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Knightley Academy (Knightley Academy, #1)
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Knightley Academy (Knightley Academy #1)

3.92 of 5 stars 3.92  ·  rating details  ·  1,369 ratings  ·  208 reviews
Henry Grim is a servant boy at the Midsummer School—until he passes the elite Knightley Academy exam and suddenly finds himself one of the first commoners at the Academy, studying alongside the cleverest and bravest—and most arrogant—young aristocrats in the country. They thwart Henry’s efforts to become a full-fledged Knight of the Realm, but he and two commoner classmate ...more
Hardcover, 468 pages
Published March 9th 2010 by Aladdin (first published February 14th 2010)
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Sheila Beaumont
I really liked this tale of mystery and adventure set in an alternate-history Victorian England, just before 1900. It's Harry Potter-like in the best ways. There's an appealing orphan boy (named Henry Grim) who unexpectedly finds himself accepted into an elite school; on the train he meets a couple of likable boys who become his friends; and at the school he encounters bullies and hostility, plus an unpleasant, Snape-like professor.

But author Violet Haberdasher (a pseudonym for Robyn Schneider,
Henry Grim, 14, was a servant at the exclusive Midsummer School up until recently. When one of the Midsummer professors caught him borrowing textbooks, he decided to tutor him instead of reporting him to school administrators for theft. Henry Grim then became one of the most promising students Midsummer School never had the privilege of teaching! Encouraged by his tutor to take the entrance exams for Knightley Academy, Henry became the first commoner ever to be accepted as a student. His accepta ...more
Ophelia Dagger
I very rarely delve into YA or children's literature, it's just not my thing - I love literary fiction to the extent I sometimes even shy away from strong genre centric novels. However, having seen the author around YouTube, and thinking that she seemed absolutely delightful, I decided to give it a read.

I thought this book was wonderful. Of course, I'm judging it for what it is, I'm not comparing it to the works David Foster Wallace; it's in the 8-12 year old range at book-stores, but I was imm
Alex Bennett
All hail Violet Haberdasher! Seriously guys, this book is freaking amazing. I loved loved loved it. Even though I was obsessed before I began, I still would have given this book 5 stars!

The writing is flawless and beautiful. You can see everything so clearly without the book going into too much detail. The dialogue between the characters is so realistic and sometimes laugh out funny that it appears that you are talking to the characters yourself.

The characters themselves are so likeable and fun
Tom Franklin
A sad attempt at a Harry Potter knock-off. Knightley Academy has a few glimmers of originality sprinkled in here and there, but it is difficult to see past the obvious similarities of J.K. Rowling's superior work: the lowly commoner elevated to a specialized school, the train ride to said school where he meets his mannor-born enemy, the quirky school building, the dorm room/common rooms, the classes and teachers...

The cover blurb also states, "Steam-punky", which is completely wrong. Yes, this i
Creativity's Corner
[from the my blog, Creativity's Corner] When I first saw this book on someone else's blog, I didn't know what to think. The post was a guest post from the author, explaining what "Harry Potter Inspired Novel" meant as the term had been used in describing the book. Basically, she explained, Knightley Academy was what came from having practically grown up reading Harry Potter, and desperately wanting something similar to read next. No wands, no magic, none of that stuff, but still Harry Potter ins ...more
This is a hard one to review because so many of the reviews are very eager to do all the Harry Potter comparisons (not without good reason), but that doesn't entirely do the book justice. So I guess I'll get the Harry Potter stuff out of the way first and quickly. This book totally has a Draco Malfroy as well as a Snape. It also has a trio of friends that go on their adventures.
Okay, so what this book really is is an interesting alternate history story where all of Britain is at peace with itse
Ashley Brooke
The first thing that grabbed me about 'Knightley Academy' was the title. It's just a great title. Along with that, the cover is nicely put together and should attract attention. It caught mine pretty much instantly. While the page count looks a bit hefty, don't worry. The text is large and the story moves along in such a way you won't notice anything but the story.

Read the rest of the review here:
With an air of Harry Potter, yet a totally original story line Knightley Academy is a HIT in my book - I fell in love with the characters, loved the Academy itself even, I felt as though I could picture it...but it's details did not over ride the story.

I cant wait to read the next book, it's bound to be interesting I am sure
Laurie(Time Stand Still)
Apr 08, 2010 Laurie(Time Stand Still) rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Everyone
Recommended to Laurie(Time Stand Still) by: Author Chat
I loved this book so much that I bought a second copy and gave it to my son's principal (she likes similar middle grade books) for her to read and then donate to the school library. I felt this book had a lot of good moral undertone to a very well written plot. I am also excited to read more in this series. I really like the fact that Robyne did not use her real name so these younger readers would not search on her name and find her other books that would not be suited for middle grade readers. ...more

So, after reading and nearly loving Knightley Academy by Violet Haberdasher I read the sequel The Secret Prince... and I did not love it as much. It was good, parts of it I absolutely reveled in. However, it's not as great as the first book.

Henry and co. at Knightley are concerned about the Partisan school. When Henry was there months earlier he discovered a secret, illegal combat room. Worried that the Nordlandic students are planning a war the students at Knightley form a secret battle society
Steve Johnson
I'm not usually one to read young adult fiction (it's just not my demographic) but this was definitely a great exception. I'm also a little disappointed with the reviews on Amazon that claim this is a Harry Potter knock-off... sure it's about an orphaned young boy who goes to a school for things one doesn't normally go to school for, but that's where the similarity ends, and if that's enough to make it a knock-off, they're both knock-offs of Oliver Twist anyway.

Regardless, this is a quality book
Bonnie (A Backwards Story)
Bookworms, I’ll tell you upfront: I’m going to have a lot of trouble reviewing KNIGHTLEY ACADEMY for you. I’m not sure how to describe the magical way the story snuck beneath my skin and consumed me. I feel like if I describe it one way, I’ll pigeon-hole it and you’ll think it’s a book that it isn’t. Even though it’s similar to other works in some ways, it’s also unlike anything I’ve read, in a class of its own. Unputdownable. A perfect blend of reality and fantasy for children, teens, and adult ...more
Jul 03, 2011 Verena rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommended to Verena by: Bonnie (A Backwards Story)
I really enjoyed this book.

I picked it up because it was recommended to Harry Potter lovers, but I actually don't think that it has that much in common with Harry Potter.

Yes, the lead character is named Henry, who is an orphan and who has had a rather difficult life so far, and the setting is a boarding school, but that is as far as it goes. There is no magic, no personal vendettas, just school yard bullying, lessons, mean and nice teachers, pranks and rule-breaking which is common in all boardi
Before reading the first sentence of this novel, I had heard quite a bit about this novel. I heard it was good, I heard it was alright, I heard it was like Harry Potter, etc. Even when I had heard all of this, I hadn't fully grasped what this book was truly about and what it entailed. (also, I found this book in the Children's section at Books-a-million.)

Knightley Academy is about this school that decides to open their entrance exam to commoners this year. The three main characters come from ve
Patrice Sartor
1.5 stars. This is the longest book (460ish pages) that I never wanted to finish. I read it as a bedtime story to my sons (13 and 10), and although two of us wanted to quit it early on, the 10-year old insisted on continuing the reading. So we did, and boy was I SO HAPPY when it ended.

The comparisons to Harry Potter have to be inevitable, right? After all, the main character is an orphan with a gift for learning that gets accepted, against all odds, into Kinghtley Academy, where he's always drea
When a loophole in the rules allows Henry Grim, an orphaned serving boy at Midsummer School, to take the entrance exam for Knightley Academy, he jumps at the chance to better his lot. He is admitted as a sort of social experiment; traditionally the Academy was limited to the aristocracy, but some trustees feel that the turn of the century will bring changes in social structure as well as technology. At the Academy, Henry is paired with two other misfits (one Jewish, one East Indian) and befriend ...more
Why I read this: It's a debut novel this year and it really looked interesting when I read the summary of it online one day.

Plot: Let's just say that I think it rivals that of Harry Potter. It has that same friendship interaction, forms of bullying, and the underlying evil plot that will hopefully bring everyone together by the end of the series. I think this is the next big thing. It's epic enough, involving enough and it has the diversity that every series needs. I have a big thing for underdo
I absolutely loved this book!

I've noticed that many other reviews on here talk about how similar Knightly Academy is to Harry Potter, and while there are some similarities, they are two very different stories, in my opinion anyway!

I liked the Harry Potter books (the ones I've read) but I like Knightly Academy more. I think the reason for this is because I love the setting of Knightly Academy, it's Victorian and sort of steam punk, which I find interesting and unique. I also love the characters.
As I was cleaning up the newshelf at our library my eye was caught by this little gem. This story is about a servant/orphan boy named Henry Grim who works at a posh school for boys called Midsummer School. Here he is secretly tutored in numerous languages, culture and history by Professor Stratford. Henry is encouraged by him to sit the Kightley Academy exam (a school for future Knights) in which no commoner has ever done before. With flying colors he passes the exam and is brought to Knightly A ...more
I truly feel sorry for any author nowadays who wants to place a young character at any kind of school or camp where they learn special powers because they are often accused of copying J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter. However, this book IS a copy. The main character's name is Henry, he's an orphan, he passes a test to attend this prestigious knight school (one of the chapters is "The Boy Who Passed"...just like "The Boy Who Lived" in Harry Potter), he has 2 buddies at school, one a stickler for rules ...more
Anam Ali
It's like Harry Potter without magic. Definitely needs a bit more world building. But THANK YOU for a really great POC character (who actually refrains from pork/bacon). Really, thank you.
I'd rather rate this about 2 1/2 stars. It began extremely derivative, with an orphaned boy who miraculously gets into an exclusive school. With a chapter title like "the boy who passed," and a chapter beginning "It is a truth universally acknowledged. . .", I felt as though I had read all of this before, and frankly better written. Henry Grim (the main protagonist) is friends with 3 misfits, has his own Professor Snape and Draco Malfoy, at least at the beginning. The book gets better with time ...more
I really liked this book. There isn't any Fantasy in it, which is what I usually look for to read, but it was enjoyable. It was a bit difficult figuring out what time period the story takes place in, but it's easier if you just ignore that. The plot itself was enjoyable, if a bit slow at first. Henry is a wonderful character, and his friends were great. It was funny, even if it was a bit long-winded.
Thrilled with this book. When my son chooses books he's interested in from authors I've never heard of, I read them first. I had a hard time putting this one down. I've seen some reviews that compare it to Harry Potter- but I am much happier with the thought of my son reading this than Harry Potter.
The comparisons are small, and this book stands on its own merit.

I love that the boy hero is considerate of others- even to the point of trying to be kind to the kids who hate and bully him. I love t
i loved it! it had to be one of the best books ive read in a long while. it was a nice refreshing book that is unique in that it has its own style. i love how it is set in a completely different universe, though in the same countries. normally its just another planet :P. sometimes its nice to read a steam punky book set in an alternate universe, however far fetched that may seem. i loved this book and give it a 5/5.
I have to make this quick. Oh, my, god. This book is amazing! It is so addictive. I just kept wanting to turn page after page, just like The Lincoln Lawyer. The characters are well developed and fantastic, especially Frankie. :) I loved the plot and the themes it holds. "Violet Haberdasher" is a brilliant writer who knows how to captivate an audience. Can't wait for Secret Prince!
Awwwww man this book was very good. I read before about a year ago but I never got the chance to put it on my goodreads reading list. I was very happy with the turn of events. Can't wait to start the second book. J.K. Rowling look out, there is a new author in town
Meagan Houle
This is your typical "young boys go to school together in a rather medieval setting and learn stuff" kind of book. There are some interesting political dynamics (should commoners be educated, should women be educated, etc.) and also a fair bit of intrigue, which is nice. There is a reasonably elaborate plot line involving a few of the masters at the Knightly Academy, which adds a little much-needed spice to this otherwise pallid book. Virtually everything about this book was just okay. The chara ...more
Jeffrey Victorino
i was thinking of giving it a 3, but for the engaging sequence i decided to give it a 4. personally the idea is good, but i think the story is a little bit reserved, many hints were left questionable, "where did henry come from?". i also think that the hero didn't grow or escalate at all, true being a knight from a servant is great but is that all? henry a knight, excellent in language, with a bunch of enemies? I overestimated this book I was expecting big!! but unfortunately it wasn't met at al ...more
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Author of "Knightley Academy" and 'The Secret Prince" (Knightley Academy #2). Pseudonym of Videoblogger Robyn Schneider.
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The Secret Prince (Knightley Academy, #2)

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“And as if the professor could read Henry's mind, he said, "It's a curious thing, change. You never get used to it, and you're never sure where it comes from, but you better learn to expect it."
"I don't recognize the quotation." Henry frowned, trying to place it.
"That's because it isn't one. It is simply advice, and advice you'd be well advised to take, especially now.”
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