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The Fox

3.39 of 5 stars 3.39  ·  rating details  ·  991 ratings  ·  67 reviews
Sharply observed and expertly crafted, D.H. Lawrence’s The Fox is a captivating work exploring the dual themes of power and supremacy in the aftermath of the First World War. Banford and March live and work together on their meager farm, surviving hardship only by sheer determination and dedicated labor. The farm is their world, a place of safety—that is, until a young sol...more
Paperback, 112 pages
Published April 1st 2003 by Hesperus Press (first published 1923)
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Joselito Honestly and Brilliantly
Two ladies in a farm. One a little bit attractive, the other not so. The former with imagined ample, soft, round breasts: the latter, with imagined small, hard-as-a-rock tits. "Imagined" because the male protagonist didn't say he saw them. He just imagined them.

The ladies are there by themselves trying to earn a living taking care of their livestocks, mostly chickens. But they are losing chickens because of a fox who raids them when no one is looking. One time, the prettier of the two ladies had...more
I like and hate D.H. Lawrence.

On the one hand there is something enjoyable about his books, I don't quite know what that something is though. I'm trying to figure it out, but it's just not coming. Somewhere in most of his books that I've read there is something that I like (not love) about them. Not enough that I should have read six of them though. In the case of this book though, I only bought it because I've had luke-warm experiences with Lawrence, but I am a sucker for foxes. The cover is r...more
Diane S.
3.5 It has been a very long time since I have read anything by this author. The Fox, is a novella that I happened to own.

It chronicles the lifestyle of two, rather different women, at the turn of 1900's. March and Bagwell, want to live alone on a farm that primarily raises chickens. Not only is this frowned on during that time period, but these women know next to nothing about farming or chickens. Another challenge they must deal with is the war, which has made feed and other necessities diffic...more
Sunny in Wonderland
This was on THE LIST. Hold on --- let me correct that punctuation.
This was on THE LIST?

I'm not entirely sure what I just read. I mean, I get that the animal fox was the foreshadowed representation of the human fox. And, I get that the proverbial fox stole the proverbial hen out of the proverbial hen house. But, the story was not engaging or very interesting. To me.

Thankfully, it was short. Here's the even shorter (abridged) version:

**********SPOILERS BELOW**********

March: I'm the pretty one.

Oct 06, 2008 Werebot rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: latent lesbians who enjoy being beaten over the head with a metaphor.
D.H. Lawrence's prose is often described as 'muscular', which I think is another way of saying 'mostly bullshit'. Very forgettable. Don't bother.
After a certain age (perhaps 30? perhaps as early as 20?), one probably shouldn't read too much of DH Lawrence's writing, or too little of it. Now and again I return to his fiction, poetry, and essays either to reread something or take on a new work. He's a unique, over-the-top, incantatory, powerful writer whose contribution to human psychology remains unverified by almost anyone else. When I say this I'm not referring to his exploitation of oedipal themes, per Freud (Sons and Lovers), but of c...more
Mahdi Bigdeli
زن با تمام وجود می کوشد ، می کوشد تا مرد را خوشبخت کند ، تا حد توانایی اش برای آسودگی دنیا و آدم هایش تلاش می کند و همیشه سهمش جز شکست و ناکامی نیست
Along the tree line the fog settles in the field, hairs awake start hoping around on alert from cunning foxes, birds each chirp their own tunes. In the farm house up the slop the farmer and his wife too awake, make coffee to get ready for the chicken and cows, get food prepared for lunch and supper, lights illuminate their process through the house as they make their way out the front door to begin the day. At the porch the farmer and his wife button up their wool, lace up work boots. Max the ta...more
724. The Fox, D.H. Lawrence
روباه - دی.اچ. لارنس (باغ نو) ادبیات

رمان «روباه» بار نخست در سال 1923 میلادی منتشر شد. فضاسازی عالی از تصویر پس از جنگ، و واکاوی ژرفای درونی و ذهنی انسانها، «روباه» را یکی از بهترین کارهای آن دوران، و دوره ادبی «لارنس» کرده است. رمان باید حدود سال 1919 میلادی رخ داده باشد، چرا که به «اپیدمی آنفلوآنزا» اشاره شده، همچنین «روباه»، به دلیل اشاره به مصیبتها و سختیهای پس از جنگ، یکی از نمونه های درخشان ادبیات این ژانر است. «لارنس» در انتهای کتاب همچون یک قصه گو، انگار که بخو...more
Sometimes I read a book and give it 3 or 4 stars and then a week or a month later I go back and upgrade it. The book perhaps played on my mind, I mulled and pondered its secrets, and I love books that make me do that.

This book is kind of the opposite. I gave it 4-stars and now I kind of want to drop it down. I don't know, maybe a solid 3.75 stars.

I have never read any D.H. Lawrence and I have always intended to, for some reason I thought he was an Australian author.

I like that this book is meant...more
The only DH Lawrence I ever read before tackling this book was "The Rocking-horse Winner", an odd little story about love that borders on the Oedipal and luck that borders on insanity. While I could write a paper about it, I'm still not sure I get it. When I tell people that they just say, "That's Lawrence for you."

When I started The Fox I had "The Rocking-horse Winner" in mind, however, I wasn't really ready for the whole story and plot synopses gave no indication as to what I was getting into....more
This short story is a great read for someone who is just getting into Lawrence. One can get a great feel for his style without having to read one of his 500 page novels. However, it is important to note that while his style stays consistent in many ways throughout his works, still they are all VERY different and if you do not like or "get" this work, but maybe find it intriguing or interesting in some way, I would highly recommend reading Women In Love, which I think is probably his greatest wor...more
Banford and March are two women living together on a small farm, trying to make a life from it. Their peaceful existence is interrupted when a young man comes to stay with them and decides to marry March.
I'm not sure I really understood this book. I did read it rather quickly, but it was not really a book I cared to dwell over. Both young ladies seemed rather silly and naive to me. The young man seemed both cruel and kind. I suppose he is a metaphor for a fox, itself, but I don't really understa...more
Free download available at eBooks@Adelaide

This story is not so impressive as any other book written by D.H. Lawrence.
I love this story. It seems people either love or hate D.H. Lawrence, well I am slightly obsessed with him, and this story is a good example of why. His descriptions, symbolism and metaphors are just insanely beautiful, in my opinion. I am so drawn into his work and his writing style. I love the strange way he repeats things, the way he leaves you hanging, leaving it out there, so that you can wrap your mind around it and mold it yourself. Sometimes I will read just a simple sentence or two from...more
یه چندتا پاراگراف داره ک کار رو تاثیرگذار کرده ، یکیش اینه که درواقع میاد امیال غریضی انسان هارو نسبت ب هم بیان میکنه ، چیزیک خیلیا دارن باهاش میجنگن :
زن مرگ را تقدیر خود نمیدانست . سرنوشتش را ب دست جوانک سپرده بوداما تکلیفش با او روشن نبود .مرد میخواست زن بدون مقاومت خودش را تسلیم کند و در برکه ی وجود مرد فرو رود اما زن میخواست آرام بنشیند و مانند کسی ک ب انتهای راه رسیده تماشاگر باشد .میخواست ببیند ، بداند ، بفهمد تنهایی و خلوت را دوست داشت ب شرط آنکه مرد کنارش باشد .
و مرد ، او نمیخواست ک زن...more
Very very good. Lawrence is brilliant.
Cooper Cooper
D.H. Lawrence is D.H. Lawrence: this short novel pivots on a relationship triangle: two manless thirtyish women are barely making ends meet on their small farm when along comes a young soldier, grandson of the former owner, and since housing is very hard to find (the story is set just after WWI) the women invite the soldier to stay awhile, and after a few days he attempts to make it permanent by proposing to March, the more vigorous but also the dreamier of the two women. Thus begins an emotion...more
Some hustler could make 2 or $3 million transforming this book into a moody English film. But I'm glad he doesn't! I'd much rather read it, slowly, over two weeks -- though it's only 195 pages. The front cover calls The Fox "a taut masterpiece of savage sensuality," which is true, though the book isn't terribly sexual.

The Fox proves once and for all that Lawrence is a feminist. Are the two protagonists lesbians? My answer: they are, and they also aren't. (Though their names, Banford and March, i...more
Lindsay Roberts
I picked up _The Fox_ from Vesoul's public library, which has a very limited and truly quirky selection of books in English. This version is an easy-reader version for non-native English speakers complete with vocabulary and illustrations! This now strikes me as bizarre because while technically it is a short story/novella, it is anything BUT simple and straightforward to understand!
The story is a sort of romantic triangle between three people--two girls who live together on a farm and have a so...more

This is the third book I have read by D.H. Lawrence, and it was recommended to me by a friend who had no previous introduction to the author's work, and who had subsequently dismissed Lawrence as a misogynist. I should think my friend is very wrong. I felt that the book's length affected the depth, yet the story was told with simple precision, and the characters reached their proper ends, though rather hastily, and without the long fleshing out that his other novels (Women in Love, Sons and Love...more
Small book with a big story.

The story in this book is intriguing and vintage Lawrence. We have 2 women making do in the country, a fox that menaces and a young wayward soldier returning home from war to what he thinks is his grandfather's cottage. Now the cottage belongs to the women. Of course this will not do so he tries to manipulate the cottage back by falling in love with March, one of the women..and so he becomes the embodiment of the fox..the plot thickens as relationship "develops" and...more
Mark Stephenson
The first Lawrence I've read impressed me greatly and induced me to read the Britannica bio on him as well as the first chapter of Lady Chatterley's Lover. The Fox,which will never be accused of being obscene, tells a story of an unusual courtship between a soldier on leave and one of two maiden ladies trying (with limited success)to run a chicken farm in England during World War I. The soldier shoots a fox which has been despoiling their hen house and succeeds (in a measure) in despoiling one o...more
Hmm, not sure. At first I liked the dark & sinister storytelling. But then as it went on I found I couldn't keep the characters in my head and had to keep returning to the first page where March and Banford were described. Not particularly easy or satisfying to read.
"She was the woman, and he was responsible for the strange vulnerability he had suddenly realized in her."

What a strange little unlove story. I think I prefer Lawrence in small doses such as this story, rather than his longer novels. Although this is only the 2nd piece by him that I've read.

I'm not really sure what to write about this story...the characters are all pretty unlikable, the ending was a bit unexpected, but it was well written, and portrayed some interesting views on relationships an...more
Jori Richardson
The story of two young women who live on a rustic farm together. March is a quiet but strong dreamer, and Banford is a delicate, practical thinker.
The simplicity and order of their life is changed and turned upside down when a handsome young man named Henry Grenfel appears randomly at their doorstep, intent on seducing one of them (it doesn't seem to matter which, just whoever happens to respond to his charms first).
A short, but powerfully written little book of romance and friendship. Even afte...more
Tim Petersik
on the surface this is a story of how a young man comes between two women living comfortably together in the country. At a deeper level, though, Lawrence tells us about how independence can kill a relationship. At the same time, dependency in a relationship is like death ... sleep. In other words, you can't win. Expertly told in Lawrence's. winning language.
This was my first foray into reading D.H. Lawrence; it's an easy read, certainly a slim little volume. I was drawn to it by my interest in early 20th century literary depictions of gay & lesbian lives: two of the three primary characters in The Fox are young women who have taken it upon themselves to run a small farm together. It's a piffle of a book, one that I doubt will linger with me for long, but despite that impression, it was still an enjoyable read. A classic love triangle, with grea...more
Susan Merrell
Oh, wow. My son told me to read this, and he was right. Terrific novella about a love triangle in post-war England that made me wonder if Shirley Jackson read The Fox before writing We Have Always Lived in the Castle. Lawrence has the most perfect sense of character distance--he lets the reader know what the characters think, but at the same time is able to communicate precisely what it is the characters DON'T know without betraying the limits he's established. Gorgeous sentences. A simple story...more
The name is apt but injustice makes my blood boil
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David Herbert Richards Lawrence was an English writer of the 20th century, whose prolific and diverse output included novels, short stories, poems, plays, essays, travel books, paintings, translations, literary criticism and personal letters. His collected works represent an extended reflection upon the dehumanizing effects of modernity and industrialisation. In them, Lawrence confronts issues rel...more
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