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Absolute Green Lantern: Rebirth
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Absolute Green Lantern: Rebirth (Green Lantern)

4.11 of 5 stars 4.11  ·  rating details  ·  6,478 ratings  ·  215 reviews
Hal Jordan was the greatest Green Lantern of them all, until his shocking fall from grace. Now witness his awe-inspiring redemption at the hands of writer Geoff Johns and artist Ethan Van Sciver!

This amazing Absolute Edition collects the best-selling miniseries that relaunched one of DC Comics' greatest heroes and is the first part of a trilogy that spans THE SINESTRO COPR
Hardcover, 224 pages
Published April 27th 2010 by DC Comics (first published 2005)
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Dan Schwent
Hal Jordan, possibly the greatest of the Green Lanterns, battles with the two entities bonded with him, The Spectre and Parallax, for a second chance. Will he return to the land of the living and, if so, what will be waiting for him when he gets there...?

First off, the very first super hero action figure I owned other than some Mego ones was the Green Lantern from the Super Powers collection. That being said, I only have a handful of Green Lantern comics in my collection. I picked this one up be
For those following Hal Jordan's career you know he did some horrible things and without going into details I'll leave it at that though there are spoilers further below. I found the artwork engaging for an action piece with some of the frames overlapping and almost exploding to one another in an interesting fashion. You get the Justice League showing up as it takes on epic proportions, previous and current Green Lantern heroes and even a few people from the Justice Society (a la Earth 1, Earth ...more
3.5 stars. While I am a big fan of superheroes, I have not read a whole lot of Green Lantern material so I may have liked this more than some fans who may have found inconsistencies in the description of the "power ring" mythos. For me, I thought the description of the rings power being based on "strength of willpower" of the user was excellent. In general, I am not a fan of "unlimited" powers and so liked the description of how "taxing" the use of the ring can be and how difficult/impossible it ...more
I actually always thought GL was kinda cool, but never read any of the comics. So, I decided, this mid 2000's relaunch by DC and Geoff Johns was as good a time as any to indoctrinate myself to Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps, especially in "light" of the forthcoming movie.

GREEN LANTERN: REBIRTH reprints the 2004-2005 WIZARD X and GREEN LANTERN: REBIRTH issues 1-6. It's written by one of DC Comics' stalwarts, Geoff Johns, who has made his name on this title, redefining (or should I say cla
Pros: The author's explanation of and story for Parallax, the author's description of each GL's unique style in using the power rings, Green Arrow using a power ring, Hal Jordan "passing the torch" to Kyle Rayner.

Cons: Failing to find Batman's voice and writing him as strident, cynical treatment of Spectre, bad treatment of relationships amongst John Stewart, Alan Scott, Batman, Hal Jordan, and the Justice League.
I guess it is hard to be objective when reviewing a comic book, and everyone brings their own reading history into the mix as well. You have people that have read Green Lantern for years and will nitpick about details, you have people that are Justice League fans that will complain about the way the Justice League was portrayed here, and you will have people that have read very little Green Lantern and are confused by Rebirth. So I will follow the trend and say I've read the first two Green Lant ...more
I probably came at this backwards, reading Rebirth so long after virtually every other Green Lantern story of note Johns has written. Oops. And as far as Johns's Lanterns go, this is good, but not the best. But maybe that's just me. Maybe if I knew (or cared) about Hal Jordan before Johns got his hands on him, I might be more moved when he returns to his old self. I might be able to get behind the sheer amount of fawning Johns is throwing at Hal. (He's the best Lantern ever! EVER!) And I might h ...more

Before i've read Rebirth i didn't really like DC all that much aside from The Flash and Batman so i thought just let me give it a try and damn it did not disappoint me at all.

This story explains the return of the true Green Lantern of earth Hal Jordan. The story shows a great deal of insight into the character and also details his history and the characters that surround him.

This a complex story that wraps up years of continuity problems, and yet it is made relatively simple here. All of the su
Luke Baldock
Green Lantern: Rebirth was my first real detailed introduction into a character that I had long been interested in. I was aware of the basics, and finally decided to take the plunge. I had avoided it before as I generally stuck to graphic novel one-shots or self-contained stories such as The Killing Joke, Watchmen, and Filth. I was just a bit worried about the expense and dedication needed to follow a continuous saga. After buying and reading Green Lantern: Rebirth, I had nothing to worry about. ...more
How did Green Lantern, a comic fans wanted to like but rarely got excited for, become DC's biggest franchise outside of Batman? It all began here, with Geoff Johns's ambitious attempt to revive the iconic Silver Age Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, both from death and disgrace. Hal had been replaced in the 90s by a younger, hipper character (new fans liked, older fans hated) and that storyline had Hal as an insane murderer and, well, dead.

The challenge Johns faced was pretty vast: how to bring back a
Michael (Tattoogirl Reads)
I'm still having trouble getting into Green Lantern at the right time. I try taking advice from bloggers and from my husband but I'm still always confused when I pick up a volume of Green Lantern. There is just way too much backstory in the Green Lantern universe for a noob. Sigh...

Even though I was thoroughly confused at the beginning of this I did find myself really enjoying the story even though I felt like I'd missed a ton of stuff. I was really grateful that I read the introduction so that
Everything right and wrong with DC in one story arc. Strong creators, stupid editors.
Batman is so goddamn annoying in this book. Holy shit.
Graeme Dunlop
I'm way behind on my superhero lore. GL is a favourite of mine so it's past time to read this tale of Hal Jordan's return to the ring!

Excellent stuff. I love that Jordan is back. My DC lore stalled around the late 80's so Jordan is the GL I remember best and he was always a great character.

Johns does a remarkable job of integrating all the things that happened to Jordan since his expulsion from the Corps, into the overall storyline.

A triumphant return! He even gets to punch Batman -- not many he
Johns is getting better as he plays longer in the DC sandbox - the bombast quotient is lowering, the action:monologue ratio is improving. As a relaunch goes, this shapes up early into some interesting twists and mysteries.

I can't say I'm in any way invested in Hal Jordan staying dead, but I *am* always disappointed when the comics bring someone back from the dead without a really good goddamn reason and explanation. Half the time (as here) it feels like the writer is completely throwing out the
Zack! Empire
The interesting thing about this book is that it takes 10 or so years of Green Lantern history, acknowledges that it happen, and then explains it all away. Basically this is the story of how Green Lantern was cooler way back in the day and now we’ve got back all the stuff we wanted.
There is also some confusing shit in. There is just so much history in each issue. There just felt like there was a ton of parts where people were just explaining shit over and over. They had to explain everything t
When I first heard this series was coming out (this was a couple of years ago), I was somewhere between skeptical and totally uninterested. Unlike many DC Comics readers of my generation, I didn’t grow up with Hal Jordan as GL. By the time I came into the DCU, Hal had gone crazy nuts, become Parallax, tried to restart time, and sacrificed himself nobly to defeat the Sun Eater. He was gone; he shortly resurfaced as the new Spectre in the Day of Vengeance storyline (not be confused with the Day of ...more
Patrick Hester
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
John Wiswell
After the rollercoaster Sinestro Corps ride turned me into a fan of the Green Lantern concept, I thought I’d give Geoff Johns’s earlier stories a try. I guess this storyline infuriated fans back in the day as it rewrote earlier storylines and reintroduced the dead Hal Jordan, the most famous of the ring-wielding heroes, as the main character. In doing so they very obviously undid progress on the title, turning Kyle Rayner into a supporting character. But as an individual story about corruption a ...more
Although I am much more a Marvel fan than a DC fan (or reader really) this was a very enjoyable story. The redemption of Hal Jordan, not only coming back from his past crimes but actually being vindicated. Geoff Johns wove not only a brilliant tale of the comeback of the "greatest Green Lantern ever", but filled in gaps of the mythos which have existed for many years. Not only that, but he shifted the focus to Hal and the other Lanterns, letting many of the other big name DC characters fill very ...more
I've been looking for a little fun reading, something with a little action, so I went with this one. I've always been vaguely interested in Green Lantern, had heard Johns was doing great things with the character, so I figured it was a perfect match.

Oops. Sometimes comic fans, in their excitement/want for good product, get a little overzealous. I understand this book gives them everything they want: Hal Jordan back as GL and an attempt to respect the history of the series and its characters. But
I have read several stories by Geoff Johns and never once has he failed to blow my mind. It's no coincidence that he's my favorite author.

Green Lantern: Rebirth adds so much to the Green Lantern mythos. Johns turns story elements that are "oh...okay" into ones that are "oh wow, that totally makes sense."

Every character is portrayed fantastically. At first, however, I thought Batman was a little too brash and assertive, even for him. But you have to remember that the events of Identity Crisis jus
Phil Dean
A well crafted and clever (How's that working out for you? Being clever?) ret-con of the whole "Hal Jordan goes crazy, tries to destroy the universe" fiasco, bringing the original Silver Age hero back to life and stature. The art by Ethan Van Sciver is great, and the script is fast paced and entertaining throughout. The only problem is; Kyle Rayner is a much better character than Hal Jordan. Who would be a more appropriate bearer of a wish granting ring? An ordinary guy, an artist, who uses his ...more
Dominic Licorish
I'd never read Green Lantern before, but I admit I became a lot more intrigued after watching the movie. I heard about Blackest Night and figured I should start with Rebirth to try amd catch up with the mythos.
The writing is great and the art is colourful and fantastic. I really liked how Johns involved all of the green lanterns from the original to the modern incarnations.
For those unfamiliar with Green Lantern, the story is still easily understood especially because there's a little story so f
4.5 stars

Art: Ethan Van Sciver's drawings are flawless. So many details beautifully drawn! Definitely 5 stars material.

Story: Written by Geoff Johns, the story of Hal Jordan's redemption. For a newbie like me it was slightly confusing here and there because it delved deeply into the GL mythology, but it made me really care about the characters, it made me want to learn more about them and find out what happened to them next. 4 stars!

End-result: I would say this comic book presents the perfect en
I became a fan of Green Lantern because of Emerald Twilight several years ago with the introduction of Kyle Rayner. When I heard that DC was bringing back Hal Jordan, I was skeptical. I didn't buy the original 6 issue mini series and waited until the graphic novel came out. When I read it, I was hooked. The writing by Geoff Johns is excellent and have been a fan since GL: Rebirth.

I am currently rereading my old GL comics to prepare myself for the feature film with Ryan Reynolds about to be rele
I understand the Hal Jordan's redemption was a long anticipated event, and Rebirth was just as shiny and flashy as one might wish. But it failed to excite me, either about the characters or the universe. I am a new fan, so I made sure to read Secret Origin (and Wikipedia) before approaching this one, knowing that familiarity with the characters was necessary for the full impact. Either the homework I did wasn't enough, or maybe this is just not a story for me. In either case, I felt it was an ab ...more
Although I'm mostly a Marvel fan, I've been trying to get into DC Comics for a while now (mainly so I'll have more comics to read, since I tend to devour them so quickly). I figured that this would be a good place to jump into Green Lantern. Well...I'm not sure.

There was a lot of stuff thrown at the reader at once. I know that this is an attempt to get Hal Jordan back into favor in the DC Universe, so a lot of continuity is almost a must to please the fanboys. But it makes getting into the chara
Patrick Challis
When DC embarked on the whole New 52 venture, I have to admit that while some of the titles that came from that were good and well thought out stories, a lot of them just seemed there to make up the numbers so to speak. As well as Marvel recycling a lot of their old stories and updating them, I kind of soured on the Big Two and started to read a lot more indie stuff.

With the stories before this collection having dealth with Jordan's fall from grace and his descent in to 'evil ways', Green Lante
This was an interesting way to bring back a dead hero. Geoff John's excels at writing Green Lantern stories and this is no exception.

After being possessed by the entity of fear named Parallax in 'Zero Hour' back in '94, Hal Jordan's name was pretty much dragged in shit among the hero community. While under his possession he murdered many people and was an overall "bad boy". After he was killed in this event Hal needed redemption, he found it in the spirit of vengeance, the Spectre, who needed a
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Geoff Johns originally hails from Detroit, Michigan. He attended Michigan State University, where he earned a degree in Media Arts and Film. He moved to Los Angeles in the late 1990’s in search of work within the film industry. Through perseverance, Geoff ended up as the assistant to Richard Donner, working on Conspiracy Theory and Lethal Weapon 4. During that time, he also began his comics career ...more
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