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Kuroshitsuji - Black Butler
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Kuroshitsuji - Black Butler (Black Butler #1)

4.34 of 5 stars 4.34  ·  rating details  ·  43,201 ratings  ·  558 reviews
Published (first published February 27th 2007)
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Despair Speaking
I watched Kuroshitsuji first, that's why I'm so late in reading it. I liked it so much that's why I picked this out even though I finished both seasons. I thought the series was over.

How wrong I was.

Apparently, the anime industry has once again decided to end a series before the manga counterpart ended. I suppose I could understand WHY they'd do that but they should have stopped at a point where they could pick off again once the manga is far enough. Like Naruto! And Kuroshitsuji is surely popul
Oh lord.

Has it come to this?

Have I hit the point in my manga-reading career where incredibly not subtle Overtones Of Pedophilia are bothersome to me?

Because that’s really going to lessen my ability to, you know… read manga. Since it’s a fairly common theme.


So what we’ve got here in volume one is Ciel, the tiny 12-year-old master of a toymaking / candymaking company and also apparently the secret leader of Queen Victoria’s… assassins? I’m not entirely sure yet. Presumably further volumes will
It was readable and nicely drawn, and that's pretty much all the nice things I have to say about Black Butler. Here are all the not-so-nice things instead.

Firstly, the content itself was shabby. The overarching plot seems to be that Ciel wants revenge for the death of his parents, and for help with this he has sold his soul to the demon Sebastian. This seems to be forgotten almost instantly, as all we see Ciel actually do is bicker with his demon servant, bully people and get kidnapped. And as i
Jody Mena
What can I say about this first volume in the Black Butler series? I absolutely LOVED it! It manages to be cute, suspenseful, funny and chilling all the way through. Ciel is intriguingly deep for a child, and Sebastian is both wonderfully complex and extraordinarily simple in the end - and one hell of a butler! Finny, Meirin and Bard are great as comic relief, but surprisingly they also serve to offset the scenes in which Sebastian is slaughtering the criminals, making the bloodshed both borderl ...more
*Queen Diva*
Okay, first, no surprise, Sebastian (the Black Butler) is a sexy, sexy bitch! So I was looking forward to reading this series!

It's pretty interesting! Mysterious with beautiful illustrations. The clothing, the people, they're all good looking and well dressed. And Sebastian is a stud. Nearly every picture of him made me swoon :-p

I'm excited to see what other secrets will be revealed as the series goes on!

Black Butler

(soooooo sexy!)
E.J. Stevens
The anime is fabulous...I *need* to read the manga.
Black Butler (黒執事, Kuroshitsuji?) is a manga written and illustrated by Yana Toboso. Since its debut on September 16, 2006, it has been serialized in Square Enix's shōnen manga magazine Monthly GFantasy. The series follows Sebastian Michaelis, a demonic butler who is obligated to serve Ciel Phantomhive, the twelve-year-old head of the Phantomhive noble family, due to a contract he made with Ciel. It was announced in July 2008 that an anime adaption, directed by Shinohara Toshiya and produced by ...more
Bite me, but I do have a maaaaaaaajor crush on Sebastian. Oh wait, he's a demon? But he can cook and he fights with silverware. Can we just forget that he is...ermmm...a demon? I always wondering, wouldn't it be better if Ciel is not a boy but is a 18 years old girl. That would save me some sanity. Honestly, somehow by watching this series, being a gay pedophile doesn't seem like a distant idea.

Anyway, back to the series, I can hardly believe my luck, stumbled across this manga. 19th century Lon
Sep 02, 2012 Lilith rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Manga fans, boy love fans
The art sold me for this one, it was perfect for this particular manga.

The story is about a rich young orphan named Cial who had made a pact with a demon named Sebastian who then became his magical butler than can do pretty much anything (No really, I bet if Cial wanted him to pull elephants out of his arse he would do it.). The dynamic between these two characters really makes the series as you get engrossed in their banter and their strange Master/butler relationship. Theres even a good amount
Kuroshitsuji, or Black Butler, is composed of one part serious historical fiction, one part supernatural horror, one part fanservice, and five parts uncut crack.

Twelve-year-old Ciel Phantomhive is the last of his line, and the Earl of Phantomhive, following the death of his parents in the fire that claimed the family mansion. He lives alone, but for his servants: one whom doesn't do much of anything, three whom fail at everything they attempt, and the titular butler, Sebastian. In his own words,
I did not intend to enjoy this series. At all. It was something I reluctantly considered reading or watching, and didn't really have any expectations for it. The blurb sounds like Twilight except with gay demons, for one. In the end, though... after flicking through a friend's volume and trying to comprehend what was going on, while simultaneously falling in love with Ciel within two pages, I ended up watching both seasons of the anime within four days and buying ten volumes. Yep. It's actually ...more
Sep 09, 2012 April rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: gothic fans, shounen ai lovers
Shelves: manga
(Review of Japanese edition purchased in Tokyo).

Luxuriously gothic, splendiferously illustrated and fantastically enthralling Kuroshitsuji is a Victorian adventure concerning young Ciel Phantomhive and his elder butler Sebastian (Sebas-chan!) Michaelis by Yana Toboso. It's a lot like Sherlock Holmes; full of mystery and questions, coupled with frequent paranormal events and a lot of backstory to certain amusing characters (Grell Grell Grell!). I loved the Sebastian Michaelis character I mean wo
I love this series to death. That is an honest fact seeing as I am a huge fan of this series. And I read the scans all the time, but I cannot give the manga the five star rating it deserves because of the publishers. Now what most don't believe is that the publishers - Yen Press - would have messed up the translations. I am afraid they are wrong.

I was hugely upset by what they had done. Bard's naming being changed to Baldo and Sebastian's famous line from " I'm one hell of a butler" to this dead
Princess Kayla
I love this series. I watch the shows on Netflix and decided to get the first book for a friend of mines Christmas present. Of course I had to read it... ;) and I loved it. The story matches up with the show in this particular volume, but I still loved it. The manga was riddled with cute captioning and sound effects, not to mention plugging of the meals cooked like in the show. I love this series and would love to continue to read on. I love how silly this can be in some senses and how dark and ...more
Denise Jukniewicz
I've actually read up through volume 10 and I love this series. Ciel and Sebastian are a great pair as they feed off of each other's sarcasm and wit. I really enjoy Toboso's plot line and artwork alike. As the story takes place in England during Queen Victoria's rule, there are bits of historical information thrown in here and there. But this in my opinion adds to the story, instead of bogging it down.

Here's a brief summary for those who haven't read it. Sebastian is a demon who is accidentally
James Vandervest
I will keep try to keep this as short as I can. It is the tale of a creepy ass butler who I swear is supposed to be a pedophile and the little boy he serves. Sadly I am not kidding and that is not the worst of it. This garbage feels exactly like reading the fanfiction of some creepy ass sexually repressed girl in her early teens. Seriously I have never felt so uncomfortable reading something since that one part of Sleepers (if you read that book I am sure you know exactly what part I am talking ...more
Tariq Alferis
.كانت فكرة قراءة كل أسبوع جزء واحد من المانغا من أجل التسلية والمُتعة والتنويعْ، ونتيجة لشهرة إنمي "الخادم الأسود" بين الأصحاب وطبعا ماشفتش "حلقات الإنمي" من قبل لأنه التحميل حايكون سبب في كارثة اقتصادية وقيقات النت "بح" اخترت نقرأ المانغا"لعند مايحن ربي ونمشط الإنمي من الشباب" ماعلينا، جزء واحد من المانغا تعطيك إنطباع كويس، مع أنه مش مُثيرة هلبا، وفهمتْ الموضوع والقصة والأحداث من أول مرة،
شخصية الشيطان الخادم "سيباستيان" مليحة بُكل..
Beth Chandler
Gorgeously illustrated (thousands of fangirls swoon over the title character, Sebastian, I'm sure), well-paced, humorous with some serious bits. Ciel is a clever child-genius and head of his family, self centered yet charming (think twelve-year-old Lelouch) who has the most amazingly skilled butler ever.

Already big with fans who have read it in Yen Press magazine and on the Internet. The costumes, fangirl appeal and mix of humor and seriousness make this a great recommend for Xxxholic fans. Also
Chels M.
Jan 17, 2012 Chels M. rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Chels M. by: Cris Lightwood
¡Genial! Lo compré hace poco por recomendación de una amiga y me ha encantado. La autora mezcla elementos cómicos con dramáticos y el resultado no podría ser mejor. No sé por qué me he iniciado en el manga tan tarde ;_;

¿Lo mejor? Casi todo. Destaco al caballero ojcuro, Bardroy y Tanaka ♥
¿Lo peor? Quizás si el manga fuera más extenso aun sería mejor. Ciel es un poco soberbio y eso me ha irritado en algunas ocasiones.

Os lo recomiendo si buscáis una buena historia, momentos divertidos y personajes
PEI Public Library Service
Black Butler is a Japanese manga that follows the adventures of Ciel Phantomhive and his butler Sebastian Michaelis. The action takes place in London in the 19th century, during the reign of Queen Victoria. Ciel is a thirteen year old earl and the owner of the Funtom toy company, a role he has had to take on after his parents were murdered and a fire destroyed their manor. Ciel disappeared that day as well, but eventually reappeared with his new butler Sebastian. Sebastian is "one devil of a but ...more
Bought on a whim while perusing amazon, I now really want to continue reading. This was a fun story that at first makes it seem as if the butler is just a butler with special talents. The other servants I found annoying - the klutzy screaming maid, the rough cook, the gardener, and Young Master's fiancee. Oy. But the interaction between the butler and young master was quite intriguing, especially in the last chapter.

The young master is only a 12 year did he come about this covenant? I
Another reviewer somewhere (I forget where) stated that this series reads and looks as if it's meant to be more of a cosplay inspiration than a good series in its own right. Having now read 'Black Butler' myself, I rather agree with what this reviewer said.

'Black Butler' is an entertaining read, especially for those who will devour anything remotely Victorian-looking (even if it does have significantly anachronistic elements). However, it doesn't have much to offer in the plot area, and indeed t
status: on-going (13 volumes, 63 chapters so far)

Imagine that a perfect butler exist, he can cook, clean, garden, he can be a teacher, a governess, a secretary, an assistant, he's the one to wake you, he's the one to tuck you in, he is your sword and your shield, and foremost, he do 3 things for you, (1)he will protects and never betrays you (2)he always obeys your order no matter what (3)he never tell lies to you. Well, that was Sebastian Michelis you're talking about. One hell of a butler, or
Ashley Chen
A great start for the series. I mean I heard about Black Butler, Black Butler Black Butler as if some ghost had been haunting me all my life so when my friend Yuki asked me if I wanted to borrow it, I snatched up the chance and said "YES!". (Haha, especially when she mentioned that it was suppose to be a yaoi series... ;)

The bond between Ciel and Sebastian somewhat (just a tiny bit) reminds me of the relationship between Tomoe and Nanami from KamiHaji. It is darker and more gruesome, but overall
LG (A Library Girl's Familiar Diversions)
I think some of my synopsis includes information that isn't quite clear yet in this particular volume, but I had problems separating what I remembered from the anime from what I remembered from the manga.

I've found that, usually, manga will take hinted at relationships and sexual (or near-sexual) content farther than anime, but in this case I think the anime goes father. Of course, this opinion is based solely on what I've seen in this first volume, so it's possible this will change. At the poin
This book was a bit confusing at first. When I started reading it, I really and truly didn't grasp what it was about because, to me, there was just too many random, rapid switching of point of views. It went from the butler, to the master, even to the servants...who, in my opinion were very unimportant and served no real purpose in developing the story.

Here's the pros and cons of this manga:
*The plot was mysterious, you didn't essentially figure Sebastien or any of the other characters out
Nina at Death Books and Tea
Sebastian is the butler from hell - literally, he's a demon who's catchphrase is "I am one hell of a butler"- who will make you cake, show off amazing tea pouring skills and kill any enemies in amusing and ironic ways. Ceil is really sweet, although you don't really find out much about his back-story- you find out in the anime though. The rest of the characters are very clichéd, the useless gardener, stupid maid and creepy undertaker, but with distinctive personalities and are very likeable. Som ...more
Je suis un peu hésitante concernant ce manga. Après avoir lu différentes critiques sur le net, je m'attendais à un manga un peu noir, une ambiance un gothique, mais pas vraiment en fait. Du moins, pas le premier volume.
Même si on comprend que le personnage central, Sebastian, n'est pas un majordome comme les autres, on le voit avant tout dans ce rôle, dans lequel il semble se plaire.

De plus, il est entouré par une bande d'employés incompétents, on se demande bien ce que ces uluberlus font dans l
Literally the first manga I've ever read, so going with 4 stars since I have nothing to compare; there might be something else out there that's even better. ;-) Being familiar with the anime, I found it interesting to see where the two were the same and where changes had been made. (Though the first few anime episodes, it must be said, are damn close to exactly the same as this volume, save a character's hair color, some minor dialogue differences, and a plot wrap-up being added to the anime tha ...more
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Yana Toboso (枢 やな Toboso Yana) is a female Japanese manga artist born in Warabi, Saitama Prefecture, Japan and currently resides in Yokohama. She is best known for Black Butler (黒執事 Kuroshitsuji), a popular shonen manga series.

She has also written yaoi under the pen name Yanao Rock (簗緒ろく).

Yana Toboso draws herself as a devil with a black body and horns, a white head, and a pointed tail.
More about Yana Toboso...
Black Butler, Vol. 3 (Black Butler, #3) Black Butler, Vol. 02 (Black Butler, #2) Black Butler, Vol. 6 (Black Butler, #6) Black Butler, Vol. 04 (Black Butler, #4) Black Butler, Vol. 5 (Black Butler, #5)

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