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Turn Coat (The Dresden Files, #11)
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Turn Coat (The Dresden Files #11)

4.44 of 5 stars 4.44  ·  rating details  ·  48,262 ratings  ·  1,562 reviews
Jim Butcher's Breakthrough #1 New York Times bestseller

When it comes to the wizard's White Council, Harry Dresden is thought of as either a black sheep or a sacrificial lamb. And no one holds him in more disdain than Morgan, a veteran Warden with a grudge against anyone who bends the rules. But now Morgan is in trouble. He's been accused of cold-blooded murder--a crime w
Paperback, 576 pages
Published March 2nd 2010 by Roc (first published April 7th 2009)
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I often have a difficult time reviewing books in a series, so I'll just say this one thing: I'm continually thrilled by the fact that every event in the Dresden Files series is relevant to the struggle in Turn Coat. So many authors miss the "why?" - why start a series at a certain point in time? Why is the main character the focal point, how are they special? Why does anything happen? Jim Butcher has an answer for each question and I want to hug him for it. Once again, he serves up sacrifices an ...more
In absolute fairness my reading of this novel suffered from two things.

First and foremost this is the only Harry Dresden novel I have ever read. While enjoyable I am certain that I would have benefitted greatly in knowing more about Dresden’s world from the earlier novels in the series.

Secondly, I started this right on the heels of having read On South Mountain: The Dark Secrets Of The Goler Clan a vile true account of what life was like for the children of the Goler Clan of Nova Scotia. It has
This time Harry Dresden, Wizard detective, is trying to find the traitor in the White Council, after Morgan shows up on his doorstep on the lam for a crime he didn't commit and Harry realized that hes got to either turn Morgan in or help him out (and get blamed for helping a criminal).

The good things:
-- We get to see more of the White Council, find out more about Morgan, Luccio and Listen-to-Wind. We also see a bit of why the Council thinks about Harry the way they do, and some awesome magic.
3.5 Stars

This book was a little... predictable, in my opinion. Maybe not the supernatural threat in this book, because that was new, but quite a few different things were extremely predictable, and I figured out the whodunnit way, way early.

I almost never put all the pieces together before Harry does, but in this one, I did... over and over.

That's not to say that I didn't enjoy the book. I really did. Harry is his usual snarkrageous self, and I loved him. Things got dicey here, and the tension
okay...i give up...i have been giving this series 4 stars the whole way though...but lets face is a five star series. i guess i just didn't want to give an "urban fantasy" series four stars because there would be something "unfair" about it being that good...but the fact is they really are that good. this series is on its eleventh book and is going just as strong (if not more so) now that it was when it was first started by butcher. this one turns the view around to the white counsel and ...more
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David Sven
A very enjoyable entry in the Dresden series. The story starts off with a bang

"...some idiot was pounding on my apartment door.
I answered it and Morgan, half his face covered in blood, gasped, “The Wardens are coming. Hide me. Please.”

Wha...!@? Morgan, the most hard assed stickler for “letter of the law” Warden is in trouble with the White Council, accused of treason, and he goes to see his nemesis, Harry, for help? And not just any sort of help but the kind that under different circumstances M
Dan Schwent
I was planning on quitting this series if this one didn't measure up. Looks like I'm sticking around.

Morgan shows up at Harry's house with the Wardens on his trail, framed for murder. Harry goes about trying to clear Morgan's name, all the while dealing with a summoner named Binder and a demon called the Skinwalker. Meanwhile, the Wardens are coming to Chicago and it looks like the White Court of the vampires is linked to the mysterious Black Circle of wizards Harry is sure exists.

Why am I stick
Tim "The Enchanter"
One of the Best of the Series - 4.5 Stars

Since I can only give half stars in spirit, I will give it 5 but call it 4.5. It is the second best book in the series to this point trailing behind Dead Beat. Butcher continues to prove that he is a master storyteller by continually expanding the Dresden Universe while avoid staleness or repeating storylines. While there were a few issues that caused it to lose half a star, it is excellent and highly recommended series.

Plot summary

The story opens
Executive Summary: While this one is a bit slow in parts it sets the stage nicely for what currently stands as the best book in the series (Changes).

Audio book: James Marsters is terrible in this one. Just Kidding. Still great! Highlights for this are his voice for the big baddie and I think he changed/gave TootToot a distinct voice that is both hilarious and AWESOME.

Full Review

"I love being a wizard. Every day is like Disneyland."

Murder. Conspiracy. Evil. You know, politics. Just think about h
Apr 26, 2009 Jeffrey rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Butcher fans
This is a perfect little mystery/urban fantasy novel from JIm Butcher in his continuing Harry Dresden series. As we know from the last books in the series, and I do not recommend starting the seried with this book first. Harry Dresden is a powerful wizard. A Warden for the Wizard hierarchy, and an outsider. He has a young Apprentice named Molly, who is a warlock, a half brother who is a vampire and friends in high places and low places. Early books emphasized Harry's relationship with a skull on ...more
Ben Babcock
Second review, read from June 10-11, 2010.

As with my review of Small Favor , I will refer you to my first review for this book. I'm not even going to add many notes, because I like my original review that much, and I doubt I could improve upon it significantly.

The only thing I have to say is that re-reading the series in quick succession has given me a better context in which to appreciate Turn Coat. Even though I only gave it four stars, it's still better than some five star books I've read, an
The first week of April is no longer just the time of year to look forward to silly pranks. Now it's the time of year to look forward to our annual check-in with Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden.

I've said before that I believe Butcher's series about Chicago-based wizard Harry Dresden to be the best on-going fantasy series on the market today. I've even gone out on a limb and said that I think the series is better than a certain other best-selling series about a wizard named Harry.

And with the latest
I shouldn't really enjoy this series at all. It has way, way too much magic for my taste. But Butcher includes enough physical action to keep his battles from becoming completely metaphysical and abstract, something which has bored me away from more than one fantasy series.

The Dresden Files also suffers from power creep. Nearly every character in this book is Really Powerful and Scary, and the displays of magic are steadily escalating in scale. The big battle scene consisted of a bunch of nearly
Does exactly what it says on the tin!

Many have done reviews on Dresden prior so only a shorty for this. A slower start than the prior tales, id heard rumour that post book 10 their were rumblings about the series through reviewers :( & thought this was to be it for the series BUT.... picked up nicely, very enjoyable for the most & kept you wanting more, liked that the Senior council members were showcased more in this as upto now they've been just bit part players although the downside w
Man, I love Mouse. I even love Butters.

This one kept me guessing. I kept thinking I knew who it was but I was inevitably surprised.

Thomas broke my heart, but he always does.

I'm going to have such book drop when I get all caught up with these books and have to wait for the next.
For fans of the Dresden Files book 11 is a real treat. There is everything that you would expect, plus a bit of a whodunnit and some political intrigue for good measure. Everyone knows about the previous history between Morgan and Harry, so when Morgan turns up half dead on Harry's doorstep he was the last person was expecting to see. Morgan has been accused of murdering one of the senior White Council wizards, and with the evidence seeming to indicate his guilt. Harry being Harry doesn't believ ...more
Feb 27, 2013 Katy rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: fans of urban fantasy
Shelves: ebook
Book Info: Genre: Urban Fantasy
Reading Level: Adult
Recommended for: Fans of Urban Fantasy

Short Stories Reviews: First, before reading Turn Coat, I read two of the short stories from the anthologies, “Curses” and “AAAA Wizardry,” since I had PDF copies of them. “Curses” is basically about someone hiring Dresden on behalf of a corporation to try to remove a curse. Can’t say more than that without ruining it, but it’s a fun story. I absolutely love the Welsh folklore that is used in the story, and
Loved this one. It felt a little different than previous volumes... Less smash and grab and more well thought out investigating from Dresden; our little wizard is really growing up! I had guessed who the baddies were long before it was revealed, but rather than feeling like that made it predictable (I really don't think it was) it just made me feel smart. It's always nice when a mystery type plot makes you feel that way. There are only two more to go in the series (two more released as of now at ...more
Terri ♥ (aka Mrs. Christian Grey)
Quick review:

Cover: Fitting
Rating: R
Thumbs Up: 4
Overall: I really liked this one.
Characters: Well Written
Plot: You know you’re respected when an enemy turns to you for help.
Page Turner: Yes
Series Cont.? Yes
Recommend: Yes
Book Boyfriend: Harry

SUMMARY (50 words or less)
The Dresden series is always good. Not sure why I give most books a 4 when they are better than some 5 stars books. Maybe because this author has set a bar and I judge each book against each other. Still, highly recommended Ur
Hard to believe that he's already eleven books along in this series as the story certainly doesn't seem to be petering out! The issue of a traitor within the White Council is further addressed here as well as bit of a turnaround involving several of Harry's relationships (and not all for the better). Bob the Skull only makes a brief cameo in this book, but Mouse the dog steps up to a stronger role so I am forgiving (gotta share the spotlight, I guess). I wouldn't say that this was one of the bes ...more
Alex Ristea
One of the most solid Dresden novels yet!

Maybe it's the audiobook, but I can think of few authors that paint such a vivid picture in my mind like Jim Butcher. Listening to this is like watching a movie.

Turn Coat also has tight writing, good humour, one of the better detective plots, and a nice host of characters.
Benjamin Thomas
I love it when a long series refuses to give into formula plots or rest on the laurels of previous volumes. I can’t believe this is the 11th book in the series (not counting short stories sandwiched in between). Jim Butcher has, once again, brought his awesome skills to the task of writing a complete novel which could stand-alone but at the same time is a key component of a massive on-going story.

This one differs from many of the other novels in the series in that it is a bit more of a whodunit.
I was, (obvs) a very avid reader as a kid. I devoured books. But as an adult my taste in books became far more selective, and I'm an admittedly picky reader. I hate that I'm a picky reader. I hate that I have so many books that are in my DNF pile. I've just never been the type to push through something I'm not enjoying. Most series I start out loving I stop loving about the fifth book in, and I tend to stop reading them altogether once they pass the eighth or ninth installment. Again, I hate tha ...more
Jan 24, 2014 Sunil rated it 5 of 5 stars
Shelves: 2014
Turn Coat promises an exciting installment with its title, implying that the traitor within the White Countil will finally be brought to light. It promises an even more exciting installment with its first chapter, which finds that traitor to be...Warden Morgan?? Harry Dresden, mensch that he is, believes that he's been framed and seeks to prove his innocence, putting his own life (and Molly's) at stake.

This is the best book in a while because there's so much urgency: Dresden has to figure out wh
4.5 stars - This was my first Dresden book even though its number 11 in the series. I picked this one up solely because it was the best option in the airport bookstore and I'm thrilled that I did.

I watched the short-lived Dresden Files on SciFi (now SyFy) and quite enjoyed it. I thought it had some potential and was sorry to see it cancelled, oh well. The plus is that it did give me some background for diving into the series at a late point. There are some significant differences between the sho
The Flooze
I fear I've entered the most tragic segment of the series. I mean, sure, Butcher has never been afraid of killing off characters. But now I'm eleven books in and anyone who's been around this long actually means something, dammit.

Between this installment and the last we've dealt with death, torture, and incapacitating injuries. We've also been forcibly reminded of many of the characters we've lost in the past. It makes for intense reading, and with the rising stakes I only see more of the same i
Mogsy (MMOGC)
This was a great one. The moment Morgan showed up all wounded and asking for help, I knew it was going to be awesome.

Morgan hasn't exactly been a friend to Harry in the past, but I can't help but like him. I'd envisioned a long partnership between the two of them after the events of Turn Coat, made more interesting by the unique dynamics between the two men. Needless to say, I was a little disappointed at how the book ended.

Several other chapters in the ongoing drama of Harry's life also came to
Shandra {The Happy New Mrs}
Actual rating: 4.5 stars. No spoilers.


Another action packed, angst filled novel in the Dresden Files series. Harry never has a mild, or easy day. Page after page is always giving me palpitations. That man just doesn't know when to slow down!!

This one finds Morgan coming to Harry for help. If you are familiar with their history, then you know how amazing that is. I won't go into the plot much, but you'll find yourself shocked in the end. I'm proud of Harry. He followed his heart and chose
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
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Jim Butcher is the author of the Dresden Files, the Codex Alera, and a new steampunk series, the Cinder Spires. His resume includes a laundry list of skills which were useful a couple of centuries ago, and he plays guitar quite badly. An avid gamer, he plays tabletop games in varying systems, a variety of video games on PC and console, and LARPs whenever he can make time for it. Jim currently resi ...more
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