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3.54 of 5 stars 3.54  ·  rating details  ·  2,392 ratings  ·  180 reviews
George R. R. Martin has thrilled a generation of readers with his epic works of the imagination, most recently the critically acclaimed New York Times bestselling saga told in the novels A Game of Thrones, A Clash of Kings, and A Storm of Swords. Lisa Tuttle has won acclaim from fans of science fiction, horror, and fantasy alike— most recently for her haunting novel The Pi...more
Paperback, 416 pages
Published April 29th 2003 by Bantam (first published 1975)
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Tati Dengo
This was an unexpected yet welcome find at the bookstore, since I had never heard of this book before, and I've wanted to read more George R. R. Martin books that AREN'T from "A Song of Ice and Fire." Not familiar with Lisa Tuttle's writing, so I can't tell who influenced which ideas/events/characters, but Martin's plot-twisting ingenuity definitely shines through.

The story is not an ordinary take on flying humans. Usually these stories place people up in the clouds somehow, in floating islands...more
Carmo Santos
Bem... acabei...o Mr. Martin costuma deixar-me sem palavras mas pelos motivros contrários. Não foi mau, mas esteve longe de ser fantástico. Não é um enredo empolgante mas tinha bases para isso. São poucas personagens, e com excepção da principal - Maris - não foram muito aprofundadas e a história patinou ao longo de mais de 300 páginas sem sofrer o impulso que a poderia ter tornado extrordinária. E foi pena, porque já se conhece a capacidade do autor. Por vezes, em algumas descrições das fortes...more

Este libro se divide en tres partes aunque yo lo dividiría en dos: las partes que escribió George R. R. Martin y las que arruinó Lisa Tuttle.
Al principio, como de Martin sólo leí Canción de Hielo y Fuego, me preguntaba cuáles serían las partes escritas por él y cuáles las de Tuttle. Como es una obra anterior no estaba segura de si su estilo habría cambiado con el tiempo. Al ir avanzando se volvió muy claro, y cuando finalmente llegó el momento en que George Martin se puso a escribir, la dife...more
If like myself, you have enjoyed Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire Series and been completely blown away by the honesty of his characters, the brilliance of his politics and spent countless hours awake at night, unable to sleep because you just HAVE to know what happens next, please don't read this book. George R. R. Marin may have the utmost respect for the talents of Lisa Tuttle, but after reading this book, I can't say I share his opinion. The concept is good but the characters are flat. Half-w...more
Being a huge fan of GRRM, I expected this book to be riddled with heartbreaking, gut wrenching chapters that would, inevitably ,leave me speechless for hours.

Sadly, this was not the case.

Windhaven brings an interesting sociological concept to mind - Vilfredo Pareto's Circle of Elites, the lion and fox theory. The lions dominated (the flyers) and the foxes(one-wings) looked for any opportunity to usurp them. Immediately, I felt that the book was solely based on a struggle between the two to see...more
Nunca califico un libro en función de quién lo haya escrito, y esta no es la excepción: aunque no hubiera sido un libro de George Martin lo hubiera calificado con dos estrellas (y soy generosa). No obstante, la decepción que siento es ¡ENORME!
Espero muchísimo más de un autor de su talla, y esta novela es sencillamente sosa, aguada, sin alma. Probablemente la intención fue mostrar un planteo político y social, pero carece de fuerza y de solidez, el argumento sencillamente no te atrapa. Y menos cu...more
The Grand Shuckett
As a fan of the A Song of Ice and Fire series, I was eager to read something else by the marvelous George R. R. Martin. As captivating as that series is, I was sure that anything else he wrote would be just as amazing.

What I Liked:

The world that George R. R. Martin created in A Song of Ice and Fire is so phenomenal, complex, and wonderful that you wonder if he could ever have the capacity to do it again. Well, Windhaven proves his skill. The cultural background and history, the geographical desc...more
An early 1980s collaboration between a now-famous author and a less famous one, Windhaven demonstrates that the young George R.R. Martin had talent for world-building and character-driven storytelling. While not as sprawling and a whole lot less violent than A Game of Thrones, it’ll probably appeal to anyone who liked his more family-friendly Hedge Knight novella.

The story takes place on a distant, windswept ocean world, where humans lost advanced technology generations ago, but were able to can...more
Herein was a great disappointment, what with my expectations of GRRM much too high according to the Song of Ice and Fire series. I figured with another author this would add insight to commonly explored areas of his writing, but something about this collaboration is desperately uneven. I can only imagine that it was GRRM who created the world and story, and Lisa Tuttle was largely responsible for the writing.

Firstly, the story is split into three parts, each separated by several years in the ma...more
A lungo fuori catalogo (la prima edizione italiana risale al 1983 per la Nord), Il pianeta dei venti non è realmente un romanzo, ma una raccolta che contiene tre racconti lunghi di G.R.R. Martin e Lisa Tuttle, scritti tra il 1975 e il 1982: Le tempeste, Un’ala e La caduta, preceduti da un Prologo e seguiti da un Epilogo.
La protagonista dei tre racconti, cronologicamente ordinati, è Maris, una Volatrice: in un mondo di isole che si ergono su mari pericolosi per la navigazione, i contatti più freq...more
Anciennement titré en français “Elle qui chevauche les tempêtes”(1), ce roman est en fait un recueil de trois grosses nouvelles (encadrées par un prologue et un épilogue). Et, histoire de gâcher complètement le suspense, je vous dis tout de suite que c’est un chef d’oeuvre du niveau des meilleures oeuvres de ma bibliothèque. Oui, j’ai adoré. Mais heureusement, je vais vous dire pourquoi.

D’abord, le monde décrit m’a parlé à un niveau difficilement imaginable. Forcément, en tant qu’ancien marin de...more
This fantasy appears to me to be in the tradition of Ursula Leguin, replete with a coming of age story bound up with social development issues, moral choices, and fable-like messages. The descendents of marooned starfarers inhabit a world of many small islands. Aside from sailing in an ocean with dangerous sea monsters, the only link between islands is via a cadre of flyers who use wings made of metal struts and special indestructible cloth left over from the ancestors. The aristocracy of flyers...more
Sinceramente nem sei o que dizer deste livro... Para começar foi uma desilusão... Depois de ler A Song of Ice and Fire, Sonho Febril, e várias histórias, estava à espera de mais..
Achei o livro um grande pastel.. Gostei do mundo, de algumas personagens, da ideia dos voadores, mas achei tudo muito pouco detalhado e demasiado apressado.. Na primeira parte, assim que a Maris ganha as asas saltamos logo sete anos no tempo.. Depois na segunda parte, quando começa a ser interessante, volta a saltar uma...more
Harold Ogle
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Laura Luna
Una pequeña joya, fruto de la perfecta combinación de George RR Martin con Lisa Tutle. Una historia sobre el conflicto entre tradición y revolución, que vivimos apasionadamente a través de los ojos de Maris, un personaje que me conquistó por su complejidad, fuerza y personalidad. En El Refugio del Viento no sólo vemos la evolución de una lucha en la que no existen los blancos y los negros, sino la de la propia Maris, con sus luces y sus sombras. Esta novela es toda una reflexión sobre los sueños...more
Disappointment is not the right word however dispair is. There is not enough melodrama in the world to explain how awful this book is.

I am sure that I am not going to be alone in reading the 'Ice and Fire' books in awe at the characters, the comlexity, the story line. Geroge R R Martin's volume after volume of brilliance.

I then picked this up...I wanted to like it because of who wrote it but I did not believe in the characters, the plot was flimsy, the premise worse and I am not even going to go...more
The first thing you notice reading this book is that both Martin and Tuttle got better at writing later on. The prose is pretty clunky, the characters aren't the most interesting or relatable, and the plot is mediocre. The setting is the most important part of the premise, and is fairly compelling. Fans of A Song of Ice and Fire might get a kick out of noticing names of people and places that Martin reused later on, as well as a sort-of cameo by the character that would eventually become Tyrion...more
Jiayun Yun
I liked the book because it was very real, in the sense that there weren't cliche elements such as ultimate triumphs of good over evil, and the exploits of the characters weren't entirely smooth-sailing. The book conveyed how there will always be disappointments in life, and things can't always turn out the way you want, no matter how much you want them too. And because it was so real, the story was really moving and several times I stopped reading to jump around with excitement. :)

However, the...more
Hillary Pincus
3.5 Exceptionally long listen. I really enjoyed the entire story, but I feel some parts really could've been left out and not effected the story overall.
For a book I downloaded on a whim, I really enjoyed Windhaven. The worldbuilding is excellent, as you'd expect from GRRM. Lisa Tuttle is new to me as an author. It is very different than Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire, though, so don't expect an experience like GoT. It's not nearly as graphic and it's really focused on Maris's journey throughout her life. And Maris is a great character -- determined, passionate, but also flawed; she can be self-centred and naive, which is part of her journ...more
Anna Cain
While reading Windhaven, I couldn't shake the feeling that I was reading a collection of novellas that were awkwardly shoved into novel format. I was rather proud when I discovered that is EXACTLY what happened. Although all the stories feature the same protagonist, they are separated by many decades and have an only loosely overlapping cast of supporting characters. This makes the overall narrative feel rather disjointed.
Although Windhaven has a superb premise, I would dissatisifed by the exec...more
A 2.5, I think. I liked the setting (an ocean planet with only islands) and the idea of flyers (messengers who maintain communication between the islands) but I thought the plot was overly dramatic and the characters were poorly drawn. The story kept me reading but the bad writing had me rolling my eyes. (Sorry, T!)
A classic from the 70s, memorable for its wonderful depiction of the joys of flying, I mean with wings, like an eagle. The written version of the flight training segment of the movie Avatar. 30+ years after, the memories are fading but overall it was a good read.
Phyllis Belden
I just couldn't get into this. It lacked that intangible special thing that makes you want to turn the pages faster. I didn't hate the characters, but I found myself not caring at all what happened to them in the story. As a fan of science fiction, I enjoyed the world-building the best. I like reading about the flyers and the lands of the different islands. The story was just not interesting. It's all about the politics of this land and the separate politics of the flyers; all talk and no action...more
Vanessa Montês

Mas não é apenas Maris que interessa neste romance. Apesar de este ser totalmente contando do seu ponto de vista, temos Val. Um rapaz que queria ser voador e que era um preso à terra. Um rapaz que fora injusto em criança, tendo depois todos os voadores a virarem-se contra eles e a odiá-lo. Um rapaz que é um dos grandes pilares da guerra travada neste livro, querendo provar o ponto de vista que Maris debatera quando era nova. Um rapaz com uma maneira de ser demasiado difícil e que odiava tod...more
Alex Richmond
I started reading this book mostly because it was written by George R.R. Martin. While you can see the resemblance in his writing, Its a different feel and world then Westros.

The story follows Maris, a young girl who dreams of becoming a flyer, a group of people who use large metal wings to fly between the many islands dotting the world. However, Flyers get their wings not by skill, but birth. Maris soon challenges the system, believing that wings should be earn by skill, as all to often wings...more
I often dreamed of flying as a child, and I have never been able to totally escape the longing to soar among the clouds. This novel is about a girl, Maris, who dreams of exactly that, only it is possible in her world of scattered islands, brought together only by the few ships that make it through the perilous seas and the silver-winged flyers who soar through the skies, delivering messages.

The novel follows Maris' life as she fights for her dreams, and I was pulled in quickly. The characters ar...more
2.5 stars

This was a pretty good book. I could certainly tell that this was one of Martin's earliest works because the usual early writer mistakes (namely writing too much and not leaving anything to the reader's imagination) were evident.

What I liked about this book was primarily the premise. The idea that humans had come to another planet (seemingly that planet wasn't the one they had planned on going to) after who knows what kind of catastrophe only to lose all of the higher technology that go...more
Tómas Zoëga
I was pretty excited about this book. First of all it is written by GRR Martin and having written Song of Ice and Fire I was expecting a complicated story with a lot of twists and turns and interesting characters. Secondly the world Windhaven is set in is very interesting and has a lot of possibilities. Third: The cover looked nice.

But I was disappointed. The world wasn't half as good as it could be and very litle said about it. A good idea thrown away.

The storyline was to foreseeable and, in my...more
Given that GRR Martin is one of the co-authors and the Amazon review included the phrase "...she finds herself likewise fighting to preserve the integrity of a society she so longed to join—not to mention the very fabric that holds her culture together" I kind of expected the story to be on a scale that affects the entire world and political-intrigue heavy. (I spent a significant portion of GAME OF THRONES just try to keep who's who and doing what straight.) This isn't quite as epic as all that,...more
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George R. R. Martin was born September 20, 1948, in Bayonne, New Jersey. His father was Raymond Collins Martin, a longshoreman, and his mother was Margaret Brady Martin. He has two sisters, Darleen Martin Lapinski and Janet Martin Patten.

Martin attended Mary Jane Donohoe School and Marist High School. He began writing very young, selling monster stories to other neighborhood children for pennies,...more
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“It was the feel of it, the love of it, not the thought: it was instinct and reflex and knowing the wind, and Maris was the wind.” 1 likes
“It was the feel of it, the love of it, not the thought: it was instinct and reflex and knowing the wind, and Maris was the wind.” 0 likes
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