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Im Koma
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Im Koma

3.65 of 5 stars 3.65  ·  rating details  ·  3,707 ratings  ·  499 reviews
Beautiful, happily married, and the owner of a successful interior design business, Casey Marshall couldn't be more content with her life, until a car slams into her at almost fifty miles an hour, breaking nearly every bone in her body and plunging her into a coma. Lying in her hospital bed, Casey realizes that although she is unable to see or communicate, she can hear eve ...more
Hardcover, 432 pages
Published September 1st 2009 (first published 2009)
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S. Wilson
With over twenty books under her belt, Joy Fielding is bound to improve with every novel, yet occasionally produce work that feels like it is a step backward to her faithful readers. Still Life: A Novel, while well-written in spite of a tricky Plot device, still manages to fall short of what Fielding fans have come to expect.

The gimmick of having the books narrator spend the majority of the novel non-communicative yet fully aware of her surroundings in a coma, attempting to solve her attempted m
This is my first experience with the Canadian author Joy Fielding and I must say I wasn't disappointed with her writing style and the plot twists she puts to her story.

I admit I bought this book on a whim, I was in the bookstore yesterday and saw this cover, all simple and dark, and then decided to read the synopsis since I was in the mood for a mystery/thriller book. I started reading it late last night and finished it a couple of minutes ago. I couldn't put it down, even when I felt my eyes ti
4.5 stars

I wish the ending wasn't so rushed and I wished some more explanation but all in all - very enjoyable read :D I think Joy Fielding is becoming one of my beloved authors.
Nelly Petrianidi
Πρωτη φορα διαβαζω την Joy Fielding και ειλικρινα εχω μεινει με τις καλυτερες εντυπωσεις...Ενα ευκολοδιαβαστο,γρηγορο,αγωνιωδες βιβλιο που δεν με αφησε να το βαρεθω εφοσον ολη την ωρα με ειχε κυριολεκτικα στην τσιτα!
Φυσουσα και ξεφυσουσα,ειχα νευρα,ενταση και αγχος για την εξελιξη της Κρεϊση..
Θα ηθελα το τελος με περισσοτερες λεπτομερειες μα η ολη αισθηση που μου αφησε στο τελος στο συγκεκριμενο βιβλιο η συγγραφεας,με ικανοποιει ωστε να αγορασω κι αλλα βιβλια της!
Σε οσους λοιπον αρεσουν τα αστυν
Lisa Lilly
Casey Marshall owns her own decorating company and loves her wonderful husband and friends. Then she suffers severe injuries from being hit by a car and is plunged into a coma. Casey gradually becomes aware of what's happening around her. She can hear, at least some of the time, but can't move, see or communicate. What she learns is that the people she loves might not be quite who she thought they were, and the "accident" may have been an attempt on her life.

This is the best suspense novel I've
I have become a fan of Joy Fielding's work just recently. I started out by reading her book HeartStopper and was quite intrigued by the mystery she portrayed in her book.
The same thing happened again when I read her book Charley's Web, and this latest selection did not disappoint me either.
This story has an air of mystery surrounding it as the lead charcter is hit by a car and left in a coma. What no one can figure out is that she can hear everything going on around her and she finds out that h
A unique story told from the point of view of a victim after an attempt to murder her left her undead but in a comatose state. Fielding cleverly weaves in and out of Casey's comatose dreams and realities, sometimes blurring the line between the two, resulting in a very interesting view into the confused mind. After reading this novel, I'm left wondering whether people in comas are actually conscious. How often are people laying in hospital beds, alert but unable to communicate to us and frustrat ...more
Lynn Pribus
Just OK. I probably wouldn't have finished if my book group wasn't reading it. While the plot was interesting, the characters were stock -- the drunken mother, the cynical friend, the good little girl -- the dialogue ordinary and the backstories long and distracting.

My impression: this successful author had a contract for a book of a certain length and padded a shorter story to make up the difference.

I lost count of how many times she thought, "This can't be happening! This can't be happening! T
izvrsna kao i sve njene knjige :)
This was told from the perspective of the patient Casey Marshall who is left in a deep coma with all her bones broken after a hit and run accident. While in this coma she figures out she can hear everyone around her but not see. She learns her accident may have not been an accident at all, and who her friends really are. It was really good up until the end. I felt it was rushed and the ending was just there when the story line couldn't go any further.
This was my first book by Joy Fielding, but it won't be my last.

The book centers on Casey, a wealthy, beautiful woman, who is grievously injured by a hit-and-run accident, leaving her in coma. She "wakes up" to realize that she is in a coma and can't see, move or communicate but can hear everything that goes on in the room around her. As the plot unfolds, Casey learns some things about her closest friends and relatives that come as a big surprise. In addition, she ultimately learns that her acci
3.0 out of 5 stars Predictable and uninspired ..., April 13, 2009

This review is from: Still Life: A Novel (Hardcover)

Here is yet another Fielding novel, after Charley's Web: A Novel that has not lived up to my expectations. I've been quite disappointed in the past several books by an author whose novels I used to automatically purchase. One of the publisher reviews called Still Life "a heart-pounding mainstream thriller"" - I'm not sure what book with that title the person was referring to, but
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Imagine being locked inside your own body, able to hear everything that is going on around you but unable to respond in any way. That's the situation that interior designer Casey Marshall finds herself in after being hit by a car and almost dying. Before the accident, she had a full life with a loving husband, several deep friendships and a well-to-do lifestyle financed by an inheritance.

As Casey lies in a coma in the hospital, she is unable to see, speak or move. She only gradually begins to re
432 Seiten Spannung sehr amerikanischer Machart. Casey ist mir schon suspekt aufgrund ihres Vornamens - und sie erfüllt auch sonst sämtliche Klischees: sie ist bildhübsch, erfolgreich auf eigenen Beinen stehend, hat ziemlich 'fett' geerbt und hatte keine einfache Kindheit. Das einzig unerwartete für mich war, dass sie nicht nur gekonnt Golf spielen konnte, sondern deshalb auch gleich ein Golfstipendium angeboten bekam. Ich wusste gar nicht, dass es soetwas gibt.
Aber zurück zum eigentlichen: nach
Judi/Judith Riddle
While the subject mater is an interesting one, there have been so many books written about the alert person in a coma that I feel that this situation has been beat to death in other novels. However, Joy Fielding's writing is good and interesting as usual.

After someone totals her car, leaving Casey Marshall in a coma, she realizes that she is totally aware of her surroundings but she is immobolized. Since she can hear everyone that comes in her room she realizes that things surrounding her accid
Γιώτα Παπαδημακοπούλου
Αν και μπορεί να επαναλαμβάνομαι, η αστυνομική λογοτεχνία δεν ήταν ποτέ το φόρτε μου. Αυτή ωστόσο η πραγματικότητα που με συνόδευε από τα εφηβικά μου κι όλας χρόνια, έχει αλλάξει σημαντικά το διάστημα των τελευταίων τριών ετών. Αυτό δεν ξέρω αν οφείλεται στο ότι εγώ μεγάλωσα και ωρίμασε η αντίληψή μου ή στο ότι έτυχε να πέσουν στα χέρια μου εξαιρετικά βιβλία του είδους. Ένα από αυτά, που στολίζει εδώ και μερικές μέρες την βιβλιοθήκη μου χάρη στο Αλεξάκι μου που μου το έκανε δώρο, και την ευχαρισ ...more
♥ Marlene♥
Well this is a book where you do not have to use your brains so if you are looking for an easy read this is it.

I am sure that when I was younger I would have loved it, but after reading so many books (and getting older) I did become more critical so only 3 stars tops for this book.

Indeed very predictable. You know how it will end from the start really. I also thought it was a tad weird that everybody was talking to this comatose person lying in hospital (at first). Mean husband told her all his
The perspective of a comatose 32 years old women victim of a hit-and-run who struggles to regain consciousness while she discovers who they friends and family really are, certainly sounds interesting. That was the perspective I had when I read the synopsis, and that's what the book is about, but Joy Fielding was unable to deliver the plot properly.

While this book had some cool scenes where shocking truths came to light and people were murdered and Casey fought to wake up and regain the use of he
The premise was interesting, but could've been done more effectively. The first half of the book was alright, but the conversations started becoming really redundant, and the long flashback scenes were distracting and redundant as well. I liked how the author really tried to show the past and develop the characters, but some of the flashbacks merely showed the characters in similar scenarios as other flashbacks, and therefore was really a waste of time because you didn't learn anything new. This ...more
This book was very interesting for me. You see I had also experienced a long period of being in a coma. I lived her nightmare of not hearing, speaking or seeing for a long period of time. The descriptions of her frustrations about her brain functioning and lack of communication skills was so "spot on" Even the title of the book, "still life" was so fitting. I did feel that her period of recovery was brushed over too quickly, but I am sure the author just wanted the story to end happily. Relearni ...more
Someone recommended this to me, I have no clue why. The premise could have been interesting: after being hit by a car, a woman awakens in the hospital, but can't see, can't move, in a coma by all appearances. Then (insert sinister music) it seems the accident is no "accident." The cast of suspects take turns going into her room and yakking it up about whatever happens to be passing through their shallow minds. The characters aren't characters, they are caricatures. The rich "ladies who lunch," t ...more
Kelly Konrad
Bah. Still Life came across to me as rather contrived. One of those, "Hell, I could write better than this" kind of books. Typical perfect character with the single flaw - a daddy and mommy that apparently put Joan Crawford in the running for Parent of the Year. Oh - and more money than God, so of course she attracts a few ne'er-do-wells into her life. But you know, she's just so darn perfect, you can't help but over her. Well, someone didn't, and it's pretty obvious who, and the book just got m ...more
I have loved Joy Fielding's suspenseful books and this one does not disappoint. Casey is a wealthy woman who had a horrible childhood, but has married the man of her dreams. She has at long last started a career as a decorator which she has long dreamed of becoming. She is on top of the world. After having lunch with her two best friends, however, her world comes crashing. As she walks to her car, Casey is hit by a hit and run driver and sinks into a coma. What would it be like to hear what is g ...more
Lazar Lazarov
Още щом прочетох резюмето,знаех че ще е добра.Книгата ми хареса мноооогоооо !!!!! Държа ме в напрежение до последните страници и края беше много задоволителен.Радвам се,че случайно попаднах на нея :)
I really enjoyed reading this book. Suspense is always a fantastic read and this was my first Fielding novel. From the moment the accident happened, i was wondering who would want Casey dead? Then i realized that so many people had reasons to get her out of the picture. I did immediately suspent Warren. I didn't believe his whole broken hearted husband act. I was cheering Casey on everytime she would make some progress. I disliked Patsy's character so much but i didn't wish her outcome on her. I ...more
Sarah Azizkhani
I love thriller and crime novels. I really enjoyed the book, but I think it could be better.
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
This book kind of took me by surprise.
I picked it up, minorly intrigued by the synopsis on the back only to end up reading the entire book in one sitting.

Despite being what I would consider a "romanticized" or perhaps "popularized" thriller, the book held my interest - I wanted to find out who was behind the "accident" and of course test my own hypothesis and see if I could guess at the culprit (hint: I'm out of practice).

The synopsis of the book I must say was a little misleading - not great
Heather L
I think this was a decent read for my first time with Joy. There was good character development and I enjoyed her writing style. I thought it was an interesting concept to read about someone in an immobile situation throughout the entire book and it worked well enough. About halfway through the story is where you learn what led to Casey's accident. The buildup to the end was not great but I don't think it was bad either, just okay. So I will give more of Fielding's novels a chance later down the ...more
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Joy Fielding (née Tepperman; born March 18, 1945) is a Canadian novelist and actress. She lives in Toronto, Ontario.

Born in Toronto, Ontario, she graduated from the University of Toronto in 1966, with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature. As Joy Tepperman, she had a brief acting career, appearing in the film Winter Kept Us Warm (1965) and in an episode of Gunsmoke. She later changed her last n
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