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Tabloid Star (Tabloid Star, #1)
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Tabloid Star (Tabloid Star #1)

3.76 of 5 stars 3.76  ·  rating details  ·  1,170 ratings  ·  64 reviews
One hot night, one freeze frame...and one shocking surprise. As a bartender at the Lucky Seven club, Josh Bauer could take a different guy home every night...if he wanted to. Working three jobs, however, makes it hard to connect with anyone. One man, though, is too much temptation to resist. A steamy encounter in a back alley leads to an explosive night of sex in Josh's be ...more
ebook, 147 pages
Published September 1st 2009 by Samhain Publishing (first published 2009)
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Sep 14, 2009 Daisiemae rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: TA Chase Fans, Anyone who loves a great homoerotic romance
Recommended to Daisiemae by: I love the author's other books.
I was going to hold off reading Tabloid Star by T.A. Chase for a rainy day. For some reason I have a tendency to do that with certain authors. I hold off reading their books until I need a really good pick me up, or I know I’m in the mood to read something I know I’ll love. This wasn’t so when I bought Tabloid Star! I immediately had to read it, and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

Josh Bauer is a very responsible man. He works three jobs to support himself, and to give most of the earnin
May 13, 2013 Bev rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommended to Bev by: Tina

I really enjoyed this book by an author I hadn't taken a chance on before. 4 stars

Ryan Kellar is an aspiring actor, has appeared in his first movie which is apparently set to be a blockbuster, and although not closeted per se, doesn't advertise the fact that he's gay. He goes to the 'Lucky Seven' club one night with his best friend, and his life changes after an encounter in an alley with Josh, one of the barmen at the club.

Nice, light read. There is a plot, and I did guess who was keeping the
Emanuela ~plastic duck~
01/18/13: Revised rating after a couple of years of reading m/m: from 4 to 3.

It was more a 3.5 stars but once I finished the book, I found that I was quite fond of the guys, in different ways, so I'll give it 4.

I liked Ryan because, even if he knew he was risking his career, he was not willing to search for a compromise. I liked Josh because he was very practical and he found the way to get Ryan and himself out of trouble, showing that he might not be rich, but he was resourceful.

The secondary c
Elisa Rolle
T.A. Chase hits a sure point with this novel with me, since the show business theme is one of my favorite, probably due to the fact that I love to see an happily ever after where usually I don't find them, and since I know that, despite some good changings happening in the movie industry, it's still not easy to be out and proud, and the stars who decide to be have not easy life.

So basically this is a cinderfella type of story, with the big Hollywood star, Ryan, who falls in love for the poor ba
Brenda (b)
This was another wonderful story from T.A. Chase. He creates the best characters and I find myself wishing they were people I knew in real life. The mystery of who took the pictures was secondary to Ryan & Josh's love story, but I was drawn into it. First I thought it was one person, then I thought it might me another and again I went back to my first guess.

3,5 stars. :)

'Tabloid Star' is about Josh Bauer who is working three jobs to support his sister and his nephew. One night he has sex with an anonymous guy. The next day he finds his picture on the front page of a tabloid. Apparently his one-night stand isn't as anonymous as he thought he was. It's Ryan Kellar, an uprising actor, who isn't keen of the paparazzi photos of his indiscretion...

The story is a pretty good read, the MC's are likeable, the settings and the secondary characters interestin
Ms. Nikki
The 1st 3rd of the book was pretty good, until the Tabloid incident happened. It reminded me of a Soap Opera. Lots of discussions and explaining, giving me blow by blow details instead of showing me. The whole, why do you call me Bear thing, just blew it for me. Josh and the whole scene with his sister was so "False." Yeah, that's it. This book is for the starving reader who just needs something to read right now. Gratification not guaranteed.
Another good book from T.A. Chase!
I just love her stories - likeable main characters, interesting settings, diverse secondary characters and not much angst, which I wholeheartedly approve! They're nice and warm and I like to reread them :)

Oh and I was happy to see more of Garrett and CJ from Love of Sports series, and to know about CJ's career choice after all. Glad to see him on a car tv-show :)
I suppose there’s nothing really wrong with this book, it’s nicely constructed and all that…it’s just that I was bored out of my mind reading it!

Josh Bauer is a hardworking guy, who looks good and knows it. While on his third job, working a shift as a bartender in a rather unknown club in WeHo, he meets a good looking guy whom he first takes back into the alley behind the bar and then home with him at the end of the shift. The guy is a bit paranoid that someone is going to notice him, but Josh
This is another perfectly good story that just wasn't for me. I'm one of those people who actually likes insta-love/lust stories, on one condition, I need to feel that initial spark but if I don't feel it, I don't believe it. In Tabloid Star because I never felt that spark between Josh and Ryan I was constantly questioning Josh's subsequent behaviour; unlike sweet, naïve Ryan, who spent the story panting around after big, bad, previously unattainable Josh, he was easy to understand.
This is an example of a story that transfers the traditional male/female dynamic of a hetero relationship - and a boring one at that - into a male/male relationship. Why, oh why? If you want to write about men, why make them behave like women? If you want to create characters, why make them stereotypes? Whimpery Ryan is nothing else but the cute little (virginal) girl who only waits for the big strong hero to sweep her, pardon, him off her/his feet.
Oh, and of course the showbusiness theme is al
Dec 12, 2010 Camilla rated it 4 of 5 stars
Shelves: pdf
The first word that comes to mind after finishing this story is:


I dont know if thats a word, but hey, it works for me.. ;o)

Aww, I really loved this story.. So freakin cute.. I absolutly fell in love with both Josh and Ryan..

I loved how dom Josh started out and how he changed as the story moved forward... Oh, of course he's still a dom, but what a great "reward" he gave Ryan at the end, huh? ;o)

I thought this had a great combination of emotions and hot sex.. And when I say hot sex, thats
Joyfully Jay
A Joyfully Jay review.

4.75 stars

I fell in love with Josh from the moment he was introduced. He’s fun and flirty, but with a solid head on his shoulders and a really strong moral compass. He the perfect example of a well-rounded character. I loved the way he cares about those in his circle, his love of his family, and the way he connected with Ryan. I have to admit that I got a little melty when the reason he works so hard is revealed. He’s maybe even a little bit too perfect, with hardly a flaw
Skye Blue
Jul 14, 2015 Skye Blue rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommended to Skye Blue by: Brooklyn

There was not as much drama and angst as I was expecting. Which is good, it would have been overpowering.

I'm mixed on the use of condoms, even for bj's. On one hand, I commend the author for taking safe sex seriously. On the other...latex taste...eeewwww. But, it's good to promote safety.

Overall, it was pretty good. But I didn't enjoy as much as other books by the author.
But I did enjoy it.

Aug 25, 2011 Darkm rated it 4 of 5 stars
Shelves: m-m
The story in this book was interesting and well written, as well as the characters.

Something I really appreciated was how the autism of one of the secondary characters was described:
"I'm not deluding myself into thinking Pedro's a normal boy, Ryan. It's just that his brain is wired differently than yours and mine. Pedro's autistic, but he's not stupid or handicapped"
I expected Ryan's celebrity status to be more of an issue than it was. I was expecting backlash from Raz or for Geraldo to be more of a problem. Instead everything was resolved easily without too much drama. I'm not sure about that. But I like this couple together. I like their almost insta-love and the way they seemed to connect pretty quickly.
It was a good write. I liked it, but something was missing and needed and I can't figure out what just yet. Maybe cause it was too simple? Not sure, but I will admit that I'd definitely like to see more of these two in another book sequence.
Trisha Harrington
This was a really nice sweet book. I loved Josh and Ryan and the way their relationship developed. I also loved the way they stood by each other in the end. I am a huge fan of T.A Chase and this was another of his books that I adored. Great read :)
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Emerald Jaguar
Bottom line up front:
It didn't suck. Much.

The rest:
Ryan is an actor who happens to be gay. He's rather amusingly lead astray quite often by his best friend, Bill. Finally, a gay man with a best friend who isn't an annoying, shrill, fag hag trying to live vicariously through strictly dickly men! Bill is completely straight, but doesn't seem to mind in the slightest that Ryan likes dangly bits that aren't boobs. The two go out on a wild drinking spree one night, and Bill actually encourages Ryan
josh, a bartender at a gay club, hooks up with ryan in the alleyway behind his club during his break, and then takes ryan home. the next day, pictures show up in the tabloids of the two of them and josh realizes his one night hook-up is not what he seems.
ryan is an actor on the cusp of super-stardom, starring in a new action film. when he sees the tabloid pictures, he thinks that he was set up by the sexy bartender and confronts him.

what i liked: i liked the fact that both ryan and jo
I'd like to put a disclaimer that unlike the other books rated one star in my bookshelf, there's nothing wrong with this one.

It's me, not you, dear book. Really.

This book was just boring for me. The first part was great; the relationship, the doubts, the sizzling distrust was a set up for uber awesome. And then suddenly it just went downhill. I found myself trapped into reading about people I don't care about, but am supposed to.

Erin and Pedro was meh. I wanted to feel for them; I didn't. Chad a
Revised after a couple of years...

Holy plot holes Batman! ... how did I miss all the minor, yet irritating issues with this story the first time round? ... metaphors that sounded right but in actual fact were wrong ... weird adjective use that when you stopped and thought about it, made you go "What. The. Fuckity. Fuck?" ... having said that, it is better than some of the dross I've read so is probably still worth the ... would be awesome if this one was re-edited and re-released.

Original revie
This book starts with an interesting premise and a ton of potential, but then fails to live up to any of it. Only one of the heroes (Josh) gets any kind of rounding as a character: he works three jobs, has a sister and a nephew who he works to support and keep safe from the sister's vicious ex-husband, and has actual relationships with the people around him. Ryan, an up-and-coming actor, has relationships with only two other people, and we learn nothing of his origins.

Josh and Ryan meet at a ba
Main Characters: Josh Bauer & Ryan Kellar
Key Themes: In the Closet, Coming Out
Location: West Hollywood & San Francisco Bay Area, California

Josh is badass - he was in a gang at 15 years old, is bald and covered in tattoos, and works three jobs – as a bartender, a construction worker and a waiter. He is also a bear and a bit of a flirt. Ryan is Hollywood’s newest action hero heartthrob and he is deep in the closet.

Both MCs were a bit dull, emotionally erratic and a bit silly (Ryan wore a
Firstly, I know it's Hollywood or whatever, but i don't think practically every guy you meet will be gay. Josh, Ryan, Garrett, cj, Pete, tommy, Simpson, mark and Vance. I know being homosexual isn't uncommon, especially in Hollywood, but I really don't think it is as common as this book portrayed it. And theyre almost all in lust with josh. who even likes baldness? Who shaves their head on purpose when they have nice hair, which I'm assuming josh did. I know it said he was older, but I don't thi ...more
Another one of those books that I can appreciate the thought behind of but feel it just didn't translate too well when put into words. I think this is one of the author's earliest works so that might explain (at least) part of it.

The concept is nothing new: newly risen star actor and regular Joe meet, get hot and heavy, and then there's drama. I felt I didn't get enough information about neither main character to actually form an opinion about them, they were very bland, as were all the side cha

Plot for this book was simple yet interesting enough. Josh and Ryan are an adorable couple, which is this book biggest plus point. Thought the writing could use some touch, this was a nice relaxing read. There are some drama but nothing too heart-clenching.
Overall this is a fun story. It starts a little slow but gets interesting fairly quickly. It opens with Josh and Ryan meeting, getting nasty and going their separate ways. With the introduction of paparazzi photos of their indiscretion, the actual story takes off. There are hidden cameramen, family harassment, stress, arguments and fights to get the ball rolling. And, once it got going, it was pretty fun.

Before the book's climax, it wasn't too difficult to sort out who was behind the photo stalk
3.5 stars - This was an enjoyable read with an interesting story and great main characters. Josh was exactly my type of character too, both in looks and personality. Although he did say the word 'honey' a bit too often for my liking (it wasn't a problem for the last half of the book, but very noticeable to me for the first few chapters). Raz really was a piece of work. I wanted to slap him almost from the beginning – I can’t believe Ryan let him get away with the homophobic and downright shitty ...more
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There is beauty in every kind of love, so why not live a life without boundaries? Experiencing everything the world offers fascinates me and writing about the things that make each of us unique is how I share those insights. I live in the Midwest with a wonderful partner of thirteen years. When not writing, I’m watching movies, reading and living life to the fullest.
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