After Life
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After Life

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Since the seventh grade, Alex, a retail slave, has secretly been in love with his best friend, Morgan, a web cartoonist. Unable to overcome social awkwardness, they both find themselves in very separate lifestyles as they reach adulthood. Amidst these distanced and inhibited lives, Alex and Morgan are suddenly faced with the literal end of the world. Corpses around the glo...more
Paperback, 268 pages
Published April 1st 2009 by CreateSpace
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Robert Beveridge
Jaron Lee Knuth, After Life (CreateSpace, 2009)

With the current glut of zombie lit, which is not only coming at us from the major labels and the specialty presses (there's even one, Permuted, devoted solely to zombie lit) but the self/vanity publishing world as well, it's pretty much guaranteed that a lot of it is going to range from the mediocre to the terminally bad. While After Life is paint-by-numbers, it's much closer to the “mediocre” than the “terminally bad”, so if you're jonesing for zo...more
Felicia A
Sigh. No, really. SIGH. You know, I really, really hate it when I am all ready and excited to sink my teeth (heh) into a new zombie book and it lets me down. I guess there is only so much you can do with the zombie formula at this point, and I always like it when there are some new and different twists.

There really arent't any in this book, but the story had a proper ending, which a lot of these books don't. I think I get what the author was trying to do, but it really just comes across as a zo...more
This started off quite good, and gruesome.
Though, as it progressed i was bored.

It really annoyed me how long it took for Morgan to accept they were zombies.
When you've just seen someone die, get back up, then eat someone else, i think it's easy to know they're zombies!

Morgan and Alex's relationship did annoy me at points, because i found the story to be more about "i really like you, but we can't.. can we?" than trying to survive.

The bit in Walmart was kind of good, but after being bored for so...more
Jennifer Lee
The dead have started to come back and eat people. Alex and Morgan are in love but too angsty to say so. They try to survive.. ish. That about sums it up.

It wasn't bad, I just found that it lulled alot in quite a few places. There just wasnt as much surviving as I would have wished. But there was some really intense parts no doubt. I did like the fact that they pretty much looked out for number one. I think that would be the most realistic way that a zombie apocalypse would be done, in the sense...more
Eva Leger
I'm still fairly new to the zombie genre so I'm not sure how much credit my reviews should be given. I've, so far, liked most of the zombies and/or end of the world books I've read.
I liked this as well. It seems as if the author knows exactly what he's doing when he writes about the zombies themselves and how people survive during an attack or outbreak.
The biggest thing I did not like about the book - and this is fairly large in this story - is the relationship aspect. I just can't stop thinki...more
Jessie Banach
One of the best love stories I've year in a year, at least. Sure, it has zombies. Yeah, the world has ended, and people in Wal-Marts across the nation are still crazy whack jobs. But the love story between the two friends, out shines the awesome gore scenes, the dramatic on the edge of your seat parts of them trying to get food from other apartments and having to fight with the inhabitants, or even the funny/silly parts of them getting drunk on the roof.

The world has ended. People are dead and c...more
Amber Carson
After Life By Jaron Lee Knuth was a great quick read! I sat down to read this book with low expectations and was pleasantly surprised! This book was a real page turner and kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I did feel like it kind of ended abruptly like possibly the Author was rushed. but other than that I really liked it. the characters were realistic and likable. i would recommend this book!
Glenn Bullion
I agree with what I've read elsewhere that it started slow, but got cranking later. I like this zombie story because it was the first one I've read that I thought included a solid romance as well.
So there is this guy, who is an Walmart employee (he tried studying IT at college, but man, this was way too boring and easy). He wants to boink his bff, but to his shock and horror, she gets engaged to a rich guy with a career (what a jerk that other guy is!). His neighbor is a nasty racist sexist not-hugging-his-daughter and possibly-not-huggable pr*ck and his life is meaningless (the Walmart guy´s, not the neighbor´s) . But then! The zombie apocalypse comes and all his dreams come true. He be...more
Alisha Marie
Let me start out by saying that I am a huge zombie fan. Zombie movies just cause hours of enjoyment while simultaneously scaring the hell out of me. When it comes to reading zombie books, I'm also a little apprehensive because I'm not seeing the gore and horror on screen. I've only read one previous zombie book (The Forest of Hands and Teeth) and enjoyed it and since I saw that After Life was only 99 cents in Kindle format, I decided to buy it. I thought that it was just okay.

After Life starts o...more
Mitchell Cook
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Alexis Winning
Overall, Afterlife is a decently crafted book. I certainly wish I had read it early on in my zombie lit experience because, although a well crafted piece, nothing new was gained in my mind.
Afterlife follows the formula of a good zombie book pretty closely, and manages to throw in a little romance to boot.

I would recommend Afterlife to someone who is just trying out the genre. It's a good "gateway book", and there was nothing in particular that annoyed me. It was engaging, well written, and focu...more
-Sencillez correcta, pero sencillez al fin y al cabo.-

Género. Ciencia-Ficción.

Lo que nos cuenta. Durante un inesperadamente inclemente día de mayo, se desata una plaga zombi que acorrala a Alex, un joven introvertido, pacifista, fan de los comics y de las figuras de acción, y a su amiga Morgan, metida en el mundo del comic de forma profesional y a la que supuestamente su prometido ha dejado sola en la ciudad para acudir a un casting cinematográfico. Los acontecimientos llevaran a la pareja de am...more
Mindy Magee
I really like B grade zombie stuff, but this just didn't have it. I'd suggest The Undead Situation by Eloise Knapp instead for a very similar but far more adrenaline packed take on the same genre.
Just finished reading it and I cried my eyes out, I think the ending was sweet but the author should have had more interaction between Alex and Morgan, I think it shouldn't have ended like that and it would have been better with another book, to see what happened after they left his dad's house as it is all rather confusing.

It also does not explain what happened to all of the Zombies and how they managed to find a cottage and live a normal life. It also never explained how Morgan and Alex finall...more
Melissa Koczur-mitchell
Would have been better w/o the cheesy love story.
Hmmm, how do I feel about this story? Well, I guess it wasn't quite what I was expecting, but that isn't to say I didn't like it. There was an enormous amount of blood and gore, with the author giving great detail. I was hoping there would be more about Morgan and Alex as a couple, but that was highly brushed over so don't expect romance because you won't read about it. This was more a story about survival and what people would do in order to assure their survival. I think both Alex and Morgan r...more
I found this as a free kindle book, and because of that had low expectations for this read. But... I was mind blow by what a great story it was. Except for the few typos, its excelently writen. The story started a bit slow for me, but by day 4 I was hooked! Great read, if you are a consistant zombie reader, light romancer or even just an action fan. This is one fiction novel you cant pass up. I have every intention to buy this one in print to keep on my shelf to reread!
Jane Mann
3 stars, maybe 2 and a half...
I don't know what to say about this book other than "ok".

While the story itself was reasonable, albeit a little predictable, I found the words used to be very repetitive. There was many times where different adjectives could have been used instead of repeating the same word.
Was an ok read though, I don't regret the time I spent on the book.
Andy Nielsen
Disappointing. The idea and story line started out good enough. But it was as though at some point there was a whole book and half of it got edited out. the descriptions were lacking, the situations were simplistic, and there was hardly any resolution to those simple conflicts.

Was a Bummer cause I could've spent the time on another book I am finishing.
Mary Hartshorn
This book was surprisingly good for yet another zombie story. I was pleasantly surprised. He really talked about survival, pushing Alex and Morgan to face death head on. They made the conscious choice of doing what it takes to survive and save the ones you love. Pretty bloody and gory but well worth the read.
Shaunte Baptiste
I love zombie apocalypse books. This one was alright though. I loved the concept of the love story in it, and I loved Alex and Morgan. I also loved the fact that there was a happy ending.

I hated the fact that I felt like it was kinda missing something. I can't quite put my finger on it though. (Sighs)
Tiffany Tinkham-Graves
Another can't put down zombie apocalypse book that is a definite recommendation for the science fiction fans out there!

I'm afraid to say anything about this book for fear of messing it up for anyone interested. Just read it!
I'm a huge fan of zombie books and although this one wasn't as intense as the usual zombie novel, it was still a good read.
I would recommend this book to someone looking for a good zombie read but with not as much intensity
Daniel Donnelly
Nice story with a boy-meets-girl love story intertwined with survival of a Zombie apocalypse. Writing style picks up after the first few chapters and is worth reading.
Yeah, 99.9% of the world's population dies from a zombie invasion and this guy tells his kid it was worth it because people can't hurt the planet anymore. ...more
I enjoy zombies. Brains, brains, and more brains! This book reminded me of Walking Dead but with a twist ending.. I just wished it was a little longer.
Shawn Camp
Decent read, but couldn't grow attached to the central characters too much and with part of this being a love story as well doesn't help at all.
Ronnie Jacobs
My first zombie book and def not my last. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Reminded me a lot of 28 days and 28weeks later. Both are films I enjoyed
Michael Ricketts
Decent idea for a story but it was not well connected. Kinda forced the characters on you. I liked it overall though.
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Jaron Lee Knuth was born in western Wisconsin in 1978. Suffering from multiple illnesses as a young child, he was forced to find an escape from his bedridden existence through the storytelling of any media he could find. Science fiction and fantasy novels, television programs, films, video games, and comic books all provided him with infinite worlds for his imagination to explore. Now he spends hi...more
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