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Gregor and the Curse of the Warmbloods (Underland Chronicles, #3)
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Gregor and the Curse of the Warmbloods (Underland Chronicles #3)

4.18 of 5 stars 4.18  ·  rating details  ·  28,774 ratings  ·  1,041 reviews
PRAISE FOR Gregor and the Curse of the Warmbloods

Kirkus Reviews Editor’s Choice, 2003
NY Public Library 100 Titles for Reading and Sharing

“Gregor’s luminous, supremely absorbing quest takes place in a strange underground land of giant cockroaches, rideable bats, and violet-eyed humans.... Creature depictions are soulful and the plot is riveting….Wonderful.”
Kirkus Reviews,
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Expected publication: January 1st 2035 by Listening Library (first published 2005)
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Might be my favorite book in the series so far. I love the characters. Gregor, Luxa, Boots, Temp, Ripred, and Ares are all great. And I can totally understand why Ripred is Suzanne Collins's favorite character.

Since this series is for a younger audience, it's a bit more lighter and funnier than The Hunger Games. But really, it's not that much different. Sad things happen. There's war and hunger and death. And there's creepy stuff too. (Like with what happened to a bat in the previous book or the
Steve Clark
These books are supposed to be aimed at grades 4-6. I am therefore so very glad I have an 11-year old daughter, because otherwise I wouldn't have a good excuse to read this series--except that they're wildly entertaining and read as easily as putting down the tastiest junk food. As it is, we're having a blast tearing through them as part of our summer. She likes me to read first, because I'm a little better at holding back spoilers, but she's right behind me. The only problem: I'm now into book ...more
While I was considering what I would say about this review, I thought, "I'll give it four stars," and I thought of some very good reasons why I deducted that one star. But, shucks, who am I kidding? I don't exactly know where this love of middle grade fiction has come from, but I'm such a sucker for it.

Yes, there are things that I can say weren't as great as previous entries into this series. It seems like we spent less time with the main characters in this one. The entire story zooms right by
I really enjoyed this 3rd installment of the Underland Chronicles. It might even be my favorite in the series so far. I liked the plot and the major twist in the end and I loved how fast-paced the whole thing was. This managed to break my heart a bit which didn't surprise me at all because, you know, Suzanne Collins. Weirdly(?) Ripread has became my favorite character. I see him as Haymitch Abernathy of this series. :D
This is the least favorite in the series for my daughter, but she still liked it. She thought it was a little confusing, and didn't like the end (view spoiler), and she wished there would've been more explanation where the plague and the cure were concerned.
Have these Underlanders ever, since Mr. Sandwich took them below, had a non-prophecy day? It seems to me that Gregor is always hopping down the air shaft to go fufill some underground prophecy and no one bats an eye (or eyes a bat, ha ha ha), like prophecy-fulfilling is a daily thing, something everyone knows about and engages in from birth. Like breathing and eating. It makes me think that Sandwich and others scheduled every day from now until the series ends with prophecy-doing.
Getting Gregor
Sarah Stewart
I've been on the point of swearing off series because they just seem to drag me on and on without giving me the fulfillment of a journey from exposition through a climax to a conclusion that I expect from a book. It was such a relief to be in the hands of an author who knows what they are doing and can create satisfying story that stands on its own two feet even when it is part of a series.

I'm getting very attached to Gregor and Co. Each character is distinct and memorable--they feel real becau
This series was made to be used as a literary tool for helping kids understand war. I’m just convinced of that. They are amazing, I am so stressed for the characters while reading these, apprehensive of what I see looming in their futures, and that’s a pretty big reaction for books created for twelve year olds. Specifically this book deals with reparations, racism, the effects of long-endured wars and hatreds in shaping culture, the dangers of pacificism, and biological warfare.

The environment i
There's a bit of a formula with the Gregor books.

1. Gregor has a dull home life and the beginning has to remind you of this. His family has real-life problems with money, food, and everything else.
2. For some stupid reason, Gregor finds himself in the Underland again along with his useless 2-year-old sister.
3. Some kind of issue goes down with the humans in the Underland.
4. Gregor, the chosen one, must go on a quest in order to resolve the issue. He battles random creatures and his sister must g
Kristy Orr
Enjoyed! A bit slow at the beginning but picked up and got quite interesting. Still surprised by the amount of violence. I wish Solovet had been executed with Neveeve. I do not care for Solovet. And Hazard is without his daddy :C Still waiting for Twitchtip to return and thankful that they found Luxa & Aurora. I am shocked that they left Gregor's mom in the underland and is he gonna tell his neighbor?! Can't wait to find out.
Victoria Bernal
Mockingjay for kids. Very dark stuff happens.
Sonja Arlow
Firstly I know that I have never been the target audience for this series but did enjoy the first two books, using them as fluff reads, between books with more substance. However this will be the last book I will read of the series. The writing is too formulated and after the first book nothing new was ever really brought into the story.
Oscar Torrado
Tercer libro de la saga de Las Tierras Bajas de Suzanne Collins, con un giro bastante diferente a los anteriores y una historia que desarrolla y expande mucho más el universo que creó la autora.

Lo bueno:

1. La historia: Suzanne Collins no sólo se creó una historia bastante llamativa sino que ha venido desarrollándola en todos sus libros, soltando en cada uno de las entregas más detalles de Las Tierras Bajas y todo lo que se teje alrededor de esa comunidad. Además, este libro cuenta con una histor
Reed Martin
In the third book in the underland series Gregor must stop a plague from whiping out all warm bloods in the underland. After his last adventure the Bane still lives and his sister and his best friend are missing. Gregor and a new group of friends go on a quest and face difilculties. Like poison frogs. giant venus fly traps, and quick sand. They get to what was suppose to be the cure. But a large army of giant ants stops them. When it looks like all hope is lost the group puts their heads togethe ...more
Moataz Muhammad
This book has a larger dose of grief. Gregor's mother fell sick to the curse of the warmbloods, something like chicken pox but much more perilous. And Hamnet, Vikus' son and the twin brother of Luxa's mom, who left 10 years before after he momentarily lost his mind because of all the deaths that he did by following Solovet's plan, his mother yes.
And he dies leaving his pup, Hazard, all alone.
I can't even begin to tell all the dark and painful things in that book.
The only drawback was that it was
This book was better than previous books in the series in some ways. The return of a couple characters we thought lost, plus the introduction of some new (to us) characters, and the fleshing-out of some characters we already knew, giving us some more insight into what makes them tick. We get a more in-depth look at Gregor's Overland life - school friends, Mrs. Cormaci, and his parents - and more history of the Underland, especially the animosity between the humans and the rats. I especially like ...more
Becky Ginther
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I really am enjoying this series. In fact I think they are getting a bit better each time. I think Collins was really learning how to grip her readers with the first one, and now is picking up speed. Her ability to grip your emotions is becoming stronger. Great storyline this time. Gregor must return to the Underland this time to fulfull the prophecy of blood. A plague has gripped the Underland nations and it will be up to Gregor to help find the cure. Only this time it hits far more close to ho ...more
Between the first and the second book on the series, I would rate this third book as the second best.
There were a lot of new stuff happening in Underland this time around. Some revelations that left me in disgust especially what happened to all of the infected creatures.

This time around, Gregor had to come back to Underland to attend a meeting to find a cure that will help to cure a fatal plague that had been threatening warmblooded creatures. His mother though, forbid him from entering the land
For any Hunger Games fan, the earlier Suzanne Collins series is a worthwhile read. While it doesn't have the depth of THG, and is written for a younger age group (11-12 year olds), it carries many of the same themes as THG: the conflict between different groups, poverty vs wealth, violence and war. In fact, I would consider this series to be more violent and have more death, but the majority of it happens between animal species such as bats, rats, and spiders, and then humans. Various warfare is ...more
Hunger Games Bookclub (HGBC)
For any Hunger Games fan, the earlier Suzanne Collins series is a worthwhile read. While it doesn't have the depth of THG, and is written for a younger age group (11-12 year olds), it carries many of the same themes as THG: the conflict between different groups, poverty vs wealth, violence and war. In fact, I would consider this series to be more violent and have more death, but the majority of it happens between animal species such as bats, rats, and spiders, and then humans. Various warfare is ...more
A quick recap if you haven't been paying attention up until now: this is the third book in a five-book cycle, the first two books were good (but not great), it's by the author of The Hunger Games, and if you haven't read The Hunger Games, you're making remarkably terrible use of your time on this Earth.

All caught up? Good.

This book is probably my least favorite that Collins has written. That's not to say it's bad, but it's just not as entertaining as her other books have been, for a number of re
Gregor and the Curse of the Warmbloods by Suzanne Collins is a very good book, but I have been thinking about one part of the book. Why Doctor Neveeve agreed to create a chemical weapon to use against the creatures living in the underland. Why would she ever think of saying yes to Solovet's request, Solovet must have really persuaded Neveeve to create such a catastrophic weapon to attack something or someone. I believe that Solovet wanted to create such a weapon because she has had enough with t ...more
Anne Hawn Smith
This was probably the best book in this series. Gregor has to come back to the Underland because he is desperately needed. His mother wants no part of him going back, but she allows him to return for a meeting as long as she can go with him. That means that Boots is to return also.

When Gregor returns it is to find that the Bubonic plague has appeared and his bat, Ares, is terribly afflicted. Gregor is conflicted about going on the quest, but when he finds that his mother has contracted the plag
This series really impresses me. It is a children's series, however the author tackles important issues for all ages. I'm impressed with the consistent theme of love and acceptance of all cultures/species that Gregor and his sister Boots continually demonstrate. The book shows how easy that acceptance is for children, and how much more difficult it is as you get older. Learning to overcome prejudices and forgive wrongs is a key theme in this series. Collins shows the complexity of these emotions ...more
Diğer kitaplara nazaran sönüktü, çok hızlı geçti gibi hissettim. Yine de Luxa'nın dönüşü iyi oldu. Bu arada açlık oyunları serisi ile benzerlikleri yakaladım bu kitapta, Luxa'nın dönüş sahnesi bana feci bir şekilde alaycı kuştaki Peeta'nın dönüşünü hatırlattı. Demek ki yazar bu şekil şaşırtmaları seviyormuş. Kitapta sıcakkanlıları etkileyen bir salgın var. Gregor annesi ve Bot ile yeraltına iniyor, daha sonra annesine salgın bulaşıyor ve savaşçı Gregor tabi ki yollara düşüyor ilacı aramak için. ...more
Collins is very clever in coming up with ways for Gregor and Boots to be dragged into these quests/prophesies. Several heart-wrenching moments, breath-taking battles, and wicked twists make this a satisfying story. Narrator is one of my all-time favorites.
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
What a fun read. The beginning was a little slow for me but when it picked up, I was done with the book in no time. Can't wait to finish out the series.
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Since 1991, Suzanne Collins has been busy writing for children’s television. She has worked on the staffs of several Nickelodeon shows, including the Emmy-nominated hit Clarissa Explains it All and The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo. For preschool viewers, she penned multiple stories for the Emmy-nominated Little B
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“Nerrissa? You believe her? Well, you at least have to credit her with a certain instability! Remember when she told you that I was going to take over the Fount with and army of Lobsters?" said Ripred.

You did try to take over the Fount with an army of Lobsters." said Vikus.

Yes, yes, but it was years before she was born. My point is, she flip-flops in and out of time like a fish in shallow waters." answered Ripred.”
“turn and turn and turn again
you see the what, but not the when
remedy and wrong entwine
and so they form a single vine”
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