La délicatesse
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La délicatesse

3.64 of 5 stars 3.64  ·  rating details  ·  3,052 ratings  ·  449 reviews
« François pensa : si elle commande un déca, je me lève et je m’en vais. C’est la boisson la moins
conviviale qui soit. Un thé, ce n’est guère mieux. On sent qu’on va passer des dimanches après-midi
à regarder la télévision. Ou pire : chez les beaux-parents. Finalement, il se dit qu’un jus, ça serait bien. Oui, un jus, c’est sympathique. C’est convivial et pas trop agressif....more
Paperback, 200 pages
Published August 20th 2009 by Gallimard (first published 2009)
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Jul 03, 2013 Manny rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition Recommends it for: People looking for superior French chick-lit
He had managed to navigate his way to the French language section of the bookshop; now he had no idea what to do. Some of the titles were at least recognizable. Madame Bovary... but surely she would have read it? And the same went for Du côté de chez Swann. Maybe this was not such a good idea after all.

"Can I help you?"

The assistant - a lapel badge said her name was Sophie - looked like she was in her late twenties. Short dark hair, earnest expression, French accent. He cleared his throat.

"I'm l...more
Corinne Kevorkian
J'ai adoré ce livre. La Délicatesse est un petit joyau. Une ode à l'amour, à la vie - rempli de perles fines et d'objets rares. Les phrases surprennent et enchantent. Les personnages ravissent, même dans leur faiblesse et laideur, mais surtout dans leur vérite et leur fragilité. Je suis tombée sur ce livre et cet auteur par hasard. Un peu comme Nathalie sur François ou Markus. Quel cadeau divin! Je suis maintenant une convertie. David Foenkinos est un maître de la langue française - un language...more
o livro é muito simples, mas isso é o que o torna tão especial. A historia é muito básica, Nathalie e François são casados mas inesperadamente François morre. A partir daí conta a história de Nathalie e do seu novo amor, Markus. Pronto e é só isto, e ficam vocês, que história mais sem sal mas o livro tem outra particularidade, faz várias referências a livros, filmes, peças de teatro que fazem todo o sentido para quêm está a ler o livro. A escrita é sem grandes floreados mas é única, sensível, de...more
wow. i can't believe how terrible this book is. it's a french novel that was apparently nominated for or won all five top french literary prizes. really, france? this book is honestly nothing but an ode to the shameless disregard for sexual harassment law. but i guess france is the same country that gave us dominique struss-kahn. maybe i shouldn't be surprised.

i put this on hold at the library based on a review that said it was about how a woman recovers after the sudden death of her young husb...more
Jessica Gaskin
This was an unexpected pleasure. I came across it on the Amazon kindle daily deal and decided to give it a try. There is something quite abstract and mythical about this novel that pulls it out of the 'chic lit' category and makes for a much more interesting read.

The main character is almost as much of a mystery to the reader as she is to the three men who become enchanted with her. And yet as a reader you share their enchantment and want to know more about her. Markus is also a character whom w...more
J'avais espéré un roman plus nuancé sur l'amour naissant après la perte mais au lieu de cela on patauge dans les stéréotypes et dans le sentimentalisme. L'écriture est correcte mais comme les personnages et les situations sont soit fades ou mélodramatiques, il est difficile de rester intéressée. Markus, cet homme qui fait preuve de la délicatesse du titre, est juste un gars attentif, sincère et amoureux. Une espèce en voie de disparition en France? Je crois que c'est parce que je suis Américaine...more
If ever I chose the right book to read at the right time, this book was it. I’ve been muddling through books for what seems like years, liking some well enough and recognizing some that deserve to be categorized as amazing (i.e. Unbroken) but, it’s been a long while since I’ve picked up a book that I didn’t want to put down. It seems even longer than that when the book also qualifies as great.

Even so, I’m nervous giving this an “amazing” rating but...I’m going to! Because, I loved it. It’s easy...more
Un livre d’un auteur encore inconnu pour moi, David Foenkinos et son œuvre qui a reçu dix prix littéraires. Je pense sincèrement que ce roman méritait fortement ces prix. J’ai beaucoup aimé la forme et le style, qui était très drôle. De plus, j’ai littéralement adoré l’histoire d’une veuve qui retrouve l’amour sans le chercher. L’écriture est compréhensible, avec une qualité toute facile.
Un livre sur le hasard, mais aussi sur le moment de découverte d’une personne, comme François découvert dans...more
Another holiday read. I find this one charming, and very delicate. I like the author's writing style, quite unique with bits of random things that relate a bit to the story, enchanting characters that are flawed, quirky but real. I like Natalie, I find myself wanting to know more about her and how her relationship with the people around her evolve.

More excited to find that a movie starring Audrey Taoutou is to be released soon, based on this book. I imagine her when I read, and what a perfect ca...more
Grosse déception pour moi que la lecture de ce roman, best-seller de l'été ! J'avais été séduite par le charme décalé de la photo de couverture et l'extrait en quatrième, qui semblaient annoncer un texte drôle, pertinent et inventif. Mais j'ai eu vraiment du mal à finir... L'histoire m'a paru improbable, les personnages inconsistants (malgré le personnage de Nathalie, très touchant au début du roman), la fin convenue. le roman est émaillé de petites listes qui, bien que tendres au début, m'ont l...more
Someone at work left this on my desk with a note saying she thought I would like it. We shall see.

Update.... blah. Quirky, Frenchy chick lit. The first part is well written in spite of its inherent melodramatic quality. The second half....well. The boss/villain is ridiculously overdone, behaving in ways no sentient being ever would in any dimension. Meanwhile the hero/love interest appears to be suffering from Aspergers. I would have given it 2 stars but then I got to this part: "She understood...more
I think this book thinks it's charming, but it just left me feeling gross. The main character is this woman who is barely even a person, just a beautiful face with vaguely strange habits. Of course, everyone loves her for no special reason. It just seemed like the author really wanted to fuck Audrey Tautou and decided to write a book about what he would like her personality to be, but he didn't even care that much and just put in a bunch of random crap to make it sort of like Amelie.
Also, don't...more
Muito original; escrita criativa; leitura cativante.
Sam Quixote
Francois meets Natalie. They fall in love and get married. Francois dies in an accident. Natalie is devastated. One day, years after Francois' death, she kisses one of her colleagues, Markus, on a whim. Could Markus be Natalie's lifeline back to love?

If I'd read that synopsis I would have said that no way would this be a novel I'd enjoy nor think it could possibly work, but having read the novel I can say "Delicacy" is a discovery for me - it's a really good novel. But it's more than a romance n...more
Minh Huy
Tôi nghĩ mọi thứ xảy ra đều có thời điểm của nó, ngay cả việc ta đọc một cuốn sách cũng vậy. Và "Mối tình Paris" cũng đơn giản là một cuốn sách đến đúng thời điểm, cũng như một câu trong cuốn sách: "Có những người tuyệt vời mà ta gặp không đúng lúc. Và có những người trở nên tuyệt vời vì ta gặp họ đúng lúc.”, dường như "Mối tình Paris" trở nên tuyệt vời hơn đơn giản vì nó đến với tôi đúng lúc.
Câu chuyện tình yêu không hề có chút ủy mị này có lẽ là thứ mà tất cả mọi người đều cần, để vượt qua nỗi...more
Loved this book and the two wonderful main characters!!
Je me suis laissée prendre par ce livre en parcourant Amazon à la recherche de nouvelles idées de lecture. David Foenkinos a un style d'écriture facile à lire, un peu le genre de livre qu'on trouverait dans les boutiques Relay d'une gare un jour gris avant de prendre le train...cependant, ce livre facile et rapide à lire nous raconte bel et bien une histoire, entre émotion, faits et humour décalés : la vie de Nathalie, de sa rencontre avec celui qui deviendra son mari, jusqu'à sa chute le jour o...more
Benito Cuchillo
Un joli roman de reconstruction amoureuse.

voici un livre à découvrir que j'ai lu sur un malentendu, sa jaquette, où il est écrit que lors de sa première rencontre avec Nathalie, François en offrant à boire à cette inconnue, se dit que si elle choisit un jus d'abricot, il l'épouse. J'ai donc cru qu'il s'agissait d'un récit aussi léger et amusant qu'avait pu l'être son précédent roman : "le potentiel érotique de ma femme", que je résume à un sourire fugace.

Il y a dans cette dernière de couverture,...more
Oct 31, 2012 Kats rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition Recommends it for: lovers of quirky French literature
3.5 stars if I could.

Clearly I was going to like a book that starts with the sentence Natalie was rather private (a kind of Swiss femininity). It doesn't happen very often that the Swiss or their country get a mention in this sort of context, so obviously I was keen to read more. The second thing that very much appealed to me as a reader was the fact that not only is the book short and therefore manageable, but it is split into 115 chapters. Yes, you read that right; one hundred and fifteen! So...more
Agnes Fontana
Non alors là !!! Ce livre est d'une vacuité totale. Une gentille fille, un peu nunuche, rencontre un gentil garçon, ils se marient mais pas chance il meurt. Elle est bien triste alors son patron balourd et sûr de lui mais pas si antipathique commence à lui faire la cour avec ses gros sabots. Elle décline, mais faut croire que ça a réveillé quelque chose chez elle parce qu'aussi sec elle embrasse le garçon du service, timide et délicat à force de ne pas plaire aux filles, et puis ben ils se mette...more
What a great quick read and a warm-hearted and abashedly lovely book. Natalie Portman(the character, not the actress)loses her husband Francois after he is hit by a car several years into their marriage. She pours herself into her job(more than usual, which is truly saying something!)and tries to forget how to live, except at work. Her boss has an-almost stalker-ish crush on her(to no avail), and she finds herself intrigued by, and eventually falling for, the oddball of the office. He's a comple...more
I won this book in a giveaway. It's a French novel originally published under the title La délicatesse and translated into the English by Bruce Benderson.

I'm not sure if it's me, or that I'm not French, or not reading it in French, but I just didn't get the book. The story is about Natalie. She meets Franḉois, they fall in love, and they get married. Eight years later he gets killed while out running. I'm not spoiling anything. This happens very early in the story. It takes Natalie a while to ge...more
“Delicacy” ist eines der Bücher, die ich mir aus England mitgebracht habe.
Ich wusste, dass es mittlerweile verfilmt wurde und da ich die Hauptdarstellerin Audrey Tautou absolut süß finde, möchte ich den Film natürlich sehen, daher hieß es für mich: Buch lesen!

“Delicacy” oder “Nathalie küsst” ist ein sehr französisches Buch. Französische Bücher und französische Filme finde ich immer “speziell”. Man muss die Art mögen, um das jeweilige Werk würdigen zu können. Es sind meist die leisen, poetischen...more
Ingrid Fasquelle
D'abord déstabilisée à la lecture des premières pages, il m'a fallu apprivoiser le style particulier et déroutant de David Foenkinos. Les phrases courtes s'enchaînent, l'intrigue avance rapidement, si rapidement qu'en quelques pages 3 ans ont déjà passé dans la vie de Nathalie... Quelques pages avant que je ne réalise que j'avais déjà envie de connaître l'histoire de Nathalie...

L'histoire, pourtant banale, d'une reconstruction après la perte de l'être aimé, aurait très vite pu devenir larmoyante...more
Liebe ist etwas Zartes und wunderschönes, das merkt auch Nathalie schnell, als sie Francois kennen lernt. Sogleich ist ihr klar, dass sie ihr Leben mit ihm verbringen will, auch wenn er sie total überrumpelt hat.
Die beiden verbringen ihre Zeit miteinander, planen ihre Zukunft, heiraten – und werden dann ohne jede Vorahnung voneinander getrennt: Francois wird überfahren und Nathalie muss zusehen, wie das
Leben aus ihm fließt. Die folgenden Jahre sind schwer, denn all die Pläne lösen sich plötzlic...more
Julie (julie37619)
First of all, I must point out that this is a movie cover - possibly the first movie cover I've ever found tolerable. I like the shot, I love Audrey Tatou, and it doesn't look all movie-like. Plus there's just a tiny blurb about the movie itself on the cover. AND, I am pleased to know it's a movie because I liked the book and, like I said, love Audrey Tatou, so I'll have to hunt it down. It's the story of a young widow's second chance at love with an awkward, slightly geeky co-worker.

If y...more
Sherry H
What I loved about Delicacy:

I loved that the main character EMBODIED the dictionary definition(s) of the word. What a great concept. I loved discovering each aspect of Natalie's delicacy. Reading my friends' Goodreads reviews helped me to pick up on that. I can be a blockhead about such things, but since I read those reviews, it was a beautiful thing to discover.

I also loved the mini-chapters where some tangential thing about the prior chapter was explored or clarified. Amusing, charming, delig...more
Delicacy was a novel that I pursued for months, my interest being sparked by my favourite French actress Audrey Tautou playing the main character in the upcoming film. However, I was bitterly disappointed once I did begin to read the novel. The writing style was detached and disengaging, with several footnotes added that didn't enhance features or specific personalities of the characters.
The author's need to separate the 250 pages into 115 chapters irritated me to the point where I felt compelle...more
Yazmin Duran
Cuando vemos que un libro tiene más de diez premios, nos da a entender que es un libro excepcional, único y muy interesante, y hace que nos dé demasiada curiosidad por ver que es lo que esconde este libro para que tenga esa cantidad de premios. Este tipo de libros nos "obliga" a esperar mucho de él, pero creo que este no cumplió todo lo que se prometió.

Es una historia muy bella, pero creo que el autor no supo expresarla bien. No describe bien los sentimientos de los personajes y hace que pensem...more
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