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Frostbite: A Werewolf Tale
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Frostbite: A Werewolf Tale (Werewolves #1)

3.6 of 5 stars 3.60  ·  rating details  ·  1,447 ratings  ·  177 reviews
For Cheyenne Clark, there's a bad moon on the rise . . .

There's one sound a woman doesn't want to hear when she's lost and alone in the Arctic wilderness: a howl.

When a strange wolf's teeth slash Cheyenne's ankle to the bone, her old life ends, and she becomes the very monster that has haunted her nightmares for years. Worse, the only one who can understand what Chey has
ebook, 288 pages
Published October 6th 2009 by Broadway Books (first published January 1st 2009)
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Awesome. Just enough thrill, blood, chase, betrayal, death and, humanity to keep me up all night reading. This was not one of the current house trained semi neutered Werewolves, thankfully. They are big teeth, hate filled predators. The author did a fabulous job for this readers taste, never going too far, never cutting back to soon, never throwing in the lust is the reason card. Horror ? I don't think I'd call it that, it was a thriller, edge of your seat thriller with some blood, crunched bon
Sammy Loves Books
Action packed story of a hiker, Chey, lost in the woods. Chey is washed away by a flash flood and loses all of her hiking equipment in the process. If all of that isn't bad enough, she finds that she is being stalked by a pack of wolves. Six adult wolves to be exact.
Chey climbs a tree in order to survive, but becomes alarmed by an evil howl in the distance. A growl vicious enough to scare off six timber wolves. An evil werewolf approaches, intent on killing Chey. Except there is just one thing
Πολυ διαφορετικο απο τα συνηθισμενα, περιπετειωδες, αγριο κ σκληροπυρηνικο. Κραταει το ενδιαφερον αμειωτο, σε ξαφνιαζει και σε αγχωνει μεσα σε λιγες σελιδες. Το σιγουρο ειναι οτι αν διαβαζετε αυστηρα κ μονο ρομαντικες νουβελες, τοτε δεν ειναι το καταλληλο για εσας.
Carolyn (Book Chick City)
I gave this book 7/10 on the blog, but Goodreads still doesn't offer half stars!!

Cursed is the first book in a new werewolf series by David Wellington. I have had my eye on this book for what feels like ages so I was thrilled when Piatkus sent me a review copy. And I wasn't disappointed, Cursed is a very good werewolf tale.

We meet Cheyenne Clark, "Chey", out in the wilderness of the Arctic Circle. We're not sure why she's there but she's heading towards something. The first chapter begins with
Holy sentence fragments and comma splices Batman!

To be fair I read this novel online, but a little editing would have been very appreciated.

The entire work was a tad cliche and the writing abysmal. It was disjointed, unfocused, and amateurish. I think the story would have been decent if I hadn't been so distracted by the poor writing. The repitition (which I suspect Wellington intended to parallel Chey's transition from woman to beast and to reinforce the primal, animalistic side of her) was mos
Werwolves are my favorite classic monster and this is a good one. Good story with in-depth characters lots of action, and few plot twists. Normally novels with lots of action bore me but this was a real page Turner and none of the action seems like it is pointless and just added so the story will be action packed. I highly recommend it and will be reading more from this author soon.
So... about this book...

The beginning of this book was.. not interesting. It felt forced. Then I got about halfway through it and I had this NEED to keep reading. I was hooked! I really liked how there was a painful attraction between the two main characters. Not sure if this was written as a YA novel or not.

-At first I didn't like the short chapters. But I grew to like it so that I wasn't staying up all night to try and get to a stopping point. I really dislike stopping in the middle of a
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(Warning: Might Contain Slight Spoiler)

I have discovered an author that has got me hypnotize by his work. The name is David Wellington and he has written a couple different series on vampires etc. This particular series that I love and I thought this has to be shared with the world! Cheyenne Clark is out for vengeance in the name of her father. Who was killed years before by a Lycanthropic (Werewolf) so violently in front of her eyes as a
Red Lace
Top Read 2011

Cheyenne is a dedicated woman and she has a job to do, but when she is scratched by the very thing that has haunted her since she was twelve years old, she now becomes that very monster. Her life drastically changes and her survival is at risk. The choices she has to make will determine what kind of future she will have. Nobody can help her decide; her thoughts have to battle themselves before she can make one final choice. Will she join the beast that ruined her life all those year
The story starts right in the middle of action, as lone hiker Cheyenne is swept up in a flash flood in the Canadian wilderness near the Arctic circle. She survives, but is caught up in a tree when a pack of wolves comes after her. Then those wolves are chased away by a much larger wolf, one that tries to attack her in the tree. Injured, she meets up with a strange man named Dzo in the forest, who takes her to a man named Powell. As she is getting cleaned up, she overhears that Powell wants to ki ...more
Olivia R. Burton
This was an okay book; I love all of Wellington's other books, but this one felt amateur to me. The dialogue was stilted and clumsy and the exposition got tired. It felt like the story took way too long to get started and then it barreled toward the end, throwing out plot twists and characterization changes haphazardly. By about two-thirds of the way through, I was done reading all the back-story and I ended up just skimming anything that wasn't action or dialogue.

Overall, I'm glad I read it, be
I personally would not recommend it to anyone. Around chapter five, I could no longer tolerate the confusing descriptions, or the idiocies of the Mary Sue protagonist, Chey, and grabbed my trusty highlighter and pen. I made it to chapter thirteen before I gave up--honestly, worse than "Twilight", and that's saying something. I haven't read the author's other books, and if they're anything like this, I don't want particularly want to, so I don't really have a standard on which to compare him. Reg ...more
Jenna Allen
I love Wellington. I have not read a book of his yet that I havent liked. He writes about these monsters and changes the way everyone thinks about them, but he keeps enough of the legend to be able to keep the name of the monster. some books change the rules so much you cant even call it a vampire, or werewolf anymore. I love that this one was written in the perspective of the monster and not of someone hunting the monster. I recommend Wellington to anyone who likes books.. You dont have to only ...more
Shaun Gregory
Just started reading this but the Title is Cursed- a werewolves tale. Maybe UK edition or because it's on Kindle?
Heather R
This is horror, not Young Adult. When I first read this, I was taken aback by the language--but that is because I had been on a Young Adult binge. It’s a little graphic but a great read, Wellington kept the story suspenseful and quick. It was realistic and gritty; the story's ending left it open for a sequel. The reason I gave it four stars was there is a character that is never fully explained, and I am still scratching my head wondering what he was--if you read the book you will know who I am ...more
Cheyenne travels into the arctic to hunt down the werewolf that killed her father, several decades ago. She is cornered by him and gets bitten, now she too is cursed to change into a wolf at every moonrise. The commandos that were along to help her get her revenge are out to kill her too.

This book is without subtlety or, frankly, very much plot. There's running and fighting and shooting and killing, but nothing really happens. The dots are never connected and there's no greater purpose to this
Josh Deschenes
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Reading this novel's sentence structure is like riding a dinky bus at full speed over an unpaved gravel road. It's hard to enjoy the ride when every few seconds you're being catapulted from your seat by a pothole, or thrown against the window when the bus swerves to avoid a chicken.
Bob Fingerman
Wellington creates a compelling, taut, page-turner set in the Arctic wilderness of Canada, starring another solid female lead who he puts through her paces (and then some), mixing in his trademark gripping action and pacing, then adding new seasonings to the werewolf mythos.
Ο Ντέιβιντ Γουέλινγκτον είναι ένα φρέσκο αίμα στην λογοτεχνία τρόμου, έχοντας γράψει μέχρι στιγμής μπόλικα και ενδιαφέροντα μυθιστορήματα όπως την τριλογία Zombies (Monster Island, Monster Nation, Monster Planet), το 13 Bullets, το 99 Coffins, το 23 Hours και άλλα, όμως το Frostbite, όπως είναι ο τίτλος στ'αγγλικά, είναι το μοναδικό βιβλίο του που έχει μεταφραστεί στα ελληνικά. Και μου φαίνεται λιγάκι χλωμό να δούμε άλλο βιβλίο του στα ελληνικά στο σύντομο μέλλον, μακάρι όμως να διαψευσθώ.

The story opens with Cheyenne, "Chey", Clarke being swept away in an Arctic flash flood. (We aren't told why she's in the Arctic alone, that is kept a mystery at first.) Her pack is destroyed on the rocks at the bottom of the ravine and she loses all her supplies except her useless cell phone, a compass, a water damaged map, and a few energy bars. She becomes lost and it on the edge of starvation when she encounters a pack of wolves. She escapes them by climbing a tree, but the await at the bott ...more
My initial surprise in this book was at how well Wellington wrote a female. Chey isn't feminine or maybe as emotional as most women would write a woman, but in this instance it worked to a greater effect. Her responses were as to be expected from a female, without all the unnecessary drama that would have dragged the story down.
The next was the story's content itself. Men have a habit of choosing sex over romance and as much gore as a book can reasonably contain. This book was not a romance -it
Caroline Barker
'Cursed: a Werewolf's Tale', otherwise known as Frostbite, is an urban fantasy that will blow your mind with panic and horror. A very quick-paced novel with plenty of action that the reader will read in no time at all. David Wellington surely knows how to scare the pants off you and yet allow you to completely endure the ferocious attacks and animalistic behaviour no matter how chilling and raw!!!

The story begins with Cheyenne Clark lost, hungry, cold and lonely in the Arctic amid the trees and
Carolyn Lessard
In David Wellington's supernatural novel "Frostbite," hiker Cheyenne Clark is lost in the Northwest Territories of the Canadian Arctic. She narrowly escapes an attack by a ferocious wolf, though her ankle is severely clawed.

Hungry and alone in the wilderness, she comes across an eccentric man named Dzo, who takes her to his friend's cabin. Montgomery Powell isn't very friendly. When he checks Chey's wound, she discovers it has almost healed. She also notices similarities between Powell and her f
I'm not really sure whether or not to say that I liked this book. Overall it seemed a little vague. I didn't feel that I knew many of the characters by the end, and several of the major players may as well have been cardboard cutouts. There was also a sense that much of the book just sort of... happened; the main character just sort of floats along as things happen to her.

But for all that, I found it curiously difficult to stop reading. The book kept me awake deep into the wee hours several tim
You know I’m a sucker for werewolf fiction, but this just wasn’t that good.

The chapters are consistently very short, but the real issue is that the tone never changes. A constant, mellow mood pervades the story except during chases and moments of desperation. With the exception of Cheyenne starting in the middle of the book, everyone is always so prepared or resigned, making the story feel less like a plot and more like a series of events that took place without much room for growth, which is pr
Like he's done with vampires (and I would imagine, his zombie novels, but I have yet to read those), David Wellington adds his own unique spin on lycanthropes with this lean and nasty horror novel. One of the things that I really dig about Wellington is his straight-to-the-point writing style, raw and full of energy, and his use of short chapters. The pacing is brisk and sometimes sparse, but it works. Granted, there's enough here to satisfy diehard werewolf fans, but also a few new twists that ...more
I found this book compelling and thoughtful. David Wellington definitely has a lot of interesting ideas. I love his description of the woods, the cold, the raining pine needles in the beginning with the flash flood. There’s some great descriptions about what it feels like for Chey to turn into a werewolf. There’s a certain grittiness in “Frostbite” that I really enjoy, and a lot of good action.
I think for me, the main problem was the characters. I found Chey to be a distant character that I cou
Lady Book Voodoo & Hoodoo Review
** Lady Journal Review **
( 5 Star's) *****

Frost Bite By David Wellington ( Warning this Contains a little bit of a spoiler)

Let me just explain something way back I posted Frostbite by David Wellington.Never got around to finishing it! Well I finally had gotten around to finishing this novel! Wow ... One word to describe this whole series would be REMARKABLE!

It's a novel about a girl named Cheyenne Clark. Who lost her father in a horrible death by a lycanthrope (Werewolf) - (Shape shifter). Sh
Frostbite is an intriguing werewolf tale set in the arctic Canadian forest that relies on the formulaic style of start with the end, then go back and explain what led up to it, which makes for a somewhat disorganized pacing. However, once the novel gets going, the characterization is compelling enough to drive readers through the story.

For those werewolf aficionados, the novel observes traditional werewolf mythology: transformation by moonlight, a lethal aversion to silver, super-strength, and
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David Wellington is a contemporary American horror author, best known for his Zombie trilogy as well as his Vampire series and Werewolf series. His books have been translated into eleven langauges and are a global phenomenon.

His career began in 2004 when he started serializing his horror fiction online, posting short chapters of a novel three times a week on a friend’s blog. Response to the projec
More about David Wellington...

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“My pleasure. Listen,” he called after her, “this is as far as I can go. They poisoned the water out there and I can’t follow you now. If you do see Powell, will you give him a message for me?”
“Sure,” she said, turning around. “Tell him I have his boots in my truck. In case he’s looking for ’em.”
Chey smiled. It felt wrong on her face, but she liked it all the same. “I’ll do that.”
“He did not waste time greeting her, but fell upon her at once with a vicious snarl. With his powerful jaws he tore at her, pulled her apart. He ripped open her guts and they spilled with a rank smell across the broken road surface. He tore off her leg and threw it into the darkness like so much poisoned meat.
The pain was intense, but she could not complain or fight him off. She lacked the energy to even raise her head. He tore and bit and ripped her apart and she could only experience it passively, as if from some remove.
Somehow she knew that he wasn’t killing her.
That he was saving her.
When he was done, when all the silver was torn out of her body and cast away from her, she breathed a little easier, and then she sank into a fitful sleep. He stood watch over her throughout the night, occasionally howling as the moon rode its arc across the night sky. Occasionally he would lick her face, her ears, to wake her up, to keep her from fading out of existence altogether. Once when he could not wake her he grabbed her by the back of the neck and shook her violently until her eyes cracked open and her tongue leapt from her mouth and she croaked out a whine of outrage.”
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