :D

pesannya dalem banget. bercerita tentang cinta dan kehilangan. dengan lembut, Jeffers mengambarkan bagaimana seharusnya menghadapi rasa kehilangan itu. sangat menyentuh! bagi saya, buku ini muncul di bulan yang tepat. membuat hati saya bergetar. namun entah, belum dapat membuat saya beranjak. dari sebuah sudut yang gelap.

jadi ingin mengingat masa itu.

lima tahun yang lalu...
di bulan Ramadhan 1428 H
saat Tuhan me...more
The Heart and the Bottle is a very short story with a very big message. It is about a girl who is fascinated and curious by everything around her including the stars and the sea. She tells her attentive Father about all the images in her head, but one day she runs to show him her drawings only to find his empty chair. She becomes very lonely and grieving for her Father, she puts her heart in a bottle and hangs it around her neck. This way she some how protects her heart so it does not get hurt o...more
Oh, Oliver Jeffers, how I adore you!

The Heart and the Bottle is a gorgeous, gorgeous piece of art and magic!

Pure, open, honest pictures filled this book with beauty, the power of healing and the wonder life can bring. Pictures and words that I will treasure always.

After a loss and heartache, we tend to lock our hearts away. Keep our hearts and emotions bottled up, hidden, and safe. If we don’t use our hearts, open up, trust, and feel--we can’t get hurt—right? Can that same protection turn around...more
Alethea A
Apr 16, 2010 Alethea A rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition Recommends it for: wonderful and curious people of all sizes
Meeting Oliver Jeffers:

I absolutely love Oliver Jeffers's art--when I saw this, I thought, finally! A girl book. I don't usually make much distinction when I'm reading a girl or boy picture book (unless it's dipped in bilious pink) but when I try to sell parents or grandparents one of his books, I usually get an exasperated look and a "but, the gift is for a little *girl*". What? I read books about little boys when I was a little girl, and as long as the...more
Amy Reid
This story tackles key issues faced in life such as love and death. It tells a story of a young girl who shares her curiosity about the world with her grandfather. Although, her curiousity turns to sadness when her grandfather passes away. In order to protect her heart she puts it in a bottle to keep it safe. The creative illustrations capture the sense of loss the girl is experiencing but by locking up her heart she is left feeling lonely and her previous sense of curiosity has gone. She then m...more
From Booklist
A little girl delights in the boundless discoveries of the world around her with an older gentleman, likely her grandfather. But then the man’s chair is empty, and the girl puts her heart in a bottle to help with the hurt. As she grows older, she loses her sense of wonderment, and it isn’t until she meets another young girl that she finds a way to free her heart again. This book showcases some absolutely captivating artwork. The way in which Jeffers employs pictures in word balloons...more
Max Lawson
The Heart and the Bottle by Oliver Jeffers is a contemporary children’s picture book published in 2010. It sticks out to me as a book worth reviewing because of the difficult subject it tackles. Despite at first being mortified at what could be interpreted as the tragic events of the book, the way in which Jeffers has narrated and illustrated the story poetically and colourfully addresses the grief that the main character suffers, and makes for a beautiful if inevitably sad read.

The book centres...more
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The Heart and the Bottle by Oliver Jeffers (2010)
Picture Book, 32 pages
The Heart and the Bottle truly captures the human experience and our fragility as temporary inhabitants of this lifetime. Using an extended metaphor to explore the stages of loss and heartache, the book shares the brilliance of a child’s passionate curiosity and its ability to heal all of us. Dealing with the pain of losing her father, a girl grows up with her heart locked safe within a bottle around her neck to avoid painful...more
Oliver Jeffers is a visual artist, and I simply adore his illustrations in the book. The page layouts remind me of The Little Prince pop-up book, minus the pop-ups, of course. I particularly enjoy looking at the two-page full color spreads.

This picture book is a complex read for children. As a reader who loves symbolism, I like how grief and loss were presented in the story. After experiencing loss, the girl decided to put her heart in a bottle. The little ones would most likely look at the stor...more
Emma Butler
This is a simple tale which focuses on key issues such as life, love and death. The book tells the story of a young girl, her curiosity about the world and how she shares this curiosity with her grandfather. However this curiosity turns to sadness when her grandfather passes away. Not knowing how to deal with this, she puts her heart into a bottle to keep it safe. Jeffers captures brilliantly the young girls sense of loss as she tries to protect her heart from being hurt again. However we see th...more
The Heart in the Bottle / Oliver Jeffers/ 2010

Genre: Picture Book / Fiction

Format: Book

Summary: Once there was a girl whose life was filled with wonder at the world around her…
Then one day something happened that made the girl take her heart and put it in a safe place. However, after that it seemed that the world was emptier than before. But would she know how to get her heart back? (Summary Taken for Amazon)

Consideration and Precautions: This is a beautiful story about the loss of a loved one....more
Helen Mc
The Heart and The Bottle – Oliver Jeffers
The Heart in The Bottle is a story about an ordinary little girl who has a mind full of wonder about the world around her. She loves to share these wonders with her father. One day she rushes to show her father a drawing of such wonders, but we find that he has gone. We never find out where he has gone.
The little girl finds that her heart is hurting so much that she needs to remove it and put it in a bottle and hang it around her neck.
We see how the gir...more
The Heart and the Bottle by Oliver Jeffers is a wonderful book, albeit sad and touching. It tells the story of loss, loss of people and loss of hope and wonderment. It tells the story of a little girl who is full of wonderment and joy but when she loses someone dear to her she loses this wonderment at the same time. She puts her heart in a bottle to keep it safe and from getting hurt again. She continues through life sad and down and unhappy until she meets a little girl one day full of amazemen...more
Ok, let me explain my rationale for this low rating .... I am a huge Oliver Jeffers fan (despite his odd method of drawing human noses)in fact Erin loved "How to Catch a Star" so much that we bought a copy!
I rated this one low because it seems to be a picture book marketed to adults (this is true for a majority of things) but would a young child really understand the message "of a broken heart and locking it away in a bottle!!!?" Granted some kids wouldesp Maurice Sendak as a kid but most kids...more
Erin Reilly-Sanders
This had a beautifully poetic story that skirts along-side death and loss but is not at all a sad or gloomy book. The illustrations are quite lovely- I love the freeness with media the author/illustrator takes but yet also manages to make the book feel a complete whole with related colours and consistent characters/elements. This whimsy works well with the liltingly simple but heart-touching story. The major problem is that while loss of a loved one is unfortunately a common issue, the perspecti...more
Katie Lennon
This book is about a little girl who clearly idolises her father. The story very subtly tells the reader that the girls father dies as she goes to the chair that he is always sitting in but he is not there anymore. The girl is so hurt that she takes her heart and puts it in a bottle so she cannot get hurt again. She grows up always feeling as though something is missing until she realises that she can no longer go through life keeping her heart in a bottle.

I think this story would be more suitab...more
I think i instantly loved this book the moment i looked at the art work. the art is simple yet filled with little details that deepen the experience. unfortunatelly the book seems to be a sad book, with a girl losing someone who she has always relied on to answer all the questions she had about the world. the feeling of emptiness carries across to the reader when the girl places her heart in a bottle. she separates herself from the rest of the world to avoid that feeling of loss. however, she th...more
This is a good book that deals with death and seclution in a way that is children friendly. This book mainly tells the story through pictures, of a young girl who is very inquistive of the world when her grandad is around. However, this stops when her grandad no longer is in the pictures. She then hides away her heart in a bottle. I would use this book for KS2 and be ready for any tears from the children, as this may be a sad book especially for those children who have lost loved ones. This woul...more
Bistra Ivanova
Може би всичко щеше да бъде различно, ако тази книжка се продаваше като книга за възрастни. Подразни ме и мен, но на родителите, които са я чели на децата си, им е било истински трудно, научих. ("Ама как така си вадиш сърцето и го сложиш в бутилка? Аз мога ли да го направя?") Просто някакси не е преценил коя метафора от кого се разбира и от кого - не.

А иначе идеята за това, че когато си бил наранен, можеш да поставиш сърцето си в бутилка, за да го предпазиш (в историята това трае десетилетия),...more
I think this book is stunning. Genuinely stunning. Its illustrations are the kind in which you can lose yourself, and the story will make your eyes tear up. The question, I guess, is intention. I don't have children, but I deal with them a lot at work. Recommending books and all. And I think this is a story that adults would find really touching and appropriate as just general life advice, but I simply don't know how kids would react to it. Would they find it boring? I simply can't gauge how the...more
Sarah Whitney
This is a deeply touching childrens story that I may go as far to say is intended just as much for adults. Depending on the age of the child and their grasp on the abstract message in this book as it pertains to grief, I believe some children will take more away from this book than others, but I believe that some level of understanding is possible as early as age 3 (my son's age). It is a book that I, as an adult, love, and my children, whose "head[s] [are] filled with all the curiosities of the...more
I don't normally add my daughter's books to my feed but this one struck such a personal chord, I couldn't not.

"The Heart and the Bottle" is a wonderfully illustrated story about an insatiably curious girl who suffers a tragic loss and so closes her heart in a bottle so that she can't be hurt again.

My daughter received this book as a birthday gift and I can't help but think that the gift giver picked this book specifically because my father passed away this year. I sat down to read the story las...more
Deanna McFadden
Having read Oliver Jeffers to our boy for his entire life now, I was very surprised by the emotional moment in this sweet book about life and loss. Let's just say I was unprepared for the empty chair image, and was completely caught off guard reading the book for the first time last night. I ended up in a wet, weepy puddle at bedtime reading because of my own empty chair (my mother). Thankfully, I do not need to keep my heart in a bottle because it's so thoroughly owned by my son and my husband...more
Ross Oates
The Heart and the bottle by Oliver Jeffries is a book about a young girl who loses her father and how she puts her heart in a bottle to keep it safe. It goes through the young girls feelings before ultimately over time she gets her heart back. It takes a young girl to make her realise that she cannot lock away her emotions forever. This is a significant book which looks at unwelcome realities such as death, loss, life, coming of age and acceptance. I believe this book could be suitable for child...more
William O
I think this is a brilliant book for a young child to deal with losing someone or something close to them. It tells the story of a young girl who loses her father and how her heart goes to a safe place (the bottle). It goes through the young girls feelings before ultimately over time she gets her heart back. A child could relate to the way Jeffers goes through the emotions the girl is feeling and maybe show them there is always hope. I would reccommend this to a KS2 child who may have a better u...more
The Heart and the Bottle features the story of a very curious young girl. While the girl's father is never mentioned in the text, the first few pages show her exploring the world with her father. One day, she finds the chair that her father always sits in empty. Older readers will gather that the father has died. The girl decides to put her heart in a bottle to keep it safe. While older readers will understand that she has been hurt by the death and wants to protect her feelings, younger readers...more
New favorite book when it comes to dealing with loss.
This coming-of-age tale follows a young girl from young childhood through adulthood as she struggles with the overwhelming loss of a male father figure in her life. In simple terms and using the metaphor of putting your heart away in a bottle which she then ties around her neck, Jeffers’s story illustrates how curiosity and learning can revive even the most difficult of losses. With simple mixed media illustrations using paint and colored penc...more
This is a heartbreakingly beautiful story about a creative little girl who loses her zest for life after her father dies. However, I actually think this is a better book for adults dealing with loss than for kids, and I'd just like to publically complain that the main character has THE MOST HORRIFICALLY DRAWN NOSE I HAVE EVER SEEN! It's like a hot dog falling out of her hair line--totally bizarre and disturbing.
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Oliver Jeffers makes art.

From figurative painting and installation to illustration and picture-book making, his work has been exhibited in New York, Dublin, London, Sydney, Washington DC, Belfast and elsewhere.
A co-founder of the art collective OAR, their exhibitions include 9 days in Belfast, book and the award winning BUILDING.
Illustration clients include Orange UK, Lavazza, Sony PSP, RCA Recor...more
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“In truth, nothing was the same. She forgot about the stars… and taking notice of the sea. She was no longer filled with all the curiosities of the world and didn’t take much notice of anything… other than how heavy… and awkward the bottle had become.” 5 likes
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