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The Apostle:  (Scot Harvath #8)
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The Apostle: (Scot Harvath #8)

4.08 of 5 stars 4.08  ·  rating details  ·  9,473 ratings  ·  435 reviews
Every politician has a secret. And when the daughter of a politically connected family is kidnapped abroad, America’s new president will agree to anything—even a deadly and ill-advised rescue plan—in order to keep his secret hidden.

But when covert counterterrorism operative Scot Harvath is assigned to infiltrate one of the world’s m
Paperback, 510 pages
Published May 18th 2010 by Pocket Books (first published January 1st 2000)
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Have read all the Thor books in order, beginning with The Lions of Lucerne--a very good read, by the way.

Thor seems to oscillate between getting overly detailed and technical in one novel to beating us over the head in the next with useless, mundane character traits such as in The Apostle, Harvath drinking Diet Red Bull.

It adds exactly zero to either Harvath's character, the plot or the overall read of the book.

As a veteran, I appreciate Mr. Thor's respect and admiration for what our Armed Force
Mike (the Paladin)
This is one of those that almost made it to four stars by the skin of it's teeth, but I reconsidered and gave it 3. I like Brad Thor and it's quite possible that part of the problem here was me. I've struggled with finding a book I like lately. This was a well constructed story and told a fairly fast moving tale (with only a few slow downs). Somehow I just didn't get into it quite as much as I have other of Thor's books.

Here we start with a newly elected president who's (following the well estab
This is another installment in the Scott Harvath series. No longer a Secret Service agent, but a "security expert for hire", Scott finds himself tracking the kidnapped daughter of a media tycoon who is in tight with the current President of the United States. The demanded ransom for Julia Gallo's life is a high level Al-Qaeda operative held captive by the Afghan government awaiting trial. The President doesn't want to do the trade - "no negotiating with terrorists" is the official policy after a ...more
Brad Thor again shows that he's run out of gas with this lackluster eighth book in the Scot Harvath series. The seventh book, The Last Patriot, was a bad enough novel, but this one is just exceptionally bad. The writing is fine, Thor has the talent, but the problem lies with his describing the same things again and again in a repetitive nature. I've taken issue with these things before in his novels, but never to the degree found in this book. And that may stem from the fact that the story in th ...more
This is about my fourth Brad Thor novel. The stories are ok if not predictable. I am really put off though by the massive amounts of product placement. The Apostle reads like a commercial. Off the top of my head, I remember Kobold watches, Red Bull, Glock, Streamlight, Blackhawk Industries, etc. Not only does it bother me as a reader, but it also strains the credibility of the character. I've worked around many military special operators and I've never seen one wearing an $8000 watch. I've seen ...more
Michael Shore
I have been a big fan of Brad Thor since he began writing the Scott Harvath series. That is officially over. This book stunk. Stunk like a skunk. Either he changed and went off the deep right cliff, or i just didnt notice it in 7 previous books. My thinking is that it is the former. Thor must be going out with Ann Coulter.

Ok, the good part. Horvath likes drinking diet Red Bull. And I liked Julia Gallo the doctor who gets kidnapped. That's it for anything i liked about the book.

The bad and ugly?
Alain Burrese
I read thrillers to have fun, and Scot Harvath's newest adventure in Brad Thor's "The Apostle" was a fun read. I enjoyed it, and look forward to Thor's next book. Brad Thor's hero, Scot Harvath, is one of my favorite thriller characters. I've enjoyed every book in the series. This latest installment is a fairly simple plot compared to some of the earlier books, but enjoyable just the same.

The investigation back in the U.S. regarding secrets kept by politicians was my least favorite part of the b
Sep 14, 2009 Michael rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Lee Child fans, action thriller fans
Recommended to Michael by: Enjoy the author's work
Dr. Julia Gallo is kidnapped in Afghanistan.

In Washington, D.C. the president, Robert Alden, is grateful to Julia's mother, Stpehanie Gallo for her help in his campaign but now her daughter has been kidnapped. The ransom for her release is to free a terrorist imprisoned in Kabul. (Mustafa Kahn).

When Alden hesitates to help, Stephanie reminds him that she has info on the presidnet's addessory in the death of four innocent Americans and the conspiracy to cover it up.

They summon Scott Horvath from
Captivating, another page turner. Espionage, counter-terrorism, kidnapping, insurgents, all taking place on foreign soil with Scot Harvath to the rescue. This story takes place in Afghanistan; Brad Thor eductates the reader as he uses Afghan words to describe the clothing Afghan men wear, and he weaves in other words to help the reader understand the Afghan culture thus helping us understand why some villages and their leaders would assist Scot in his current mission, and why others could not be ...more
William Crosby
The main character does not like Afghanistan and is constantly mocking it. From time to time he lets admiration for the Afghanistan people show (as long as they are not Taliban).

There is also a parallel story which is related to the plot in Afghanistan only if you think of the purpose of the book to be a slam against liberal politicians and their decisions regarding the military and the intelligence community. (Though, really, the conservatives in real life do not seem to be promoting intelligen
Joseph Gruber

A new administration and a new approach to dealing with America’s enemies have left covert counterterrorism operative Scot Harvath without a job. But when American doctor Julia Gallo is kidnapped in Afghanistan, the terms of her ransom leave the president with only one course of action.

In a dangerous assignment that the United States government will deny any knowledge of, Scot Harvath must secretly infiltrate Kabul’s notorious Policharki Prison and free the man the kidnappers demand as ransom:

Another exciting geopolitical thriller from the brilliant Brad Thor. "The Apostle" is the eighth entry into the Scot Harvath-based series, and this novel feels strong and straightforward in its mission delivery. There is a notable subplot that is slightly less even, but still very engrossing as it unfolds, and will presumably have future ramifications for the Scot Harvath character at some later date.

The story here is very easy to follow: covert agent Scot Harvath, ex-Navy SEAL, ex-Secret Servic
While this is a readable effort by Mr. Thor, it is a bit of a muddled storyline. Essentially, there is a Scot Harvath adventure loosely wrapped around a bit of Secret Service intrigue. The two stories really don't mesh and the Secret Service story seems like a thinly veiled set-up for a spin-off. This certainly isn't what fans would expect.
This was the 8th book in the Scot Harvath series, and some new characters have been introduced. Starting with the newly elected US President. As with a lot of politicians they see the chance to gain some political mileage by trimming back in various areas, in this case the intelligence community. Yet when an American Doctor, who just happens to be the daughter of one of the new President's biggest supporters, is kidnapped in Afghanistan it is time to dust off the Norseman and set him doing what ...more
This is really an action-packed story. The fire-fights are intense & vividly described. Scot Harvath has been hired by a very rich woman to rescue her kidnapped daughter, who is a doctor with CARE in Afghanistan. Harvath calls on military buddies to help him. Meanwhile, a less intense conflict involves a Secret Service officer assigned to the Presidential detail. Elise Campbell has a moral dilemma when she overhears a comment. Finally, she acts on it with some surprising repercussions. Harva ...more
#8 in the Scot Harvath series. Poor Scot can't seem to keep a job. First with the Secret Service and then with Homeland Security, he is now an unemployed secret agent specializing in anti-terrorism. Anything in this series is a guaranteed, page-turner thriller.

Scot Harvath's job has been eliminated by new President Alden. The daughter of a major fund-raiser, Stephanie Gallo, has been abducted in Afghanistan and her release is being offered in exchange for that of a major al-Qaeda terrorist, Must
I was desperate for an audiobook and a friend of mine had just mentioned that Orr was her classmate at USC. That clinched it and I decided to give it a try.

It's not a bad listen but I thought the book was flawed in ways that keep me from recommending it. The Afghanistan-based plot is fine. The Secret-Service story feels like an add-on. Thankfully Orr doesn't try to use dialogue for exposition, but he tries to use it for humor and it just doesn't work for me.

Most off-putting is the bigoted Islama
Sam Heckle
I seriously disliked this book. I felt the writing was too detail-oriented for the dumbest things, and it spent way too much time describing pointless scenes that honestly could have been taken out.

I also think more depth could have been given to the antagonists of the novel, because it starts out with a description of one of the orchestrators of the plot. I didn't feel any connection to any of the characters, nor did I find any of the plot and/or subplots to be incredibly interesting.

As a who
Another great thriller by Thor featuring Scott Harvath as the counter-terrorism operative. In this story he is out to rescue a CARE doctor stationed in Afghanistan who was kidnapped by the Taliban.

Within the story is another side story involving the newly elected President Alden. One of his female Secret Service has overheard a disturbing tidbit while on duty. She takes this tidbit and starts her investigations into whether it could be true or not.

The Apostle is a page turner as the reader must
Patrick Peterson
Not all that impressive.
Very patriotic... but of the mindset, that as long as the "good guys" are sharp enough, they can stop the "bad" guys from doing too much bad.

Also seems to think that any amount of killing of "bad" guys is just peachy.

An d of course when the main character/hero lies, that is an ok example of how "the ends justify the means" sometimes, but when the bad guys do it, they need to pay for their sins.

The narrator, Armand Schultz did a great job with the material though. His acce
Paul Pessolano
I wouldn't have to convince those of you who have read Brad Thor in the past to read this book. However, for those of you who have not, if you read Vince Flynn, Lee Child, James Rollins, or Matthew Reilly, you will really like this book.

Scott Harvath can easily be labeled as a super patriot. He has been trained in counterterrorism and has no love for the enemies of the United States. Although his job has been eliminated by the President, he is being asked to take on a secret operation.

Julia Gall
Douglas Cootey
If you love procedural military op novels, you'll love this book. Every detail is spelled out, from the cultural nuances to the rescue plans to the brands of their gear. Thor loves his Harvath character, and the story shines whenever Harvath is center stage.

Unfortunately, the first 3/5ths of the book were setting the stage for the rescue op interspersed with a second storyline about Secret Service agent, Elise Campbell, and her investigation into the President. I found the story a bit slow and
There are two stories in this book. The main one revolves around Scot Harvath who has been hired to rescue an American doctor kidnapped by the Taliban. To affect her release, he has to kidnap a Taliban leader captured by the Afghan police and exchange the prisoners. But the more Scot knows of this evil terrorist, he is determined that he not go free. With the help of several private security people living in Kabul, plans are developed to find and rescue the doctor.

The other story involves the co
Paula Robinson
I didn't love The Apostle as much as the other books before it, but it is a good story. I think that I am still hooked on president Rutledge and I hated the new one before I even met him. Thor did a great job with the secondary storyline, which I found myself wanting to read more about that than what Scot was doing in Afghanistan, though it was a worthy mission. In this book, Thor showed the human side of Afghanistan. As Americans, we see only he "bad" stuff, but rarely get to see what the "war" ...more
Scot Harvath is a man on a mission, brought in to rescue the daughter of a well-connected supporter of the President of the United States, he grudgingly travels to war torn Afghanistan in a bid to bring the woman home.

Right off the bat I realised that “The Apostle” by Brad Thor was going to be an intelligent read. A stranger to his Scot Harvath novels (this is his eighth by the way) I was curious to see how an ex member of the Department of Homeland security would bring his knowledge to print. W
Nice action read, but not much else. Then again, it's cliche, sophomoric,and predictable.

This is your standard action adventure of rescue the damsel in distress. In this case, the damsel is Julia Gallo (an aid doctor) and she has been kidnapped in Afghanistan. The complexity of the idea behind the kidnapping could have been better carried out, because the focus is all on the action. At the end, you hardly even remember why she was kidnapped or that it was just part of a more elaborate plan. The
Sep 03, 2009 Jeffrey rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Thor fans, thriller fans who like secret agent missions
Brad Thor's latest novel featuring super agent Scot Harwath is pretty good thriller material but definitely not heavy lifting. There are two thin plots.

President Alden, the new Head of State has cleaned house after winning election and has gotten rid of much of the intelligence apparatus including Harwath's secret agency, where he was one of the deep agents responsible for fighting the war on terrorism. Alden, who was elected with the aid of Stephanie Gallo, a media mega-millionaire, is beholden
Even though this is the 8th thriller of the Scot Harvath series, it sort of feels like a relaunch of Scot Harvath 2.0. A new president, Robert Alden, has taken the reigns, and already there's trouble brewing against him. Being "blackmailed" from his media campaign mogul that helped him to his victory into the White House.

The character of Scot Harvath has continued, but from this new thriller, a new layer of his life has begun to unfold. Even though Scot had been "dismissed" from his position fro
The novel The Apostle, written by Brad Thor tells of the complex and mysterious mission executed by the intriguing character, Scot Harvath. If a kidnapping is interesting then the book is something you should read. The kidnapping that could destroy America should be the title. The Apostle is the second and best in this trilogy.
The plot is complex, making it hard to predict what happens next. The beginning starts with a woman in Afghanistan being kidnapped at a roadblock that Taliban soldiers set
My first 2011 post after the insane year I had in 2010 reading 100 books. NO MORE COUNTING. I shall read what I read and what interests me, but never again shall I make reading such work!

This is, I believe, the most recent Scot Harvath novel installment, or, maybe just the most recent out in paper. It chronicles Harvath under a new president, who is clearly some sort of slam at Obama; the new Prez has turned Harvath loose, so he's free lancing now, but only for the good guys. This is a twin tale
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