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Yeni Hayat

3.52 of 5 stars 3.52  ·  rating details  ·  3,420 ratings  ·  254 reviews
"Bir gün bir kitap okudum ve bütün hayatım değişti."

Orhan Pamuk'un coşkulu, lirik ve sihirli romanı Yeni Hayat bu sözlerle başlıyor. Okuduğu bir kitaptan sarsılarak etkilenen, sayfalardan neredeyse fışkıran ışığa bütün hayatını veren ve kitabın vaat ettiği yeni hayatın peşinden koşan bir kahramanın olağanüstü hikayesi bu. Kitabın etkisiyle aşık oluyor, üniversite öğrencili...more
Paperback, 275 pages
Published October 1994 by İletişim Yayınları (first published 1994)
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Ian Paganus
Blood on the Tracks

Every one of us is a potential criminal, a potential killer, a potential murderer.

The question is: what circumstances would justify the crime, what situation would warrant us murdering someone?

If someone attacked one of our children, would we attack the assailant? If we went to war, would we kill for our country?

If the past was at war with the future, would we kill for the sake of the past, or would we kill for the sake of the future?

Well, the past is always at war with the...more
Read slowly.. Let the tentacular, pellucid sentences take you to the world of mystical adventure, which is clumsy yet so entrancing. Reading the second time slowly made me realize all the symmetry, puns, even autobiographical bits and pieces of the the author himself. It evokes feelings you get when you are travelling by bus to distant places, excitement and toxic exhilaration of reading good books, and awe and scepticism of the mystery of life and love.

I would certainly read this boo...more
Ben Loory
i don't really know what to say about this one. i think i will be thinking about it for a while. i will say this: i found it both compulsively readable and boring as hell, both at the same time, all the time, beginning to end. despite all the great writers pamuk is compared to on the cover blurbs and inside (kafka, marquez, borges, proust, etc.), the writer he most reminds me of here is thomas pynchon. both come off as almost retardedly intelligent & way too clever, both are more interested...more
Mohit Parikh
I am done with 60% of the book and couldn't hold myself from writing something, anything, about the book, with my half-open sleepy eyes.

When I began this book, I wanted to love Pamuk. Through his interviews and talks, the reviews of his books, and my experience with Snow, I have made some strong opinions about him, which I wanted to change in the course of reading this novel. The opinions remain unscathed, so far, but I almost liked him.

Some observations so far:
1. Osman and Janan are too simil...more
من الأعمال القليلة اللى كان نفسى أُعبر عنها بالمصطلحات الشبابية الحديثة المنتشرة هذه الأيام , ولكنى وجدت جبن فى ذلك , أن أُلوث هذا العمل العظيم بألفاظ لا تليق بعظمته.
أى شئ كان يفكر فيه الكاتب عند كتابته هذا العمل ؟, وأى ظروف عاشها لكى يُخرج لنا هذا الإبداع منقطع النظير ,
عمل مرهق جدا , استغرق منى فى قراءته ثلاثة أيام (وهذا قد يكون الوقت الأطول لى فى قراءة عمل أدبى ,
هو ينتمى إلى تلك الأعمال التى تحتاج منك تركيز كل خلية فى دماغك لكى يصل إليك كامل . لكى تدرك معناه العظيم وقيمته الأعظم .
من أعظم الفص
I am writing this short review in an airport, having just completed a three-week trip around Turkey, so bear with me as I get back into the routine of thinking about literature critically. Spookily, the parallels of The New Life and my trip remain powerfully disconcerting: the novel focuses on a mysterious book Osman reads one night and as a result, becomes obsessed with. The book is never described explicitly but its power to change the lives of all the people who read it works as the catalyst...more
'I read a book one day and my whole life was changed. Even on the first page I was so affected by the book's intensity I felt my body sever itself and pull away from the chair where I sat reading the book that lay before me on the table.' Light surging from its pages illumines his face: 'Its incandescence dazzled my intellect but also endowed it with brilliant lucidity.' The book seems to be about him, so that 'my point of view was transformed by the book, and the book was transformed by my poin...more
I burned through this in two days, but partly, I have to admit because I feared if I got distracted, I'd never finish it - highly engaging at times, it didn't, for me, always sustain that level of "gotta get back to it" with which Murakami's "Kafka On The Shore" is currently calling me away from this hurried review.
Pamuk is very highly regarded, won a Nobel Prize etc, so he is certainly worth a bit of your time.
"The New Life" is a story of a young man whose life is radically changed by a book w...more

I got really into this one.

It was one of those pick-it-up-in-the-bookstore kinda things and it's funny since that's more or less what happens to the narrator.

One day he picks up a book (contents not whitholding to the reader, of course) and Kafka-like, he is never the same again.

Everything in the world around him is like a pale reflection or a crashing bore compared to what the book discloses for him. He is then, naturally, called upon to make sense of where he suddenly finds himself to search...more
I moved this review to my blog
Apr 05, 2009 Paula rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Paula by: Lisa Nakamura
I first read The New Life cerca 1997 or 1998 and fell in love with it then. I "won" the novel in an English Dept. Xmas party book exchange. The new prof of postcolonial lit (among other areas of expertise), Lisa Nakamura, at Sonoma State University was my "anonymous" gift-giver. I was prompted to reread the novel recently after a friend who read it with her book group admitted she found the writing (style)clunky and unsatisfying. (I had suggested the novel to them). One can admire Pamuk's novel...more
After reading the opening sentence of the New Life, "I read a book one day and my whole life was changed," I wondered whether reading The New Life itself was going to change my life.

This is the story of Osman, an engineering student, who becomes obsessed with a book and falls in love with a girl, Janan, who shares the same obsession. This novel is mainly the story of their journey through Turkey, going aimlessly from city to city, searching for this new life promised by the book.

At some point,...more

أيها الكتاب الذي أدخلني الى عالم الحيوات الأخرى ، لم أكن أتصور أن الضوء المنبعث من العينين إنه نفس الضوء الذي أضاء دروب الأنبياء ،يوم فتح بطل رواية حياة جديدة لباموق اورهان دفتي كتاب اكتشف عالم أخر ،هي ليست استعارة أو كناية بل هو دخول إلى عالم لا يتاح لغير القراء دخوله ،فالحياة الجديدة ليست إضافة لحياة قديمة بالية بقدر ما هي خلق لتجارب كثير من الذين مروا بصمت أو بكتابة ألامهم التي انفرجت عن معاني كثيرة نفهم من خلالها الحياة .
حياة جديدة هي تجربة لذيذة يملئها طعم المغامرة ،واضعة حدا فاصلا ما بين م...more
Mixed feelings. Pamuk is a gifted writer whose talent survives translation from his native Turkish. My first encounter with him was his collection of essays "Other Colors" which is an excellent introduction to the scope of his work and his development from a student up to his award of the Nobel Prize. The book included excerpts from his novels which I have always wanted to read. This book found its way into various bargain bins with a hardback market down to $5 in one instance and $2 a year late...more
Saleem Khashan
أورهان باموك بكتابته المتأنية، ووصفه المتصل لكل الحوادث مع خلفياتها. يحكي " أنه في يوم قرأت كتاب وتغيرت حياتي"، وكم من أعضاء جودريد مروا بهذه اللحظة الحميمية من الإتصال مع كلمات شخص أخر وصل أعماقهم بطريقة أو أخرى. المهم أن الكتاب له معنى عند كل شخص يختلف عن الأخرين والبطل رأى في الكتاب حياة جديدة فذهب يبحث عنها. وهو يبحث طاف تركيا وركب الباصات وأعتقد أنه يحب، فأين الحب دون قدرتك على خداع الذات.
أعترف أني شعرت بالملل في الوسط ولكني لم أندم أني أكملت وصراحة أنا أغفر لباموك كل ملل بسبب رائعته إسطنبو...more
Pernahkah kamu membaca sebuah buku dan hidupmu berubah?
Aku pernah. Mungkin sudah tidak perlu kusebutkan lagi judulnya karena siapa pun yang mengenalku dengan baik tahu buku itu. Dan untunglah aku tidak perlu menderita seperti Osman, si mahasiswa arsitektur dalam buku ini, yang mencari 'Kehidupan Baru' keliling negerinya, sesudah membaca buku yang ia lihat tanpa sengaja.

Pernahkah kamu merasa ingin melompat ke dalam bis-bis yang lewat di depanmu yang kau tak pasti tujuannya ke mana, lalu memulai p...more
When Osman reads the book, his life irreversibly changes. He gives up his studies to travel. He begins a search for meaning, identity and experience. He falls in love. He finds solace in the plots of popular films he watches while travelling on overnight buses across Turkey. He suffers trauma and injury in road accidents and meets people who give him useful things, such as guns. He also examines his own imagination from the inside while responding freely to the stimuli and images that experience...more
While I was reading this book, I was constantly looking out for those who have read the book. The book that lures one in to disbelief about life, death and oneself was no ordinary text. I wanted to meet those people and ask them how they felt about this extraordinary piece of wonder that has uprooted a lot of people from their dense mundane lives to a treacherous deceiving adventure influenced by madness and movies.

Come, brother, come with us,
let's you and I on the bus,
go to a land that's fabul
Mar 07, 2008 Martine rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Borges fans and those who like a challenging read
A year and a half ago, while making long bus journeys in Anatolia, I read Orhan Pamuk's The New Life, which is about a young man making long bus journeys in Anatolia. I found the Turkish bus system to be a lot safer than Pamuk describes it, but other than that, I recognised a fair bit, and loved the power of Pamuk's descriptions. I could easily see why the man was awarded the 2006 Nobel Prize, although I ended up being somewhat underwhelmed by The New Life.

The New Life is a road novel-cum-metaph...more
Thomas Hettich
I read the book while travelling through Turkey. Although the main part of the story is set years before today, Orhan Pamuk' descriptions of the towns the protagonist visits are spot-on. The conspiracy theory of the book, which is revealed rather late and from which point much of the dramatic drive is gone - is echoed by similar thoughts of many Turks whom I met.

Overall I struggled with the book. The language stroke me as pretentious. And by not describing the contents of the text that the prot...more

ما يميز باموق هو الفكرة ..
كيف لقدرته أن تبني حبًّا بهذا القالب الجاد؛ دون أيّة تلهف أو رخص ..
ينطوي الكتاب على "عثمان" الشاب الذي قرأ كتابًا فتغيرت حياته يسير معك عن تأثير الكتب والكتّاب والكلمات في دواخلنا بشكل مدهش ..
يؤمن باموق بالصدف وبالحب الذي جمع عثمان بجنان .. في ذات اللحظة الذي جمعها بمحمد بمجرد وقوع الكتاب في ايديهم؛

الرواية كذلك ترتكز على الحديث عن القومية التركية والوعد المتبخر بالحداثة؛ فهو يتحسر على بلده القديمة ويبكي على التقاليد المفقودة والتفاصيل البسيطة التي افتقدها

الرواية جميلة...more
Not sure. Had read 'Snow' of Pamuk's oeuvre last year and thought i'd try another. Don't think I was in the right frame of mind and wonder whether I needed to be on some sort of drug to really get into it. Ironically, towards the end, the narrator apologizes for a couple of sentences of purple prose; this was a tad awkward as they were two of the sentences I actually enjoyed reading. Maybe Orhan and I will never click.
ArEzO.... Es
اورهان پاموك در مورد كتابش نوشته است
در زندگي نو آنچه مهم است نه رازهاي زندگي كه مردمانند- قهرماناني كه گرداگرد اين رازها بر مي گردند و هستي را تاويل مي كنند زندگي اين قهرمانان را كتابي رقم مي زند كه بود و نبودش درهاله ابهام است .كتابي كه شرق را نه سرزمين افسانه اي عشق و راستي كه جهاني آشنا با خشونت و بيهودگي معنا مي كند
اولين رماني ست كه از نويسنده معاصر ترك استانبولي مي خوانم
بسيار رمان در خور تحسين و تاملي ست
Well, One thing I know I wanted to kill myself from boredom while I was reading this book.
Zahra Taher
ليتني عرفت ماذا يريد أن يقول الكاتب
لم أستطع إكمالها أبداً
ولا أظن أنني سأعود إليها
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
This book started out somewhat slowly, I thought; I was afraid I mightn't like it. Took me a while to get into it. Perhaps that was because the narrator at the beginning in rather young, and the writing is imbued with something of the impatience of youth. I guess that's a credit to Pamuk's strength as an author. But by midpoint I was hooked and glad I slogged through.

There are many typical Pamuk themes here: lost love, the cultural tensions between East and West that have marked Turkey's history...more
Stefania T.

Ma quello che facevo non si poteva definire leggere, era una specie di ricordare, una specie di soffrire...

Il giorno in cui riuscirò a capire compiutamente per quale ragione Orhan Pamuk sia il mio scrittore preferito, probabilmente mi squilleranno in testa le campane di Notre-Dame.
Sono io. Io ed il mio ingombrante modo inetto di stare al mondo. Senza tralasciare - però - una sniffatina di poesia malinconica.

Non ero da nessuna parte ed ero ovunque e quindi mi sembrava di essere al centro inesis...more
محمد جلال
سطور أعجبتني ..
أورهان باموق - الحياة الجديدة
من غير المجدي أن تبحث خارج الكتاب عن مملكة تقع وراء الكلمات.
"أنت تبحث عن الأشياء النقية ، غير الفاسدة ، والواضحة . لكن ليس هناك محرك رئيسي للأحداث . فمن غير المجدي أن تبحث عن المفتاح ، الكلمة ، المصدر ، الأصل الذي نحن كلما مجرد نسخ منه".
كم مرة في حياة الفرد يعطي الصمت المتبادل مثل هذا السرور .
كنت قادراً على أن أجمع شتات نفسي -نتيجة للقراءة- و أجلب بعض النظام لعقلي.
الحب هو الرغبة في أن تتمسك بسرعة بشخص آخر و أن تكونا معاً في نفس المكان ' فهو ال...more
“I read a book one day and my whole life was changed.” Thus begins this book about a book — Turkish author Pamuk certainly is not the first to use that idea.

The protagonist, a civil engineering student at Technical University, picks up a book because he was attracted to the pretty girl who was reading it. His rapturous description of the book’s power seems facile at first, since no details are provided. Is the book about politics, religion, philosophy, what? How can one write this much about a b...more
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Ferit Orhan Pamuk is a Nobel Prize-winning Turkish novelist. Pamuk is often regarded as a post-modern writer. As one of Turkey's most prominent novelists, his work has been translated into more than forty languages. He is the recipient of numerous national and international literary awards. He was the first Turkish person awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature on October 12, 2006, commended for bei...more
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