Walking Dead, #4: Amour et mort
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Walking Dead, #4: Amour et mort (The Walking Dead #19-24)

4.27 of 5 stars 4.27  ·  rating details  ·  14,462 ratings  ·  471 reviews
Rick et son groupe de survivants ont trouvé refuge dans un ancien pénitencier. Après avoir investi et nettoyé les lieux, ils font la connaissance d'anciens détenus et découvrent alors que l'ennemi n'est pas forcément celui que l'on croit. Après avoir neutralisé la menace immédiate d'un dangereux serial-killer au sein même de la petite communauté, Rick, en leader naturel, t...more
133 pages
Published February 6th 2008 by Delcourt (first published January 1st 2005)
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Jon Purkis
This comic reads like it's been written by a 15 year old boy with a constant erection.

The Walking Dead is a great premise poorly executed. The characters are insipid, with no defining qualities to empathise with. The plot rapidly and repeatedly flits between killing and sex, with little meaning or worthwhile emotion given to either. This volume is particularly bad, portraying every character as sex-crazed. Almost every adult character has had sex, often with different partners, as if in a world...more
Anthony Chavez
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Suicide  Blonde
Before I address anything else about this series, I have say, Robert Kirkman? You have some issues when it comes to women. Thusly, you can't write women accurately. At all. The female characters in this series are either bitches, sluts or nagging harpies (or some combo of the three) who just wanna wash clothes, sew, have babies, fuck men, and maybe, in a completely out of character move, kiss another woman. Also, the children in this book are like Disney show characters, ridiculously blinking up...more
May 08, 2013 Nermin rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: easily entertained
Shelves: comics, bullshit
0 stars.

Would anyone care to explain me why these comics are so popular? Why do people like The Walking Dead so much? Why??? I've never seen so many flat and horrible characters together. None of the characters in the comics so far has any redeeming qualities. They are all fucked-up, selfish, shallow and stupid human beings that you would try to avoid at all costs in real life. All they do is fight over trivial things, almost every day someone is committing suicide for no goddamn reason or killi...more
Contains what I think is the most chilling part of the narrative so far -

(view spoiler)
Sam Quixote
The subtitle to The Walking Dead should be: A Post-Apocalyptic Soap Opera as the series veers away from depressing horror to hokey melodrama in this fourth volume, appropriately titled The Heart’s Desire, as if it were an episode of Melrose Place!

The cliffhanger of the last volume is dealt with in no time at all, as if that entire last volume’s conflicts didn’t matter at all, and a new character called Michonne appears, while another character dies, and a lot of relationship stuff happens.


These are so bad, yet I can't stop reading them. I guess I'm just curious to see the plot differences between this and the TV series (the TV show is far superior to the comic).

This volume was equally ridiculous as the last two. (view spoiler)...more
Based on the glorious Book of Moroni from the holy Book of Mormon Another Testament of Christ.

The Book of Carl

1. An epistle of my father Rick, written to me, Carl; and it was written unto me soon after my calling to the walking. And on this wise did he write unto me, saying:

2. My beloved son, Carl, I rejoice exceedingly that your beautiful cheating Mother hath been mindful of you, and hath called you to this earth to slay Zombies.

3. I am mindful of you always in my prayers, continually praying u...more
The pace is still there and the story is still gripping. The zombies are still around and unrelenting. The prison is still their fort against the undead. Relationships between the people shift, some more die and control has been shifted. A decision has been made to vote for the new leader of the group. Sanity of many are still up for a shrinks assessment. I'm still loving it. I have not yet started watching the Tv series, after the next volume and when I have read of The Governor, it should be a...more
Now I have an additional concern that the writer of this series has never met a woman. These women don't want any say in decision-making, they complain about the decisions that are made by others, they get raped, they die, they get scared and want their men to protect them, and they seduce dudes, including dudes who are taken. It's a weird world.
Dr. Ben
Just read the first 4 books all at once. I find the treatment of zombies (which is more along the Romero lines than the more modern 28 Days Later/infection model) interesting, and I like the *concept*, which is a focus upon the drama and dynamics of small-group survival amidst a zombie apocalypse. But the execution is muddled. The writing can be poor, the art is nice but ends up with characters that are sometimes difficult to differentiate (that improves as the books go on, but is still present)...more
T.W. Brown
The Hearts Desire is the fourth volume of Robert Kirkman’s Walking Dead franchise. He teases the reader just a bit in the beginning after leaving you hanging at the end of Safety Behind Bars. The opening scene introduces a new and mysterious woman named Michonne.

This installment picks up the snow globe that is the world of our survivors and shakes it really good. It seems everybody gets their own scene in this one which is nice because it extends the depth of attachment the reader feels towards...more
"We become them!" exclaims a beat-up Rick Grimes. "You think we hide behind walls to protect us from the walking dead! Don't you get it? We are the walking dead!" As much as I've hated Robert Kirkman's inability to tell a great story, I have to admit it that the six issues collected in the fourth volume of The Walking Dead series is the best thus far. We're finally hitting the primal instinct, the savage within all the characters that had laid dormant until the last panels feature Rick's realiza...more
jeez, Rick. Melodrama much?
Jun 26, 2007 Dan rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: die hard with a vengence zombie fans
Read this to continue the story from the first books.

The art and writing haven't improved, however while still highly derivative the execution of the story is getting better and more original.
Oh, Robert Kirkman, you've shocked me once again. I'm always surprised how many completely unforeseen and utterly shocking things can be crammed into these short volumes. The Heart's Desire, the fourth volume of The Walking Dead manages to kill off even more "since the beginning" characters. The group is attacked by more zombies, even within the supposed "safety" of the prison walls. We continue to see the living hurting each other in ways even the dead can't manage. The devastation continues at...more
Yolanda Sfetsos
The fourth volume of The Walking Dead includes issues 19-24, and introduces the popular character Michonne. Although her sword-wielding intro is pretty awesome, I wasn't so impressed with her after she starts living inside the jail with the others. I'm hoping that her character develops a lot during the course of the series.

Anyway. About this installment--awesome, violent, unexpected, and still shocking. Just when you think things can't get any worse, they do. Friendships are tested, relationshi...more
(view spoiler)...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Kelsey Trinkner
This volume starts off with action right away. There is a woman with two zombies on chains. The zombies are missing their jaws as well as both of their arms. We later learn her name is Michonne. She finds her way to the prison after she hears gunshots. Back at the prison, Andrew forgot to shut the gate and the walkers are piling in. This battle results in the loss of two of the prisoners, Dexter and Andrew. Dexter whom Rick kills during the attack and claims he must have stepped in the way of on...more
The Flooze
A chaotic, insane installment. If you thought the shit hit the fan before...

The Heart's Desire brings to a head much of the pent-up anxiety of the previous volumes. It ain't pretty. The dilemma of maintaining order through savagery is addressed head-on. So is the quandary of responsibility - how much each member of this select group must bear. Now that a semblance of normality has been attained, true colors are showing. The deep effects of their experiences are no longer festering beneath the su...more
Arielle Walker
(Some spoilers) This particular volume frustrated me a little. I've really been enjoying Rick's "descent into madness", but found it a little forced - happening for the sake of it happening, rather than letting the character fall there at his own pace. I can understand if people disagree with this, it's just a personal feeling.

Michonne, however, really annoyed me. I've been looking forward to her appearance since day one, as friends of mine who read the series wax lyrical on how wonderful/bad-a...more
Lauren Stoolfire
I love The Walking Dead comics and tv show. Since I've read Volume 3, I've watched season two and three of the show back-to-back. I'll admit it took me a little bit to get back into the swing of the comics - where the story is, who's still alive, etc. - but once I did I absolutely sped through this installment! This particular volume isn't as action-packed when it comes to the zombies, but it is very much more character and relationship driven than usual. Rick's "We are the walking dead" speech...more
Volume 4 of The Walking Dead shows small glimpses of a community starting up within the prison. There are issues that still need to be resolved. This could have done better without the mass amounts of sex scenes, I feel that it would have been better to maybe set up defenses around the prison. Although the story was still told well and the art still fits the Walking Dead style. I would recommend this to zombie fans, The Walking Dead fans, and horror fans.
I was a fan of this book as I am of most zombie based things because I find them interesting. In this book the group finds out who they can trust and who they can not and also the relationships between major characters are changed or established. I recommend this to anyone who is a fan of zombies and and The Walking Dead but you most definitely should read the first three before this.
Feb 25, 2010 RØB rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Zombie fans
Recommended to RØB by: John Holste
Like many other graphic novels, THE WALKING DEAD tends to suffer for me because/when I take any amount of time between reading one volume and the next. It's extremely interesting/compelling stuff, if occasionally contrived, but I have a hard time remembering the stories behind some of the peripheral characters, or even flat out who they are. Maybe it's because THE WALKING DEAD is in black and white, or because several of the main characters genuinely look a lot like one another, don't have too m...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Larry McCloskey
With Volume 4, things are getting rough - both for our heroes and the reader. The slipshod artwork is really becoming annoying and stands as the biggest problem I'm having with the series. They introduce characters quickly and generally in groups. With only the artwork to tell what's going on, those secondary characters quickly get blurry and confusing. This volume does a better job than the previous of pacing, though - it doesn't feel as rushed. The group continues to dissolve as people turn on...more
"The Heart's Desire" was my least favorite of the first four volumes, due primarily to its heavy focus on melodrama and petty in-fighting. Side note - I'm halfway through volume 5 as I write this review, and I'm happy to report things are back on track.

Volume 4 introduces Michonne, the cloak-wearing, sword-bearing, zombie-escorting badass. I closely follow news regarding The Walking Dead television show, so I was well aware of Michonne's status as a fan favorite, and I'd been anticipating her ap...more
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Robert Kirkman is an American comic book writer best known for his work on The Walking Dead, Invincible for Image Comics, as well as Ultimate X-Men and Marvel Zombies for Marvel Comics. He has also collaborated with Image Comics co-founder Todd McFarlane on the series Haunt. He is one of the five partners of Image Comics, and the only one of the five who was not one of the original co-founders of...more
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