The Bitter Seed of Magic (, # 3)
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The Bitter Seed of Magic ( #3)

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On the surface, Genny's life seems ripple-free right now. Finn, her sexy boss and -- well, Genny's not sure what else she wants him to be -- has stopped pushing for a decision on their relationship. The seductive vampire Malik al-Khan has vanished back into the shadows. And the witches have declared her no longer a threat. But unless Genny can find a way to break the ferti...more
Paperback, 416 pages
Published February 17th 2011 by Gollancz
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Caroline The HEA Lover
(This was originally posted on Book Lovers Inc)

Warning: This is a spoiler-free review for this book. But I make some references to the previous books which can be a little bit spoilery.

The Bitter Seed of Magic is the 3rd book in the series, and it's now my favorite! I couldn't wait to start reading it when I finished the previous book. The story takes place a few months after the end of The Cold Kiss of Death. Genny's life is still very complicated. To sum it up, there is a fer...more
Really, I'm afraid I'm not going to do the book justice. I never really analyze books, characterization and plot points, etc. Frankly, I wouldn't know the first thing about this type of reviewing. I do know whether I like a book or not though. Mainly I focus on whether I enjoyed reading the book, if the dialogue was good, great or lame and how the story flows....
for me, this means The Bitter Seed of Magic scored high on all three points. The dialogue was great, the enjoyment factor was high and...more
Up until this point, reading Suzanne McLeod’s Spellcrackers series has often been an exercise in frustration. The novels were frequently confusing, but were well-written enough that I couldn’t dismiss them and always felt there was huge potential for the series. With book three, The Bitter Seed of Magic, McLeod finally strikes the right balance between clarity and obfuscation.

The Bitter Seed of Magic focuses on the curse laid on the lesser fae of London by the sidhe queen Cliona. The curse is in...more
Please note that there are slight spoilers for the first book The Sweet Scent of Blood and the second book The Cold Kiss Of Death.

This is the second time that I have read The Bitter Seed of Magic and it is as good as the first time that I read it. However this isn’t my favourite book out of the three, but don’t get me wrong it is still a fantastic book. All of the Fae are trying to get Genny pregnant in the hopes that the fertility curse will be broken but our Genny is not too keen to get knocke...more
Yasmeen (Yaz)
I wasn't too sure where the series was headed with the fertility issue in book 2. I admit I did think that that this one wasn't going to be as good as the previous books. But boy was I wrong! It was amazing, and the shocks kept coming, I had no idea what was going to happen next. I practically had to force myself to put the book down and pull my head out of Genny's world. I gave up fighting it in the end and finished the rest, lol. Now I'm sitting down, biting my fingernails, thinking how I'm go...more
Michelle Cummings
This is the third book in the urban fantasy series. Our MC is Ginny, a full-blooded sidhe fae who has no magic of her own, but is capable of cracking (breaking) other peoples magic.

There is a major continuation here from events in the previous books, but essentially, a fertility curse has been placed on the fae, and they have been unable to conceive any full-blooded fae children for a while. They are able to have faelings (half fae/half human). Ginny has been viewed as the hope...more
Life is never easy when the fate of London fae society rests in your womb . . . it has been months since sidhe Genny learnt that her ability to conceive would unlock an ages-old infertility curse. Since then she’s had dryads and kelpies on her dance card and some less-than-subtle advances on her person.

Genny is busy looking for an alternative curse-breaker that doesn’t involve a bun in her oven. Meanwhile, a dead girl turns up in the river Thames and Genny is dragged into a police investigation...more
On the surface, Genny's life seems ripple-free right now. Finn, her sexy boss, has stopped pushing for a decision on their relationship. The seductive vampire Malik al-Khan has vanished back into the shadows. And the witches have declared her no longer a threat. But unless Genny can find a way to break the fertility curse afflicting London's fae, she knows this is just the lull before the magical storm. Then a faeling - a teenage girl - is fished out of the River Thames, dead and bound with magi...more
Book three in the Series and things got a little confusing for me. I found this instalment a lot harder to follow and did not like the prominent fey storyline. It wasn't until the vampires reappeared that things made a little more sense. But on the whole, a bit of a hard slog this one.

I'm still liking the overall storyline and enjoying the interaction between Genny & Malik in particular. Although both Tarvish and Finn are interesting as well. I'm hoping in the next instalme...more
This was a fascinating book, filled with so many twists and surprises that it felt more like firecrackers than Spellcasters.

That being said, it is definitely not a stand-alone book - even having just read books 1 & 2, I had to really concentrate to follow the many characters and fact, that sense of almost confusion cost it that 5th star.

Now that the fertility issue has been resolved, how about an actual relationship for Gen? I love the main characters in this series and ther...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Just as the other books in the Spellcrackers series were good, The Bitter Seeds of Magic continued that winning streak. There was a huge mystery, well several huge mysteries, and some serious surprises along with a bit of mystery left unanswered. There are a ton of magical beings and I was confused a bit for a while with all the twists and turns. But, by the end I had things figured out. Good read!
Ann-Therese Killingmo
I absolutely loved this book! For those of you who have not read this book yet I have only one thing to say. Don't hesitate you will not be disappointed!
Fiona J Mackenzie
Wonderful third book in this fab series. Brilliant characters, excellent story line and a pleasure to read - can't wait for the next one!
Jo Burridge
FABULOUS.... cannot wait for the next installment!!
Blodeuedd Finland
My thoughts:
I can't believe this, the next book is out first in 2012! How on earth will I make it until then? I seriously need more Genny.

And yes there will be spoilers from previous books here.

Back to business then. Genny needs to crack a certain fertility curse so that she doesn't have to have a baby. The Fae are sending suitors to her, and I must say that I like the two in this book. Then there is the queen of the fairy lands who doesn't want her preggers. But Genny does not give up and she k...more
I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads.

At the start of reading this book I was lost - this is due to the fact that it was the third in a series and I hadn't read the other two! Once I got past this, though, I got really caught up in the story.

The world as we know it does not exist. In this alternate London of today, Vampires and Fae live alongside and openly with humaniity. Genny, the heroine, is a 'spellcracker' who absorbs and 'cracks' the magic in spells. She is also at...more
Dangerous Romance Book Reviews
Sabina: Both Laurie and I love this series. I even know we would get into a cat-fight over one of the characters, if it got to that. :-) (Don’t even try to deny it, Laurie!!

Laurie: No denial necessary. I've switched my alliance from Eric Northman to Malik Al Khan. Big time.

Sabina: Suzanne McLeod keeps sweeping me off my feet with her writing and it’s ALWAYS a pleasure to sit down with one of her books. I love the way she can use 5, 6 plots in one book and you’re left looking baffled at the page...more
All Things Urban Fantasy
This is a difficult book to review, if only because of the conflicting emotions it engenders. On one hand, it is wonderfully complex, with rich mythology and magical theory wrapped around an engaging mystery. On the other hand, THE BITTER SEED OF MAGIC can also be frustratingly complex, to the point where even an"after the action" recap, complete with family trees and a play by play explanation, wasn't quite enough to untangle the snarl of crisscrossing motives and lies at the end.

I'd like to th...more
c2011. FWFTB: curse, faeling, Thames, vampire, family. This book resolves a lot of the issues raised and investigated in the first two books. It leans heavily on fleshing out the magic and background with the investigation of the murder only starting some 200 odd pages into the story. I get a bit confused with all the familial relationships although there is a family tree put in the book which sort of helped. I am not sure about the Autarch and the Oligarch other than knowing that this is the le...more
I'm a big fan of this series. It's about a half sidhe/half vampire living in modern-day London named Genny. She's in her early 20s and works for Spellcrackers, a company that fixes magical problems. The public is fully aware of fae, vamps, and other magical creatures in this version of Earth. Genny is at the heart of a curse laid on the fae to make them barren. All signs point to her being the key to breaking the curse. But it's complicated. Some gods are threatening her if she gets preggers too...more
I won this book from first reads.

I'm finding it a bit difficult to put my thoughts out there without adding spoilers..if you haven't read the previous two books in the series,then i'd definitely start with the first book,The Sweet Scent of Blood.

The Bitter Seed of Magic,is the third book in the Spellcrackers series, i think it could possibly be my favourite.Suzanne McLeod has created a world so fascinating and action packed,it just sucks you right in, hold on tight,cos you're in for one hell of...more
5 stars - I just love Genny - purchased by myself. The Spellcrackers books should be read in order. This is not a series that can really be picked up in the middle and since it is really one of the best ones out there right now, and I belive the best involving Sidhe and the Fae, I don't see why anyone wouldn't want to read them all. This is the third book, following, "The Sweet Scent of Blood" and the "Cold Kiss of Death." But if you haven't read the first two then stop reading now. Spoilers ahe...more
Kathy Davie
Third in the urban fantasy series revolving around Genny Taylor, a sidhe fae whose pregnancy everyone thinks will break the fertility curse.

My Take
Reading this is like trying to figure out the fae mind. Confusing, bewildering, and leaving you with a headache as you struggle to figure out what's going on. McLeod drops all sorts of information, but rarely includes any hint of a suggestion as to how it may connect. Or, at least, not until the end. I feel like Genny does when Helen...more
Suzanne McLeod has got her own unique style of writing. It's explosive, layered, intriguing and sometimes confusing as hell, but i absolutely love it!

This is a third installment of, and if you haven't read the first two books you really don't know what you're missing...

Genny's life is not quiet and it's not calm. Finn still wants to have babies with her and coincidentally break the fertility curse which hangs over every fae in the world. Tavish, wickedly charming wylde fa...more
I found the series a few days ago & tore through the 1st two books. I was eager to start this third one because the story got stronger in each outing. This was no exception. In my opinion, this is the strongest story in the series thus far. That author has gotten a better hold on the multiple plot lines that have been weaving together throughout the books. We find Genny at the beginning of the story with all of her worries firmly in place...a fertility curse on all of the l...more
This is a difficult book to review, if only because of the conflicting emotions it engenders. On one hand, it is wonderfully complex, with rich mythology and magical theory wrapped around a mystery. On the other hand, THE BITTER SEED OF MAGIC is frustratingly complex, to the point where even the "after the action" recap, complete with family trees and a play by play explanation, wasn't quite enough to untangle the snarl of crisscrossing motives and lies. I'd like to think that some of that snarl...more
Mon avis en français

My English Review

Once the second volume finished, I only wanted to read the third one to know more. I had to wait a little for his release in December, but I can say that I’m more than happy. Of course, like in the last one, all the characters are here, and when I say all, it’s really all of them! We can discover some new too (well, yes, be careful to not be lost with all the names!), and it’s a pleasure to discover them all and learn more about each. I thought that I knew so...more
The Bitter Seed of Magic is the third book in Suzanne McLeod’s Spellcrackers series and therefore this review will contain spoilers for the previous books.

Faelings are turning up dead on the streets on London, their identities hidden by a glamour spell. The police bring sidhe fae Genny in to help peel back the spells but there’s no indication of cause of death. With the fertility curse still in place, Genny is convinced it is connected and is determined to help the faelings in every way but one;...more
Rhona Scott
It's been five months since the events of Halloween and Genny is no closer to breaking the curse inflicted on the London fae by the sidhe queen. Genny is still under pressure from the fae community to produce a child. Not only has Genny have the local fae to contend with but also two Goddesses have taken an interest in Genny's life. Several female faelings are turning up dead with suspicious spells tagged to their bodies. Are the murdered fealings linked to breaking the curse? Genny is determine...more
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