Pecado y virtud
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Pecado y virtud (Davenport Family #2)

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Estaba pronosticado que Reginal Davenport, deheredado y caido en desgracia, tendría un violento final. Pero el destino le ha dado una última oportunidad de redimirse ocupando su lugar como el legítimo señor de Strickland, su propiedad más antigua. Davenport conoce bien a las mujeres, pero nada podía haberle preparado para su impactante encuentro con lady Alys Weston.
Published (first published September 5th 1989)
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 Danielle The Book Huntress (Angels Weep For Goodreads)
Another example of how romantic fiction is not fluff. This book was deep as the ocean. I loved how this book brought together two people who had been hurt or damaged by life, and helped them to find peace and love.

The Rake is an excellent portrayal of a person suffering from alcoholism. And coming from a family where both side has members who were alcoholics, I can testify to this. Reggie reminded me of a few of my uncles. They could have been better men had they not been under the influence of...more
Opening Line: “When two gentlemen are related by blood, they do not usually address each other with formality.”

Based on all the glowing reviews and accolades THE RAKE has received I was really looking forward to sinking my teeth into this regency romance. And I guess because I’d heard so many good things I was a little surprised at well, frankly how dull this was. Even with Putney’s great writing, attention to detail and a reprobate bad boy as our hero this was a bit of a grind to get through.

♡Karlyn P♡
What a GREAT historcial regency-era romance. The passion, desire and tension is taught between the hero/heroine, but in a typical 90's style regecy romances there was very little bedroom action. But I swear I didn't miss it as the romance and tension was so good.

The story centers around Alys, a 30-year old spinster working as a land manager at a country Estate. And Reggie, a wealthy commoner who takes ownership of the estate where Alys works and is shocked to discover a woman running the proper...more
The Rake, huh?
More like ‘The Alcoholic’ but that probably wouldn’t make a good title for a bodice ripper and supermarkets wouldn’t stock it.

This must be the first historical romance written along the lines of 12 steps of AA clubs. You can see it in its structure but I am not admonishing Putney for using it. It provided a good frame for an exciting novel which would get more stars from me if the heroine’s secret and at the same time her reason for hiding from the world for a decade weren’t so ut...more
I'm glad I finally gave MJP a chance, always heard good things about this book and it was excellent. Seemed a little on the long side and took me a while to finish. I'd given up on angst and stress in my reading for April, but decided to try something a little more heavy - this was - and did well.

The hero, Reginald Davenport or Reggie, has a serious drinking problem. He realizes it but is not sure what to do. This may seem like a very negative thing, as it is, but somehow the way the author wro...more
I put off reading this book for seven months because I was really afraid that the hero being an alcoholic would drag the book down, but MJP reminded me of one fact that I had forgotten: addicts are typically very charismatic. And Reggie's charm really kept this book afloat.

I struggled with how to rate this book: I wanted to give it five, but there were a few things that got on my nerves - although I think it's because I just read an MJP title a few weeks ago, and the same thing that annoyed me a...more
After being an avid romance reader for the past 15 years, this is the first book I've ever reviewed. I felt compelled to review this book because it is quite simply the best that I've ever read,...(and I've read a lot!).

Reggie Davenport is the quintessential rake. He is a womanizer, gambler, fighter, and an alcoholic. He is, in essence, on a spiral downward and is basically drinking himself to death. That's Reggie on the outside. On the inside Reggie is a kind, considerate, unselfish, humorous,...more
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Miranda Davis
I tried to enjoy this slowly, in modest servings over time to make it last like a bag of cookies. But come on, this is sooo great I couldn't put it down. Damn you, Mary Jo Putney! Wonderful heroine capable on a dozen levels (as a guardian of young people and female steward of an estate she runs successfully, obscuring the fact she's a she to absentee owners). She's got spine and intelligence but is unaware of her own attractiveness. (The hero's mojo goes Schwing the first time they meet even tho...more
Absolutely utterly fantastic!! Wow - a definite reread. Completely distracted me from my homework, but it was just so wonderful. I was glad to read a good Putney book after finding her most recent release pretty weak. The Rake, however, is not weak at all, but rather completely 100% great!!!

One of the greatest things about this book was that it tackled the very serious issue of alcoholism extremely well, dealt with it compassionately, and portrayed it very vividly/starkly. I *never* get emotiona...more
I had an impulse to hold the hem of this story and to let it walk me around. That is the child in me talking, needing comfort, something/somebody to look upon. In the world of reading, in the genre of HR, you won’t find a better book to admire, to get fascinated with, to mold your opinions around its moods and pace. It’s a very grown-up, exceptionally adult and mature masterpiece.

It made me dry my tears with my fingertips, trying to swallow without the burn in my throat. The understanding of th...more
Reggie, The hero has a drinking problem AND he’s a notorious womanizer. Lo and behold when he meets Alys, the heroine and the reformer to his reformee- he wants to change.

Although this is the biggest fantasy/fallacy pet peeve out there for me in romance, (in other words, the dream that our love can actually change a man), I went along with it because hey, that's why i read romance- to get away from reality. But I will give that it doesnt always work for me, if it feels too implausable.

The reaso...more
The Rake is Reggie Davenport, a man nearly at the end of his rope, drowning in alcohol, and headed for death. He is a rake in the truest sense of the word, and not in the lovable roguish sense so often implied in the romance genre, as if being a rake is really a good thing. He's an alcoholic. He has killed people. He often wakes up and doesn't even remember what terrible things he has done.

And then there's Alys, working as a steward in a man's world, getting away with it only because her employe...more
I liked that the book was dedicated to Bill W. It definitely was very much in line with AA's principles.

My grandfather sobered up through AA and this book mirrored everything he had told us about his drinking and his sobering up.
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Jane Stewart
Average at best.

A few times I was thinking “shouldn’t I be done with this soon?” It was easy to put down. I was not drawn in. And a couple things bothered me - in spoilers.

(view spoiler)...more
Lady Wesley
Alys Weston is running from her past, and Reggie Davenport is fleeing his future. Fate brings them together on Reggie's Dorset estate, Strickland.

It's uncommon, to say the least, for a woman to be an estate steward, yet Alys has been able to pull off that job for four years, communicating with the absentee owner in writing. When Reggie's cousin, the new owner, gives the estate over to Reggie, Alys sees her idyll coming to an end. Yet, when Reggie arrives at Strickland, he proves to be surprising...more
I've read other books by this author before and enjoyed them, but I really loved "The Rake".

I have to say though that Reggie is a bit of an unlikely hero. An alcoholic gambling womaniser who's killed men in duels, he hated his uncle from whom he was set to inherit a title until a previously unknown heir arrived (story told in a previous book). Said heir gives him an estate, where he finds his estate manager is female. She has her secrets too, and for a while it looks as if there are too many pro...more
Oh my goodness...

I just adored this book. It's truly the ultimate romance novel and if the world were full of books as lovely as this one, I would get nothing done and be happy for it.

This is about love, forgiveness, friendship, blooming where your planted, new beginnings, creating the family you want, forgiving the family you have, accepting your shortcomings and finding joy in the journey.

If my conservative friends can get over the "name" of the book - they will find the very best sort of st...more
Okay, I have to preface this with the fact that Mary Jo Putney is not one of my go-to authors. I like her well enough but she's not usually the person I pick up first to read. However, the re-write on this book caused me to sit down and read the whole thing in one sitting.
It has the well-used trope that Lady Alys Weston is masquerading as a man to make it in the world. However, I loved that Putney didn't have her dressing like a male. Nope (this is fairly early in the book, so it's not a spoiler...more
Juana "Darkness" Duran
Reggie Davenport was passed over for his cousin for a Dukedom. Thats when he lost himself in drink and woman. But when his cousin calls on him to come over for a business talk he goes grudgingly. His cousin Richard tells him that he is giving him his inheritance back along with Strickland. Which Reggie excepts. There he meets the exotic Mss. A.E. Weston his stewart, whom he thought was a man but turns out that she is female. Alys immediately takes a liking to him. Alys knows a little of Reggie's...more
Jenny Q
Now that I've read my second Mary Jo Putney, I can say that she has a true talent for creating deep, dimensional characters that capture a reader's heart. I've seen this book on quite a few "best of" lists, and it's the characters that drive this emotional and sublimely satisfying love story.

The only thing Reggie Davenport has ever been good at is winning at gambling and using his winnings to drink away his demons every night. When the cousin who usurped his place in the family succession reache...more
Virginia Campbell
"The Rake", by Mary Jo Putney, features an unusual historical romance story line. The title character is not just a self-indulgent pleasure-seeker, he is a true alcoholic. He suffers blackouts with loss of memory, violent mood swings, and depression. Reginald Davenport, trapped by his heritage, and unbeknownst to him, denied his true birthright, loses his family at a young age. Forced into a regimented education, treated with cruelty and disdain, Reggie learns how to protect himself from others....more
I loved this book. The romance and the struggles of the eponymous rake are beautifully enmeshed; in fact they both carry equal weight within the story. “The Rake” is Reggie Davenport, who is in his late thirties, and who has spent most of his time drinking, gambling and womanising. He’s beginning to realise that his way of life – the drinking especially – is going to kill him sooner rather than later, but continues to drink to excess, despite the warning signs of memory loss and the fact that hi...more
Special note: This is a rerelease of the award winning 1989 novel The Rake and the Reformer. As the author has noted, the story has been polished but the plot remains the same.

An unconventional partnership turns to love. Two very unlikely people are about to meet. Country life in Dorset is going to get very interesting. How can an alcoholic and a female estate manager find their happily ever after? It will not be an easy road. Especially when there are three wards, an evil advisory and a secret...more
Sara Ramsey
My book club read this book last week, so I'm a bit late to the party (the party having started...oh, twenty years ago, when THE RAKE AND THE REFORMER was originally released :). I really loved reading it, and it was a great book for book club because it prompted a lot of discussion about the characters' journeys and emotional arcs. I highly recommend this book, particularly if you like unconventional heroines (which I do) and reformed rakes (who doesn't?). All of the characters are wonderful, a...more
Liz B
4.5 stars.

Oh, how I miss long romances. It seems like everything now has way too much white space on the page. This was long enough to allow some beautiful character development, and I was able to be absorbed in the story for more than an hour or two.

This is a story about redemption and transformation--and what I liked about it most is that the original title (The Rake and the Reformer) is misleading. Reggie is in fact reformed, but not by Alys. He does it himself. Loving Alys is part of Reggie'...more
Edna Lyn
The Rake has been on my to-read list for a long time. I first heard about this book at the amazon forums. It was a title I saw on quite a few people's top 5 favorite historical romances.

What made this one unique was the topic of alcoholism. Reggie, the hero, suffers from the disease and like many others have said, it was a realistic account. Alys, the steward at the estate, is a woman who ran away from past. She was the perfect counterpart to Reggie and being a friend to him, helping and unders...more
I read a fair bit of romance. It's where I lodge when I am tired or cranky. This one ended up in my pile because my mom gave it to me. I really enjoy sharing books with my mom, although our tastes are more of a venn diagram than a complete clone. She said that it was meatier and more thought-provoking than she usually read.

That's because it's about an alcoholic and his extremely competent female estate manager. Alys, the female lead, reminded me a bit of Heyer's Venetia, which is a plus. She is...more
A Voracious Reader (a.k.a. Carol)
Reginald Davenport is a disinherited alcoholic rake. Lady Alys Weston has been sort of masquerading as a man in order to keep her job as steward of Davenport’s newly acquired estate. The two are about to meet and their lives will be forever altered.

I loved it! The hero is flawed and the heroine is strong. The story flowed smoothly, the plot was engaging and the characters were interesting. I loved how Davenport struggled to beat his addiction to alcohol. It was a compelling account and had me ro...more
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She writes young adult fiction as M.J. Putney.

Mary Jo Putney was born in Upstate New York with a reading addiction, a condition for which there is no known cure. After earning degrees in English Literature and Industrial Design at Syracuse University, she did various forms of design work in California and England before inertia took over in Baltimore, Maryland, where she has lived very comfortably...more
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