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Le village de l'Allemand ou : le journal des frères Schiller
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Le village de l'Allemand ou : le journal des frères Schiller

3.74 of 5 stars 3.74  ·  rating details  ·  252 ratings  ·  62 reviews
Quand en 1994 le GIA massacre une partie de la population du village d'Aïn Deb, près de Sétif, les frères Schiller perdent leurs parents. Mais leur deuil va se doubler d'une autre épreuve : la révélation de qui fut leur père, cet Allemand qui jouissait du titre prestigieux de moudjahid...
Basé sur une histoire authentique, ce roman relie trois épisodes dissemblables et pour...more
Mass Market Paperback, 306 pages
Published September 10th 2009 by Gallimard Education (first published 2008)
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... And there you have this book, pretty much.

Sansal has written a contribution to Holocaust guilt literature with a twist- this time it's globalized. These are the half German sons of an SS Officer who grew up in Algeria and the rough Paris banlieues who struggle with the sins of the fathers- a struggle that takes at least one of them all over the map, spreading the effects of the disease far and wide, implicating many more people than such angry meditations typically do. He engages heavily wit...more
L'histoire : en 1996, le frère de Malrich (Malik-Ulrich) Schiller, Rachel (Rachid-Helmut), se suicide, dans son pavillon de la banlieue parisienne. A la fin de l'enquête, le commissaire lui remet le journal de son frère, commencé lorsqu'il a appris la mort de leurs parents, assassinés dans leur village algérien par des islamistes du GIA, en 1994. Leur père était d'origine allemande, et en lisant le journal de son frère, Malrich fait à son tour les découvertes qui ont conduit son frère au suicide...more
No spoilers. All this is known from the beginning of the book.
Two brothers, Rachel and Malrich, learn of their father’s past while going through his effects after he dies. Each in their own way comes to terms with what they learn about how their father was involved in the concentration camps, which decisions were made, what came to be. They each struggle with Why? and How? and, finally, with Who? their father was. And, how the father's life influences theirs. How responsible are the sons for the...more
As I was walking along the gorgeous collection of books in the french literature section, my eyes happened to gaze on this Particular book from an author of Algerian origin. And before my eyes can take a complete look and fix its vision on the book next to it, an impulse was triggered in my mind that this book has to be read very soon.

That was some days ago, and today as I finish this book I’d say that reading this has been one of the best judgement I’ve made. Multiple reasons can be stated to a...more
Move over Bruce Bawer, you've got a novel companion to your eye-opening expose "While Europe Slept" (Broadway Books, 2006). Algierian author Boualem Sansal's 2008 novel "Le Village de L'Allemand ou Le Journal de Freres Schiller" has been translated into English and newly released as "The German Mujahid." The infiltration of European cities by militant Islamists, as chronicled in meticulous detail by Bawer, is now semi-fictionalized (the jacket tells us this story is based on a true one) and, the...more
“’Tell me, imam, if you had power over the earth, where would you begin the genocide?’ ‘…you round the kaffirs all up into camps…you gas all the useless ones…the rest of them, you divide into groups based on their skills…and you work them till they drop. Anyone who disobeys, you gas them…it’s been done before.’”

Malrich Schiller is an Algerian ex-patriot living in an Islamic controlled ghetto in France. Malrich is faced with a crisis of conscious when he discovers his German father was a Nazi who...more
The German Mujahid by Boualem Sansal is an important book-at least for me, ignorant as I am of Algerian history. The story begins with two Algerian brothers living in France. Or rather, it begins with the younger brother, Malrich, telling us about his older brother's recent suicide in the wake of a massacre in their home village in Algeria, where their parents were killed. And Rachel's (the older brother) subsequent that their father, an important elder in their village who came originally from...more
Mon premier livre de l'année 2014, mon premier livre pour l'auteur aussi.
Une histoire authentique de l'Algérie des années 90', un GIA massacre une partie de la population d'Ain Deb le 24 avril 1994.
Rachid Hemlut Schiller ou Rachel, part en Algérie, son pays natal a la rencontre de ses parents qui ont perdu la vie dans ce massacre. Là, il découvre une vérité bouleversante: son père était un NAZI. Oui, l'ancien moudjahid comme on l’appelait au village, le cheikh Hassan Hans a participé au gazage d...more
Tony Waters
Great story--much of it unexpected. It is a historical novel set in the late 20th century Germany, the Algerian neighborhoods of France, and rural Algeria. I recommend it!
Σπύρος Γλύκας
Λήθη. Αυτήν σαν να φαίνεται να πολεμάει μεταξύ άλλων ο συγγραφέας αυτού του βιβλίου που αναφέρεται στο Ολοκαύτωμα παραλληλίζοντας το με τον ισλαμικό φονταμενταλισμό. Σίγουρα έχουν γραφτεί πάρα πολλά για τον Β’ Παγκόσμιο πόλεμο και τις θηριωδίες των Ναζί. Το να διαβάζεις για το Άουσβιτς και παράλληλα να παρακολουθείς την σημερινή πραγματικότητα που επικρατεί στην Αλγερία και στα γαλλικά γκέτο των μεταναστών, σε αφήνει με το στόμα ανοιχτό και συνειδητοποιείς για μια ακόμη φορά μέχρι που μπορεί να...more
Lennard Pedersen
Original in its perspective and poetic in the way its stark realism contrasts with the emotions of two characters who find themselves in deep crisis, this book does not step lightly but tackles some big issues head on.

The story is excellently paced and well crafted. You can feel the claustrophobia of estate H24 and the increasing isolation of the characters as the world around them begins to mirror their inner selves like the bleak, empty landscape of war torn Algeria.

The subject of the book how...more
Mika Auramo
Boualem Sansalin romaani kertoo juurettomuudesta ja syvästä syyllisyyden taakasta. Teos alkaa pariisilaisen lähiön ghetosta, jossa algerialaissyntyinen minäkertoja hengailee kavereiden kanssa ja lorvii päämäärättä.

Rachel-veljen itsemurha ja hänen jälkeensä jättämä päiväkirja saa aikaan tapahtumien vyöryn, joka muuttaa Malrichin elämän päälaelleen. Isä paljastuukin lain kouraa paenneeksi natsiupseeriksi. Hänestä oli tullut Ain-Ben-nimisen pikkukylän sheikki Hassan, joka tapettiin sisällisodassa....more
Thomas Hübner

Rachel and Malrich Schiller, the sons of a German father and an Algerian mother, are two brothers that are so different that it is hard to imagine that they come from the same family.

The two immigrant boys, growing up in France without their parents who stay in their home village in Algeria, are just a few years apart but take a path in life that is completely different from each other.

There is Rachel, the older one, who is very serious about his education and...more
Aban (Aby)
This book, by an Algerian writer, is about two brothers, Rachel and Malrich Schiller. Born to a German father and an Algerian mother, in a remote village in Algiers, the brothers were sent as children to live in a slum estate in Paris.

The book starts with Rachel's suicide. His diaries are handed over to Malrich and it is through the diaries that Malrich learns that their father was an S.S. officer, responsible for the death of thousands of Jews in the Nazi concentration camps.

Through both Rachel...more
It was difficult to rate this book. On one hand I love reading books that give me a new perspective on the world. This Algerian author really opened my eyes, which normally deserves a higher rating from me. There was a lot of foul language from one of the main characters, but it was totally in keeping with his character. I found the parallels between Nazism and the extremist Islamic fundamentalists intriguing. There was a lot of research into HOW the Nazis were able to accomplish the Holocaust a...more
Original title: Le village de l'Allemand ou le journal des frères Schiller
UK title: An Unfinished Business

Here I am, faced with a question as old as time: are we answerable for the crimes of our fathers, of our brothers, of our children? Our tragedy is that we form a direct line, there is no way out without breaking the chain and vanishing completely.

This powerful, thought provoking and unsettling novel is narrated by Malrich Schiller, a young man born to a German father and an Algerian mother....more
Het boek gaat over twee broers van Duits/Algerijnse afkomst, die wonen in een banlieue van Frankrijk. Ze komen er na de dood van hun ouders, vermoedelijk vermoord door de GIA, achter dat hun vader een Duitse oorlogsmisdadiger was. Hij was dus niet wie ze dachten dat hij was nl. een goeie vader, liefhebbende echtgenoot en bovendien gerespecteerd man in het Algerijns dorp waar ze woonden.
De oudste zoon ontdekt door een koffer vol memorabilia een andere vader, een vader die meehielp aan de verniet...more
Bei einem Massaker in einem Dorf in Algerien während des Kriegs in den Neunzigern stirbt unter anderem auch ein Deutscher, der seit langem dort lebt und aufgrund seiner Verdienste bei der Befreiung Algeriens als Held angesehen wird. Seine Söhne, die in einem Pariser Vorort leben, erfahren durch dessen Hinterlassenschaft, daß er ein aktiver Offizier der SS im Naziregime war und in mehreren KZs Dienst tat.
Das Buch beschreibt die Reise des älteren Bruders, der die Stationen seines Vaters besucht, i...more
Ankur Rastogi
"An Unfinished Business" is Boualem Sansal's (An Algerian author) first novel that was translated into English. The same novel was published as "The German Mujahid" in USA (it was originally written in French).

Considered a controversial novel, the book draws a parallel between Hitler's Nazism of 40s with current Islamic fundamentalism (or rather referred as Islamists). When you read through the novel and the parallels drawn, you are actually not surprised that the author's books are banned in h...more
J'ai lu Le Village de l'Allemand ou le journal des frères Schiller de Boualem Sansal et j'ai été frappée par ce roman qui, de manière forte et militante, fait le parallèle entre le nazisme et l'islamisme. Lorsque ses parents sont assassinés dans un village algérien, Rachid Helmut Schiller (dit Rachel) fait le voyage pour voir leur tombe. Il découvre alors une valise, pleine des papiers ayant appartenu à son père, un Allemand qui avait embrassé la cause du FLN et épousé une Algérienne. Le passé l...more
The Holocaust is such a vast and unfathomable human story that we will likely never see the end of art that concerns itself with it. To a certain extent, that can create Holocaust "fatigue" -- do we really need another book/film/play/poem about the six million? This prize-winning novel attempts to answer that question with an emphatic yes. For one thing, it's considered to be the first book by an Arab writer to deal with the Holocaust, and given the complicated history between Arabs and Jews, th...more
C?est un livre terriblement sombre sur bien des aspects. Tout d?abord l?histoire, deux jeunes hommes vivant en France apprennent que leur parents, une Alg?rienne et un Allemand vivant en Alg?rie, ont ?t? assassin?s par le GIA. Par le biais de cette trag?die , ils comprennent que leur p?re ?tait en fait un ancien chimiste qui avait travaill? dans les camps de concentrations pendant la seconde guerre mondiale. L?auteur ?tale son r?cit dans le temps et l?espace. Il ?voque ? la fois l?extermination...more
A difficult book to read and to review. Two brothers, many years apart in age, born in Algeria and raised for the most part in France try to come to terms with the knowledge that their father was a high ranking Nazi officer and with the fear that something like the holocaust may happen again. The questions have been asked before: am I responsible for my parent's (or my forebears') sins; how can I justify my life after what my family has done; will telling the story make sure it does not happen a...more
This was one of the better contemporary works I've read in a while!

There's been so many Holocaust works that you sometimes wonder what else can or should be said. There's been so many great works using the Holocaust for setting or drama that new ones sometimes can feel contrived or exploitative.

This work manages to avoid any of this by focusing more on the effects of buried family secrets surfacing and how a person deals with the emotional burdens associated with such issues. Another great devic...more
Katie Grainger
An Unfinished Business follows the story of Malrich and his brother Rachel who are Algerian nationals living in France. When their parents are murdered by Islamic fundamentalists Rachel makes a shocking discovery. Through reading his father's military record Rachel discovers that his father was an SS Officer in Germany during the war and was involved with the Final Solution including serving at a number of different camps. When Rachel commits suicide his diaries are passed onto his younger broth...more
Les deux narrateurs sont deux frères nés de mère algérienne et d'un père allemand, Hans Schiller.

Tous deux ont été élevés par un vieil oncle immigré dans une cité de la banlieue parisienne.

En 1994, les parents ont été massacrés par le GIA avec une partie de la population de leur village d'Aïn Deb, près de Sétif.

Le fils aîné va alors découvrir la vérité sur son père, Hans Schiller.

Basé sur une histoire authentique, le roman relie trois épisodes à la fois dissemblables et proches : la Shoah, v...more
The two voices in diary of two brothers years apart discovering the SS involvement of their father are surely not entirely the invention of Sansal. It has me dreaming terrible dreams and I believe so because the story is real, the character's own fears to sleep, to proceed, real. Read an excerpt in The Paris Review last summer (2009) and thought the excerpt was the only piece of literature in the world. It's been a long time since I read such a writer; or, it took me back to writers in exile I h...more
Ik vind de Engelse titel wat vreemd. De Franse: Le village de l'Allemand dekt de lading beter. Hoe dan ook het boek legt een verband tussen de Holocaust en het islamitische fundamentalisme. Dit doet de schrijver door twee Algerijnse broers uit de banlieus van Parijs op zoek te laten gaan naar het verleden van hun vader. Deze vader is een Duitser, die bij de SS is geweest en later bij de Algerijnse vrijheidsstrijd terecht komt.Hij trouwt met een Algerijnse en blijft daar wonen. Hij stuurt zijn zo...more
Christine Van Heertum
un livre très dur (la description des Camps de Concentration par le frère aîné sur base des recherches qu'il a faites après avoir compris que son père était un SS ...), et le parallèle entre le nazisme et la montée de l'islamisme dans les cités par le cadet.

très puissant, super intéressant.

et amusant également, notamment dans la description des "travers" de chaque nationalité ("L'espagnol s'oblige à monter sur ses ergots seulement parce qu'on lui demande des nouvelles de sa soeur (...). et que d...more
Wow. How do you make the Holocaust a personal event and experience for readers today? Sansal definitely has accomplished this with surprising parallels in today's world that you must see for yourself through the eyes of an Arab to truly understand.

The story follows two brothers as they attempt to come to terms with their father's involvement in the Holocaust and what it means for their lives in the modern world. But it's far more than just a Holocaust story. The novel is thoughtful, informative,...more
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Boualem Sansal, né en 1949 à Theniet El Had, petit village des monts de l’Ouarsenis, est un écrivain algérien, principalement romancier mais aussi essayiste, censuré dans son pays d'origine à cause de sa position très critique1 envers le pouvoir en place. Il habite néanmoins toujours en Algérie, considérant que son pays a besoin des artistes pour ouvrir la voie à la paix et à la démocratie. Il est...more
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