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Endymion (Kantos Hyperionu, #3)
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Endymion (Hyperion Cantos #3)

4.1 of 5 stars 4.10  ·  rating details  ·  20,418 ratings  ·  565 reviews
The multiple-award-winning SF master returns to the universe that is his greatest success--the world of Hyperion and The Fall of Hyperion--to tell a story of love and memory, triumph and terror in a novel even more magnificent than its predecessors.
Paperback, 601 pages
Published 1998 by Perseus (first published 1995)
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Dan Schwent
Almost three centuries after the Fall of Hyperion, the Time Tombs open and Aenea, child of Brawne Lamia and Johnny Keats emerges. Along with a former hunting guide named Raul Endymion and android A. Bettik, Aenea goes on a journey to fulfill her destiny as the one who teaches. Only the Pax has other ideas. Can Aenea reach her goal without being captured by Father Captain de Soya of the Pax?

With all the two star reviews out there, I wasn't expecting magic from Endymion. Imagine my surprise when I
As I’ve written in my reviews of Hyperion and The Fall of Hyperion, Dan Simmons is trying to melt my brain.

After weeks of medical treatment and therapy I’ve recovered enough to be rolled out to a sunny spot in my wheel chair with a nurse to wipe the drool from my chin. Despite the doctors’ warnings about continued exposure to Hyperion, I’ve gone ahead and read the third book in the series, Endymion. While there are still monumentally big sci-fi ideas in this story, I think that my earlier encou
Leif Anderson
Stop! If you've read Hyperion and Fall of Hyperion, stop there. The series does not continue. Pretend like these two books (endymion and rise of endymion) do not exist. On the other hand, if you haven't read hyperion, go read it. It's great. Really good. One of my favorite books. Amazing. But endymion takes a huge step down. After Fall of Hyperion, you're probably hungry for more, but trust me, it just has to stay that way. Some of the mysteries just have to be left as mysteries. Endymion and Ri ...more
Hyperion and The Fall of Hyperion are two books fans of science fiction literature should not miss. They are exciting, mind blowing, beautiful, lyrical and thought provoking. The first volume Hyperion is often ranked as one of the top ten greatest sci-fi books ever. That said, I read The Fall of Hyperion in November 2012 and only got around to reading Endymion almost two years later. I am too easily influenced by reviews or readers’ comments, and while Endymion tend to be more positively reviewe ...more
Endymion continues the story begun in Hyperion and The Fall of Hyperion...however, it isn't a direct sequel. The "Fall" has occurred some two centuries ago and the Hegemony (a far-future conglomerate of multiple planets) is now run by the Pax, enforced by the "miraculous" resurrection symbiotes discovered by Father Lenar Hoyt in Hyperion. Farcasting (traveling instantaneously through portals) is now impossible. Raul Endymion lives on the planet of Hyperion and is hand selected by Martin Silenus ...more
Sep 05, 2012 David rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: invincible spiky alien killing machines, Roman Catholic priest starship captains
Although it takes place centuries after The Fall of Hyperion, Endymion seems to pick up right after the end of the last book. This is the third book in Dan Simmons's "Hyperion Cantos." Since it's the first book of a second duology, you could start reading with this book, since the entire universe is pretty much introduced anew, but there are so many references to events that took place in the first two books, now history in this one, that you will probably feel like you're missing a lot.

At the e
6.0 stars. On my list of "All Time Favorite" novels (as is each novel in this incredible series). One of the few series IMHO that rivals Dune for scope, writing and imagination. Simmons is a master.

Nominee: British SF Award for best novel.
Finally took the plunge on Dan Simmons' third book in the series that started with "Hyperion." I was very afraid, having endured some brain freeze and head-scratching over some of the plot points in "Fall of Hyperion," but I'm glad I finally -- more than two years later -- dove into "Endymion." I was led to believe -- and some reviews here stubbornly assert this -- that the second pair of books are only vaguely related to the first two. I found that to be absolutely not the case. Sure, a few hun ...more
My reaction to this book after reading #1 and #2:
My god, for the sake of all that is good and holy in this imperfect world, DO NOT read this book.

Never, I mean literally never before in my life, have I been so in love with an author to be so let down.

I don't even know. This might sound a little melodramatic, but reading this book honestly put me off reading scifi for months, so crushing was the blow. I haven't recovered yet.

I don't even know how to critique this book. I don't want to dredge up t
Otis Chandler
I really enjoyed this book. Some people told me that book 3 wasn't the match of books one and two, but I really quite enjoyed it. I'm struggling to put my finger on it, but I think the dynamic of Raul, Aenea, and A Bettik was a strong one - they clearly cared for each other, and you could see that they would even love each other in the future.

It had all the elements of a great epic: strong heroes on a mission that is important to humanity, an evil empire trying to stop them, and a mysterious fo
This is a disappointing fall for Dan Simmons.

Endymion is a tedious and ultimately pointless sci-fi chase novel that recycles rather than expands the concepts from Hyperion and The Fall of Hyperion. Simmons starts by resetting the environment: it is 247 years later, and the reader no longer knows anything about anything. A bunch of travellers have to go on another journey of even more obscure purpose because one of them has "dreams", a completely unexplained plot contrivance. They are pursued by
Definitely the weakest of the four, although it might not be strictly fair to lump the tetralogy together that way -- Hyperion and Fall of Hyperion are basically one book stretched over two, even though the writing style changes. Endymion is in some ways a sequel, if one is looking strictly for chronological continuance of the Universe these characters inhabit. It's less so when one considers how brilliant and creative the first two books were, chocked with plot and heavy on characterization, wh ...more
Boring. Seriously, how can someone write such an incredible first book and then go so horribly wrong from there? The pace is slow and bogged down and there is a ridiculous amount of time spent talking about packing and unpacking and preparing to go on a mission and preparing a trap. I think this is Simmons painful way of attempting to build suspense. It doesn't work. I couldn't bring myself to care about any of these characters, there was virtually no development. Revelations ocurred haphazardly ...more
Maggie K
Wow-I have a new favorite!

I truly loved this book all the way through. Have you ever read a book where right away you just knew you were going to love it, and tried to read it real slow so you could savor it? that was me with Endymion....

Here we follow the story of Aenea, the child of Hyperion characters John Keats and Brawnia...who we learn is destined to be a major prophet.

This is the story of how she managed to be 3 centuries into the future after the events of Fall of Hyperion, and her pilgr
Jessica Harker
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Yeah, the cleverpantsness of the ideas drew me through this one, despite what I thought were less compelling characters than the last book and an irritating need to manipulate the plot by either having Awesome Tech That Miraculously Survived (eg. ship, Hawking mat) vs Broken Tech Forcing Future People To Use 1960s Firearms.


p182: "Aenea was excellent at chess, good at Go, and terrible at poker"

p200: "[Aenea] was a formidable poker player"

p255: "Aenea looked down at the dark water of the rive
SciFi Kindle
This quest story set 300 years after the events of the much stronger “Hyperion” novels, was a bit of a let down. A trio of archetypical heroes flee from pursuing elements of the tyrannical empire regime across several planets which are the familiar settings from the earlier novels. While it is interesting to read the developments on those locations in the centuries of aftermath, I was reminded of the similar quest in Asimov’s “Foundation and Earth”, where the protagonist visits several worlds wh ...more
David Sven
Another solid entry in the Hyperion Cantos. This story is set some centuries after the Fall of Hyperion which saw the destruction of the far caster network and is a different story from the that told in book one and two.
After the collapse and fall of the farcaster network and the AI Technocore - space travel is now limited to FTL travel (mostly)and the Hegemony does not survive. Replacing the old system of government is the "PAX" which is basically the old Roman Catholic Church who have somehow
Meni je knjiga daleko slabija od prethodna dva dijela. No treba naglasiti da je Simmons s prethodnim nastavcima postavio visoke standarde pa tako i moja očekivanja, i možda me zbog toga nije oduševila.

Najjednostavnije bih je opisao kao neku Verneovu pustolovnu priču u svemiru, zanimljivo, ali nema neku kompleksnost, razrađenost i dubinu kao prva dva dijela. No s druge pak strane, zbog te jednostavnost i pustolovnosti knjiga je lakša za čitanje. Meni se radnja nije u potpunosti svidjela, imam do
Sahil Raina
I read Endymion and Rise of Endymion together, so this review will cover both.

Overall, I liked books 3 and 4 but not nearly as much as 1 & 2. A major problem I had with them was the feeling I got that I was reading a fantasy/scifi book rather than a scifi book. The first 2 books had been straight-up space opera science fiction, and some of the best of that genre that I have read. So, reading this set with that expectation, I have to admit I was a bit disappointed.

Putting aside that criticis
ENDYMION is the third book of the Dan Simmons' Hyperion saga and the first book of a two-part story, which concludes in THE RISE OF ENDYMION. Although it provides more of the interesting universe first developed in HYPERION, it is nonetheless a novel riddled with flaws.

The most annoying thing is the incredibly formulaic plot. Simmons' tale of chosen people on the run from an evil organization is done here with the same unrealistic and stereotypical feel of an 80s TV action show. The characters a
This book was a disappointment after Hyperion and The Fall of Hyperion. It started off okay, but then turned into a never-ending series of scenes where bad guys chase good guys from one planet to the next. Not much else ever happened. I felt like Dan Simmons just wanted to show off the different worlds that he created. There were none of the complications to the plot that I had seen in the Hyperion books. The prophecy aspect of the story also didn't work for me. Aenea knows of some things that w ...more
-Abrazando la Space Opera, ya sin disimulos.-

Género. Ciencia-Ficción.

Lo que nos cuenta. Casi tres siglos después de los acontecimientos narrados en “La caída de Hyperion”, el gobierno de lo que antes era la Hegemonía es ahora una teocracia católica absolutista e implacable conocida como Pax. Raul Endymion, ahora encerrado en una pequeña cápsula que orbita un mundo bajo interdicto, Armaghast, recuerda cuando era un joven que, tras haber formado parte de tropas auxiliares de Pax con las que vio ac
Jake Hartnett
'TOO much book, NOT enough story.' — this is the damning truth behind Endymion, as much as it pains me to be this brutally honest.

After somehow keeping my brains from spilling out of my ears and nostrils when reading the untouchable 'Hyperion'—which, might I add, is my favourite book ever, and completely unrivalled by anything else I've thus far encountered on my literary travels—I was, as you could imagine, expecting big things from Endymion. But I was wrong...

Firstly, I struggled giving this 3
This is the begining of the second half of this 4 book series. The first two read as one tail and the second two do the same. Make sure you have The Rise of Endymion on hand as you will not want to stop after finishing this book. I can't tell you how glad I was that I didn't read this book when it was new. The wait for the sequel would have been painful.
Endymion picks up 200 years after The Fall of Hyperion, which is either a good or bad thing depending on how much you liked the characters in the first two books. If, like me, you thought the multitude of characters and frequent plot thread switches were a bother, the focus on Aenea, Endymion, and A. Bettik on their journey will come as a relief.

Dan Simmons also managed to scale back the poetic voice in this outing, scattering in only a few Keats poems. However, Catholic church structure, politi
Jason (RawBlurb)
For anyone who has NOT read the first two books of the Hyperion “Cantos”, self referencing Hyperion and The Fall of Hyperion, STOP HERE.

It’s not that i will give spoilers here, instead that you are doing yourself an injustice by continuing. Go pick up the first book and read it. This is one of those thought changing sci-fi series.

you will start thinking about its congruence with reality: start seeing the tech it describes in modern life (albeit in nearly unrecognizable forms). you will scan the
Well, the beginning of this book describes it well. You are not reading it for the right reason. And well, i was not. I was hoping for a sequel to the Hyperion Cantos. I got something else entirely. The first two books were far deeper, focusing on story less, and deeper thoughts and messages more. The stories were still incredible, they just were not the focus.

This book on the other hand, focuses on the story and on character development far more than the first. This book is a rollicking good t
Manish Nair
A rush of life to the cold steel of the Hyperion Cantos.

Cold. Dark. Simmering sheen. Majestic in its complexity. If that is what comes to mind when one thinks of the Hyperion Cantos, then the next book Endymion is almost an antithesis. As perhaps we should have been ready to expect, given the reorientation of the story at the conclusion of the Cantos to The One Who Teaches and the elusive element of Empathy. The heart of humanity is indeed beating again, and in Endymion emotion is at the surface
Nancy Schober
The past few years have been one improbability after another, each more marvelous and seemingly inevitable than the last.[return][return] How could anyone stay sane with entire lifetimes stored in one human mind?[return][return] � Meaning no disrespect, sir,� says the other man, � but there� s no way in the Good Lord� s ******* universe that anyone can bar accidents or the unexpected.� [return][return] Why am I seeking logic or sanity here? I� d asked myself at the moment. There hasn� t been an ...more
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Dan Simmons was born in Peoria, Illinois, in 1948, and grew up in various cities and small towns in the Midwest, including Brimfield, Illinois, which was the source of his fictional "Elm Haven" in 1991's SUMMER OF NIGHT and 2002's A WINTER HAUNTING. Dan received a B.A. in English from Wabash College in 1970, winning a national Phi Beta Kappa Award during his senior year for excellence in fiction, ...more
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