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Dead By Midnight (Griffin Powell #11)
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Dead By Midnight (Dead by Trilogy #1)

3.94 of 5 stars 3.94  ·  rating details  ·  1,941 ratings  ·  113 reviews

The last sounds Dean Wilson hears are a clock striking twelve and a killer's taunting words. And his death is just the first. One by one, victims are stalked and shot at close range. Only the killer knows their sins, and who will be the next to die at midnight ...


In the ten years since her Hollywood career imploded, Lorie Hammonds has built a go
Mass Market Paperback, 444 pages
Published February 2nd 2010 by Zebra (first published January 1st 2010)
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I am having a hard time putting my thoughts in order to comment about this book. The plot was excellent, but the details of it were so spread out over its large cast that I felt it was very fragmented. It centered around a serial murderer who is killing the cast and crew of an old porn movie that has just been re-released. I don't think Ms. Barton was all that comfortable with her subject and it showed in the language she used. There was just so much going on with all the many characters in the ...more
I'm a little bit torn on this book. I thought it was a really good suspense story. Really kept me reading. But on the romance/romantic suspense front, it wasn't quite what I wanted. There were some things that bugged me and kept it from being a 5-star book.

Series Note:
Hard to say whether this could be read as a standalone. There's a lot of backstory, a lot of continuing characters, a lot of running storylines and all that. It depends on what type of reader you are if you'd be able to read this
Melissa Yee
I can't tell you the last book I didn't finish, regardless of how bad the writing was and how tedious the plot-line...until now. The story is far-fetched, the characters are poorly developed and I found the writing to be juvenile at best.

I simply could not waste another moment of my life trying to get through this.

You've been warned!
Rachel Carrington
This is my first book by Beverly Barton, and I was so excited about the premise of the book. Unfortunately, I only got into the first forty pages before I put the book down. It was the over-abundance of characters that did it for me. There were too many to keep track of within those first few pages, their roles weren't clearly defined, and I as completely lost.

On the other hand, what I read about each of those characters was very good. Ms. Barton does have an excellent way with characterization.
This book had several low ratings, but again, I decided to draw my own conclusions. This book is the first in the "Dead By" series but also connected to the Griffin Powell series (I believe it is number 11). I found the book very difficult to follow in the beginning; there were multiple characters named and it was difficult to keep track of everyone. However, I did enjoy the storyline and once I let go of the fact that I couldn't remember everyone's name and stage name, I felt better about my re ...more
This is supposed to be a trilogy, but I almost think I should have read some other book to have some idea about the myriad characters in the novel. I loved the mystery and the way I couldn't figure out the killer until the very end. Even though I realized that she gave it away when we first met the killer. I thought it was a long book and not every word was needed. Twice she added that the character flushed the toilet. Maybe it is her way of making the characters more personable. Who knows. I wi ...more
Paris        (kerbytejas)
Overall plot was ok
The suspense angle of the story was a bit limited and un-suspenseful
The romantic potion of the story overshadowed the mystery and suspense portion of the story
I wanted way more insight into the mind of the killer
Multiple plots in the story line - 2 completed and one left open
If your looking for an HEA this book has the traditional HEA (view spoiler)
The latest in the Griffin Powell series. This did put some closure to the Lori Hammonds and Mike situation. Lori needs protecting from the Killer by Midnight serial killer. Mike stays with Lorie to protect her after her bodyguard is found murdered. It has set-up the next book where Maleah and Derek will try to find out who is killing Powell agents. That won't be out until next year. I wasn't sure who the killer was, but kind of had an idea. I love her books because of all the things going on in ...more
Jay Jessmer
Red Herrings can be a good thing, but too many can convolute a story, and that's what happened for me here. I really liked the characters and the story, but there was just a little too much hopping around, and it often times left me a little confused and having to go back to remind myself of who was who.
I feel like one of the author's main objectives was to keep the reader guessing throughout. This was definitely accomplished, but for me it was at the expense of losing focus of the story at ti
Mike Corcoran
Don't waste your time. I thought this was going to be a mystery/thriller. It was a poorly written, romance novel. I stress poorly written. I'm not interested in romance novels, but this wsa so poorly written, I wanted to throw the book across the room -- except it was an E-book!

WAYYYYYYY!!! Too many characters. Short choppy character development. I thought this was the start of a series but its a mini series inside a larger series. I had to bail out on this. Just too confusing.
This was quite an entertaining book for what it had to offer.
The premises of the story were interesting enough; a serial killer is hunting down the cast of a porno that has been recently re-released on DVD. Barton is successful in masking till the last moment the serial killer and the romance aspect of the story does help to enhance the main theme of the book; forgiveness. However, the plethora of characters and the paralell to the main case storylines just hinders the plot which makes the midd
I picked this up at the airport on the way back from holiday but only got around to reading it now. I hadn't been aware of the author previously and it clearly became obvious that there had been previous books featuring most of the main characters and their involvement with a train of different psychotic killers.
The basic story line was that the heroine had gone to LA seeking fame and fortune when she had finished school leaving her high school sweet heart behind.unfortunately she fell in with
Nadine Larter
This has NEVER happened to me before but when I got to the very end of this book I realized that I had absolutely no idea who they were talking about in the last scene where they revealed her stalker. I don't know if it was just bad reading on my part or if it was supposed to be just a random person. Feeling a bit...stupid! Lots of characters in this book though. I should possibly have taken notes... That said I did actually enjoy the book (despite having predicted the killer as soon as he stepp ...more
Book Review: 2 Treasure Boxes

The actors that once starred in a porno movie are systematically being murdered in "Dead by Midnight". Lorie, one of the actors, has for the past nine years regretted making this movie. Since returning home, she has been living a good life, despite her childhood sweetheart who is unable to forgive her past mistakes. But now that her life is threatened, her ex-finance, who is also the sheriff, is determined to see she remains safe, despite his feelings.

Beverly Barton,
buku griffin powell series nih

lorie hammond, saat berusia 18 tahun pergi meninggalkan kampung halamannya alabama & pergi ke LA dengan harapan dapat menjadi bintang.
lorie meninggalkan tunangannya mike birkett.

namun semua tidak sesuai dengan harapan lorie, bintang bersinar tidak sesuai dengan impian lorie.
hal itulah yg membuatnya memutuskan untuk meninggalkan LA & kembali ke alabama, kampung halamannya.
di alabama kedatangan lorie menimbulkan pro & kontra.
mike birkett, her ex-fiance, t
sanctuary angel  pettyfer
Obsesi itu jahat. Dia seakan menelanmu. Menguburmu dalam angan. Dan kadang menjerumuskanmu dalam kejahatan Ɣªήğ akut. Dan obesesilah Ɣªήğ membawa Lorie Hammonds untuk meninggalkan segalanya saat dia masih remaja untuk memasuki dunia keartisan. Obsesilah Ɣªήğ membuat psikopat kita membunuhi para pemain film Midnight Masquerade.

Lorie kembali ke Dunmore kampungnya untuk memulai hidupnya kembali. Akibat kegagalan beruntun dan menjadikan dirinya hina dimata warga Dunmore. Ya Lorie bertahan karena di
I enjoyed the story-line, but thought the writing was redundant. I get that the bad-guy is obsessed and killing everybody will set him free -- I don't need to be told 50 times. Cutting out the redundancies would have made for a much tauter (and more enjoyable) read.

After reading other people's reviews, I feel compelled to add that while the cast of characters is large, it isn't imperative to remember all of their names and roles. I like the way Ms. Barton introduces a character and gives them a

[ book 1 of Death By series | book 7 of Griffin Powell series ]
By Beverly Barton
Copyright © 2010 by Beverly Beaver
Penerbit Dastan Books
Alih Bahasa : R. Tantie Kustiantie
Editor : Yudi Iswanto
Cover by
Cetakan I : Desember 2011 ; 540 hlm
Rate : 3 of 5

Kisah ini merupakan kelanjutan perjalanan para tokoh dari buku ‘Silent Killer’ denga para tokoh yang berada di kota Dunmore, Alabama. Jack Perdue dan Catherine ‘Cathy’
DEAD BY MIDNIGHT is a beautifully written story with a compelling mystery. It's too bad the hero of DEAD BY MIDNIGHT is a complete douche bag. If Mike wasn't a total prick, I would have loved the story more and bought into the romance between the hero and heroine. If Mike wasn't a complete prick I would've given DEAD BY MIDNIGHT an A instead of a D-.

Quick overview: Mike and Lorie were high school sweethearts. After high school, like many kids who live in a small town (and many who don't) the her
Esther Fanny
i'm pretty sure..... this book will be absolutely TERRIFIC !!!!!
and yes it was !
beverly, beverly, you did a Marvelous work ! but everytime i see the trilogy, i just exhale...because i knew these were your last book *sigh*

well, the most important part is you did an excellent job with your stories. i always like you, Madame.

ok, back to the story, but first, may i use my mother language ? :)
buku ini bisa dikatakan sebagai lanjutan kisah yg belum terselesaikan antara sheriff Mike Birkett n Lorie H
Don't bother with this book. It's a waste of time.

I'm read this as an audiobook. After about 1/3 of the way through I was only half listening until there is some mystery solving action going on as there is just layers and layers of fluff in this book that do nothing for character development, plot development, or even setting a scene. Should have been 75% shorter overall.

I like the overall plot. It is not so predictable and formulaic as other books. The characters are annoying and I wnet from d
Blood Rose Books
In the first book in her Dead By series, Beverly Barton intoroduces the read to a serial killer who is obsessed with eliminating all copies and those associted with the pornographic move Midnight Mascaraide.

Lorie Hammonds has a past that she is not proud of her past. Ten years ago she was conviced by her then boyfriend to pose for Playboy and have a small role in a pornographic film. Lorie has done everything since then to remake her life, and forget her past, even if those people of the small
I chose this book because it was #1 in a trilogy and I've had trouble following storylines in other mid-series books. But after I started reading, it felt like the author was reaching back to other books, so I double checked and even though it was #1 in the "Dead By" trilogy, it was #11 in the Griffin Powell series. If I had know that, I wouldn't have even picked the book up.

I started reading and got so confused with all the different characters that I finally went back and started making a list
When the clock strikes twelve, it's time to die…
When the clock strikes twelve, it's time to die…
One by one, random victims are stalked and shot at close range. Only the killer knows their sins, and who will be the next to die at midnight…

Since her fall from Hollywood, actress Lorie Hammonds has returned to her hometown of Alabama and built a new life for herself. When the first death threat arrives, she assumes it's a joke. But as the notes become more personal, Lorie is running scared.

Scott Archer
This book is definitely not for men. I thought it was a good premise made terrible by the author's decision to spend so much time on these silly volatile romances among the characters. If a serial killer is plotting to kill me, and I decide to ignore that fact and become preoccupied with my old high school boyfriend who is married, someone please just shoot me. And the idea that the FBI and police would defer and work jointly with a private detective agency on a matter as serious as a serial kil ...more
While the plot was very promising at the start, it all started crumbling down by the end. My main problem with it was that there were way too many characters to keep up with and at some point I started mixing people up, and it didn't even seem to matter because they weren't even important to the plot. Some of the dialogue was so cringe-worthy, it caused me to put the book down and roll my eyes. I don't think I'll be picking up another book in this series.
The story is okay...but the way it was carried out doesn't compare. The characters have major flaws that I couldn't really get past. ALL of them have a habit of changing their minds ALL the time. It's more annoying than it is interesting to the story. I also found the descriptions of the porno flicks and of the other sex parts far too graphic. This is meant to be a crime book, right? Those who are into the romance book scene might not enjoy this, and those who are into crime books might not be t ...more
This book is not one that I would recommend to anyone. I just picked it up randomly at the library and hoped. Thankfully, even though it says it is part of a trilogy, you can finish the book and not feel like you have to pick up the next one. The connections between the characters were all extremely contrived. It was just not my cup of tea.
It wasn't a bad book, but it wasn't particularly good either. It seemed that the author made up her mind how many victims there would be in novel and then had to think of a variety of ways and circumstances to kill them off; some succeeded better than others but basically it felt like there were too many and it was drawn out. I found my attention wandering which is always a bad sign for me to view a book successful. I had to rewind on numerous occasions and then asked myself whether it mattered ...more
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Beverly Marie Inman was born on 23 December 1946 in Tuscumbia, Alabama, USA. Daughter of Doris Marie and Walter D. Inman Jr. A born romantic, she fell in love with The Beauty and the Beast epic at an early age, when her grandfather bought her an illustrated copy of the famous fairy tale. Even before she learned to read and write, her vivid imagination created magical words and fabulous characters ...more
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