La nieta del señor Linh
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La nieta del señor Linh

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Una fría mañana de noviembre, tras un penoso viaje en barco, un anciano desembarca en un país que podría ser Francia, donde no conoce a nadie y cuya lengua ignora. El señor Linh huye de una guerra que ha acabado con su familia y destrozado su aldea. La guerra le ha robado todo menos a su nieta, un bebé llamado Sang Diu, que en su idioma significa «Mañana dulce», una niña t...more
Paperback, 126 pages
Published March 31st 2006 by Salamandra (first published 2005)
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Warning: There is an unavoidable spoiler here.

La Petite Fille de Monsieur Linh (Monsieur Linh's Granddaughter) was published by the award winning novelist and film-maker Philippe Claudel (born 1962) in 2005. In deceptively simple language Claudel tells the story of two older men from whom life has taken more than they can bear to lose.

Monsieur Linh is a refugee from the lengthy episode of mutual and random murder called the American War by the Vietnamese; he is one of the peasants whom all fou...more
Philippe Claudel's Monsieur Linh and his child is a wonderful, original and haunting study of an an elderly refugee from an unknown war torn country. His son and daughter-in-law have died in the war and he is left to care for their only child and his grand-daughter.

This a short book with only 130 pages and therefore not one sentence is wasted with unnecessary information. The remarkable story told within those 130 pages will stay with you long after you have finished the tale. Although I finishe...more
Carmo Santos
"O que é a vida humana senão um cordão de sofrimento que penduramos ao pescoço?"

A Neta do Senhor Lihn é um livro de uma doçura inexplicável. Uma história, onde cada palavra tem um significado que vai mais além do que diz o dicionário. São palavras que trazem consigo odores e imagens de um país longínquo, memórias de uma vida que nunca mais será a mesma, e saudade; muita saudade dos que partiram de forma cruel e deixaram um buraco no peito que nada poderá preencher. Foi com estes sentimentos que...more
"Soy viejo, pero tendré fuerzas mientras haga falta, mientras seas un pequeño mango verde que necesita al viejo árbol"

Nota: Van pasando los días y sigo anclado en esta hermosísima historia. Así que a pesar de que tiene algunos topicazos en su narración, voy a primar la historia en si misma y le voy a dar la máxima puntuación, y porque además soy un sensiblero y el señor Linh me ha dado una estocada en el epicentro del corazón.

Advertencia: No leáis la contraportada, os arruinará el libro.
Este li...more
Monsieur Linh est un vieil homme. Il a quitté son village dévasté par la guerre, n’emportant avec lui qu’une petite valise contenant quelques vêtements usagés, une photo jaunie, une poignée de terre de son pays. Dans ses bras, repose un nouveau-né. Les parents de l’enfant sont morts et Monsieur Linh a décidé de partir avec Sang diû, sa petite fille. Après un long voyage en bateau, ils débarquent dans une ville froide et grise, avec des centaines de réfugiés. Monsieur Linh a tout perdu. Il partag...more
Neil and Elodie Goodman
Feb 10, 2008 Neil and Elodie Goodman rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition Recommends it for: Bernard/Mathieu/Nicolas
Recommended to Neil and Elodie by: My sister
An absolutely heartwarming and heartbreaking story of an old Vietnamese refugee and an old French man. Their loneliness and feeling of loss, in every sense of the term, brought them together. And, through the maze of a hostile town, via a serendipitous meet, the two form a very unlikely friendship, one that will be a salvation for both. Uprooting, the pain caused by exile and loss, the many ravages caused by wars all are piercing the souls into thousands of pieces that are re-sewned by a healing...more
This is a great, spare book, much happier than Les ames grises by Claudel. In the middle section, I starting wondering if this book were going anywhere -- and then BOOM, at the end, everything falls into place with a great surprise! A bit Life of Pi-esque in that respect. Very simple, clear French.
Una linda historia de amistad, exilio y soledad.
Friederike Knabe
Monsieur Linh softly sings a lullaby to his granddaughter's ear as she is snuggled next to him on their thin mattress on the cold cement floor. Memories of a happier life back home keep the fragile old man awake and let him forget the cold and the unfriendly surroundings in the new country... This beautifully crafted, subtle yet intensely imagined story of refugee life and its bewilderment, memories of loves lost and the power of friendship found, is one of the most deeply touching stories I hav...more
Monsieur Linh singt leise, damit er seine Enkeltochter nicht aufweckt. Ganz fest presst er das kleine Bündel an sich, sie ist das Einzige, was ihm aus seiner alten Heimat geblieben ist, alles andere hat er verloren, in einem Krieg, den er nicht versteht.
Dieser Krieg hat ihn zu einem Flüchtling gemacht. Nur seine Enkeltochter Sang-diu hat die schreckliche Zeit überlebt, alle anderen aus seiner Familie sind gestorben, zerfetzt von Bomben und Kugeln, und so ist Monsieur Linh aus seinem geliebten Do...more
Having rushed around like a loon this morning catching up on my day off tasks I sat down a couple of hours ago with a well-deserved cup of coffee and idly picked up 'Monsieur Linh and His Child'. I read it in one sitting, my coffee forgotten and felt genuinely moved by this perfect little novel. I loved this tale of Linh's separation from his homeland finding himself adrift in a strange country, alienated at first by his lack of knowledge of this new environment and culture and his further alien...more
A relatively easy French read from the lyrical pen of Philippe Claudel . . . and a very moving book. In fact, I am tempted to give this five stars, but it might be a little "slight" for such a high rating. An aged immigrant from an unnamed country, probably Vietnam, arrives somewhere in France. He has fled his country in the wake of tragedy and now has only his "petite fille," who is the one treasure of his life that remains. Completely alone and isolated, unable to speak French, and carrying hi...more
Monsieur Linh, an elderly widower in a small war-torn southeast Asian village in an unnamed country, escapes with his infant granddaughter Sang diû and other refugees to a large and impersonal city somewhere in western Europe. He and his child are initially placed in a dormitory room with two other families from his country, who treat the older man with minimal respect and disdain, as Linh trusts no one to watch over or come close to Sang diû, his most precious possession. Lost and culturally is...more
Teresa Dragonfire
Una sobrecogedora historia sobre la amistad entre dos hombres totalmente diferentes, que ni siquiera hablan la misma lengua, pero que cargan con pesares parecidos en el corazón. El señor Linh es un anciano Vietnamita que, tras ver asesinados a su hijo y nuera, no tiene otro remedio que huir con su nieta de pocos meses a un país desconocido a miles de kilómetros de la pequeña aldea donde pasó toda su vida. En esta nueva tierra donde todo le es hostil y extraño, conoce al señor Bark, un "hombre m...more
This novella presents a surreal view of an elderly immigrant's initial contact with his new surroundings. The writing is perceptive, poignant and moving:

He refers to him as "his friend" in his mind, because that is what he really is. The fat man has become his friend, even though Monsieur Linh does not speak his language, even though he does not understand it, even though the only word that he uses is "Good-day". It is not important. In any case, the fat man himself only knows one word of Monsie...more
Translated from the French by Euan Cameron

“Sitting on this bench which, within the space of just two days, has become a familiar little spot, a chunk of floating wood he could cling to in the midst of a strange, broad, swirling torrent. And nestling cosily against him he clasps the last twig of the branch, sleeping its fearless sleep for the time being, without melancholy or sadness; that sleep of a satisfied infant, happy to have found the warmth of the skin it loves, its pleasant smoothness an...more
Claudel si ripete, un’altra fiaba, più o meno per adulti.
E questa volta la mia idiosincrasia per il genere non si placa: non mi è piaciuta affatto.
La delusione è iniziata subito, dalle prime righe, e si è protratta fino all’ultimo, colpo di scena finale incluso.
Dal mio punto di vista, una pessima scelta stilistica per trattare un argomento importante, l’emigrazione.

La cosa più interessante di questo librino, per me assolutamente trascurabile (se non che mi sono...more
Majella Whelan
I had a fair idea that Philippe Claudel would blow me away again. Namaste :-) I actually had to lie still on the couch for a full hour after reading this. The unexpectedness of the realisation that occured IN THE VERY LAST LINE OF THE STORY!!! I had no idea. I had to send my mind straight back over everything that had occurred throughout, with this new perspective that emerged suddenly at the very end. Mr. Linh went straight to my heart! As did Monsieur Bark. The zen of friendship. 'Miracles can...more
Según el propio autor, << este libro es una alegoría,o un cuento filosófico sobre el exilio y la amistad>> Y esto es lo que se encuentra el viejo y cansado señor Linh. Un exilio, un volver a empezar cuando se ha perdido todo, y todo, por su nieta San Diu ( mañana dulce). Un exilio a un lugar ciego, sordo y huérfano de olores, imágenes y nombres. Una metáfora de nuestro tiempo y de una moral caduca, cansada. Pero el señor Linh seguirá en pie y surgirá la amistad con el señor Bark. Una...more
C'est un livre que j'avais acheté un peu sans le vouloir, il était dans une pile de liquidation dans une librairie et j'avais le goût d'un petit roman vite fait avant d'en commencer un plus costaud.

J'ai eu la chance d'être très agréablement surprise ... L'histoire est très touchante, l'idée très originale et bien exploitée, on s'attache très vite au personnage principal, et on ne peut s'empêcher d'éprouver de la frustration quand il fait de rire de lui par d'autres dans le roman.

Le livre m'a lai...more
It's very easy to say ' ah yeah I guessed that was coming'. I never see what's going to happen in a book or film. I did in this beautiful story. I hoped somehow I was wrong but when I got to the last page I realised for sure I wasn't. I cried into my hot chocolate, pretending the heat from the drink was making my nose run as a group for teachers at the next table analysed Croke Park 2. Different worlds, it was a momentary thing!
A wonderful piece of writing, very, very beautiful. A must read!!!!
Read it in dutch in a good translation.
Such a beautiful fiction. Can even imagine the ending like that...
Willem van den Oever
Standing on the back of a strange ship, mister Linh sees his war-torn country disappear behind the horizon. With his granddaughter held tightly in his arm, his journey will bring him to a strange and bewildering city somewhere in western Europe. There, mister Linh has to live on a thin mattress on the cold concrete floor, feeding his little girl.
Then one day, while taking a short walk outside to enjoy some rare rays of sunlight which this city hardly ever seems to see, the old man meets mister B...more
Jan 03, 2013 Lisa rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Lisa by: Stu from Winston's Dad
Shelves: translation, france
Monsieur Linh and His Child is a perfect little book. It’s only 130 pages long, but it’s exquisitely formed and obviously translated with great care so as to preserve the compassionate tone of the original.

Monsieur Linh is an elderly refugee from Vietnam. His son and daughter-in-law have died in the war.

They set off one morning to work in the paddy fields, with the child, and by evening they had not returned. The old man ran. He was out of breath when he arrived at the rice field. It was nothing...more
Claire McAlpine
Monsieur Linh has no choice but to flee his country of birth due to tragedy and destruction around him, war or some kind of tyrannical regime have made it impossible for him to stay, and so he takes a boat with his grand-daughter Sang diu, arriving as a refugee in a country across the water somewhere. The author does not say where he came from or where he arrives at, making this part of the reading experience, in fact we all had various impressions of where the story may have taken place, my own...more
Translated from the French, this is 130 pages of the most exquisite and perfect writing. This little book will touch your soul and leave both a lingering sadness and joy at what the human soul can desire and find.

Monsieur Linh is an elderly Vietnamese refugee who has endured a long journey by boat with his baby grand daughter and one old suitcase. He has seen his homeland destroyed by foreign soldiers, his village, fields, buildings and population burnt and killed, including his son and daughter...more
4ème de couverture:" C'est un vieil homme debout à l'arrière d'un bateau. Il serre dans ses bras une valise légère et un nouveau-né, plus léger encore que la valise. Le vieil homme se nomme Monsieur Linh. Il est seul désormais à savoir qu'il s'appelle ainsi.
Debout à la poupe du bateau, il voit s'éloigner son pays,
celui de ses ancêtres et de ses morts, tandis que dans ses bras l'enfant dort. Le pays s'éloigne, devient infiniment petit, et Monsieur Linh le regarde disparaître à l'horizon, pendant...more
mai ahmd
تحكي قصة إرتحال إضطراري قام بها السيد لِنه بعد أن قتلت أسرته في إحدى غارات الحرب على قريته الصغيرة في فيتنام , لا يجد السيد حوله سوى حفيدته التي تبلغ عشرة أيام فقط يضطر الجد أن يحمل حفيدته ويغادر القرية إلى أحدى المدن الفرنسية ليعمل على تربيتها وذلك ضمن فئة المهجرين , يأوي السيد لنه وحفيدته في مهجع مخصص للآجئين تعيش به أكثر من عائلة وهناك بين صخب الأطفال وعراك الرجال وثرثرة النساء يغني لها كل مساء

ثمة صباح دائما

ثمة ضوء يعود دائما

ثمة غد يأتي دائما

ذات يوم ستصبحين أما ً

الرواية منتهى الإنسانية تع...more
Sarah Shrubb
This has nowhere near the power of Brodeck's Report, but it gets you in the heart a few times. The pain of those who have to leave their land because it's been destroyed by war, along with the people who were there (in this case it's a village in Vietnam) is hard to read. We see the longing for home and the difficulties and strangeness of everything in the new land through M. Linh's old eyes. There is one thing in there that is terribly terribly sad, but it is balanced by a surprise friendship t...more
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Philippe Claudel is a French writer and film director.
His most famous work to date is the novel " Les Âmes Grises " - " Grey Souls ", which won the prix Renaudot award in France, was shortlisted for the American Gumshoe Award, and won Sweden's Martin Beck Award. In addition to his writing, Philippe Claudel is a Professor of Literature at the University of Nancy.
More about Philippe Claudel...
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“«De vez en
cuando un milagro, oro y risas, y de nuevo la esperanza cuando
crees que a tu alrededor todo es destrucción y silencio.»”
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