Captain Wentworth's Persuasion: Jane Austen's Classic Retold Through His Eyes
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Captain Wentworth's Persuasion: Jane Austen's Classic Retold Through His Eyes

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Insightful and dramatic, this novel recreates the original style, themes, and sardonic humor of Jane Austen’s novel while turning the entire tale on its head in a most engaging fashion. Readers hear Captain Wentworth’s side of this tangled story in the revelation of his thoughts and emotions. Wentworth initially suffers rejection and frustration because the titled Elliots...more
Paperback, 385 pages
Published March 23rd 2010 by Ulysses Press (first published April 30th 2009)
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There are few readers of Jane Austen’s Persuasion who have finished the novel and not been more than a little in love with the dashing Captain Frederick Wentworth. His famous “you pierce my soul” letter to heroine Anne Elliot is one of the most moving love letters in literary history. Happily, author Regina Jeffers has given his fans another opportunity to relive the story in Captain Wentworth’s Persuasion. Entirely retold through his eyes via flashbacks and expanded sequences in the present, we...more
It reads more like a cheesy romance novel than anything, but I knew that when I picked it up. However, I found myself laughing and rolling my eyes at the professions of love repeated on just about every page from both Captain Wentworth and Anne. It was just excessive. And towards the end of the book, it seemed like Captain Wentworth ended up sweeping Anne up in his manly-man arms and carrying her everywhere. I don't mind a little corny, carrying-his-lady-love-over-the-threshold type stuff, but j...more
This was my one and only foray into Jane Austen fan fiction. Persuasion is my favourite Austen novel and probably my favourite novel full stop. I decided to read this book in order to extend the joy of having recently re-read it. However, that was not to be. From my perspective, it consisted of slabs of Persuasion, interspersed with writing infinitely inferior to that of Austen's. I accept that this will appeal to many Austen fans: just not to me. I won't be reading any more such novels. In futu...more
Overall 3.5 stars

I did enjoy this book a lot. I really liked the interweaving of the scenes from the present, past and future. It really proved that their romance stood the test of time.

I also loved that Jeffer's included the 'original ending' penned by JA as a dream of Wentworths! (These pages were thought to be too tame an ending by JA and thus the ending as we read now. But these original pages can be read here.

The dialog towards the end (after JA's original story ended) became much more mod...more
While Persuasion is one of my favorite Austen novels, it's been generally neglected in both the Austen fan fiction worlds and the published "sequels." While parts of this retelling are highly interesting, I felt that both Wentworth and Anne were slightly off, at least as far as their characters were portrayed in Austen (and, I admit, I have the Ciaran Hinds - Amanda Root movie adaptation in my mind as I read this). I also couldn't stand Wentworth's constant use of the endearment "Sweetling," whi...more
This is the cheesiest, most sickeningly sweet romance I have ever read (how are we supposed to believe Captain Wentworth would call Anne 'Sweetling'?). I just couldn't finish. I was gagging.
Persuasion is possibly my favorite Austen novel, and despite the abundance of Pride and Prejudice sequels, reimaginings and modern remakes (of which I own far too many), I was very excited to read this retelling of Persuasion instead.

Like all Austen-inspired works, I try to judge them on their own merits, in the context of their own bizarre little sub-genre, rather than comparing an Austen sequel to another contemporary novel, romance, etc.

Captain Wentworth's Persuasion start after the events of...more
I would have given this 4.5 stars until the last 50 pager. Maybe it's because I was reading at 12:30 in the morning, but it bugged me how it just went off on a COMPLETELY different direction. It would have been better to end it earlier rather than later. Having said that, Wentworth is still my favorite Jane Austen hero.
I liked it at first but then it got a little sappy. I don't think I will any other retelling of Jane Austin's books. I'll read the real thing.
If the author had stopped after the first half of the book, I could have given this 4 stars. The first half of the book parallel's Austen's Persuasion, but from Wentworth's point of view. I thought it was very well done, engaging, and interesting; I couldn't put the book down for this part. After Wentworth caught up with the end of Persuasion, the author (Jeffers) tried turned the book into an espionage thriller. I thought this portion was weakly written, hard to follow, and added no value to th...more
I've enjoyed "story-after-the-story" books on Jane Austen's classics, and I've read more than my share of diaries Mr. Darcy left laying around. So, I thought I might enjoy Persuasion from Captain Wentworth's perspective.

I believe the problem I had with this telling is that the author took the story too far past where it should have ended. All of these styled books are simply a retelling of the classic, with slight variations thrown in to justify the purchase of a new "take" on the old story. I d...more
Another variation of Jane Austen’s Persuasion. It starts out with Capt. Wentworth and Anne together (as we know they are) on a naval ship and begins the re-telling in the form of flashbacks. The author employs the common tactic of switching from past story to present every other chapter or so, until Persuasion comes to its natural conclusion. The author continues the story with the honor and recognition Wentworth receives for his distinguished naval career.

It's really a case of two books in one...more
Darn. I really wish I could give this five stars. I really, really do. If the book had ended right after the honeymoon with some cute little wrap-up of always loving each other, I would have been content. Or if it finished right after Wentworth recovered from his accident aboard The Resolve.

But it didn't. And that bugs me.

This book had a lot of great points and most of the time I was swooning at how romantic it all was. Captain Wentworth is one of my favorite literary heroes, and my absolute f...more
I totally loved the courtship of Anne and Wentworth section of this book. It was very romantic especially the first part of the book. The author wrote this in a flashback style theme which I found confusing because she did not lable the chapters with dates. I believe that should have been done for flow of the book. Wentworth was exactly as I see him in the original Persuasion and so was Anne with the exception for the language difference which is modern. Some of the language in this book could h...more
I think I may be a bit generous with a 2 star rating. This was really not worth my time and I could hardly wait for the end. The title would seem self-explanatory and I love Persuasion, so I was excited for an alternate perspective, yet I just couldn't pallet any of this book. The "retelling" was told as a reflection from some future time for Wentworth and Anne Elliot, and it turned out to be a true "retelling". I had a hard time folding the chronology of Wentworth’s version into the original. W...more
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Awash with feeling, passion, a thrilling glimpse at warfare at sea and rife with period detail, “Captain Wentworth’s Persuasion” gives us the other side of Austen’s more believable period drama. As a tale of love given a second chance, “Persuasion” outlined a love affair balked by well-meaning friends and rude relations. But this novel shows the other side of the coin, the bitterness and misery of a young man’s broken heart and his later valiant efforts to retrieve the woman he lost.

The depth of...more
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Jane McGaughey
Why oh why oh why do I do these things to myself???

Jane Austen's Persuasion is one of my very favourite novels. I adore it. I think Captain Wentworth's letter to Anne Elliot is, perhaps, the most romantic passage in the Western Canon. Plus, I cannot separate the text from the 1995 film adaptation (that's the *brilliant* version with Ciaran Hinds, not the Run Lola Run attempt from a few years ago on the BBC).

I knew when I bought this attempted re-write of Persuasion that it would be a pale, pale...more
Meredith (Austenesque Reviews)
Originally published as Wayward Love: Captain Frederick Wentworth's Story in 2009, Captain Wentworth's Persuasion by Regina Jeffers is an in-depth and comprehensive account of Persuasion retold through the eyes of Captain Wentworth. This novel is uniquely and beautifully rendered through a series of flashbacks that portray what happened in Jane Austen's Persuasion as well as depict scenes we did not see happen, such as Anne and Wentworth's courtship and first meeting. Furthermore, Ms. Jeffers ta...more
A decent retelling of the classic Jane Austen story, but with a bit too much mushy gushy for my taste. That was at times eye roll worthy for me, with the number of "You are exquisite, Sweetling"s and "He brushed her lips gently with his." It's also clearly written for a more modern audience, with lots of (very mild) discussion of the couple's sex life and sexual desires. That being said, it was amusing at times, though the ending was a bit unsatisfactory. I'm not sure why she introduced an entir...more
Loved this book!! Every page was a page turner and because it goes beyond the events in Persuasion, you are anxious to always know what happens next. I firts read Captain Wenthworths Diary which was good but short. However, Captain Wentworths Persuasion was better than the Diary. It was longer, it went through each moment in detail and gave us new perspective on everything. I loved it!! I almost preferred it over Anne's version in Persuasion (even though Jane Austen is my favorite author of all...more
Jennifer Gentry
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I had this book sitting around for awhile, before reading it this weekend. I go through phases with Austen's mens and I bought this book, becasue these days Captain Wentworth is my favorite. The book takes Persuasion from his view with a look at happily ever after. After reading the book, I am more in Captain Wentworth's camp. I didn't want to put the book down. Jeffers stays very, very true to the characters. We truly feel Wentworth's frustration with Anne's family and their hold and treatment...more
The book starts after the lovers have married and Persuasion from Frederick's perspective is portrayed through a series of dreams, and then memories, after he is shot while taking over a French ship. After the Persuasion sections are over, Regina Jeffers continues with her own story that ends happily ever after.

The ending seems a little weak and there are a few places that were necessary for me to read a few times before I understood the meaning the author was trying to portray. I would have li...more
I actually really enjoyed this book. I've read multiple versions of Mr. Darcy's point of view from Pride and Prejudice, but this was my first different perspective book for Persuasion, which is my second favorite of Austen's novels. I don't think it gave me much new insight as to Wentworth's perspective, but I still found it enjoyable just to be able live in Austen's world again through this. I can't say that I care too much for the additional after-marriage scenes that Jeffers wrote, and it see...more
This is the kind of retelling I like to read!
Moreover "Captain Wentworth's Persuasion" is not only a retelling, but also a prequel and a sequel to "Persuasion" by Jane Austen.

The retelling part is my favourite, quite faithful to the original, it gives us an entertaining and absorbing version of Captain Wentworth's thoughts. Characters are well developed and I really like the way the author retells the story, as Wentworth and Anne memories.

In the prequel and sequel parts I love the military aspe...more
I enjoyed this. I know many didn't like the tangent it took at the end but I did. I liked this one a lot more than Mr. Darcy's Diary or Mr. Knightly's Diary. I actually thouht the flashback style of writing wss creative and made the book more interesting. I thouht this would be a skimmer but I ended up reading it all. I get bored when it is just he same story retold because I have read so many that I just want to skip to something new but this had enouh variey I didn't feel that way except for a...more
Great twist on Austen's Persuasion. Really enjoyed it.
Adrienne Teague
It started off okay. The author took some liberties with dialog. She changed and added to some of the conversations that happened in Persuasion. But I could live with that.

My big problems came when the principal action of Persuasion ended and this book kept going. It got ridiculous. It turned into a horribly bad romance novel. The characters stopped acting liked themselves. Ann had a yelling match with her father and Lady Russell. She threatened to get pregnant before the wedding unless they us...more
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Writing about “passion” comes easily to Regina Jeffers. A master teacher for thirty-seven years, she has passionately taught thousands of students English in the public schools of West Virginia, Ohio, and now in North Carolina. Yet, “teacher” does not define her as a person. Ask any of her students or her family, and they will tell you Regina is passionate about so many things: her son, children i...more
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