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O Mágico (Os Segredos de O Imortal Nicholas Flamel, #2)
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O Mágico (The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel #2)

4.08 of 5 stars 4.08  ·  rating details  ·  48,272 ratings  ·  1,979 reviews
Nas mãos do Dr. John Dee e dos Anciões Negros, o Livro de Abraão, o Mago pode significar a destruição do mundo como o conhecemos. O mais poderoso livro de todos os tempos contém o segredo da vida eterna, um segredo que nenhum homem deveria possuir. E Dee está apenas a duas páginas de deter o conhecimento necessário para entregar o poder aos Anciões Negros. Qual...more
Paperback, 456 pages
Published by Gailivro (first published January 1st 2008)
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Tamora Pierce
More actiony than the first book, and not quite as gripping for me, as the characters just tumbled from chase to chase, and weird enemy creature to weird enemy creature. Readers who like that, however, will eat the book up, and I'm still fascinated enough to read the next book. I admire Scott's grasp of world myth and legend--in that respect he's up there with Neil Gaiman, Jane Lindskold, and Guy Gavriel Kay!
The only complaint that I have about the Magician is the same complaint that I had about the Alchemyst - where is the next book?

Michael Scott deftly picks up Sophie and Josh's story where the Alchemyst left off. And although it had been over a year since I had read Alchemyst, I was never lost or feeling that I needed to go back and re-read the first book. Mr. Scott did a wonderful job of weaving pieces of book 1 into the Magician.

In this story, Sophie and Josh are in Paris with Nicholas Flamel a...more
Egads, what a moronic bullturd this book was. I wanted to see whether the sequel might have possessed any redeeming qualities, but didn't meet any on the way. It's as if the author fished out some sleazy Mary Sue fanfiction from of the pits of, squashed it together with some hideously sodomized bits of world mythology, and went off begging for publishing rights. I don't understand the abundance of 5-star reviews here. Seems like people's tastes have REALLY sunk these days.

Plot? I once *t...more
Dec 24, 2008 Megan rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Everyone who likes a good fantasy novel
Recommended to Megan by: my Reading teacher
What a great book! The Magician, the second book in the Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series, totally rocked my world!

Josh, Sophie, Nicholas, and Scatty have used the leygate in Ojai to get to Nicholas' home in Paris, France and escape the evil Dr. John Dee. Sophie has already been Awakened by Hekate and has learned the secrets to the magic of Air. She is now ready to master the next elemental magic: fire. But when they arrive in Paris they don't receive a warm welcome. Dee's partner,...more
Meera K.
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Book Two suffers from most of the same weaknesses I mentioned in the review for The Alchemyst: the odd sort of dryness to the writing (don't know if that's quite the word I'm looking for, but no other word is really coming to mind) that causes the book to feel rather dull in places, even when it's during a scene with lots of action, and the bad habit of repeating facts that we've already established over and over. First, we need to relisten to all the main points of what occurred in The Alchemys...more
Wendy Laharnar
Jul 13, 2008 Wendy Laharnar rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Wendy by: The book was a gift from someone who knows me very well
I love anything to do with Alchemy and having recently spent time in Paris this adventure was doubly entertaining for me.
It's about twin teenagers who find their own magic and deal with the magic that surrounds them in the modern day streets of Paris. The author's wildly imaginative concepts are dark and dangerous. This is fun read for those who are still in touch with the child within.
Humberto Cnca
My goal for this week was to start a new book. I started a new book. I read pages 1-358. I read a lot. In the book the magician Nicholas Flamel took the 2 twins from the prophecy, Sophie and Josh, to Paris with the help of Scatty. When they arrived Nicholas accidently acctivated an alarm all of Nicoolo's RAID squad had the old church surrounded. Further into the book Nicholas old student Comte de Saint Germain teaches Sophie fire magic. josh doesn't get his powers awakened but, he gets somethin...more
I read this quite a while ago, but something I did today got me thinking about this series and I remembered I hadn't finished reviewing it! The thing, irrelevant, this review, very! Haha

'The Magician' is the thoroughly captivating sequel to 'The Alchemyst', and the second book of the series. It starts up where the first book ended, with the destruction of Hekate's shadowrealm. After an ending like that, you've got to make sure whatever comes next doesn't loose the readers' attention, and I thoug...more
I still think of Michael Scott from The Office every time I pick these books up.

These books are fine, but not at the top of my list for kids' literature. The character development was slightly better in this one for some of the characters -- St. Germain and Joan of Arc felt more fleshed out, and a little bit for Perenelle. Unfortunately, Sophie, Josh, and Flamel remain fairly bland, and Josh's jealously over Sophie's "awakening" mixed with his fear of losing her has been beaten to death. Add in...more
Fiuuuhh....seruuu!!! Harus diakui, Michael Scott memang jago bikin pembaca (saya) tersihir dan enggan berhenti sebelum tiba di halaman terakhir. Seperti sedang menonton film saja rasanya. Tadinya sempat 'curiga' kalau sekuel The Alchemyst ini nggak akan sebagus buku pertama, tapi ternyata kecurigaan saya tidak beralasan.

Makin banyak makhluk2 aneh yang dihadirkan, makin banyak legenda dan mitos yang dibangkitkan. Makin banyak pula gadget modern yang berseliweran.

Walaupun demikian, pertanyaan say...more
In ‘The Magician’, Michael Scott upholds the mark he set up in The Alchemyst – moreover, he surpasses it. I could hardly think of any complaints about the book – honestly, the only thing I didn’t like was that (view spoiler) were portrayed as the villains, while in original mythology they were positive or at least neutral characters. However, I totally loved that Nidhogg made an appearance. That’s one of the things I love about this series – there are not only the m...more
Aah, ini lebih bagus daripada yang pertama!

Aku suka karena lebih emosional, lebih ada drama (yang menarik), dan lebih suka action-nya, khususnya pas bagian Nidhogg muncul. ^^b

Gak perlu kasih sinopsis.
Kalau baca buku pertamanya, buku ini ya kelanjutannya petualangan si Kembar dan pasangan Flamel di Paris, dan masih akan bersambung ke buku berikutnya.

Buruknya, ceritanya tetap dragging. Kenyataan bahwa isi cerita sepanjang 570-an halaman hanyalah kejadian selama 2 hari justru membuktikan kalau buku...more
The first book in this series, The Alchemyst, was not that great, and the second book is proving to be equally disappointing. However, I am not one to stop reading a book right in the middle, so I am trudging onward. It's not that this book, or this series, is entirely terrible, it's just that it lacks something that would make it enjoyable. I've been pondering what is missing and I think I've figured out a few things. First of all, the characters are not in any way people you feel sympathy or c...more
I am such a sucker for a good story. This one was! A new bad guy, some more gross monsters and two more good guys from history. A neat surprise. Can't wait to hear what happens in the next book!
Michelle E. Kobus ♡ HAPPY HALLOWEEN! ♥
Originally read in 2009

Reread June 12, 2013 ~ August 1, 2013

It's really difficult for me to review books I love, books I love so much I want to reread them (and in this case, did reread them). It's not like a negetive review, where I can nitpick over every detail I hated and rant (hate seems to make me want to spout off more than love, oddly enough). There isn't just a handful of things I love; I love it all. So what's to say??? "I love it!" I guess.
Are Frapwell
For my book review I read the book “The Magician: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel” , by Michael Scott. The story talks about Sophia Newman and her twin Josh Newman traveling to Paris with immortal Nicholas Flamel. The story is about Dr. John Dee and other monsters attempts to capture the twins and Flamel, and the task to train the twins in all of the elements of magic to defeat the Dark Elders, along with trying to rescue Pernelle Flamel in order to use an eternal life spell to repl...more
Kris P
It might ruffle a few feathers but I have to say that so far I am enjoying this series more than Harry Potter. The Magician is book 2 in the series and Flamel and the Twins find themselves in Europe. They are still being pursued by Dr Dee at the behest of the Dark Elders. The Codex, or the majority of it, is in the control of the Dark Elders, but they are missing the vital two pages. Will Flamel and the Twins manage to keep out of Dee's clutches, each day without his potion Flamel is aging, and...more
Andrea Krieter
Rating: 4.0/5
So as far as sequels go, this one is pretty good. I really enjoyed it though I was a little frustrated at the end with Sophie and frankly Josh. Ugh, they just refuse to see that Flamel is trying to protect them. Apparently, they don’t remember that in the first book Flamel and Perry gave them the choice to come with them. Also, they can’t blame Flamel when they were the ones who WILLINGLY went with him on this adventure. Obviously, they didn’t know how much it will change their worl...more
I don't know...I just couldn't get into this book. I'm not going to finish it. Monsters are after them, again! Buildings destroyed, exciting explosions, immortal killers, again! I just don't care.
The Bad:
You get a little hint of Josh's jealousy near the end of the first book. Little did I know it was gonna be this bad. He constantly complains about how he feels so different from Sophie just because she had her powers awakened. I know she is your twin but... come on. She will never be exactly like you. It makes me wonder how he acted when Sophie started having her period. Shame, shame, shame.

I also don't find Dr. John Dee as evil as he should be. The author tries to make him clumsy which...more
Noah Rosen

The Magician: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel

The book I read for my book review was The Magician: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, by Micheal Scott. The story revolves around Sopie Newman and her twin Josh Newman traveling Paris with the immortal Nicholas Flamel. They had previously escaped being captured by the evil Dr. John Dee., and with Sopie’s newly awakened powers, she learns the secret of fire. The story is about Dr. John Dee’s attempts to capture the group,...more
The Magician picks up right where the Alchemyst ended. Flamel, Scatty, and the twins have just traveled through a ley line from Ojai, CA to Paris to escape the evil Dr. Dee. But because since nothing can go right for this group, one of the Dark Elder's servants, Niccolo Machiavelli, is there waiting for them.

I found the Magician to be much more fast paced then the Alchemyst. We were introduced to some more charactere, and more information was finally revealed (like how Flamel and his wife can't...more
This review originally appeared at
Mar 02, 2011 Erin rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Everyone who has read "The Alchemyst" or is interested in alchemy based stories.
Completely awesome. The whole Immortal Nicholas Flemel series is turning really intreaging. It's one of those books that just takes a hold of you and pulls you right into the story, and keeps you there untill its done.
I thought it was written very well, an interesting take on the world of alchemy and magics. The two main characters, Sophie and Josh, are interesting and well developed throughout the story. All the realistic settings and backround(historic and mythological) really add to the story...more
I'm going to be honest here. I did not read this book. My ten-year-old daughter did, and the following is her review that she wrote.

I loved The Magician so much that the moment I got it, I read to page 72 without stopping. The beginning two sentences rocked: “I am dying. Parenelle, too, is dying.” It had a great story concept and it was outstanding. My favorite character was Scatty. If I were to pick one person to be in the book, it would be her.
This series is about two twins. They both have...more
(Review for the entire series)

Michael Scott is, to say the least, charming and intelligent. I was enchanted by his ability to take classical mythological creatures and weave them together into a complicated, vast universe. He is, truly, a talented writer. This is an excellent, very intelligent and well-designed series, although certainly a step away from my regular literary feasts.

This quickly became one of my favorite series, although I am NOT a YA fan. I haven't identified with a 15 year old c...more
Yet another children's fantasy book!!!

I borrowed this book from work and it was the sequel to the first one, the alchemyst. i couldn't borrow the first one b/c we didn't have the hardcover edition and we are only allowed to borrow hard covers. But, I loved it so much I bought the first book to read it.

Its filed under teen fiction, but really its adult escapism. Its quite humorous as famous alchemysts, magicians, politicians, bascially anyone famous from the age of enlightenment is in this book....more
I loved this book. It held so much more for me than the first. The story is really unfolding and I want more.

This book had so much going on, it was non-stop from the beginning for me. Nicolas, Scatty, Sophie, and Joshua go to Paris looking for another immortal, Perenelle is locked away in Alcatraz, and John Dee meets up with another villain, Machiavelli. So much is going on, my head was spinning, but in a good way. Really action packed full of magic, mythology, and some crazy monsters. I didn’t...more
Travis (Home of Reading)
As young adult fiction goes The Magician is okay but needs some work. Even though it is fantasy the chances of a fifteen-year-old killing a millennia old giant lizard seems kind of slim. The weak plot is helped some by a subplot that is pretty good and characters that are interesting and funny. As a sequel it does not hold up to the first book in the series, The Alchemyst.

What makes this series work is the setting of Earth where magic is very much alive. The series also brings legends, gods, and...more
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Irish-born Michael Scott began writing over thirty years ago, and is one of Ireland's most successful and prolific authors, with over one hundred titles to his credit, spanning a
variety of genres, including Fantasy, Science Fiction and Folklore.

He writes for both adults and young adults and is published in thirty-seven countries, in over twenty languages.

Praised for his “unparalleled contribution...more
More about Michael Scott...
The Alchemyst (The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, #1) The Sorceress (The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, #3) The Necromancer  (The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, #4) The Warlock (The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, #5) The Enchantress (The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, #6)

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