The Hell You Say (Adrien English Mystery, #3)
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The Hell You Say (Adrien English #3)

4.24 of 5 stars 4.24  ·  rating details  ·  3,149 ratings  ·  260 reviews
After bookstore clerk Angus flees following terrifying death threats, owner Adrien must contend with a mysterious Satanic cult, a hot and handsome university professor, and his on-again/off-again relationship with closeted LAPD Homicide Detective Jake Riordan.
Paperback, 232 pages
Published March 6th 2006 by iUniverse
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Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
**Audiobook edition**

Dear Jake Riordan,

You are a diiiiiiickkkkk with a capital "D"

Adrien= doormat who accepts Jake's $hit and doesn't make a stink about it
Jake= selfish asshole
Me= livid that I give a crap, livid that I'm addicted to this infuriating series!

I'm sorry but this is not a romance series. This is a glimpse inside an abusive, dissatisfying relationship that serves as the evil background for the fascinating mystery writing.

I'm most concerned about (view spoiler)...more
Baba  ♥♥♥ Tyler, Marcus, Archer, Dean, Adrian, Dan & Hunter
Review completed January 23, 2013

"This symbol is a seal. A personal signature representing a demon. A high-ranking demon."
I certainly didn't want any low-ranked demons loitering about the place. "So…what does that mean? I've been cursed?"

 photo tumblr_mdbkyhKPNk1r25btlo1_500_zpsb14c5adf.gif

I assured him all was cool, although I couldn't help wondering: If God works in mysterious ways, why shouldn't the Devil seek temporary employment in a mystery bookstore?

The Hell You Say is the third book in the Adrien English series. Our hero, Adrien Engli...more
My life will never be the same
'Cause deeply closeted cop, you came and changed
The way I walk, the way I talk
I cannot explain the things I feel for you
But homophobic Jake, you know it's true

At least that was how it was SUPPOSED to go. The Hell You Say? What The Hell, you mean. Seriously, what the hell Detective Jake Riordan?!

I thought I would just lie down on the sofa this Sunday - since Holland is completely snowed in anyway - with a gigantic mug of hot chocolate and indulge in Adrien and Jake,...more
Written May 28, 2014

4 Stars - Another interesting nicely solved mystery but also some heartbreaking sad moments

Book #3

I'm an impatient reader these days and just couldn't wait to continue to read (listening to) the further adventures for our dear hero, Adrien English. ~ I really liked the second part
A Dangerous Thing (4.3 stars), and at last started Adrien & Jack's love story in tiny small small steps.

Will it be more steamy nice moments and a lovely nice development on their way (hopefully)...more
This is the best installment in the series so far. The writing was, as always, excellent, the mystery was solid, the story paced, the characterisation strong. Just the fact that I didn't end up hating Jake's guts even though he behaved like a dbag almost throughout this book speaks volumes about the author's skill. He managed to make me understand Jake's side, his (re)actions, his hang-ups. He made Jake's douchebaggery bearable. And for that alone he deserves my five stars.
Jake can try... Try and try... Something will always betray his "I'm not gay" fake life

I love the book, hate Jake, and pity Adrien... I don't thing I should say more. Why? I must write a quick review. I can't wait to read more! Already starting Death of a Pirate King (Adrien English Mystery, #4) by Josh Lanyon


5 stars
Jake is a self serving, closeted bastard who treats Adrian like shit and then has the nerve to put his hands on him and threaten him? This guy has absolutely no redeeming qualities. None. Who told me to read this series again? to read book four...I am such a sucker for punishment.

Rosa, really

Jake Riordan: Total heartbreaker;
Source of considerable grief & distress;
But a more complex person than the douchebag I thought he’d be;
i.e. I might not have to punch him in the larynx after all.

(Uh, please do not mistake the above for my awkward attempt at poetry.)

(view spoiler)...more
”It was harder to avoid demons in dreams—especially when they were your own.”

It is official Adrien has driven me to drink! The Hell You Say, book three in the Adrien English Mystery series filled my heart and soul with such longing, sadness, and hollowed out hope. Not sure I’ll be able to convey the power of this ache in my chest, but I have never wanted to hug a fictional character more in my life.

It’s Christmas time, which for Adrien English means garland, twinkling lights, and of course—dead...more
Lanyon’s put a curse on me! It would seem I like this sleuthing thing.

These murder mystery stories are NOT my thing. Sure, I like all the intrigue and deducing as a side plot but this series is way too heavy on the whodunit element, and yet I find myself trapped and spellbound devouring every word. Yep, totally cursed I tell you!

There is so much going on here: kidnapping, satanic cults, multiple murder investigation, a lesson in the occult, Wiccan craft, sex magic, candle magic and demonology on...more
The Hell you Say is the third book in the Adrien English Mysteries and I can say I now fully understand the obsession some people seem to have with this series.
Not that I didn't like the first two books, I did. But this one I LOVED!

I love Josh Lanyon's writing. It's witty and engaging. It evokes emotion without being overly dramatic. Adrien doesn't spell out his feelings or his heart ache for the reader. The angst, the pain, the loneliness... it's there, but it isn't overdrawn. And yet it's st...more
New name for this book titled: Lanyon wants to set you on a murderous, rampaging path in life.

What is this book? What is this? How do I rate this? I was torn between 1 (because of rage) and 5 (because of emotions) but I gave myself some time to cool my jets and here I am... at a comfortable 4.
I almost threw my iPad, and since my iPad is like a child to me, I'll admit I had some anger issues reading this book.

So, there's lots of spoilers and swearing below this point. Danger, danger.

First off, I...more
The series just gets better as it progresses, I have a real fondness for these two and get deeply pulled into their highly dysfunctional relationship! Jake and Adrien hit rocky ground and their future is shaky but you just know that there's a lot more to come between them. Another complex plot, quirky characters, Adriens unique snark and Jakes brooding! Hubble , bubble , toil and trouble... Love these books. Even better a second time around.
Jenni Lea

So... freaking... PISSED!!!!!!!

Off to read the next one. Lets just see how he plans to get back in my good graces. Hah! Like THAT will ever happen! Stupid freaking closeted assholes are stupid! *angry face*
My Adrien English weekend continues with demons and wedding plans from hell. The tension and connection between Jake and Adrien is delicious. Yep, Jake is a complete asshat, no HEAs anywhere to be found. I am guessing our evil author has something planned for these two, but I will be damned if I know what.

It has been extra fun for me reading a series that takes place in LA, and no doubt Lanyon is a local. And then he throws in my alma mater, UCLA and everything he says is spot on. That makes me...more
Jake Riordan is a stinking bastard.

Yep. That's my review.
3,5 stars

The good news:

There are two great things in The Hell You Say- the writing and Adrien English. (view spoiler)

And the fact that I'm not able to put this series aside and pick something different for a change speaks for itself.

Though I didn't like it as much as I like the first two books.

And there are some simple explanations for it:

There was more mystery than I can tolerate, and there was not enough romance here for my taste. The healthy balance between mystery and lov...more
Lilia Ford
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Beanbag Love
I almost gave this four stars because there's a bit of a change in tone, but it's so subtle I'm not sure I can even describe it. So, five stars it is.

This one had me on the edge of my seat at points, worried for Adrien on all levels. I'd been told I would absolutely have to get #4 to start right after this one and guess what I just downloaded.

I'm hooked.
Anna  (Bananas!)
 photo adrienjake_zps07f82a04.jpg

These books are compulsively readable...and I can't quite figure out why. Meaning, the mystery is so-so (again) and while there were some great moments between Adrien and Jake, overall things didn't go smashingly for our heroes. And yet I enjoyed the ride. I have to chalk it up to the writing. It flows so well that I can't help but keep reading. Maybe Josh Lanyon has cast some spooky spell on me.
The plot was 3.5 stars but I'm compelled enough to read the next book right away so I'm rounding up...more
Another great Murder Mystery. Again this is light on romance, but still manages to keep me interested.

The relationship between Jake and Adrien is so compelling. I know I should be appalled at Jakes attitude, and I certainly wanted to smack him towards the end of this book, but I can’t help but root for him still.

The mystery part worked well for me, but then I rarely guess the whodunits lol.

Hopefully Guy will not be around for long in the next book. I just don’t like him, but if he can get Jak...more

I'm really torn about these books. I want to LOVE them, but I'm never entirely that entertained, or enamored, by them. However, after ending each one, I quickly purchase, download, and consume the next in the series. (clearly I'm the problem here! ha!)

"The Hell You Say", book 3 of the Adrien English series was OK. By book 3, I've come to like and be loyal to our lead, Adrien. And by book 3, I think the author has found his voice with Adrien. Adrien is sharper, funnier, and stronger now.

Kelly  Maybedog
This is not your standard formulaic pulp mystery novel. This book made me think and I love that. But first...

Josh Lanyon, I am very angry with you! You muddled me all up and now I don't even know whether I'm coming or going. Damn you for being a skilled writer who likes to play with my head.

Big fat stinking royally enormous spoiler regarding the romance: (view spoiler)...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

'The Hell you Say' is the third book in the Adrien English Mysteries.

The cult/satan topic of this book is not really my favorite but it's written very well and it was a better read than I expected. The little clues and hints gathered along the way of the murder inquiri are filled with mystery and suspense.

Adrien is still struggling with the closeted Jake. Their non-existent relationship made me growling and swearing and I wanted to kick Jake. Hard! Where it hurts!

Adrien annoys the fuck out of...more
The occult storyline is really not my thing so that gets a 3.5 from me. This book is more mystery oriented than the last one was.

The Adrien/Jake storyline gets a 4.5.

Adrien is wittier than ever, but I wanted to smack him and his strange sense of loyalty to the "relationship" he is having with Jake. Yes, he knew the score getting into things, but Jake continues to pursue him and Adrien continues to hold out hope for a good part of the story.

Jake ... I hate you. Seriously .. I really do not like...more
Mark ~ Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews
Just love these books. This one didn't really rely so much on the relationship between Adrien and Jake but more on the plot and his mother's impending wedding. You see in this book that Jake is having a real hard time admitting to himself that he is gay. He's so far back in the closet he probably can't find the door anymore to come out. Nevertheless, the book held my attention right up to the end due to the plot and Adrien's comments get all the more funny and satirical. Looking forward to readi...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Edina Rose
I'm currently listening to the audiobook. I was not sure I would start book 3 now, since it always breaks my heart when I read it and I always move to book 4 quickly to "heal". Audiobook 4 will come out in August, so I thought maybe I will wait until it's out before reading book 3. BUT I CANNOT WAIT.


The audiobook is so good I'm speechless. It's like it was written to be read. Chris Patton rocks as a narrator. He is much better than in book 1, he is quasi-flawless in this book.

If you'v...more
Angela Bee Bee
this series reads like one very long book, and this third book is the painful part. just when "their fucking" started to feel like love....

J: my God, I
A: me too

then bam, jake is obviously scared of his feelings and grabs on to kate as some kind of escape.

J:its not because of your health....its got nothing to do with the way i feel about you

this scene was so difficult to painful and sits in your chest like a rock... a little too close to home, reminding me of an old love...more
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A distinct voice in gay fiction, multi-award-winning author JOSH LANYON has been writing gay mystery, adventure and romance for over a decade. In addition to numerous short stories, novellas, and novels, Josh is the author of the critically acclaimed Adrien English series, including The Hell You Say, winner of the 2006 USABookNews awards for GLBT Fiction. Josh is an Eppie Award winner and a three-...more
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“A pause followed my greeting. Then “We’re watching you ” whispered the voice on the other end.
“Yeah? Did you see what I did with my keys? ”
Silence. Then dial tone.
These younger demons. So easily discouraged.”
“A Pause followed my greeting.

Then, 'We're watching you,' whispered the voice on the other end.

'Yeah? Did you see what I did with my keys?”
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