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Green Witch (Green Angel, #2)
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Green Witch (Green Angel #2)

4.02 of 5 stars 4.02  ·  rating details  ·  1,842 ratings  ·  253 reviews
From bestselling author Alice Hoffman, a resonant tale of overcoming grief and tragedy, as only she could tell it.

In this powerful, lovely sequel to GREEN ANGEL, Green must learn the stories of a number of "witches" and free her true soul mate from a prison as she grapples with life, love, and loss in a post-disaster world.
Hardcover, 144 pages
Published March 1st 2010 by Scholastic Press
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I've read so many books lately where they all sound the same and the characters are stereotypical. That's probably why I found this book to be a little gem. It's just a mere 135 pages long, but it's full of beautiful, poetic detailing. Hardly any dialogue, which I'm not used to, nevertheless, it makes sense because of the nature of the story and the loneliness of the characters.

This book had tragic to romantic imagery and emotions. Maybe it's the books I've read recently or the mood I'm in toda
Ana Mardoll
Green Witch / 978-0-545-14195-6

A direct sequel to "Green Angel", this novel is that most rare and lovely of sequels - one that makes you appreciate the first all the more. Whereas "Green Angel" explored the deep themes of pain, loss, and rebirth in the aftermath of a terrible tragedy, "Green Witch" explores the growth and renewal that can take place after that rebirth has occurred.

In the same dreamy, magical realism tone employed in the first novel, the titular character Green travels through
I had a hard time following this story and didn't really like it...I feel like maybe the genre isn't for me? Or maybe I needed to have read book one first? I didn't like how the dialogue was written in the book (italicized and not in quotes), but that's just a minor dislike. All in all, just not for me.
Alissa Bach
Green Witch picks up where Green Angel left off. A year has passed since the city across the river was destroyed, leaving the residents of the village to pick up the pieces, rebuild the best they can, and mourn those who were trapped in the city at the time of the catastrophe. Green, now 16 going on 17, has shed her armor of nail-covered boots and leather jacket and has become Green once more. Everything she touches revives and thrives--everything, that is, except for her own heart, which broke ...more
Sequels can be incredibly hit or miss, but I'm happy to say that Green Witch did a good job. A continuation of where Green Angel left off, this shows more of the world and more of the enemies and what they did. This is what started Green Angel's story: the enemies destroying the city and how people reacted to their murdered families.*

The writing was just as good as before, the characters grew and we were introduced to new ones. I feel like the witches all seemed to blend in with each other, thou
Yolanda Sfetsos
I found out about this book because my daughter was interested in reading Green Angel. I searched here on Goodreads and to my surprise--and excitement--found there was a sequel. Then I found it at the local library and just had to borrow it.

My daughter actually read it before me, and she told me it was lovely. I picked it up yesterday and read it in a few sittings... and she was right. This is another beautiful, haunting, heart-breaking story about Green. She lost everything a year ago, but is n
Amanda Hoffmann
This sequel was even better than Green Angel. Alice Hoffman's prose is lyrical, reminding me of Francesca Lia Block with less sex and drugs. This story is short but complete, without "filler" events and tangled plot twists.

Green Witch is a fairy tale narrated by Green, a sixteen-year-old who has lost her entire family to a destructive fire set by the Horde (not the same Horde from She-ra ;). Green lives alone in a cottage nearly obscured by her thriving garden. Her magic causes the plants to flo
Anne Osterlund
Green is on a mission to record the stories of the people who survived the disaster. Those who watched friends and family burn when the Horde attacked. Those who lost everything they had once valued. Or failed to value.

And most of all, the stories of The Enchanted—the women who are now being described as witches.

Green herself has power. The power to turn ash into living, growing life.

But does she have the power to love? And the strength to seek that story for herself?

Green Witch, Alice Hoffman’s
This book is haunting and beautifully written. It's a short book, but it creates characters and a world that totally engaged me. A young woman finds herself after her world is destroyed.

I also read Green Angel, the first of the two books, but I was captivated by Green Witch. This may become a trilogy. I hope Alice Hoffman writes more about this world and this young woman named Green.

Just re-read this book along with the companion title, Green Angel, and I still think this is a beautiful tale w
Traci Miller
The style is quite different than other books I've read and as such probably won't be for everyone. I found it a rather dreamy sort of style, if that makes sense as a descriptor here. I really liked the messages/morals of the story that were found peppered throughout this book. It's actually very quotable and contains some of my favorite quotes. Even though I read this book some time ago and it isn't the usual sort of style I like, I still find this book to be near and dear to my heart.

A lot of
Sherry Dale Rogers
Breathtaking does not even begin to explain the sheer beauty of writing between these pages.

Hoffman captures the readers mind and heart taking us on a journey to face our fears and embrace the difficult. Between the pages a romantic elegance is captured in the way this story is written. Not just romance between characters but a romance between reader and writer.

I applaud Hoffman for this remarkable read. Truly a diamond. I recommend to all.
Alice Hoffman returns to finish Green's story of renewal and coping for good this time. While Green Angel was about the titular character's grief and how she overcame it, Green Witch is about the titular character helping others overcome their own grief, and through it all how she came to plant the seeds of a new life. Green is living well enough in her garden, the community of survivors of the fire in the first book are getting along slowly, until one day Green stumbles across a being known as ...more
Desiree.osman osman
This book was kind of slow in the beginning but as I kept reading, it got a lot better. It is a book about a girl living life after a major tragedy and trying to fulfill her future. It wasn’t my favorite book though, because I don't think there was enough description so you had to really think about things while you read.I recommend this book for anyone that likes a good book book about bravery and adventures.
ilovebakedgoods (Teresa)
Love the magical elements of this book, and the overall message it seems to be sending to those who want to terrorize, those who want to destroy what they do not believe in. Love conquers all, as they say. You can't stop people from rising out of the ashes and beginning anew. Human strength and spirit cannot be stifled.

Take that, terrorists!

South Brunswick High School Library
Feb 12, 2014 South Brunswick High School Library rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Lovers of fairy tales, dystopian fiction
Lovely is a word I cannot use enough to describe Alice Hoffman’s dystopian fairy tale of Green, a brave and resilient young woman who survives her loss of family, love, and community. If you enjoyed Green Angel, you will be pleased to follow Green’s rebirth with this sequel. Overcoming her heartache, Green has established herself as a resource for her rebounding community. Despite suspicions of witchcraft, many seek her help with the land and crops; but most of all for the power of her stories. ...more
Amy J
I'm going to review both Green Angel and Green Witch together because I read them back to back in a few days.

I have admired Alice Hoffman's writing before these two wonderful stories. In the acknowledgments portion of Green Witch she thanks her readers for "telling her the story wasn't over" which says to me that readers were so taken with Green they wanted her to have her happy ending. Thank you Alice Hoffman for writing that beautiful conclusion, or beginning, to Green's life.

This story, whic
Green, whose lyrical narration was the hallmark of Hoffman's survival story Green Angel (2003), returns in an equally spellbinding tale that emphasizes themes of rebirth. A year after Green lost her family in the fiery destruction of an unnamed city, those living in a nearby village struggle to reinvent their lives. Some, rumored witches, choose to isolate themselves. Green, now almost 17, feels compelled to record their losses, but is also determined to discover the fates of two friends: Heathe ...more
This was a beautifully written follow-up to Green Angel. It's been almost a year since the fire, and Green and her village have managed to rebuild and get back to a life as normal as possible. Diamond has still not returned, but Green manages to thrive despite losing half her heart to the boy she loved.

In Witch, we learn that the fires were started by a group called the Horde, a cult of people determined to bring them all to a stand-still and take away their progress. They are determined to ret
Apr 22, 2010 Greenfairylv rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: people who want to read fast paced fable.
"The Enchanted never allow themselves to be known. They are merely women who have suffered. They want to be left alone. They know what happens to witches in this world. Every little girl does."

I love that Alice Hoffman continued Green's story. If you haven't read Green Angel read it first. Green Witch is the conculsion to Green's story, although I think she could write another book about Green and I hope she does. This is a very short, fast, read type of book, both are actually. It's whimsical a
Jessica Price
This book was absolutely beautiful. There's something about the way Alice Hoffman writes that just makes me go, "This is brilliant."
This book is definitely different than the first one, but that's not a bad thing. It's different because in order for there to be a second book, it HAD to be different. The story fits along perfectly, and she incorporates things from the first book that even I had forgot, and I had just read it right before I started Green Witch. I also like that the subject matter
Two magical little books, I loved both Green Angel and Green Witch by Alice Hoffman.

I am reviewing them together, because they really are two parts to a whole. To read one without the other would be like eating jelly without the peanut butter.

One tragic day, the city near which 16 year old Green and her family lived was engulfed in a blaze reminiscent of 9/11. Green's family was in the city that day selling the produce they grew on their farm. They never came home. Ash covered the farm and eve
This book is the sequel to Green Angel, a book I read for a reading requirement during my junior year of high school. I remember not enjoying the book because of the dark topics it discussed, but now I realize the merit of it and appreciate what I could not while I was a teenager. My taste in fiction and books has changed drastically during my four years of college education as an English major because I realized that not all fiction that discusses dangerous topics is dangerous. A book is what y ...more
Carmen Yeung
Aug 25, 2011 Carmen Yeung rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: friends
Recommended to Carmen by: library
This book isnt on the list, it was a recommendation off the library shelf. It started off with Green losing her whole family in the disaster Hordes caused. Hordes are people that doesnt like advancements and always want to last forever in the past, for example there will not be equality in men and women and there is no electronics. Green was living in a bizzard place, she also lost the love of her life. She is scared that her love, Diamond has joined the army of the Hordes. She also misses her f ...more
It's been a few years since I've read Green Angel the book before this one and at first I thought I'd have some trouble with Green Witch but it wasn't like that at all. I think that if you haven't read Green Angel then you'd be alright reading Green Witch but for the best effect you'd be better off reading Green Angel first.

As far as Green Witch went, I really enjoyed it. It's written quite differently to the majority of other books I've read but that just makes it all the more interesting.

I lov
N.L. Riviezzo
I received an ARC of Green Witch through a GoodReads giveaway. I was very excited by its arrival as I did like Green Angel, the previous book in the series.

Like the previous book, Green Witch is a quick but emotional and thought provoking read. The story picks up a year after the ending events of Green Angel. The main character, Green, is still dealing with the loss of her family but has come to realize life goes on for her, for everyone else who survived. The survivors are still working to rebu
cross posted at my book blog

Green Witch is Alice Hoffman’s followup to her previous young adult book, Green Angel. The story picks up where the previous one left off, answering the many questions that the reader is left with at the end of Green Angel.

In Green Angel, Green is a sixteen year old girl who is left to struggle and survive after her entire family perishes in a massive fire; everyone in the city is affected by the disaster. Green Witch takes place a year later. By this point, everyone
Jan 27, 2010 GoldenjoyBazyll rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommended to GoldenjoyBazyll by: Betsy
Shelves: children, fiction
Very sad story about a village that watched all of their family perish in an explosion accross the river in the "BIG CITY" and how all of them found the soul to pick themselves up and continue on their individual paths.

One girl inparticular called Green is thought to be a witch. She sooths her pain as well as tht of others by making paper that is reflective of them and writes their stories. It becomes an enchantment or spell of a kind but in secret most come to her for help.

In the midst of pain
Green's town has started to come together again, and lives are being rebuilt, but for a few of the town's women, the loss is still too great. Deemed witches because of their seclusion and the shape of the magic that their grief has created, they remain outside of the community, their existence only spoken of in fearful whispers. Green, for whom any garden will grow, discovered her own extraordinary ability to heal a soul when she lost her family to the fire. Now she must find these witches, and ...more
Kyleigh Trott
Ever since reading the first Green, I always wondered how it ended. "Diamond is away, and Green is all alone. . ." I thought. Sure, she has Onion (and what a lovable dog he is), but everybody she knows is gone.

Imagine my surprise when I find out that there is a sequel! And, much to my delight, I find that it's written in the same style as the first - poetic, flowing, and beautiful. Green is searching for Diamond, who is searching for his sister.

Through the ashes, a new faction of "government"
I found this sequel to Green Angel to be even more annoying than the first. Some people's lyricism is other people's overwrought nonsensical tedious mysticism. I also found her not-so-subtle political message to be offensive. Particularly jarring was the contrast between Hoffman's slavish dedication to the outward forms of a fairy tale (the collection of gifts, each of which plays a critical role in the solution, etc.) and the pedestrian violence of the climax (about which the author seemed unco ...more
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Alice Hoffman was born in New York City on March 16, 1952 and grew up on Long Island. After graduating from high school in 1969, she attended Adelphi University, from which she received a BA, and then received a Mirrellees Fellowship to the Stanford University Creative Writing Center, which she attended in 1973 and 74, receiving an MA in creative writing. She currently lives in Boston and New York ...more
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