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X-Men: Nation X
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X-Men: Nation X (Uncanny X-Men, Vol. 1)

3.72  ·  Rating Details  ·  1,141 Ratings  ·  48 Reviews
Magneto's return has stunned the X-Men, but that's not the only surprise they're in for as a herd of Predator X's come hungry for mutant tar tar.

The hits just keep coming, but can the X-Men, still nursing their wounds from UTOPIA, deal with this?

Collects Uncanny X-Men #515-522, Dark Reign: The List - X-Men and Nation X 1-4.
Hardcover, 344 pages
Published June 2nd 2010 by Marvel Comics (first published June 1st 2010)
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I must have missed out on whatever big battle/event that led the X-Men to start living on a giant floating rock in the sky. Also, I have no idea what happened previously to Namor for him to end up living with the mutants.
Either I'm reading all of these stories out of order, or I just need to play a huge game of catch-up...not sure.

Even knowing nothing about the lead up to Nation X, I still really liked it.
Supplies are running low, everyone is on edge, and Scott is hanging on by a thread.
The early stories dealing with Magneto were close to "A" quality.

But then all these mostly disconnected short tales dropped down what could have been a B plus to A minus tale from a B minus to B.

MY GRADE: B minus to B.
Aug 20, 2010 André rated it really liked it
Recommends it for: X-Men lovers
I've been curious about Nation X ever since I first heard of the story. I should say that I wasn't very impressed. Don't mistake me, I liked reading the book, but I was hoping for much more. This story is built on the idea of a mutant independent city-state and that by itself should be enough to allow for the development of an astonishing graphic novel.
Nation X shows how the X-Men lead the mutants in a new place, living separately from the regular people, near San Francisco. It's nice to see Cyc
Sep 18, 2012 Anthony rated it really liked it
Shelves: x-men
After the battle against Osborn and the Dark Avengers, the X-men head to their own island of the coast of San Francisco called Utopia. That's mainly what this book is about: the X-men getting settled into their new home, and setting up the status-quo of the X-men titles for the next few years. Also, Magneto comes back - BUT NOT AS A VILLAIN. If you pick up a recent X-men comic, you'll see that Magneto now hangs around with the X-men. This is the story where his 'redemption', if you will, begins. ...more
Sep 05, 2013 Gavin rated it liked it
Shelves: comics
Good story, picking up just after the X-Men and other mutants have moved to Utopia. Problems abound on a logistical level, such as the island sinking (as it's just an asteroid floating) not enough food, etc.
The biggest development here is the arrival of a certain Magnetic personality, a bitter enemy, and what Cyclops will do about the arrival.
There's also some friction with Namor and the Atlanteans.
The book ends with the more or less return of an old teammate thought long gone, thanks to the int
Elin the Lightship
Sep 26, 2015 Elin the Lightship rated it really liked it
First, I just need to give past-me a big hug, or maybe a high-five, for choosing the reading order I did.
The essential ones for me before Nation X was Joss Whedon's Astonishing run and Utopia. Taking off just after the events in Utopia, where the mutants, led by Cyclops, tried to live in peace in San Francisco, this one continues with the struggles our mutants face when living on their new sanctuary - Asteroid M.
When living on a floating asteroid, cut from the human society, one problem or two
I seem to have it opposite than some reviewers here - I didn't much care for the first part of the volume. The illustrations by Greg Land are horrondeous, and I don't particularly care about Namor, Scott or Emma Frost who seems to be the focal characters.

However, I *live* for the second part - the actual Nation X comics are why I bought this collection the first place. Each short "slice of life" stories from the everyday in Nation X - of course when you're a mutant living on a big floating rock
Matt Bromagin
Jun 12, 2014 Matt Bromagin rated it really liked it
Not bad. It actually made me want to get more into the X-Men. The New Mutants that ran when I was a younger fella was/is my favorite super-hero comic of all time. It was nice to hang out with some of these characters again. I also forget that even though I don't like the idea of X-Men being in a shared universe with the rest of the Marvel U, X-characters have the BEST power sets.

The idea of the X-Men seceding from the rest of the world was a little goofy. It isn't the strongest of stories I wou
Feb 16, 2015 alana rated it it was ok
X-Men Nation X might not be a bad book by X-men standards. Despite enjoying the movies and the 90s cartoon show, I’ve never read any X-men comics. The whole large cast and long backstory is super daunting. Since Matt Fraction penned most of this volume, I included it in my readings for Matt Fraction Month with my local GN reading group. Apologies in advance, but I think about X-men in terms of movies.

I could see how the X-men living on Magneto’s former asteroid as an island/safe haven off the c
Apr 11, 2014 Clemency rated it liked it
I really enjoyed the main story arc of this graphic novel. I thought that it was really enjoyable if a little weird in terms of following it in places. Not that it was hard to follow, just that it dotted around different characters a lot which is fairly typical for an X-book. I liked the way Magneto was incorporated into the story and how the tensions were created between the characters. It was all very believable while keeping a fun boisterous sheen which I valued in this comic. I felt that it ...more
Sep 21, 2014 Becky rated it really liked it
Shelves: comics
One of the best parts of this book was when Scott realizes that it's not Emma he's fighting with because she says something that sounds very high-school, and the real Emma would never say that. I showed it to Jasmine and she said, "... Bendis is writing another skrull invasion, isn't he?" LOL. HEADCANNON: it's not really Emma.
The first half is (I think the end of?) Fraction's run, including where he brings Kitty back, YAAAAAAAY! And the part where the Pheonix Force leaves the Cuckoos,
Christina Azzo
Dec 06, 2014 Christina Azzo rated it really liked it
Matt Fraction is a great writer. All the other short story writers were pretty good too. I love Greg Land's and Terry Dodson's art! Some of the other artist were good too. The story is interesting. I really liked how it gave various character time in the spotlight. Some where regular main characters while others were minor ones, but tons got time that didn't feel forced, crammed in or rushed. That was really refreshing. The shorter X-Nation stories at the end were amazing. It was nice getting so ...more
Feb 27, 2011 Mike rated it really liked it
Good solid storytelling, but a little talk-y at first. I like it, I don't love it. It felt like Fraction was just biding time, circling in a character-development holding pattern while the Big Event snuck up in us.
Alex Sarll
The second great era of X-Men comics begins here. Yes, you can go back to the start of Fraction's run if you want, but this is where we get Cyclops finally becoming the leader the battered mutant race needs, telling chrome-domed quisling Charles Xavier to be quiet while Magneto is talking (am I editorialising slightly?). Of course, mostly it gets even better once Fraction hands over to Kieron Gillen. But there's still much to cherish here; I liked the emphasis here (which I don't recall in later ...more
Dec 24, 2014 Aaron rated it liked it
I'm really enjoying what Fraction's doing with the X-Men. He continues to write thoroughly readable stories that build momentum as they go, with various storylines overlapping in ways that allow different characters to take the spotlight at different times, all without feeling like anything gets dropped. Now, Nation X is not a perfect collection by any means. In fact, at times it's a little boring. But on the whole, it just feels like Fraction is actually pushing the X-Men to DO THINGS, where ma ...more
David Edmonds
Aug 02, 2010 David Edmonds rated it really liked it
Shelves: read-2010, x-men
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Jan 30, 2011 Neil rated it it was ok
It is difficult to keep reviewing graphic novels that are part of ongoing series. It is like reviewing chapters of a very long, never ending book. Much of what is good or bad depends on how it relates to previous books/chapters. The collections of most main stream superhero comics are incomplete in themselves.

That said, this chapter of the Uncanny X-Men is pretty to look at (collecting both Greg Land and Alan Davis' artwork) as well as tentatively clever in exploring what it might take to create
I must admit I was initially put off by Namor. A king of Atlantis aquatic people? I mean I love science fiction and fantasy but I tend not to like mixed mediums. X-Men and vampires? X-Men and mer-people, really?

But then I thought more about it, it’s not really any different from the X-Men’s interactions with other worlds and interplanetary politics. I accept that as cannon, so from that perspective I could enjoy the Namor storyline. Cyclops and Emma were strong as ever but I thought more could
Jeff Lanter
Apr 01, 2012 Jeff Lanter rated it really liked it
Shelves: graphic-novels
So this is my first ever in continuity X-Men story. I had heard how hard X-men is to get into and I have to say that those fears were somewhat misplaced. While I didn't know everything about the story (why X-Men were in Utopia for instance), I didn't really need to either. I will say that having read Whedon's run on Astonishing X-Men really helped me appreciate Nation X more however.

The story itself feels huge and the fate of the X-Men looms large. I also liked seeing Namor teaming up with the
Jul 29, 2011 Ernest rated it liked it
As an X-Men fan, there is always an initial enjoyment reading an X-Men work. This enjoyment is normally weighed against a fan's critical reading of any favoured work/world. I have to say that there are good and not-so-good things about this volume.

-For the most part, the artwork is beautiful.
-The overall story (stories) fit well within the 'current' universe.
-The authors integrated the many characters well.

-Some characterisations are off, especially Magneto-he hasn't had those a
Mar 26, 2015 Jenna rated it it was ok
The first half was very different from the second, which were extremely varied shorts focusing on different X-Men. I'd rate the first half a three, as I liked seeing how Utopia first started up and how Magneto rejoined the fold and regained their trust. It still felt rather disjointed, but that could've been because I haven't read all of the Uncanny series.
Jun 25, 2012 Ryan rated it really liked it
Shelves: recommended
This graphic novels collects a lot of different stories that have one thematic element in common in that they are all about the X-Men on Utopia. Unfortunately, Greg Land draws some of it, but he keeps the images of X-Men looking like vapid smiling super-models down to a relative minimum. Balancing out Land's art is some of the nicest art that Terry Dodson ever turned in for this series. The guest artists are all top notch, with a couple of glaring exceptions. But the short stories done by these ...more
Dmitry Yakovenko
Jul 23, 2012 Dmitry Yakovenko rated it liked it
Shelves: 2012
Центральная история всего этого тома, повествующая о возвращение Магнето, поражает воображение и не дает заскучать. К тому же, безумно радует качество и стиль рисунка. Но большая часть тома уделена и другим историям. Историям, в которых нам показывают, как мутанты привыкают к новому дому. И вот эти истории настолько отвратительны и скучны, в них настолько бездарный рисунок, что их просто хочется пролистать, даже не рассматривая рисунки, не то что читать. Центральная история чуть ли не высшей оце ...more
Oct 31, 2014 Bryce rated it did not like it
X-men nation X was a decent book. It had all the mutants living on an island called utopia. Utopia was like a separate nation. The x-men had some internal troubles on the island, like magneto, the x-men's archenemy, returning. However, magneto came in peace. Magneto helped the x-men fight an attack by the x-men's enemies. There are many other things that happen on the island, like Emma Frost being freed of the void. Some mutants decide to leave the island while others stay. Eventually the x-men ...more
Feb 26, 2014 Arturo rated it it was amazing
From the return of Magneto, an attack from Predator X's and the aftermath, of who sent them.. with Fantomex. the science club-x dealing with the island sinking. Cyclops and Emma dealing with sliver of the void taken from the Sentry. And a great heroic act by Magneto. All very well written.
Sep 14, 2014 Aroaspirin rated it it was amazing
Lo mejor que he leído de los mutis desde New Xmen de Morrison. Mucho mejor que todos los intentos de grandilocuencia de Dinastía M, Civil War, Complejo de Mesías o Utopía. El dibujo espléndido y sin mezclar trabas ni demasiados personajes que al final ni aciertas a distinguir.
May 26, 2014 Ron rated it really liked it
I was afraid that this was going to be some monster of the week comics to bridge the gap between some major events. However, when Magneto shows up, it gets really good.
Megan Farve
Jan 30, 2016 Megan Farve rated it liked it
Shelves: 2016-books-read
Not all the stories were great, but I finally got to find out what happened to Kitty Pryde and her ride in the silver bullet. Now to find out how she unphases herself?!
Oct 07, 2013 AGraphicMaduck rated it it was amazing
Shelves: x-books
Just a solid read for me, I really like Fraction's take on the X-Men (this is coming after I've read some Brubaker, and Aaron's Schism, some Ellis (just a note to myself, Fraction's take on Cyclops is more sympathetic/positive compared to Ellis who definitely makes Cyclops a bit of a bossy punk haha) and I know I'm all over the place re: continuity)...the art at first didn't grab me but I grew to like it. I enjoyed the character development and Fraction's take on Cyclops and Magneto's return. Wh ...more
Jan 18, 2016 umberhulk rated it liked it
Would give it a 3 and a half if I could. Fraction used Rogue, Emma, and Magneto in clever ways.
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"How he got started in comics: In 1983, when Fraction was 7 years old and growing up in Kansas City, Mo., he became fascinated by the U.S. invasion of Grenada and created his own newspaper to explain the event. "I've always been story-driven, telling stories with pictures and words," he said.

Education and first job: Fraction never graduated from college. He stopped half a semester short of an art
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