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Carl Hiaasen
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3.81 of 5 stars 3.81  ·  rating details  ·  9,896 ratings  ·  420 reviews
A smart topless dancer and a cool but clueless cop join forces to trap a dirty congressman, aided by one of the funniest cast of characters ever collected in a suspense novel.
Published (first published 1993)
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this is my first encounter with carl hiassen for grown-ups (having eagerly devoured 'hoot' and 'flushed' a few years back), and i am pleasantly surprised and ready to become good friends with carl hiassen-for-grownups. his writing is a weird blend of humor, grit, and knowledge-ableness about seemingly everything florida or seedy (for the sake of political correctness, i won't say those two are one and the same). combined with his gift for crafting complicated, sprawling plots that always manage ...more
Oh holy crap on a stick. This has an average rating of 3.5 !?! Is that cause it fits in your purse? Is that cause you can read it drunk, upside down, with the lights out and still not miss a trick? (Yes, fine, take the pun - I don't care). The book could have worse, but is that any methodology for handing out stars? Oh god. And the acknowledgment actually acknowledges the people who brought the practice of wrestling half-naked strippers in creamed corn to his attention. The fact that this book h ...more
Kara Jorges
The mystery of why every single Carl Hiaasen book hasn’t been made into a movie has finally been solved. Suffice it to say that Mr. Hiaasen should be allowed to slap Demi Moore until her head falls off, and his readers should have the right to go Skink on anyone else who took part in the debacle that was “Strip Tease” the movie.

Unbeknownst to stripper Erin Grant, she is at the center of a big cover-up the night one drunk beats up another with a champagne bottle while she’s onstage. The bottle w
Sep 12, 2009 Michael rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Enjoy the author
Recommended to Michael by: Read favorable reviews
Hiaasen's humorous story of a woman, Erin Grant, who resorts to dancing in a strip joint to raise money for an appeal to gain custody of her daughter.

As the story begins, Congressman Dave Dilbeck who can't control his libido is at a strip club when a drunken party goer jumps on the dancer's stage and begins groping one of the dancers. Dilbeck, intoxicated, jumps on the stage and begins plummeting the drunk with a champagne bottle. This is bad timing since it's an election year.

Another patron at
Strip Tease
By Carl Hiaasen
If you haven’t read Carl Hiaasen, the former Miami Herald columnist and writer of satirical, environmental questioning, political malfeasant novels about Florida in the disguise of murder mystery novels (sort of a fuzzy Edward Abbey) then you are reading the wrong review.

I’ve given up on trying to figure out Hiaasen's sequence of novels. These novels are available at my local library and I take what is on the shelf. I’m not sure where Strip Tease falls within the Hiaas
Carl Hiaasen's works are usually very funny, intelligent, witty, creative, with a happy ending. What could you want more from an entertaining lite read? The imaginative characters, the adventure, the great use of irony and sarcasm, he keeps you guessing how things could possibly all work out for the best, and they do in his books which I like. I always find good qualities to admire in his heros, and can easily despise the villians, cheering when they meet their whatever creative fash ...more
Brian Wade
Personally, I'm not sure any Carl Hiaasen book deserves the 5-star Goodread's "it was amazing" description, but Strip Tease comes very close. I picked up this book, already being an established Hiaasen fan, on the cheap from Goodwill or some thrift store. Soon afterwards, I learned the 90s movie Strip Tease starring Demi Moore was based on this book. For this very reason I left it untouched for months. I did not think the movie was particularly good and therefore had low expectations about the b ...more
Kevin Allmaras
Strip Tease is the book that the Demi Moore and Burt Reynolds movie of the same name is based on. This author is terrific with his sense of humor and his quick wit. He has come up with another group of crazy characters. Erin the beautiful stripper, Shad the educated conniving bouncer, Al Garcia the tough minded detective, Congressman Dilbeck the drunken womanizer, Moldy the political fixer and Darrell- Erins felonious ex husband. What a terrific story. How the author even came up with it is beyo ...more
A bachelor party on the eve of the wedding takes a wrong turn when the groom stumbles on stage with a dancer, Erin Grant, at the Eager Beaver. An unidentified wild man jumps into the fray and begins hitting the groom over the head with a champagne bottle. In the confusion, the unidentified attacker escapes. As it turns out, the attacker is so drunk he doesn't know what he did and doesn't really care. He is Congressman David Lane Dilbeck and he has a fixer on staff to deal with situations like t ...more
Rossrn Nunamaker
Have been reading David Hewson's Nic Costa series and last week decided to browse the shelves for additional books when I came across Hiaasen. I'd heard of him, but not read any of his books. I decided to go with the oldest one on the shelf, "Strip Tease".

It was a fun book to read, wild characters, straightforward plot. All in all it ended well. If his other books are like this one, great summer reads at the pool or beach.

So, we have an ex-FBI employee, Erin, who has decided to dance at a strip
Erin Grant has had to resort to stripping to make some money in order to get custody of her daughter. Her ex's job is stealing wheelchairs but the criminal is a snitch and therefore his criminal activities are hidden from family court and he gets custody.

During one of Erin's performances a groom-to-be gets carried away and Dilbeck, a congressman starts pummeling him with a champagne bottle. Mr. Peepers takes pictures of the whole event and assures Erin he can put pressure on Dilbeck to put press
I've found my new Elmore Leonard in Carl Hiaasen as this is the second book in '09 of his I've read--liked this more than the first. Like Leonard, Hiaasen takes a huge collection of characters, gives them all great dialogue/scenes and turns them loose in a story that usually involves some kind of criminal type behavior by some/all of them. And it's highly entertaining.

Strip Tease has an assortment of people in it: strippers, Kafka reading bouncers, shyster lawyers, speed freak wheelchair thief,
Carl Hiaasen books are always entertaining. Usually set somewhere in Florida, and always crazy story lines. So far, we have a stripper who is stripping to make money to get her kid back from a crazy drug enduced ex-husband. We have a guy and his buddies that go to a strip club for his bachelor party, who proceeds to get knocked out by a champagne bottle by the hand of an important person. And several other little storylines. So far so good....

Just finished this book. A pretty weak ending, but a
Terri Powers
The story begins and is simple enough. Boy (Darrell Grant) meets girl (Erin Grant), marries girl, chooses drugs and larceny over girl, girl divorces boy and loses custody battle to sleaze-bag boy because he’s now an informant for the cops and his past record is erased. Meanwhile, momma’s been fired from her FBI job because of hubby’s activity and is reduced to striping and dancing at a local club, The Eager Beaver, to pay her attorney fees and put a roof over her head as she tries to win back cu ...more
Charles Spencer
Carl Hiaasen's STRIP TEASE is one of my favorite novels ever...part crime story, part political thriller, and most importantly part pure, shameless fun! It's a romp of epic proportions featuring characters big and small, heroic and villainous or just plain insane, with a comic edge that would be called satirical if it didn't feel so bloody honest and real. It's a story as absurd as real life, and brother, only in a world like ours could a crazy adventure like this happen where a heroic stripper ...more
Mark Wilder
Hiaasen is good at the improbable crime story. This is a good one!
Joanna Hartell
I've enjoyed other Hiaasen books, and I liked the movie for this one, but I didn't have any fun reading Striptease. I felt it was mean-spirited, and overly violent. I didn't really sympathize with any of the characters, and I felt everyone was painted black or white, there was no nuance. I know character development is not the point of a book like this, but I expected it to be funnier, not so dark.
Every summer I read a Carl Hiaasen novel, and Strip Tease did not disappoint. A compromising photo of a Florida congressman is taken at a strip club (he's shown attacking another customer with a champagne bottle), which leads Jerry Killian, a man infatuated with Erin, the dancer in the photo to try to blackmail the congressman into speaking with Erin's divorce judge, who has given custody of her four-year-old daughter to her ex (even tho he's a thief and drug-addict). The congressman's fixer get ...more
Lorna Francis
Striptease by Carl Hiaasen. 5 stars

What a great read. I literally couldn't put this book down. The book grips you from the first page, Carl Hiaasens writing style pulls the reader immediately into the story. The novel is set in Florida where Erin, a strong resourceful woman who strivesto save her daughter, Angels from her ex husband. The ex husband, Darrell Grant is truly horrible, his attributes or rather lack there of are as follows, he is a criminal, a thug adrug addict, would be wife beater,
A funny, irreverent, police procedural thriller about a stripper with a heart of gold, trying to get her daughter back from her criminal ex-husband, all the while dealing with a corrupt, perverted Congressman, who is in the pocket of "Big Sugar" (a quasi-mafia like group of sugar growers who need government subsidies to stay high). I didn't realize until after I was finished that this book was the basis for the Demi Moore/Burt Reynolds movie of the same name, not that that makes the book any bet ...more
Eric Mesa
I've listened to somewhere between four and five dozen audiobooks (used to be an Audible subscriber) and the voice acting/narration on this book is definitely in my top three, if not in the top spot itself. Although the narrator slipped a bit in the last chapter with Garcia sounding a bit like Chad, it was otherwise an amazing performance. The narrator did something like 15 different, distinct voices. It's not always necessary and it's distracting if done poorly, but for this book it really brou ...more
An audaciously clever example of the superb genre of comedy-noir, in which the story revolves around a stripper who's dealing with divorce, politically corruption, and the hypocrisy of a fundamentalist christian judge, need I say more?
I read this book when it first came out, back before they made a movie out of it, and I loved it. Either my tastes have changed over the years, or this book really wasn't as funny as I initially thought it was.

In this second go around with this novel, I found the characters to be one dimensional; flat like soda with not fizz. The plot- a divorced woman stripping (dancing she calls it) to get the money to pay her lawyer to regain custody of her daughter. An ex- husband who is so unfit as to be a
I've never been a huge fan of Carl Hiaasen, but for a $1 this was a great by the pool read. Got a week at the beach? Need something to read in a day or two? Want cheesy fun? This is your book.
You know how every so often you get caught up in those soupy cop shows and you just can't stop watching, well this is that kind of book.
Easy read, ignore the point of view changes, the holes in the crime, his use of ghost in the machine and you'll be okay.
There is an audience for this kind of stuff and peop
Pure Haasian, entertaining, somewhat vulgar, light and irreverent.
its so good i'm gonna watch the movie!
What fun! Totally enjoyable.
Lisabet Sarai
Carl Hiaasen is such a pro. He can juggle a couple of dozen wacky characters plus multiple plot lines and make it seem easy. Strip Tease is another hilarious, irreverent romp set in South Florida. The tale centers around single mother Erin, formerly a secretary for the FBI, who's forced to take a job in a strip club in order to pay her lawyer's bills when her felonious, drug-addicted ex-husband Darrel sues for custody of their four year old daughter. About the only think Erin enjoys about dancin ...more
I didn't hate this book, but I really didn't like it.
The writing is pretty polished for the most part, in that particular Hiaasen way (with the exception of some metaphorical clunkers here and there), and there were characters that I liked, although I'm not sure in retrospect WHY I liked them. I think that's how I felt about this whole book... it wasn't a particularly bad experience as I was reading, but afterward I really wasn't sure why I didn't hate it.

I also watched the Movie based on the bo
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Carl Hiaasen was born and raised in Florida, where he still lives with his family. After graduating from the University of Florida, he began writing for the Miami Herald. As a journalist and author, Carl has spend most of his life advocating the protection of the Florida Everglades. He and his family still live southern Florida.
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“Garcia wondered why people with JESUS stickers on their bumper always drove twenty miles per hour under the speed limit. If God was my co-pilot, he thought, I'd be doing a hundred and twenty.” 264 likes
“But Erin let it slide. The child was only four years old; she had a whole lifetime to learn about sadness. Today was for Dalmatians, ice cream and new dolls.” 4 likes
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