The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: War of the Worlds
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The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: War of the Worlds (The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Titan Books))

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Sherlock Holmes, Professor Challenger and Dr. Watson meet their match when the streets of London are left decimated by a prolonged alien attack. Who could be responsible for such destruction? Sherlock Holmes is about to find out...

Manly Wade Wellman’s novel takes H.G. Wells's classic story of Martian invasion and throws Holmes into the mix, with surprising and unexpected r...more
Paperback, 256 pages
Published November 17th 2009 by Titan Books (first published 1975)
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With his recent surge in local popular culture, Sherlock Holmes is bound to need some new challenges in his storied detective career. In The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: War of the Worlds, Manly and Wade Wellman take Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s popular character (as well as his Professor Challenger from The Lost World) into a battle for survival while E.T. reigns down destruction in London. The story follows a parallel story line to H.G. Wells’ classic novel but makes clear and distinctiv...more
Amy Sturgis
This book traces the events described in H.G. Wells's brilliant The War of the Worlds and the related "The Crystal Egg" (both 1897) from the perspective (and involvement) of characters from Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes and Professor Challenger universes.

It unfolds as a series of stories told either by Edward Dunn Malone (the reporter for the London newspaper The Daily Globe who features in and sometimes narrates the Professor Challenger tales) or Dr. John H. Watson, Holmes's friend and b...more
The Wellmans combine the world's of Doyles' two main protagonists, Sherlock Holmes and Professor Challenger, with the England of H.G.Wells War of the Worlds (adding bits from Wells' short story, "The Crystal Egg"). An entertaining read, with some fun bits, but don't expect any revelations or major changes to the Wells story. Basically, this is an en bloc retelling of the original but through the eyes of Doyle's characters. For the picky Holmesian, the Sh.H. depiction is a little weak, but otherw...more
Of the three Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes novels I've read - the other two being The Giant Rat of Sumatra and Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Holmes - this is the one I'm shaping up to like the least. The basic premise sounds good: H.G. Wells' Martian invasion novel told from the P.O.V. of Sherlock Holmes and Doyle's other creation, Professor Challenger. But so far it's kind of dull. The opening sequence involving the gem that Holmes purchases was kind of interesting, and then we're introduced to...more
Elwood D Pennypacker
How'sa bout this for what the kids would call one of those "mash-up"'s?

The title is a little misleading. Sherlock Holmes plays but only a partial role in the days of H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds as imagined by this father/son author duo. The bulk of the work belongs to another Doyle creation, a pleasantly plump genius/pompous ass named Professor Challenger. For much of the Martian attack, the Watson-less travails of Holmes and Challenger suffered from just that - a lack of Watson. "Why isn't Wa...more

While I was reading this book, I was in a mocking mood, so mock I did. I actually think that it made me like the book better this one time.

There were quite a few things that I disliked with this book. First, it was the love triangle with Holmes, Mrs. Hudson, and Mr. Hudson. It wasn't needed for the story, and, after watching BBC's Sherlock, I only see Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock and Una Stubbs as Mrs. Hudson. It wasn't a pretty sight to see when they were kissing in my head. Secondly, wa...more
A very good, interesting story. I like that i uses HG Wells War of the Worlds and places Holmes and another Doyle character, Professor Challenger and incorporates them into the story. I like how Watson is upset that Wells has misrepresented the true facts of the invasion and left out key contributions of Challenger and Holmes. This one made me smile.
What Holmes got up to when the Martians were invading.

A better premise for a steampunk novel simply cannot be imagined. Because the world of Sherlock Holmes is so familiar, the reader can experience some of the thrill in its destruction that the original readers of The War of the Worlds must have felt. The lesser known Professor Challenger is also bought into the mix and there is a wonderfully cheeky revelation about Holmes' private life.

The authors have t...more
Charlotte (Buried in Books)
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I was really disappointed by this book for two textual reasons and a score of stylistic concerns. The first in my edition is on page 41 when Challenger refers to H.G. Wells as having "some rather sketchy scientific background, along with a bizarre imagination." The second is eight pages forward. Watson and Holmes are discussing H.G. Wells when Watson refers to him as "A sensation-mongering hack, suspiciously revolutionary in his notions..." These two instances marked for me the point of no retur...more
Lianne Burwell
This can be summed up as Sherlock Holmes meets The Lost World meets War of the Worlds.

I haven't read The Lost world, so I'm not sure how accurate the bombastic Professor Challenger is (although he is somewhat softened by the care he shows his wife). Sherlock Holmes worked for me (although throwing in that he's been having a long-standing affair with Mrs Hudson, who must be much younger than most people portray her), but Dr Watson is almost a cartoon. Certainly, he's not a brilliant as the other...more
Bev Hankins
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Timothy Tobolski
At the close of last year, I decided to re-read Wells' 'War of the Worlds'and 'the Crystal Egg', as well as delve into some Professor Challenger stories and few of Doyle's ghost stories. All of that prepared me for a better understanding and a deeper enjoyment of the Wellmans' pastiche. Truthfully, I wasn't impressed the first time I read this; it seemed far too centered on Challenger and not enough on Holmes (and Holmes' deductive skills). Not so the second time around. It was well executed in...more
Maybe a bit more than 2 stars.

Concept: Holmes plays a role in the events from H. G. Wells' War of the Worlds.

This isn't really a detective mystery, so it's not true Sherlock. Also, the inclusion of Prof. Challenger didn't improve it for me. And the romance between Holmes & Ms. Hudson is out of character for Holmes.

There are science fiction elements. Unfortunately, while the book diverges from Wells' story on a few points, it maintains the implausible ability of Earth and alien life to feed o...more
Despite some of its flaws I really enjoyed this take on Sherlock Holmes during the events of H G Wells famous novel. While some parts could be considered more alt-canon than anything, I thought it tied in with previous novels and some of the others in this series well. My biggest issue was the use of dialect for some of the Londoners in the book. Cockneys never have, and never will speak like they do in this! I wish people outside of the UK would do their research before falling into wrong stere...more
Bill Bleuel
H. G. Wells' legendary invasion story, Sherlock Holmes AND Professor Challenger, yet this book is dull and pedestrian (and Sherlock Holmes is largely absent from his own book). I also didn't feel Mr. Wellman had a deep understanding of Holmes or Watson (since I haven't read any of the Professor Challenger books I can't speak to his understanding of Challenger, but this didn't pique my interest). As far as pastiches go, this was no better than average.
David Brzezinski
While the idea of what Sherlock Holmes was doing during Wells' War of the Worlds is intriguing, the follow through is a bit of a miss. Even with the inclusion of Professor Challenger (from Doyle's The Lost World), the story seems more of a miss than a hit. It's tough to get a good feel for either character throughout the book. Final verdict, read it if you are curious, but you would probably be better off with one of the other books in this series.
A pastiche/further adventure for the Great Detective, this time slotting the character in to the world of HG Wells martian invasion.
Well written I thought and an easy read. However the story direction/narrative, whilst okay during the reading of the book, seems insubstantial when thinking about the book after it has been finished.
A good read but not sure if it is a book i would go back to.
I actually enjoyed this "War of the Worlds" more than Wells' original. I thought the authors did a better job of portraying Professor Challenger from "The Lost World" than they did Holmes. This story does not really read like a mystery and I thought the first and last thirds of the book were pretty good, while the middle dragged a bit.
In short, with a premise like Sherlock Holmes and the War of the Worlds this book should have been fun. Instead it was boring and tedius and not at all engaging. A complete and utter disappointment. It soured me on reading any more of this range.
There are some decent parts, particularly the beginning and the end. However, I found a large part to be very boring and somewhat tough to get through in terms of interest level. Not a terrible book by any means but disappointing.
Take Sherlock Holmes, add H.G. Wells "War of the Worlds" and Doyle's Professor Challenger from "The Lost World" and you have a good idea of what this novel is about. We also learn why the Martians are not really Martians, but.....
Maria Grazia
Divertente contaminazione che mostra Sherlock Holmes alle prese con La guerra dei mondi di Wells, a discapito di quest'ultimo che fa la figura del giornalista da strapazzo. Un piccolo libro piacevolmente sorprendente.
Entertaining enough, but I will probably always like the idea of Victorian detective literature a lot better than the execution. On a sentence-by-sentence level, this stuff is always a bit of slog.
Mike Rhode
I'm a big fan of Manly Wade Wellman, but this pastiche is lifeless. I read it when it came out 30 years ago, and didn't remember it so I tried it again. It's only for a completist.
I believe it caught the spirit of the genre and was true to the characters. The alternate perspective on the events central to 'War of the Worlds' was intriguing.

Fun, fast-paced romp combining not two but three Victorian novels. I have the feeling I would like it better as a graphic novel in the fashion of “Victorian Undead”.
Robert Kaufman
Fun book! Read it a long time ago. Have read it occasionally since.
An odd and enjoyable holiday read.
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