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Skippyjon Jones In The Doghouse
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Skippyjon Jones In The Doghouse (Skippyjon Jones)

4.25 of 5 stars 4.25  ·  rating details  ·  6,053 ratings  ·  235 reviews
The Siamese kitty boy with the gigantico imagination has returned for another loco adventure. In his room for a time-out, Skippyjon Jones lets his imagination take him to a shack where his Chihuahua friends are yipping and yapping and hiding out from the bad Bobble-ito, who has taken over their doghouse. How El Skippito chills the Chihuahuas and banishes the Bobble-ito wil ...more
Published (first published April 7th 2005)
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My children like these because they recognize a Skippyjon Jones book when I pull it out, but nothing more. Although we're learning some of the basic Spanish words, it's still hard to recognize them among all the rhyming and alliteration chatter that Schachner is famous for. Perhaps my Spanish just isn't good enough to make the flow of the text sound good, but in any case, even I have a hard time getting into these. I really enjoyed these books when the cd of the author reading it is in the back ...more
I bought this book for my 6-year-old, hoping to replace Green Eggs & Ham as our routine bedtime story. It worked! We laugh hysterically every time we read about Skippyjon's shenanigans and overactive imagination. The author is pure genius. Who would've thought to create stories with a Siamese kitten who thinks he is a chihuahua? And he speaks slang? And he has a group of imaginary chihuahua friends, Los Chimichangos? Funny stuff! I highly recommend buying the hardback version with the CD.
Basic plot: Skippyjon continues his closet adventures as el Skippito, and now must defeat the dreaded Bobble-ito!

It wasn't nearly as cute, storywise as the first Skippyjon book, but was still pretty fun. I still like the art quality, but the story seemed forced and some of the rhyming sections seemed just off somehow. The little man likes it, though, so I gave it four stars instead of the three I was considering.
Krista the Krazy Kataloguer
I just love Skippyjon Jones! Such a vivid imagination! I love Mrs. Junebug Jones too, and all the cute little names she has for him, like "little crumb cake". In this story, Skippyjon is caught drawing on the walls, and for that, "Mr. Doodlepaws" is sent to his room to think about being a Siamese cat and not a chihuahua. But soon enough his imagination takes him on another wild adventure as Skippito Friskito, and his punishment is forgotten. It's the artwork that really makes this series, from M ...more
The second adventure of the tempestuous Siamese kitty who thinks he is a Chihuahua version of Zorro, is a fun story of an overactive imagination. When the hyperactive, misunderstood Skippyjon Jones gets in trouble and has to spend dinner time in his closet, he goes on an adventure that lands him in the dog house where he must defeat a dreaded bobble head.

But, the writing is not as strong as the first book. The songs seem forced and there is a random encounter with a bean-spitting ancient chihua
Gina Pecoraro
Format: audio

Skippyjon Jones, a siamese cat, still thinks he is a Chihuahua. In this book he is sent to his room for drawing on the wall. His mom hopes he will start to think like a Chihuahua. Once in his room he enters his closet and that's where he finds his Chihuahua friends. Now his adventure really begins.

The book is read by the author, Judy Schachner. I thought she does a nice job reading the text, giving it a authentic feel with a Sanish accent. I would have liked to look at the book whi
Skippyjon is at it again, but this time he is COLORING ON THE WALLS! I made sure to let the kids know that they would not get off as scott free as their kitty counterpart if I caught them coloring on the walls. Also I dont really like that the mommy cat won't just let him be what he wants to be. However the kids enjoy his adventures and I just make sure that we talk about the issues I have with the story (coloring on the walls, being who you want to be, obeying your mother. My husband even laugh ...more
Joey Fong
The Skippjon Jones series are great for imaginative writing, since Skippyjon Jones often find himself taking on an imaginary adventure in his own home. Once again, the silly made up Spanish is a silly and fun approach to young readers. It can help encourage them to make up their own words in their writings. Bilingual students especially Spanish speakers will find this book more relate-able with a Siamese cat who thinks he's a Spanish speaking chihuahua. The story also included a few rhyming song ...more
Hannah Wolf
In this quirky tale, a siamese cat decides that he wants to be a Chihuahua. Skippyjon Jones is a cat who loves adventure and who wants to stand out from everyone else. He has a lot of brothers and sisters who is mom has to keep track of so his mom see's him as a handful. In this story he goes into his closet and comes out to all of these Chihuahua's. He tells them that he is won of them but they don't believe him until he tells them the secret password. He then defeats the Bobbelito and is crown ...more
This story is part of the Skippyjon Jones series. The series centers around Skippyjon Jones, a Siamese cat who thinks he's a Chihuahua dog. Throughout the series, and this story in particular, there are beautiful vivid illustrations to mirror the imaginative storyline. In this story, Skippyjon gets into trouble for drawing on the walls, and is forced to spend dinner in his closet to think about his choices. While eating, his deep imagination transforms Skippyjon into "Skippito Friskito", a Siame ...more
Taylor De La Fe
This Skippyjon Jones adventure takes us to old town New Mexico where he once again meets up with his Chimichangos. Skippy must help get rid of the Bobble-ito for his friends and even though it scares him Skippyjon Jones is determined to help out his pals. The front cover and front end page hint at what the story is going to be about. The cover shows Skippyjon Jones coloring all over the wall with a guilty look on his face. This foreshadows to the beginning of Skippy’s adventure in this story. Th ...more
One of my son's favorite series of story books it is about a Siamese kitten that thinks he is a Chihuahua. Each story has Skippyjon venturing into his closet on an adventure. This story really teaches about using your imagination in a very creative way. We love the various pet names that Skippy's mom calls him, in this one it is "Pickle Pants." We laugh every-time we read this story. The color pictures are adorable and definitely a book to keep.
Cayla Lile
I have mixed feelings about this book. I think the story was fun and entertaining, however the underlying stereotypes and racism turned me off. At first it was cute, but then I realized how racist it was, it was making fun of hispanic culture and I am sure it is very offensive to many people of that culture. I will not be running to the stores for this book anytime soon.
Lindsay Rains
Schachner, J. (2005). Skippyjon Jones in the Doghouse. New York: Dutton Children’s Book.

Recommended by Instructor


This picture book is about a Siamese cat named Skippyjon Jones who imagines that he is a Chihuahua named Skippito. He ends up on a mission to make the monster Booble-ito leave the doghouse of Skippyjon’s Chihuahua friends. There is a lot of wording with different font sizes. The illustrations are very colorful and look childlike. This book could be used in the classroom with Eng
Lila Brantley
Skippyjon Jones is at it again. That little Siamese cat just can't seem to stop thinking chihuahua! Reading this aloud is such a hoot. Using my best Spanish accent and clapping during the songs was a lot of fun for both myself and my son. A must read for those who love an easy to read, yet hilarious book. Frijoles!!!
Skippyjon Jones, the Siamese cat who wishes to be a Chihuahua, is back! Skippyjon is in the "doghouse" for coloring on the walls and is sent to his room to "think Siamese". While there he goes on a wild adventure in his imagination while in his room, except he is not thinking Siamese, he is thinking Chihuahua!
All of students in my first grade placement LOVE this series! Such a humorous, creative, and fun story. Includes a vivid imagination, interaction with the story (repetition and singing), and lots of descriptive language. My students asked me to read this book to them over and over again :)
I don't want to offend anyone, but...enough already!! I mean really...I LOVED the first Skippyjon Jones book, but she REALLY should have stopped there. I can't even read the other ones...they don't make any sense!! So we own the first book, but the other ones are really annoying!
Inspired Kathy
I hate to read Skippyjon Jones books outloud. I know many people including my son love these but they are just not my favorite books. This one came with an audio CD so I turned the pages as the author read the book. Much better to hear someone else read it.
Another favorite picture book. To get the full effect of this book you must read it out loud using voices, accents and of course singing. Fun, fun!!
The rhymes are cute and the imagination part is cool BUT doesn't it bother anyone that Skippyjon Jones is always trying to be what is isn't? I think pretending is cool and good for kids but he wants to be Chihuahua or he wants to be a bird and his mom tells him to have Siamese Cat thoughts. He should be happy being a Cat, is this book telling kids to wish they were someone else or am I over thinking this. Do I need to read the first book to fully understand?

I am human, I am okay being a human bu
Kiah Ballard
This book definitely has alot of silly words in it. I didn't know that when I was asked to read it by the four year olds in my class. I'd have to practice reading it a couple of times before reading it outloud again. The illustrations were really eye catching though. I liked the bright colors and facial expressions of the characters. I would use this book to idetify rhyming words.
A few months ago, Skippyjon Jones books were Kohl's Cares books, so, of course I bought some. If you are not familiar with Skippyjon Jones, he is a Siamese cat that thinks he is a Chihuahua dog. And the books just tend to get crazy after that. In this book, Skippyjon Jones colors on the walls and then has a highly imaginative adventure. My son is four, and he colors on the walls and tells highly imaginative stories, so he can relate pretty well to this books.

The artwork is also over-the-top ins
Another fun romp with Skippyjon Jones the Siamese Cat whose convinced he's a chihuahua. This book has Skippyjon and his gang of dudes battling the bobbilito. These books are so much fun! The illustrations are gorgeous and the rhymes are very clever. Looking forward to Skippy's next adventure!
Lake Agassiz Regional Library
Actual rating 3.5 stars. Skippyjon Jones is a Siamese cat who really really really wants to be a Chihuahua (who can blame him?!?!). In another great adventure, Skippy is sent to his room for a time out - and his imagination takes over! A fun read for kids and parents too!
I adore this book series. The illustrations, the humor, the cute little songs that get stuck in your head, and most especially, the frisky main character Skippyjon. Spanish words intermingle with English, giving it a multi-lingual base that is easy to follow.
Hm. Well, neither my niece, nephew, or I were all that impressed with this second Skippyjon Jones book. It was ok, certainly, and it was cute as can be (especially the ending), but the kids never got that Bobble-ito was a bobble-head toy. They couldn't figure out what Skippito was doing battle against, and the pictures of Bobble-ito in this one weren't helpful to them at all (when he did appear, he was in shadow). The wordplay in this one was pretty good, although, not as good as the first Skipp ...more
Skippyjon Jones, the Siamese cat who thinks he's a Chihuahua, aids his little dog friends in ridding their doghouse of a giant least in his imagination:)

Funny little songs, goofy plot, and a lovable character--great!
Theo kids
Although I liked the summary, the book was disappointing. A cute little kitty that thinks it is a swashbuckling Chihuahua, the story promised fun and imagination! Which, to be fair, it basically delivered, strictly speaking. But, the delivery was incredibly annoying. I could almost hear the yap-yap-yapping of the tiny Skippito in my head, reminding me of the louder than necessary commercials I BARELY tolerate when we are staying in a hotel and my kids stubble upon the Disney channel or Nick. Bot ...more
SkippyjonJones is a cat who thinks he is a chihuahua. This book starts with him getting in trouble for drawing on the walls. He is sent to his room and thats where the real trouble begins - in his imagination. My 8 Yr old twin grandchildren liked this book so much that they begged for more. We got this through an organization called Boo Pig. It was a good way to check out books but so if the library.
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"I was the last child and only daughter born to Edward and Mary Francis Byron on August 20th, 1951 in the city of Waltham, Massachusetts. My oldest brother Ted was very good at art and my middle brother Kevin kept me laughing with his funny stories.

Growing up we didn't have much money. My mother was very ill, and to make matters worse, I was extremely shy. All my teachers complained that "Judith n
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