Everlasting Kiss (Everlasting, #1)
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Everlasting Kiss (Everlasting #1)

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Daisy O'Donnell doesn't get the attraction some women feel for vampires. She likes her men with a heartbeat. And she's just met one who's full of life: Erik Delacourt, the unreasonably sexy man she keeps meeting at a popular L.A. nightclub called the Crypt. She barely knows him, but there's no resisting the connection she feels. . .

There's one important detail Erik hasn't...more
Paperback, 384 pages
Published February 1st 2010 by Zebra (first published January 1st 2010)
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I was quite excited to read this one when I came across the blurb. Even though it was my first book by Amanda Ashley, it sounded interesting, and hot. It really wasn't.

Briefly put, Daisy is a blood hunter - she tracks sleeping vamps and steals their blood for sale online. She comes from a family of vampire hunters, so she is sort of doing her part. She meets hot and sexy Eric, flirts a bit, and discovers he is a nasty vamp himself. Her feelings for Eric, and his saving her life (and the life of...more
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Savannah~Quad-motherin'-book readin' diva
I can't believe I'm going to say this...but I was honestly offended by this book. haha! I mean, the "heroine" for lack of a better word, is basically a prejudiced idiot who believes its ok to violate another person's home and physically assault them all because their species is too new to be written into the constitution.LOL She then acts suprised when the man she has tried to assault decides that he isnt going to just "let her go" after she breaks into his house. Everything about her conflictin...more
♡ Sassy ~ Amy ♡
Well, this book did not disappoint. Totally predictable in quality of read. It was yet another wordy travel from place to place repetative meet someone new, do stupid thigs & make bad choices book. I could expect no less.

Girl walks into a bar... gets a drink. Guy walks into a bar meets girl...

Girl a blood stealer. Guy a vamp.
Girls family are anti Vamp & Vamp hunters. Guys family long dead.
Girls stupid hunter brother takes dumb sister from a freddie movie with him on a hunt. OOOoo old v...more
Wow this was a hard book to get through. I found myself cringing and rolling my eyes every other page. Erik and Daisy rankled me more than any other couple I've ever come across in any other books I've read. It was hard to find redeeming qualities between the two of them amidst all of their deceit, selfishness, hypocrisy, disloyalty, and complete lack of integrity. I wanted to throw my Kindle when Daisy brought her brother to Erik's after just trying to stake Erik's best friend, and again when h...more
Barbara ★
Daisy is an entrepreneur. Instead of being a vampire hunter like everyone else in her family, she sells vampire blood on the interest. Unfortunately she's stealing it from the vampires and believe it or not, they have a major problem with being violated.

Erik meets Daisy at a vampire bar and is instantly attracted. Too bad he doesn't know that she is the Blood Thief, as it would make his job of finding and executing the Blood Thief a whole lot easier.

The sexual tension between Daisy and Erik is...more
Tiana Harris
I gave this book 2.5 stars because there were some really idiotic scenes that made absolutely no sense. Daisy is from a vampire hunting family and she falls in love with a Erik, a vampire. Her brother, Alex comes to town and kills a vampire and a human, and she's okay with this? I am not! Then when Alex almost gets himself killed by a vampire, Daisy takes him to Erik to heal him, which he does because he loves Daisy. Now this vampire, Rhys, who just happens to be Erik's good friend is after both...more
Kathleen Burket
Everlasting Kiss is the story of Daisy O'Donnell,a blood thief who profits from stealing vampire blood, and a centuries old, incredibly handsome vampire and former British nobleman, Erik Delacourt. Regrettably, I was disappointed in this story; my first Amanda Ashley book. The book dragged in several places and I found that I was forcing myself to continue reading it.

Also, the unbelievable behavior of some of the characters detracted from the plot. For example, Daisy’s younger brother, Brandon,...more
A.S. Johnson
Amanda Ashley takes the reader into a different time, when vampires are hunted for their blood by human blood thiefs to sale on the black market, heads & ash by human hunters for contract, and humans are fully aware of vampire exsistance.
Daisy finds herself in L.A. away from her family back in Boston. She's a blood thief during the day, she's been trained to taking blood from sleeping vampires. One evening while out at a local club she comes across a steamy hunk of a man that she starts to...more
1st book in a new series.

Daisy is a Blood Thief who comes from a long line of vampire hunters meets the very handsome Erik Delacourt. During the day she collects vampire blood to sells it on the internet. While doing her day job she sneaks into the lair of sleeping vampires who wakes when she tries to steal his blood and in self defense kills him. Getting back into the business after a day or so of shock, she goes hunting again and finds the lair of Erik Delacourt who happens to be a vampire. Sh...more
Michelle ☕Ndayeni☕
This book did a great job of catching my attention early on and keeping me interested and turning the pages to see what would happen next. There's rarely any lull in the action, and the story progresses steadily throughout, with a pacing that seems fairly natural and right for the most part. From the moment Daisy and Erik meet, there is undeniable chemistry between them, chemistry that they both recognize, but they approach it in a very realistic manner I think, for they aren't immediately all o...more
Ezinwanyi~still loves Spartacus   (Oh My Shelves)
Rating: 2.5 starts.

I confess, I didn't enjoy this book.
This book wasn't very creative (to me) and I didn't enjoy any of the characters. In fact, Daisy's brother was really annoying, as annoying as Daisy was. The vampire seemed to be powerful, but they weren't or at least not when they came against the heroine who didn't seem to know that much about Vampires. Someone on goodreads said this book was filled with every vampire cliché known to man, and they were dead on. There was nothing creative ab...more
Amanda Ashley is one of my favorite authors and this book didn’t disappoint.

Daisy O’Donnell is a vampire blood thief. She hunts the undead during the day using a handy compass like device her magical grandmother gave her, takes their blood using a needle and sells it online. She comes from a family of hunters starting with her father, two brothers and herself.

She meets Erik Delacourt at a local club and they instantly spot the other. After a dance, she flees from him and her erratic thoughts bo...more
sometimes I wonder about the books people like.

If you have read Sookie Stackhouse, no need to read this. This is basically Sookie without the unecessary charm and character development. And hotness. Only Sookie is antisocial and is helping her family kill vampires while she's dating one.

While obliviously living the worst possible manifestation of a prejudice, this vampire killing family is repeatedly injured, rescued by the vampire boyfriend (who never takes her to task for attempting to murder...more
Post listen review:

You know when you go out hunting vampire blood so that you can sell it on ebay for it's regenrative powers and then after you want to relax and hit a club for fun at night? Well, if you don't recognize the fact that the guy who is trying to pick you up is a vampire/warlock then that means that you are a bad vampire hunter and should probably quit the day job and try to break in to showbusiness instead.

This was NOT the worst romance I have heard. But it was pretty silly. This...more
Wow, she did it again. This is only the second book I've read from her but Amanda's work just fascinates me. If I were to think of this book as a recipe, the ingredients of my favorite vamp books would be as follows
1 part Twilight
1 part Moonlight
1 part Buffy
1 part Blade
dash of Interview with the Vampire
Directions: Shake well

It was such a compelling read. I spent the whole day I recieved the copy, laid up in bed enthralled with the words coming off the page. So vivid I can imagine this book to g...more
 ~*~Princess Nhya~*~
I have read alot of reviews for this author on other books she has written. There are alot of mixed reviews where her writing is concerned. this book is the first book I've read written by her. The beginning starts out okay, but it does keep you interested enough to wonder what is going to happen. The relationship with erik and Daisey, starts out pretty good but then it seems too... lack of a better word, "simple". I like her brother Alex. He's a very irritating but loveable character. Anyone wh...more
Ok, you are a professional Blood Thief. This means that you go out during the day hunting for sleeping vampires to steal blood from so that you can sell it on Ebay for it's regenerative powers. Then when you meet a cute guy at the club, called THE CRYPT, no less, the following night and you DON'T recognize the fact that he's a vampire you should just quit your day job!!!

Seriously? This was kind of ridiculous. Daisy hunts vampires for profit but it's ok cause she doesn't kill them she just steals...more
4 ½ stars. WOW! This was such a shockingly amazing book! Now, I don’t mean that in a derogatory way as Ms. Ashley is one of my all time favorite vampire romance authors. No, what I mean was, compared to how it started! This book, much to my chagrin, started out very, very slowly. I didn’t see much of a plot beyond the obvious vampire/human dilemma. Boy, was I wrong!!

Daisy O’Donnell is a Blood Thief- she takes some blood from vampires while they are sleeping to sell on the internet. (Don’t worry-...more
Shirley Owl
I got this book out of the library as an ebook and there was no description about it. I went onto GRACE and read some of the reviews.... The reviews were either very good or very bad! I was not certain I was going to like the book and struggled with the first few chapters. The reason I struggled with the first few chapters was that Daisy is a thief and she breaks into people's homes to steal blood from the occupants when they are sleeping. If they wake and get cross at her she kills them. Societ...more
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Daisy is a blood theft. Erik is a vampire. So of course these two cannot coexist together. But Daisy and Erik just can’t seem to stay away from each other. When Daisy steals the blood of the female the head vampire of Los Angeles turned, she and Erik must work together to keep her off the radar.

This one started out a little slow for my liking. It picked up somewhat with the arrival of Daisy’s brother Alex. With his arrival there was a tad bit more action going on in the case of vampire hunting....more
Kelley (Against GR Censorship)
There are many issues I have with this book that prevented me from liking it. My major grievance is the fact that they were supposed to be following the family tradition of vampire hunting, and yet Daisy and her family seemed like amateurs when faced with actual combat. Just because they have collected a list of known vamps does not make them professional. Additionally, other inconsistencies in the world and character reactions took me right out of the story. Worst of all, the love scenes rated...more
What could have been... Very disappointing. It is the first time I read this author and it will probably be the last. The story had great possibilities, but to me author just never finished it. It was like reading a first draft that was never fleshed out. Never polished. There was just no emotion to the book. The characters were too rote and had no feeling to them. There was also continuity issues. ie. Daisy never kept anything harder than root beer in the house, the author extolled, yet her bro...more
The book had definite potential: vampire falls in love with a girl from a vampire-hunter family; mortal enemies. However, the story itself was terrible. The main characters fall in love with very little actual encounters other than just staring at each across the bar. Also, the complete stupidity of the heroine and her family was annoying to say the least. There was an entire plot line that could have been prevented by anyone in the family's gleam of actual intelligence. Also, every character ha...more
Dawn (Kat N Hat)
I liked the story, but it seemed a bit tame for me. It may just be tame compared to other stuff I've been reading lately. I will probably read more from this author but I'm not racing out to buy it.

I did admire Daisy for not jumping Erik as soon as she wanted to, but ater 250 pages in a romance novel I've come to expect something. There were a few practicality plot points that just didn't make sense. Such as, Rhys was way to forgiving, last week Alex tried to kill him and then he is willing to...more
Oh My GOODNESS!!!! I absolutely loved this book! I finished it in 24 hours! I just couldn’t stop. The characters were well developed, the ending made my heart happy, and the characters didn’t drastically change themselves to fit the ending or the plot. They stayed true to how they were in the beginning. SO Happy! This book is a must read! It’s fast paced enough to keep you wanting more, the characters have heart and some of the people ho were introduced but then not mentioned later in the book l...more
Daisy is a blood thief who steals blood from vampires and sells it online. She comes from a family of vampire hunters and she doesn't see anything wrong with what she does, when she stakes a vampire to save herself she wonders if she should continue the work.
Erik is a darkly handsome powerful vampire, and he meets Daisy in a club and the two are attracted to each other. Then Daisy, the blood thief, finds herself at Erik's home...

Nice romance with some danger thrown in. Daisy and Erik are strong...more
I hate to say but I didn't like it at all. The idea's in the plot were good but the way the leads were written made them seem like cardboard and the way they spoke was stupid. The female lead Daisy had to kill a vampire to protect herself and felt like crap but then her brother alex kills a human and she just goes with it? Where is the logic there? The whole book felt like it was flat and just plain lacking in everything for me. I know for a fact this book will not be staying on my shelf for fut...more
This book was a about Vampire hunters and Vampire blood theifs. Erik is the Vampire who fell in love with Daisy. I'm not going to tell you the ending you will have to read it and find out if it was a sad ending or a happily ever after. Just by luck she found Erik's house while out looking for vampires to steal blood from.

I though this book was very good. It is the second Vampire story that I have read. The first being Sarah McCarty series the shadow wranglers, Caleb and Jared.
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