The Green Book: The Everyday Guide to Saving the Planet One Simple Step at a Time
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The Green Book: The Everyday Guide to Saving the Planet One Simple Step at a Time

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Ellen DeGeneres, Robert Redford, Will Ferrell, Jennifer Aniston, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Martha Stewart, Tyra Banks, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Tiki Barber, Owen Wilson, and Justin Timberlake tell you how they make a difference to the environment.

Inside The Green Book, find out how you can too:

- Don�t ask for ATM receipts. If everyone in the United States refused their receipt...more
Paperback, 201 pages
Published June 19th 2007 by Harmony (first published January 1st 2007)
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Oct 06, 2007 Crystal rated it 2 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: recyclers 101
Shelves: earth, nonfiction
Lovely cover design and interior format. However, the book was disappointing. It'd serve as a nice introduction for those who haven't a clue how to recycle--and by that I mean those entirely void of clue.

First two chapters were okay, but then it became very repetitive, in ideas and advice, and annoying, in analogies and attempts at communicating just what vast changes can come about by being environment-friendly.

For example, it was tolerable the first twenty times they used such equivalents as...more
I really liked how this book gave a lot of statistics. If you cut your shower by 2 minutes, you'll save 10 gallons of water. It really brings things to light, and I wrote down a lot of tips on what I can do to cut down on waste and conserve natural resources.
The information was basic and repetitive.
When confronting issues of ecology and conservation, I can often feel hopeless -- that no matter what I do, it's not enough. Or my efforts make little effect at all. This book made me feel that one person can -- and should -- do what she can to help save the planet. Not only were there hundreds of ideas on how to make small changes, the impact of those changes was clearly spelled out. Now I now that by skipping the beef in one meal, I save 2500 gallons of water. The same kinds of comparisons are...more
Anna Engel
This book does so little and wastes too much paper (recycled or not). It's so disappointing. Its "Simple Steps" are silly and don't offer much useful information. Likewise, the suggestions made in each chapter are almost goofy. For instance, there was a whole paragraph about which type of inflammatory device was best for the environment (plastic lighters vs. wood matches vs. paper matches). Also, every single suggestion was concluded with an outlandish if-we-all-pitched-in statement like (I'm ma...more
J.D. Corrigan
This is not a book you should read if you are hoping to learn about a lot of different ways that you can live a greener life. It's basically a bunch of celebrities sharing a thing or two about what they do to be "green." I'm not sure that I really need to hear that Jennifer Aniston takes three minute showers to conserve water. That's great, but I'm not sure that it would move a reader to do the same or really teach someone how to live a greener life. I'm not sure that the average person who is i...more
Kristal Cooper
This book goes way beyond the advice: "Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle" -- although many of the suggestions are soundly based on those principles. Each item they address has a simple trade or fix, the reason why it's better, and an example of the positive result from the change. (IE: Buying a patio furniture bench made from recycled plastic will prevent 2000 plastic bottles from entering a landfill.)

The book is organized into sections like Entertainment, Travel, and Shopping for those who just want to s...more
(transcribed from a 2009 blog entry)

This holiday season, I received two books detailing how we can help the environment.

The first one, the New York Times' green book, was a disappointment. The celebrity vignettes are well-intentioned, if at times bizarre (William McDonough and Cameron Diaz?)

Some of the advice in this book isn't very good. Take the following Travel tip:

Seek out locations that aren't overexposed, overcrowded, or in environmenmentally sensitive areas. Overcrowding in already densel...more
Claire Frances
I borrowed this 100% recycled book from the library. This book is full of information about how to save the planet, how to make an impact on global warming if people don't recycle or care about the planet, how to save your money by converting your habits of transporting, cleaning, beauty, food, and more. It contains contents of home, entertainment, travel, technology, school, work, shopping, health and beauty, sports, money and finance, and building-- each of them tells you how much you would sa...more
Printed on 100% recycled paper, The Green Book reads more like an anecdotal children’s encyclopedia (minus the pictures) than it does a full-fledged book. The 12 chapters, each covering a common space or activity such as home, work, school, and travel, systematically present simple ways in which readers can decrease their ecological footprint in each space. Each chapter contains 3 sections, including a section introducing the big picture, followed by 3 simple steps to becoming greener, and, fina...more
Jan 27, 2011 Brenda marked it as to-read
Shelves: didn-t-finish
Simply being aware and changing our daily habits do make a difference honestly. Though I don't need movie star testimonials to encourage me to do so. This book has hundreds of doable and simple changes or choices we can make to conserve and make an impact on our planet. Some I already practice and others are things I hadn't thought of:

Just getting started on are some easy changes you can make..can you do any of these? Not buying bottled water, taking your own shopping bags for grocer...more
Jamie Clarke
This book is billed as one simple step at a time idea book for making greener choices. And simple it was, too simple if you're already living a relatively green-aware lifestyle. I put this book down so many times that I finally just gave up and skimmed it for any ideas that I wasn't already following or had not at least heard. Frankly there were only a handful; most were only slightly better than basic common sense, both ecological and economical. Additionally there seemed to be very little scie...more
I got this book from my mom for my birthday. It's printed on recycled paper and it contains tons of good ideas and tips to help save the earth. I appreciate that! I did learn many little ideas that I did not know about, and I'll keep this on my shelf forever!

The only complaints I have are that after literally every idea, the authors tell what kind of impact you can have on a global scale if you choose to do the specific thing. For example, use regular soap instead of buying special baby body was...more
I think I've read too many green books. They are seeming quite repetitive. And I don't appreciate the "dumbing down" factor for this one, as it uses the pathetic ploy of chapters written by celebrities which are not insightful or interesting.

However, there were a few tidbits of interest:

There is supposedly a new DVD format called Blue-Ray, which stores more info and uses discs with 50% paper content, making them shreddable and more recyclable! Though the format is not widely compatible yet, I...more
Dec 26, 2007 Sara rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: every single person
This book provides steps for a simple approach to living less wasteful lives. Reading this book doesn't make you feel guilty and it doesn't preach. Instead, it shows you how simple changes can help you use the resources we take for granted more efficiently.

I also found this book to be a useful reference guide for making informed decisions. It contains an index and is arranged by topic, such as "home", "school" and "shopping" so you get specific pointers for distinct areas of life rather than as...more
heather van de  mark
Kind of a waste of space of a book. I would think even in 2007 people would have known to turn off the tap while brushing their teeth, do some of their grocery shopping at local farmers markets, and to not have hotels wash their linens everyday. On top of the pretty lame tips, there are these 1-page wisdoms from celebrities on how they got in touch with the eco-friendly world: during their trip to Africa, when they bought a Prius (2x), or how they recycle at home.

"You don't have to change the...more
Feb 12, 2011 Brian rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommended to Brian by:
A nifty little book that can be read in a matter of hours. It really should serve as a reference. Most of it is common sense. Not much new to me here and I'm already doing nearly everything they recommend. So in that sense, I was disappointed. I read it to learn something new, not to reaffirm that I'm doing the right thing. A few things, like the efficiencies of dishwashers and microwaves are based on certain assumptions that don't necessarily hold in all cases.

They use a lot of analogies to il...more
It was a quick read with a lot of helpful information. Though some of it started to get redundant. I did not like the celebrity commentary. I dont need to read about a celebrity's green living history to care about making changes.

Also, some of the statistics were questionable, for instance, it would say something like, if all households America stopped doing "this" then "that" would be the result. But that would only be true if all households in America did "this" in the first place. I understa...more
Stephanie Marie
I pride myself on making a tremendous effort at being green. I had heard wonders about this book and picked it up, along with a few other green living books. This is the only one I still haven't finished.

It has tons of little tips. But nothing really jumped out at me as extraordinary. There was little I didn't already know or do. The book was cool-- made out of recycled paper, throwing in a pop culture appeal with all the celebs-- but it was dry. Statistics, statistics, statistics-- that's all...more
The Green Book's advice for living a greener lifestyle is still relevant and just as attainable as it was in 2007. The tips inside are simple, and though not all fit every lifestyle, there are a few for anyone. Anyone looking for ways to conserve and care for Earth should pick up this book.
Aug 11, 2008 Zandy rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: everyone
This is a good "overview" book with lots and lots of ideas to get you started in turning over a new green leaf (seasoned "greenies" will also likely find some ideas they hadn't previously considered). I did think it had a number of useful suggestions that anyone could put into practice and I, of course, love the suggestion that all parents should try cloth diapers. The style of the book, short blurbs on each topic giving one "simple" idea in each paragraph, make the ideas very accessible, but al...more
I really liked this book--very quick read, very interesting, lots of good information and ways to apply conservation techniques in every area of our lives. I kept a little notebook right next to me the whole time to write down things I thought we could do; things like buying reusable air filters for our home that are machine-washable, using baby bar soap instead of soap in the plastic bottles, auto-switching power strips, getting off the mailing list for junk mail (
This book is a quick and easy read with practical "green" tips. A good entry into the treat the world right movement. A lot of common sense and stuff you might already be doing or can easily do. What I would have liked to see more of is the "where you can do this stuff." For instance, how do I go about finding a "green" dry cleaner, where can I find a recycler for my electronic waste, etc.? Maybe its a site that is out there or one that needs to be created, but that would have definitely been he...more
Nicole Carter
This book was wonderful! It gives you a lot of simple things that you can do around your house to help the environment. It also has things that you can do that I hadn't heard of before. I also like the way the author of this book compares the energy you would save doing something eco-friendly to something else. For example, if lets say 1 out of 3 people did a certain thing (mentioned in book) for the the environment, it would save enough paper to completly fill the Empire State Building! Things...more
Natalie Longarini
Love that it was printed on recycled paper, so immediately it practices what it preaches. Includes imple and feasible ideas on how we can all do our part to help save the environment. While what they are telling us isn't exactly groundbreaking, and most of us are aware of these options, they're easily obtainable in our every day lives but alot of people just forget about these choices that are available to them. Also contains information people may not be aware of, such a e-waste. Also has a ton...more
A.K. Klemm
Very handy and useful. Easy to read through in one sitting, manual/ list style; a bit repetitive.
Do you care that Jennifer Aniston turns off her shower while she shampoos her hair or shaves her legs? Each chapter features a celebrity snippet of how and why the celebrity is "green". So Owen Wilson drives a Prius. He's renting a huge mansion in Miami right now and powering our homes create a lot more greenhouse gasses than our cars... Celebrity endorsements are sort of a red herring, if you ask me.

This book is okay. It's a quick read. If you're already green, there's not much to learn here. B...more
The green book is really a collection of tips to living more ecologically responsibly - sort of like a magazine - organized by subject and area of life. One of the best things of it is that references at the end which provide a long list of websites that you can go to for additional information or if you're interested in purchasing certain eco-products. The book did not really tell me much that I do not know about living A green life but rather served as a quickly read reminder of areas in my ev...more
The celebrity testimonials are lame. But...

Phone books. Call to stop phone book delivery and then use an online telephone directory instead. Telephone books make up almost 10 percent of waste at dump sites.

Cheese. Buy block cheese instead of presliced individually wrapped servings. The energy used to make the plastic wrappers for slices of American cheese amounts to the equivalent of more than 13.8 million gallons of gasoline per year - enough for the entire population of Milwaukee to carpool ou...more
I think this book should be required reading. It should be practiced, preached and engrained into our society. It has great information (some of it just slightly outdated as our world has gotten worse for the wear in just 5 short years since it was published) and easy tips for you to lighten your carbon footprint in a multitude of categories, with corresponding facts/numbers on what kind of change would occur if _# of people adopted each practice. If you haven't read it, you should. Hell, I'll m...more
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