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Aurelie: A Faerie Tale
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Aurelie: A Faerie Tale

3.34 of 5 stars 3.34  ·  rating details  ·  356 ratings  ·  65 reviews
Once upon a time, three children and a little river dragon were the best of friends—until a promise was broken. Now they are almost grown up and barely speaking to one another. With her country in turmoil, Aurelie is sent on a peacekeeping mission. But how can she prevent a war when she can't even make her friends get along? Heartsick at losing her dearest companions, espe ...more
Paperback, 208 pages
Published February 2nd 2010 by Square Fish (first published September 2nd 2008)
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I wasn't certain what to think of when I first began Aurelie. I had thought it was based on a certain fairy tale, or several, but if it is I can't find any references to its original story. The alternating chapters between Netta, Aurelie, Garin and Loic was a good way to understand better the characters and motivations as well. I was kind of puzzled by the fact that the only character not to be told in first person was Aurelie herself. Netta (who has the fewest chapters I believe) is told in fir ...more
Thanks to FirstReads for this signed copy of Aurelie. As usual the mystical algorithms have provided me with a book that I should like... but I'm not sure that I did.

I think for me the big problem has to do with character development. Given the page time and title role, I don't feel like I connected with Aurelie at all. Honestly the few chapters told from other characters' points of view had more depth, but even then I found it odd that the perspective shifted the way it did. Great, tell the st
This plot had some good "bones" but I really wish the author would have done more with the story. I really didn't like how main bits of the action were just skipped over. For example, at one point Aurelie meets her old friend Loic--who happens to be fae. He tells her that he is going to take her to a revel in the fairy world. Instead of showing what happened, Aurelie tells another friend, "Oh, Netta. I can't describe how beautiful it is." Then she goes on to tell what had happened. I got so tire ...more
This sweet fairy tale is a bit Romeo and Juliet, and a lot of good vs evil. Aurelie is a reluctant princes who would rather play with her friends, two human and one Fae. The Fae, Loic, is part of the magic world, and has given his human pals the ability to see creatures that other mortals cannot. This ends up not being an entirely good thing.

Separated by war and circumstance, the friends come back together to battle the fiercest creature of the fairy world, the gargouille. Ice boats, fighting ea
A very enjoyable short novel told from multiple points of view. The hook one me completely - three children befriended a river dragon... The author did an excellent job at capturing the very different voices of the four characters, all of whom had their own style of thought and speech. I also enjoyed the unusual faery creatures. My only disappointment was that the romantic climax of the novel, the reunion of Loic and Netta, happened 'off stage', told to us afterwards in reported speech by Netta ...more
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Miss Clark
Feb 03, 2009 Miss Clark rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Anyone who enjoys fairy tales
Well, in comparison to Tomlinson's first offering, The Swan Maiden, which was boring and uninspired, Aurelie was quite enjoyable. However, it still lacks any truly good characterization. It is very superficial. There were a lot of points that I thought she would follow up on and which would have made the story a lot more interesting and engaging, like the war and more about the Fae themselves. In the end it is a short fairytale about four friends, Netta, (daughter of a seamstress), Aurelie (prin ...more
Aurelie is a slender fantasy story about a land in turmoil as it faces blockade and possible attack from a neighboring country, Skoe. Aurelie is heir to the throne and is dealing with her mother's death. As a child, she had three near constant companions; Netta, whose family served in the palace, Garin, from the neighboring country, Skoe, and Loic, a river drac, part of the Faery who can use glamour to appear human. He gives the others a gift of being able to see the Faery's true nature in an oi ...more
Reviewed at Frazzled Book Nommer

Aurelie is a short fairytale novel about four childhood friends – three children and one dragon (or drac). I think the premise of the novel was pretty good; it was the execution of it that lacked. A lot.

Nothing is really explained in this novel. We know there are Fae, but we aren’t explained what each one is. The only explanation is a very mini one for drac’s. It was difficult distinguishing what each country was. Names of places, people, and faeries are thrown at
Once there where four friends, three human and one river dragon. Princess Aurelie, Garin, Netta and Loic. The three humans were gifted with the sight of the Fae, only on the condition that no one would ever know. Netta mistakenly recognizes a Fae when visiting the marketplace and consequently loses her sight. The four friends drift apart after the tragic event. Aurelie, Garin and Netta stop visiting Loic for fear of what might happen if he finds out about Netta. Garin’s country is at war with Au ...more
Liela Bell
I'm not at the age where I could love Aurelie-- heck, I'm not really at the age where I can like it-- but I can remember when I was.

There's nothing wrong with this book. Nothing at all. In fact, the first two thirds or so were very enjoyable. But then... Well, everything just ties in too nicely. Things wrap up too easily. There's a very interesting subplot that just sort of disappears without being resolved at all, and the promise of the first part of the book fizzles out.

That is very disappoi
Barbara Gordon

Aurelie: a faerie tale, by Heather Tomlinson, Square Fish (Holt Macmillan) 2008.
Back cover blurb: Once upon a time, three children and a little river dragon were the best of friends--until a promise was broken. Now they are almost grown up and barely speaking to one another. With her country in turmoil, Aurelie is sent on a peacekeeping mission. But how can she prevent a war when she can't even make her friends get along?
Heartsick at losing her dearest companions, especially the handsome Garin,
I feel like in theory this should have at least been a three star book. But I have to agree with the other reviewers that said that while the plot itself is interesting (war, reunions, navigating childhood friendships now that you're an 'adult' etc) the execution was pretty lacking.

So let's talk about narration. Splitting a narrative between multiple characters is a challenging thing that if done well can really add depth to the story. This just wasn't done well. I don't mind if the author feels
Normally I disregard when books include maps or character notes-- but this book needed it. I could not keep track of the characters and their complicated names, ranks, and regions. I really liked one of the secondary plots, a love interest between Netta and a dragon-- but it was treated so shallowly and superficial that it took all the build up and squashed it... unpleasant.
I thought this was a sweet story, and I really liked Tomlinson's take on the fae...I found it quite original. But like another reviewer, I thought it a little odd that the parts of the story told by Netta and Garin and Loic were written in first person while Aurelie's parts (the vast majority of the book) were in third. I think I would have liked the telling a little better if the whole book had been written from Aurelie's point of view--I just didn't find that hearing the other characters' voic ...more
Tales Untangled
Heather Tomlinson's tale of Aurelie has a large cast of fae creatures. I had certainly never heard of a suck-breath, who preys on babies or the skeletal White Ladies or the dragon-like gargouille. Many fairy tales create a tone of innocence and fun around fairy-folk, but not in Aurelie. Many of the Fae are dangerous, and even fatal, for the unsuspecting though they can also be beautiful.

I did not expect the darker tone in this novel though I still enjoyed it for its descriptions. Because it is w
This book had a lot of potential, but fell short of what it could have been. The faerie world was intriguing to me, with the different kinds and abilities of faerie creatures. The characters and plot, too, had the potential to be very interesting. But several things threw me off, and the first thing was POV. The POV switches were too disorienting, esp. as the main character was never given time to talk in 1st person, as the other characters were. Also I thought the reasoning behind the villain' ...more
Aurelie, a princess, and her three best friends have been seperated by war and their differences with those in the world of fae, a magical place where mischievious and terrifying creatures both dwell away from the mortal realms. Aurelie strives to bring back their damaged childhood friendships, stop a war, and get over her mothers death.

I basically just made this book sound more interesting than it actually was. It lacked any kind of grounding elements one would wish for in a fantasy, and the a
It was definitely a quick read but I felt like there should've been more to the story. It was just too simple and everything pieced together so neatly at the end.
Aurelie and her friends used to be so close. Now, not so much. With war looming and her duties as Heir taking over her life, Aurelie has to figure out how to navigate the political waters while trying to save her friendships.

This book couldn't quite figure out who it was aiming for. It was written young, maybe Middle School, but some of the ways the characters acted seemed to be a little older, maybe High School. It was a shallow story, and the characters seemed pretty flat.

And why, if this is a
when i picked up the book i automatically judged it by the cover. it said it was a faerie tale and the cover was very pretty so i assumed it would be a delicate story with monsters, dragons, fairys. etc. But there was only a couple types of creatures and way to many to recognize. the book was so entirely confusing i was like wondering who killed who, who did what, who talked to who and what the characters were related with in the story. i didnt like it for that reason. it might be a better book ...more
This tidy return to fairytale as romance left much to be desired. Characters are as weak as the threads of a supposed former childhood alliance. Part of my fascination with fairy tales is the development of a character touched by the exquisite whether it be in the form of tragedy, horror, or beauty. Why do some live charmed lives, while others toil to no avail? The varied states of the human soul as it struggles to accept fate could have been ample fodder, but this tale is sanitized and one side ...more
Jennifer Heise
I couldn't tell if this was for teens or tweens; at first it read like a tween fantasy but there was a thread that seemed more teenish as well. Not a bad book at all, and an intriguing world, but it felt like there was so much left out. I could _almost_ envision the settings, but not not quite. I could _almost_ recognize the scenery, but not quite. And the plot was a little light-- perhaps because of the shortness of the book.

Still (view spoiler)
I loved this book. It was simple, yet elegant, an enjoyable fairy tale and truly unique. It reminded me of some of Robin McKinley's earlier fairy tales. I very much enjoyed its straight to the point manner, yet it didn't sacrifice detail or description. Too many fantasy authors recently feel they have to give us hundreds of pages to do their story justice (Rowling, Funke, & Meyers) without allowing us as readers to use our imaginations. I look forward to reading Tomlinson's first book "The S ...more
I enjoyed this book. I thought the story was unique and the characters were interesting. My only criticism is that it seemed a little disjointed. I felt like I was getting thrown from situation to situation without really understanding the background or the characters. It felt like parts of the book were missing. I really think this is one case where the book should have been longer and gone into more detail about the characters and the world they inhabit. I really liked this just wish it had be ...more
It was okay. If you have not read anything else by her, do yourself a huge favor and start with Toads and Diamonds, which is great!
This book was a quick and enjoyable read, full of varies types of fantasy characters and some action towards the end. The only problem I had with it was that it was really quite short. To merit more stars from me I would have liked to see a more thorough fleshing out of the characters, their motives, and the background of the kingdoms the story took place in. Overall, a quick and fun read but not much detail--I didn't feel as if I could 'see' the places or connect to the characters very well.
She was still figuring out how to write a book when she wrote this one. Each chapter is told from the perspective of 1 of 4 main characters. 3 of the characters are told in 1st person, 1 is in 3rd. why, you ask? I don't know. It's a little awkward. There is a lot of build up to conflicts that are resolved really quickly and a little to easily. Tomlinson's book, Toads and Diamonds is great, but I would skip this one.
Jo Oehrlein

Princess Aurelie and her friends Netta and Garin are friends with a river drac. Through that friendship, they learn to see fairies. However, Garin has gone back to his land and Netta won't speak to Aurelie.

Aurelie goes on a state visit to Garin's land and runs into him, but many things don't make sense to her.

Now, it's up to her to save her country and she can only do it with the help of her friends.
I thought this book was a fun little read although I can't remember a lot about it seeing as I read it quite a while ago. But, after I finished the Swan Maiden just a few weeks ago, and then realized that this was the same author, I couldn't believe it! I was so surprised. Anyways, back to this book... It was a fun little read and I enjoyed it!
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Heather Tomlinson grew up in California and New Hampshire, graduating from Wellesley College with a degree in French literature. After teaching English in France and French in the United States, she worked at a book wholesaler. Now she writes the kinds of novels she likes to read.

Heather lives on a sailboat in southern California with her engineer husband, her baby boy, and cats X, Y, and Z.
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