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1001 Arabian Nights - The Complete Adventures of Sindbad, Aladdin and Ali Baba - Special Edition
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1001 Arabian Nights - The Complete Adventures of Sindbad, Aladdin and Ali Baba - Special Edition

3.78 of 5 stars 3.78  ·  rating details  ·  469 ratings  ·  86 reviews
The story of Aladdin and his wonderful lamp
The history of Ali Baba and the forty thieves
The seven voyages of Sindbad the sailor
Paperback, Special edition, 152 pages
Published September 1st 2009 by El Paso Norte Press (first published December 1986)
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Mohammed Abdul Rob
A book filled with enchanted tales from the far east. This is one I love to read. Even as an adult I see myself not putting the book down and diving into the sandy deserts of Arabia. I would recommend this to anyone that wants to loose themselves in another land, with culture so strong the words that come off the pages makes you feel like you have went back in time.

The story orientates around a kings anger at his former queen; who he had beheaded for not keeping her marital vows. The king marry
I have never read Arabian Nights in full, but I have wanted to for some time, and now that desire to read the entire collection of stories is heightened after reading this short collection of six of the Arabian Nights tales with my son. The stories included in this work are: "Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp," "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves" and "The Seven Voyages of Sinbad the Sailor," all stories popularized in Western pop culture, and three lesser known tales, "Abou Hassan" (my son's favorite, ...more
Sam Zhang
This book is very special. Even though i didn`t finish this book or even near the ending, it is a nice book. i never read a book like this, it is keep telling a tale after a tale and after a tale. It`s keeps going on and on to another tale. It is like a huge box and inside the box, there are another box ,inside the other box, there are more boxes. So this is my first time reading this kind of book. I think it is very intersting. I can`t wait what will happen later on....
John Lucy
What is a grown man doing reading Aladdin or the other tales of the Arabian Nights? Well, though these stories have been annexed by children's literature, they are quite good in their own right. Unfortunately, however, what makes the Arabian Nights tales truly great is the frame story: Scheherazade telling stories to save her life. The frame story then adds quality to all the other tales because of the stories told within the tales. It's quite clever. This edition of the Arabian Nights, as well ...more
My review of this is colored by the fact that my school chose this as one of my literature books to read and discuss with my 3rd grade class this year. The stories in themselves were interesting; some even fascinating. To see the different elements that another culture includes in their fairy tales was a lot of fun.

These stories are VIOLENT though! In the Ali Baba story itself, a man gets quartered and the pieces hung around the door to the cave to discourage other potential thieves. His brother
Erika Maruo
2.11/6 = 15 minutes, 11/7 = 20 minutes, 11/8 = 15 minutes, 11/11 = 15 minutes
3. brohter - woman - tales - farmer - fisherman - Jinee - story
4.Q: When the person asks you to help him/her, would you help him/her who is not kind to you? Why or why not?
A: I would help him/her because I do not want to be hated any more by him/her.
5. In this book, there are many interesting stories such as the tale of Fisherman and the Jinee. This story's Jinee is the same as Genie of Aladdin by Disn
The Arabian Nights are famous for their magnificent storytelling, and their illumination of the Eastern world. This translation is simple and literal while maintaining some of the poetry and mystery of the stories, as accomplishment to be sure.

However, the brutality of stories, even when told in such a matter-of-fact manner, cannot be hidden. Certainly, much of the literature of the middle ages is considered violent or carnal by the contemporary reader, but the values system of Arabia is discon
Kadijah Michelle
My daughter is doing a summer reading project, and to encourage her, I have been reading along with her. We ordered this book as part of her fairy tale, myth and fable lesson. While she is slowly reading through the stories, I was not able to put the book down after I started reading it. I have heard of many of the stories before, but to actually enjoy them in their original form was rewarding. I'm looking forward to get more volumes of the Arabian Nights to share with my children.
Kayo Nakagaki
1. IBC Publishing level 3

2. 10/19 50min 10/20 35min

3. poor, father, dead, lamp, magician, princess, kingdom

4. a The next morning the Sultan was very surprised to wake up and see Aladdin's palace standing in the distance.
b It was so surprising for the Sultan why palace is standing in the distance.

5.I like ”Aladdin” of a disney movie. However, this story is different to that. Finally, it's good that Aladdin and princess become happy.
Nov 24, 2009 Kelly rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: anybody who wants to learn about important morals.
1-i liked it because it taught me a moral about life. this taught me to never repay good with evil, and to mind my own business. this way i will never be put in situation, tht i cant get out of.
2-i thought the fact that it was a frame story wa a little complicated. i had to remember who was telling each individual story and why were they telling the story.
3-i learned that its good to mind your own business or you will be repentant in your actions. i also learned to never repay good with evil bec
This collection includes several folk tales from India, Persia and Arabia, told within the framework of the Arabian Nights story, was translated directly from the original Arabic and intended for a younger audience, ages 10 and up. The familiar story of Aladdin is just one of many tales the beautiful and accomplished Shahrazad tells her husband, a king who has been marrying – and killing – a new wife everyday. But by keeping him entertained with stories of genies and kings, magicians and maidens ...more

Aladdin and other Tales from the Arabian Nights is a very interesting book. Every chapter is unique, but at the same time, they are related to one another. My favorite part is the outter story (Shahrazad and Shahriyar), how Shahrazad convince Shahriyar to change without him noticing. As a student, I learn a lot from this book. Shahrazad told stories to Shahriyar, but we are also learning from it (moral: don't repay good with evil). The most difficult part about this book is the frame story. If y
Well, I can't say that this book was the best that i had read. I enjoyed reading about the fables and the tales that taught something. Eventhough this boook didn't grab my attention in the beginning, some of the strategies Shahrazad used to expressed the morals of the tales did surprise me. I had thought that she was going to tales some individual tales with a few basic lessons to tell Shariyar. The difficult part in reading this book was that it was sort of hard to NOT reading on and understand ...more
I adore such tales alot... There are moral lessons in each tale.
1.what did you like about the book?
well it had manny parts to the story and i like when the fable leads to another fable

2. what didnt you like about the book?
to me it gets pretty confusing when each fable leads to another and whos telling the each story

3. what did you learn from reading this book?
one thing i learned from the fable the fisterman and the jinnee " dont repay good with evil"

4. what was difficult about this book?
the difficult thing about this book is the same as number to you dont
Scott Williams
Evonne Z
I think this book was quite interesting. I like the fact that there were stories inside of stories, telling characters about morals and hinting about what they're doing wrong. People can learn from their mistakes and learn about the good things to do in life. This book inspired me to tell stories about random things, but have a moral in it. If my sister is doing bad, I tell her to work harder and motivate them. I tell them the bad things of what they are doing now and good things if they change.
While reading this book, i feel that it was a little bit confusing. I didn't like how it went from one story to another. Its made me get confused and forget about the story before. Even though it taught some morals, i really didn't need them because most people already know they shouldn't be nosey. The stories were okay, and somewhat entertaining to read. i rate this book 3 stars and recommend for people who need to be taught lessons, and know about consequences and karma.
Michelle Wu
Aladdin and other tales from the arabian nights is a book with unique chapters. Each chapter is about a different story but some how they find a way to connect with each other and come together to become one story.I might read this book again because there are some chapters of the books that I didnt read and it might be fun to read it. I recommend this book to every one especially the people that like fables. but this book has alot of hard names.
I found this book very interesting because of all the little lessons in between the stories. That is one big reason I liked this story it was very informative and taught me more about arabian tales and how they should be told. The storys were also very entertaining with all the detailed scenes and beautifull stories. I like this story because it makes you thinks with all of stories framing each other. Overall im glad I read this story for class!
I thought this book was very interesting. I never read a frame story before but I hope they have similar characteristics as this book. I like how every story flowed into one another and flowed back into the prolugue story of King Shahriyar. I also like how each story has a lesson to teach Shahriyar and even the people in the sub-stories like the fisherman and the jinnee. I don't think there is anything I hate about this book.
Stephanie Luna
I found this book really intresting and sort of fun. Its a preety good book that I would reread again or atleast finish reading the whole book. What I dont like from this book is;the name itslef. This is what made me think the book was going to be boring but it wasnt. I learned a lot from this book; it was plainly full of lessons. There was nothing really difficult. In the end I think this is a preety good and easy to read book.
LuCiita VaNessa FernándEz
"The Arabian Nights" was truly a facinating book. Although it was hard to really follow on it because of its many characters, the plot ws certainly entertaining. "The Arabian Nights" starts off with a betrayal and ends once again in trust. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in tales. From this book, you will also learn some important morals. Overall,the "The Arabian Nights" is a must read for entertainment.
Honestly? Boring.

I know the tale of Aladdin has been passed down over and over, and the version I read may just have been a block of text - but it had so little going for it. Sure, Aladdin meats a magician, talks with a genie, gets the girl. But everything is so easy for him.

I actually prefer a little gusto in Aladdin, chasing the girl, coming clean about the genie - freeing the genie.

Also, songs. And Robin Williams.
Emily  Mateo
What i liked about this book was that the frame stories kept me wanting more, i was really intrigued by the morals and cliff hangers they left . what could of been better about the story line was confusing at times. what i learned from this book was that to mind your own buisness and you can be a big manipulator by telling stories. what was difficult about this book at times was that the vocabulary was hard to pronounce.
while reading this book i learned that you should mind your own business like in the tale of the donkey, the ox and the farmer. I did kind of enjoy reading this book because through out the whole story every tale teaches a moral. and the only part that i didnt like was that at the end of every tale it left you hanging, just wanting to read the next tale.But i think if it wasnt for ms. jones i would of never read this book.
Alondra V.
Even though this book has a tale within a tale within a tale, it's very interesting. The book keeps you entertained because after each tale, a new tale comes. The confusing thing about the book is that each tale connects to the first one. The book is really great because you learn new things form each tale. I recommend this book to everyone who loves to red. Even if you don't like to read, i recommend this book to you.
I think the Arabian Nights was an interesting book but yet confusing. I didnt really understand it as much as I thought I would. Some of the tales were really entertaining and funny and I really enjoyed reading it. Some of the other tales werej just boring and confusing to me. In order to understand the book, you really have to pay attention closely to the details, the most simplest details are the most important details.
Ian Zimmerman
The translation that the reader picks up can affect his or her enjoyment of this work, but it is very impressive in even the worst of tranlations. This is history's greatest framework narrative (yes i put it above Canterberry), and collection of fantasy folk tales. The stories capture the morals and values of Islam as well as entertaining the reader with epic action. Overall, it is difficult to NOT like this book.
The book was great, it was just a little confusing. The book had many challeneges for each character in each story and had a message to the audience that was reading the book. I liked how the characters were so brave and were so generous to put their lives in danger to save their country, like Shahrazad. I didnt really learn anything because all the lessons in the book were already taught to me.
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