Wonder Woman: The Circle
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Wonder Woman: The Circle (Wonder Woman III #4)

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An army of foes called the Olympians have risen to begin their all-out assault on war across the globe and only Wonder Woman can stop them! One particular attack could spell the end of the Department of Metahuman Affairs and end WW's secret identity of Diana Prince. And Wonder Woman's life is changed forever when she faces a monster named Genocide who easily goes toe to- t...more
Paperback, 160 pages
Published September 29th 2009 by DC Comics (first published September 23rd 2008)
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Gail Simone makes Wonder Woman look cool. Finally. Even the dorky much-lampooned Lasso Of Truth is a wicked weapon in her hands. Simone, you're my hero.
I've heard very good things about Gail Simone's run on Wonder Woman, so I went in with high expectations. Luckily, I wasn't disappointed. Yay! This particular volume feels very exposition-y, and it bears remembering that this is right after the highly ill-advised Amazons Attack! storyline (which I am boycotting). In other words, it's a lot of foundation. It felt like a solid foundation to me, and it opened up a storyline that I wasn't expecting, relating to Diana's birth. More will come of this,...more
Not being that familiar with other Wonder Woman stories, i really enjoyed the depth of character put into this book. I felt like it was really clear how heroic a character Wonder Woman is from the writing, i enjoyed the art as well. Just very honest and grounded, which is hard to do in the format.
Michael Wilson
I think that Mercedes Lackey said it best (by quoting Gail Simone) about Gail Simone's vision of Wonder Woman in the introduction: "When you need to stop an asteroid, you get Superman. When you need to solve a mystery, you call in Batman. But when you need to end a war, you get Wonder Woman." And the stories contained within illustrate why GS's vision is so powerful... and show why many times the knock-down-drag-out fights are not always necessary, and that you can be unafraid to fight, while li...more
Eowyn Randall
So, I didn't really have any notions about Wonder Woman going into this, but I was grabbing comics that looked interesting at the library and I remembered hearing good things about Gail Simone a few places in my internet wanderings, so I snagged this.

Mostly I enjoyed this volume. I was definitely out of my depth for a lot of it. I've got some serious catching-up to do on Wonder Woman's mythology.

Gail Simone has knack for dialogue that's funny and driven without seeming scripted or forced. The ba...more
Kim Dyer
I have somewhat mixed feelings about this comic.

I adore the way that Simone writes Wonder Woman. I've never really appreciated the character before (I still remember her being reduced to secretarial duties within the JLA) but Simone gives her strength of character and a vibrant Amazonian spirit. Even the lasso of truth becomes truly awesome in Simone's run. After Amazon's Attack, I did not think that I could ever like Wonder Woman again but thankfully Simone has proved me wrong.

However, I did fe...more
A painful lesson in reading mainstream superhero comics. Instead of diving in blindly I should have begun with the informative and inspiring introduction by fantasy/sci-fi author Mercedes Lackey, in which she outlines her hopes for Wonder Woman and reviews some of the problematic history of the character. I had not realized, for example, that Wondy was still fighting cartoon Nazis in the 21st century, and the intro would have clued me in to this reality.

This volume collects two story arcs. In th...more
Eli Poteet
It was entertaining enough. I liked how Wonder Woman knows all the gods and goddesses and deities of all the pantheons. Really I just want to see the amazon make out with other female lead roles, that would be fantastic, just do away with the blonde doe eyed heterosexual flirtation and I'd rate it a stars!
I've been looking for the right incarnation of Wonder Woman for a long while now. And I think here more than anywhere else, I have found what I've been looking for. Greg Rucka Wonder Woman comes second, but not a close second. (Still need to read the Perez Wonder Woman)

There is just something about the way Gail Simone portrays Wonder Woman that is so much different than the way everyone else has. I think it has a lot to do with how she gives us Wonder Woman as a goddess and yet before that, she...more
Caz Edmunds
Continuing my Wonder Woman reading phase and seeing that this edition at National Book Store in Megamall was at 40% off, it was a no-brainer whether to get this or not.

As for me being rewarded? Yes I was.

This trade collects Wonder Woman issues from #14-#19 and compiles the first run of Gail Simone as she began writing for our heroic Amazon back then. The trade gives us a glimpse into Diana's creation and how a faction of supporters of Queen Hippolita opposed the creation of Wonder Woman, brandin...more
Summary: Wonder Woman makes friends with some sentient gorillas, fights to save her homeland from invading Nazi goons and her mother from the former members of the queen's personal guard, and faces off with a member of another DC franchise over the fate of the Khund.

Verdict: Strangely bland.

Yay!: Mercedes Lackey writes a great introduction to this volume. Wonder Woman's core values are shown as she tries to befriend enemies, kicks butt, and extends mercy. The fight scenes are decent, and the bri...more
When it comes to comics and me, I have to admit that I tend to lean more toward the deep artsy stuff like Stitches, Fun Home, or Persepolis; or even the dark yet more episodic Vertigo comics like Human Target(interestingly, I just found out that Human Target is actually a DC Comic under the Vertigo imprint--publishing is such fun.) Anyway, you get the point: The Justice League is not usually what I grab first when I'm in the mood for graphic novels or comics. However, I know Temperance Brennan f...more
Gail Simone has a fairly strong start on her Wonder Woman run in this book. I can see why people are fans of her even though I abhor the new 52 Batgirl. Since I'm reading Rucka's run on Wonder Woman concurrently, this review will be kind of a comparison of the two in addition to me just listing off what I liked and didn't like about the book.

Whereas Rucka's WW is highly political and light on action, at least in Down to Earth, Simone's WW has action right from the start, with Diana fighting som...more
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The Man In The Hat
Given that this storyline was Gail Simone's much anticipated Wonder Woman debut ... it's rather a let down.
A rather uninteresting storyline with only one intriguing moment that is brushed over so quickly it almost didn't happen. The potential was there for so much more given the idea behind some of the villains for this storyline; it's fairly obvious that they're being set up for a return later but they still needed a better debut to make them a credible villain. As it is, we've got four Amazons...more
I really enjoyed Wonder Woman: The Circle. It conveys all the best qualities of Wonder Woman. She sees all the details of a situation without losing sight of the big picture: a great strategic and diplomatic mind, strong, fierce and compassionate.

Mercedes Lackey wrote a great introduction for this volume, but I would hold off reading it until after you've read the book so you can form your own opinions unbiased. However, if you need to be sold on reading it, then by all means, read the introduc...more
Yes, the villain's name is Captain Nazi, and Wonder Woman's allies are hyperintelligent gorillas a la Grodd. COMICS.

The story opens with Themyscira all but empty thanks to the events of the (by all accounts horrible) Amazons Attack storyline. Something is amiss regarding Wonder Woman's birth.

Meanwhile, there are gorillas, cake jokes, Captain Nazi, other pantheons, and Wonder Woman written with beauty and consistency and power by Gail Simone. This isn't Wonder Woman the goddess-ambassador yet - t...more
Borrowed from the library for an 11 year old friend, I thought I would give it a read through before returning it. Wow. Did it bring back memories. Wonder Woman was never my favourite, as I found her too weak in the Lynda Carter tv series. My gal was Jamie the Bionic Woman. She wasn't a secretary, crazy in love with some guy, and didn't have the weak tools that Lynda's Wonder Woman did. I mean how lame is a rope of truth? Seriously, a sabre, sickle, or even a gun would have helped!
There are so f...more
I would have liked it better if it has been a stand alone re-telling of the origin story without the splicing in of a JLA plot, but overall it is an important work to know. Gail Simone's voice is unparalleled and the artwork is stunning and among some of my favorite depictions of Diana.
After some recommendations, I was looking for a place to start with Gail Simone's writing and went for the beginning of her Wonder Woman run: it made sense, after all.

I was not disappointed. The Circle isn't the sort of writing that is going to revolutionise the comic industry from the ground up: but what it is, is something that's perhaps just as important. Solid superhero action by a female writer, with female characters at the heart of the story, driving the narrative. Thoroughly enjoyable....more
Good stuff. No more identity crisis for Wonder Woman, she's back and she's fierce. I'm not a huge fan of the sudden (and awkward) romance with Nemesis, but other than that I enjoyed this volume and look forward to the next.
Simone's Wonder Woman is THE Wonder Woman. Cool take on her origin story. I prefer Dodsons' art to Chang's but that's just me.
To be fair, I still really don't care for Wonder Woman. But if I'm going to read any Wonder Woman it will be Gail Simone's Wonder Woman. Her stories are full of humor, action, thought and minimal plot holes. While the first few pages in this story (Womnder woman fights gorrillas! Then they move in with her!) could be a yawner or a wacky sitcom gone wrong, she manages to instead tell stories about interesting characters that still maintain their action-adventurey core. This was the first time I'v...more
A great collection of stories, well drawn! Easy to pick up for someone who had not read much WW before, and left me wanting to read more.
Meh. I expected more from Gail Simone.
The intro is one of the few that does this book justice. A very new and dynamic way of looking at Wonder Woman as a strong heroine of her own right, and not just a woman. This is the first story I've read that made it clear she's a hero first and a girl second. Very refreshing and very interesting.
The plot itself isn't phenomenal, but the way the character is treated is superb. The origin story revealed and the traits fleshed out make this book worth reading to gain more insights into who exact...more
I really love Simone's take on Wonder Woman. You can honestly tell that it's a woman writing about a woman because there are subtleties of character and a deeper understanding of some of what Diana might struggle with that is not always present in WW stories. I love how Simone writes WW as being compassionate and willing to look deeper into her enemies' psyches. I also love how Simone has expanded the application and powers of WW's lasso. Looking forward to catching up with the rest of Simone's...more
4 stars. My first Wonder Woman comic and a great one to start with! Simone writes Diana as a strong kick ass woman who is believable both as a character and as a super hero. A little bit of origins work throughout, this is a little hampered by Diana's mortal alter ego which apparently is a new and not very welcome development in WW world. I'll definitely be reading more Wonder Woman but I'll stick to Simone's work for now as some of the other interpretations look failtastic. Finally a comics wri...more
One of the best telling of Wonder Woman’s story, it captures her strength and poise and manages to make her costume dignified, a real gem of a collection. Although I don’t particularly care for the idea of her human form (Diana Prince), it seems a rather lame addition to her pantheon of legend, but the way the writer handled her lasso of truth was particularly smart. I especially loved the art of Chang and Holdridge, Diana’s look was almost reminiscent of Buffy, and quiet well done.
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Gail Simone is a comic book writer well-known for her work on Birds of Prey (DC), Wonder Woman (DC), and Deadpool (Marvel), among others, and has also written humorous and critical commentary on comics and the comics industry such as the original "Women in Refrigerators" website and a regular column called "You'll All Be Sorry".
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