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The Ultimate Proof of Creation: Resolving the Origins Debate
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The Ultimate Proof of Creation: Resolving the Origins Debate

4.36  ·  Rating Details ·  224 Ratings  ·  29 Reviews
It’s a bold title: “The Ultimate Proof of Creation.” But is there such a thing? There are many books that contain seemingly powerful arguments for biblical creation. But is there an ultimate proof of creation? There is an argument for creation that is powerful, conclusive, and has no true rebuttal. As such, it is an irrefutable argument – an “ultimate proof ” of the ...more
Paperback, 254 pages
Published September 15th 2009 by Master Books (first published 2009)
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Jean Pierre
Jul 08, 2012 Jean Pierre rated it it was amazing
This was a very edifying book for me. As a Christian, I do take seriously 1 Peter 3:15; I always want to be ready and able to give a reasoned defense of my faith. Not so that I can appear "philosophical" or "enlightened", but so that I can honor God and witness to people. This book introduces the reader to presuppositional apologetics. Everyone has a worldview, from atheists to Christians. Evidence is interpreted through a person's worldview. You can show an atheist and a Christian the same set ...more
Jun 26, 2012 Alison rated it it was ok
Shelves: book-reviews
Finally, a creationist that actually made me think! Until I read this, I thought all Christians were wackos who only enjoy being the crazy-ass Bible-thumpers they are. Turns out they actually have souls, and have resorted to using rules of logic as a sort of "ultimate proof" for creationism.

While I can't say I agreed with Dr. Lisle's arguments (I was getting ready to have my home-girl hold my earrings after he started disputing the existence of the Oort Cloud), this was the closest I came to bei
Frank Peters
Sep 09, 2016 Frank Peters rated it it was ok
After being given a number of books on young earth creationism by a friend, I thought it important to read through each one of them. This book was number two. Based on the first few pages, I was optimistic about the book as the author claims that the book is designed for a wide audience. Unfortunately, this is not the case; the book is overly demeaning about any contrary viewpoint without having a full understanding about what those other viewpoints believe (or perhaps choosing to ignore what ...more
Aug 01, 2010 Dragonrider rated it it was amazing
I learned a lot from this book. I am a Young Earth Creationist and it goes to show that Lisle knows what he is talking about.

If I take one thing from this book it is to never compromise on your beliefs.
Apr 06, 2012 Peter rated it did not like it
There seemed to be a certain trend with "The Ultimate Proof of Creation." Dr. Lisle was able to make some broad generalization that almost anyone could agree with, and then ended up destroying his hypothesis by using flawed logic, or just plain-old incorrect information. He certainly had some good points throughout the book, but the overall promised effect of "resolving the origins debate" was certainly never accomplished unless the reader turns a blind eye to the constant stream of mistakes.

Rick Shrader
Dr. Jason Lisle is researcher on staff at Ken Ham’s Answers in Genesis, who writes the forward to the book. It is printed by Master Books, Green Forest, AR, 2009 and is in its sixth printing in 2015. This is more of a book on logic, reasoning, and debating than on creation itself. Lisle goes through ten chapters from proposing his “ultimate proof” of creation from the basis for reasoning at all, to evidences, logical fallacies, apologetics, and examples he used in actual debates with critics. ...more
Jan 25, 2010 Debbie rated it it was amazing
"The Ultimate Proof of Creation" used the Bible as the ultimate standard, quoted Scripture, and used logic, so of course I liked it. The book mainly focused on using logic as the foundation in our discussions with unbelievers and even gave a two-chapter course in logic.

If this sounds intimidating, I'd encourage you to give it a try anyway though it might take some time to absorb all of the information. Dr. Jason Lisle gave plenty of practical examples of how to apply the lessons. The appendix wa
Apr 08, 2010 Joe rated it it was amazing
Shelves: apologetics
Close the case on evolution. Dr. Lisle adds another nail in the coffin, using the method adapted by the late Dr. Greg Bahnsen who executed the Van-Tillian method, against all thoughts that don't rely on a biblical creator. He builds and irrefutable case that any knowledge, morality, logic, or intelligibility must borrow from the Christian God to argue it's point. Building a foundation on the source of all suppositions, worldviews, he shows how you can think through the concepts and apply them ...more
Feb 04, 2013 Waylon rated it it was amazing
Awesome in exposing how all worldview's act as a filter of interpreting evidences and thereby just reinforcing ones previous presumptions, even if those evidences favor opposing views. Exposes a thorough list of the most common illogical tactics or failed reasoning when discussing issues. And most importantly provides the ultimate proof. That is a thorough breakdown of the transcedental argument for God. Which in a nutshell states that "without God you cannot prove anything!" Very awesome book I ...more
Dec 18, 2012 Alex rated it it was amazing
Shelves: christian
Although this kind of apologetics is the kind I don't read as much, I thought this book was not only totally logical and true, but also well-written. Dr. Lisle is certainly an accomplished warrior for Creation, as one who has heard him speak and read his books and seen him in person will discover. This is the kind of book that not only makes you feel smarter when you read, but also gives you a great feeling of being right. Sometimes in these days it's easy to get "talked-down". With this ...more
Nov 02, 2012 Eddie rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition

This is a very important book for the thinkers out there (which should be all of us—which is the very point of the book!) In short, it's a challenge to all who profess *anything* at all to be honest—honest enough to follow a professed belief to it's inevitable conclusion, and at the same time realize what ultimately must be required to even make that argument (or any argument). If there's no other proof that morality is absolute, it stands that rationality on the part of human beings requires s
Rod Carty
Feb 03, 2011 Rod Carty rated it it was amazing
Awesome book, I read it at just the right time for me (God is so good!) Good introduction into debating fallacies. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is or wants to be active in the creation vs. evolution controversy. I also highly recommend it for every Christian teenager, especially if they are going to be attending college or university. If you're really into debating the creation vs. evolution controversy there is a second book, Discerning Truth, also by Dr. Jason Lisle, which ...more
Kendra Ardnek
Aug 06, 2016 Kendra Ardnek rated it it was amazing
Very well done. Sure some of the concepts made my head swim a little, but I usually knew what he was talking about.
Feb 11, 2016 Felipe rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: monergismo
Com certeza o melhor livro que já li sobre o assunto.
C.H. Cobb
Nov 11, 2016 C.H. Cobb rated it it was amazing
Good solid book. A scientist, Jason Lisle, rigorously applies logic to the foundations of knowledge and epistemology and observation, and concludes that only the Biblical worldview provides a self-consistent, ultimate ground for them. His claim is not that non-Christians can't do science (or logic); rather, his claim is that they must unconsciously import assumptions from a bibical world-view in order to do science.
Aug 10, 2016 Adam rated it did not like it
This clown has put the minimum effort possible to present something that looks somewhat book like to con money from poor suckers. The bum is way, way lazier than most of Evangelical Christians who claim to be experts on science.

"...The ultimate proof is given in the beginning of chapter three, and goes like this.

[W]e know that biblical creation must be true because if it were not, we could not know anything at all. [p. 46]

I kid you not! That is all it is.
Nov 08, 2011 Jordan rated it really liked it
Shelves: reviewed-books
Because this book is written by an astrophysicist and is called "The Ultimate Proof of Creation," you may think it is a book about science, but that is not really the case. Instead, this is a book about apologetics, with a good sketch of formal and informal logic. Dr. Lisle propounds the presuppositional approach to Christian apologetics, explaining how it works, how to implement it, and why an evidence-first approach rests on faulty assumptions about the way people reason. For anyone familiar ...more
Danny Roper
Jul 22, 2011 Danny Roper is currently reading it
so far, i'm not sure about this whole presuppositionism. its a great prospect; i'd love to be able to checkmate the wisdom of this world at every occasion. but i feel as though some concepts which are the main framework for the argument (such as the preconditions of intelligibility)seem a little unsubstantiated. i feel as though the concepts are somewhat assumed to be obvious to the reader, rather than the author making a cogent case for them.

im not giving up on it though, perhaps it will fall
Daniel Beaudoin
Jul 06, 2016 Daniel Beaudoin rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Excellent Book!

The book was very well written, and the topic is extremely relevant. As a street missionary, I deal with these Tylenol questions constantly, and the answers Dr. Lisle work well in responding to many people. I'm still going to need to work on expanding some responses, and dumbing down others (since the rational arguments given are sadly beyond many people, if they do not include more concrete examples), but in principle they are irrefutable. I highly recommend this book.

Dan B.
An excellent book! Dr. Lisle gives you everything you need to know to defend Creationism and any biblical position. He clearly shows that evolution and other secular positions have absolutely no foundation to stand on, and thus must "steal" ideas from Christianity to work in the "real world." Definitely recommend!
Jun 25, 2012 Patrick rated it really liked it
This is a great book on logical reasoning. It speaks to the fact that all worldviews that are not the biblical Christian worldview are in reality irrational. Many parts of the book I had to read over to actually get the meaning as it is very philosophical in parts... but simply excellent. If you can attack the foundation and declare it irrational then there is little need to deal with the "facts"
Fred Fiterz
Jul 18, 2013 Fred Fiterz rated it really liked it
This book is a must read for anyone who'd like to learn the Presuppositional approach to apologetics. Dr. Lisle illustrates the use of this apologetic method in a simple, easy to understand form. This book is good for anyone who isn't into philosophy but wants to learn to defend his/her faith against anyone be it an unbelieving roommate or even an unbelieving professor.
Simon Wartanian
Mar 13, 2014 Simon Wartanian rated it really liked it
Great book teaching on the Biblical truth of presuppositional Apologetics, but I though it was pushing too much on a literal young earth, while treating other Christian views just like the seculars, although I'm a young Earther I though that was annoying.
Apr 27, 2013 Bonnie rated it really liked it
Very well-thought-out and well-argued book. The writing style was a bit repetitive, which did serve to reinforce important ideas, but made the book feel long at times. But it was worth the read.
Justin Wishart
Feb 17, 2015 Justin Wishart rated it really liked it
Good introduction to the Transcendental Argument for God's Existence. While much more rigorous explanations exist, this might be one of the best books to buy if you are new to the idea.
Neil Stewart
Jul 02, 2013 Neil Stewart rated it liked it
Makes a lot of good points, but not the best book on presuppositional apologetics. . The author assumes the reader has a pretty good grasp of logic and apologetics. Not for the novice.
Julia Joy
Mar 15, 2016 Julia Joy rated it really liked it
I took off a star because I had to read it for school and the teacher had us skip a few chapters, so there were some things I didn't fully understand. Other than that, I enjoyed it!
Luke rated it it was amazing
Jun 03, 2015
Ben DeFord
Ben DeFord rated it liked it
Mar 29, 2015
Robert rated it really liked it
Jul 31, 2016
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Dr. Jason Lisle is an astrophysicist who formerly worked for the creationist organization Answers in Genesis as both a speaker and researcher, but is now Director of Research at the Institute for Creation Research.

Dr. Lisle is a creationist who has a PhD in Astrophysics, which he obtained through the University of Colorado in Boulder. His postgraduate research concentrated on solar dynamics, utili
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